Virgo and Libra In Love On Venus Retrograde

Virgo and Libra

A Virgo and Libra meet and fall in love during Venus Retrograde. Can this work? Or is it too fast, too weird and strange astrological timing?

Darling Mystic,

Any advice for us weirdos who have found ourselves completely, unexpectedly, plunged into an uber intense, madly familiar, insanely mutual, not really ideally timed lust/teetering on love relationship coinciding with the beginning of this Venus retrograde?

Phew. deep breath. Note the prolific use of adverbs pertaining to mental instability. ‘This is crazy’ seems to be our mantra at the moment, second only to ‘I really like you’. 

Both agree that, were we 24, we’d have fallen in love within a week (both that kind of people). Older and wiser, scarred and sensible, we’re pretending we have some control over that side of things, especially since we’re both emerging from the aftermath of long term relationships that have run their course. He is Virgo, I am Libra. 

I read a fleeting mention of something about past life reconnections at some point but scouring the archives mainly seems to warn us off eloping, shacking up, etc. which is cool – we can do that. We’re grown-ups. Briefly acting like teenagers. But grownups.

Anyway, should we prepare for it to fizzle once Venus turns direct?  Our first date went for four days.

He’s a Tinder veteran and keeps telling me ‘this doesn’t happen. You need to go on heaps of shitty tinder dates”

And, WTF is going on?
Loony Libra

Dear Looney Libra,

I LOVE this!  What a beautiful story and yes, there is an old astrological association with Venus Retrograde and across time love interests. Virgo and Libra also have a fantastic affinity as they are both so particular. With no insult intended, there are now two signs who can bond so strongly with their highly specific delineations for everything as you two.

But okay, congratulations!  Enjoy this!  I am getting vicarious goo-goo just reading this.  In my experience, Retro-Venus is most disastrous when there is an impulse trip to see the distant object of a Love Zombie crush and somehow ‘win them over’ or a fashion-beauty bender involving debt + ‘occasion’ clothes and/or cosmetic surgery.

It can also be the phase where people on the verge of breaking up at the beginning of the Retro phase enjoy a sort of heightened synthetic version of romantic rejuvenation, even as the core rapport has already deadened. BUT none of this applies to you. You are doing old-school blessings-central Venus Retrograde – encountering a person with whom you share the excitement, chemistry and a sense of peaceful familiarity.

So long as you don’t get married or move in together before Venus Direct, this is extremely promising. Please keep us informed and what does everyone else think?

Image: Thereza Rowe

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Looney Libra, what happened? Was he your soulmate or what?


Struggling with writers block, I suddenly thought of revisiting this letter/response, sorry to leave you hanging for so long. He sure was. Our son turns 1 this week xxxxx blessings be upon your hearts xx LL


OH MY GOD Younity! That’s so fantastic and beautiful. Congratulations. Thank you for the lovely story. Can you please share more deets?I had a beautiful affair on the same Venus retro. It turned out differently but I don’t regret a moment.

Triple Air Gem

I LOVE this!


SO lovely!!! congratulations xxxooo


Aaawwww …… beautiful! Congratulations!


After suddenly getting messages last weekend on Facebook from someone from Tinder who ghosted me OVER A YEAR AGO and bailed on a date, I thought my Venus Retrograde was confined to randoms popping up (three days of being asked “talk to me” “are you angry with me?” “i’m persistent” isn’t attractive). But now I’m in day 3 of the same situation as Looney Libra. All power and gentleness and sparks to us. I hope it goes well! x


Way to go! Last night, on my first date, said date walked into the kitchen, where I was charging my phone…completely naked….out of no where. It was hilarious, kind of confronting and eventually I left after he fell into ditch of sulking because I wouldn’t do the sex. I thought this one would be different, because he’s not from the Tinder…but from out there in the ‘wild’ (waves palm in air). Not exactly the different I was looking for but definitely makes for a cracking camp fire story.


I met a man online who looks like Vin Diesel and Forrest Whitaker combined…we have some insane synastry…

My Pluto trines his Mars and Venus

My Venus squares his Pluto

His Venus Mars falls in my 8H

My Mars Jupiter Saturn NN falls in his 5H

His Sun hits my Chiron

My Moon hits his Chiron

Moon-Mars sextile both ways

He is into BDSM (dom). I simultaneously want to run away and have him do all the naughty things to me.


Sun-Chiron and Moon-Chiron placements are conjunctions…and he has Venus-Chiron natally…so my Moon hits both of those.


I just did the Tarot on us and pulled the Page of Cups in 7H:

Koi No Yoken is a Japanese phrase that refers to the sensing of an impending love affair OR the sensation that you are about to have an out-of-the-ordinary romantic encounter. Voila the Page of Cups, messenger of love, sexy-good-times and confirmation of your feelings. One way or another, your love life is about to be enriched. If this is a “are my feelings returned?” question the answer is most likely a resounding “yes.”


Let me add to the chorus of those who are (gratefully) having a similar experience! We’d known each other 17 years- he is a painter and I was his model back in the day. We had always loved and revered each other, but he was happily married and there was no impropriety. We met up again this January when I started working for him again. Now he’s separated from his wife and in the beginning of divorce. It took about six weeks before we admitted we were falling in love. He is my ideal, and I am his. It’s been… Read more »


Good for you Dizzarina! Sounds fabulous, happy for you 😉


Thank you so much, dear sphinx. xx


nice 🙂


This has also happened to me!! Have known this man for a year through a shared acquaintance and on the night of March 4 I saw him at a gig where he made it VERY clear he’d had a crush on me the whole time… We spent the night together and the rest is delicious history!! I’ve been wondering the same so am feeling reassured by Mystic’s response 🙂 We both feel like teenagers and literally cannot get enough of each other… Thanks Venus Retro – it’s exactly what I ordered!!


Thank you so much for asking and answering this question! I have had the nearly EXACT thing happen to me on the day Venus went retro and was wondering/dreading what would happen when my ruling planet went direct! The first few weeks were so intense/surreal/magical that I almost self-sabbotaged the whole thing, out of fear and knee-jerk conditioning. But yes, we are adults and not teenagers thankfully, so it’s been an amazing ride so far, but taking it slow and enjoying the process. Really loved reading the comments too. Thank you thank you thank you!


Hmm….this happened to me…same …me Libra, him Virgo. 9 years later we are still together and very much in the love bubble, but the thrills and spills almost sent me crazy. My advice? Remember that the love you feel is yours, to direct it where you choose and for me it meant that I had many a crash course in self love, like when he would energetically vanish from my radar only to reappear once I redirected my love back to myself. I don’t know if libras have to learn the art of self love more than other signs (I… Read more »


Good advice..


Haha – i love this! And the reply – plus i met my (long time) partner during a Venus retrograde too – so just relax and enjoy it.

Lux Interior Is My Co-Pilot

Yay, so happy for you!


Sounds like fun. Go for it Loony! Sounds like you know to avoid the relationship escalator too which is a major bonus.


Don’t knock the chemistry. If you connect and it’s there then just plunge in and enjoy it. My motto is I’d prefer six happy marriages than not one at all !


I had something similar, super intense, met just as Venus went retro, from then on, every time Venus went retro we would unexpectedly, synchronistically find ourselves back in each other orbit and it was ON. This would last until Venus went forward again and it would either peeter out or be suddenly cut off by circumstances…And yes we did unexpectedly wind up in the same work place this time round even though I had to travel interstate for the job…Used to get super angsty about it but now it just makes me laugh and look forward to the next encounter


This is so sweet. Made me smile This has nothing to do with your lovely story but on a personal note, I actually thought I met someone cool (not blindly, very ok lets see) and we had this fell into you kind of warm chemistry but no, partly because our common language is not fluent so its lots of downloaded app sharing info. Then something especially shit went down this weekend which I won´t get into on here but I was amazed at the turn around of I am crazy for you to well, whatever this is. I have a… Read more »


This sounds like heaven! Its getting my sensuous Taurus sun all fizzy just reading your story. Congrats Loony Libra, enjoy it!


I just loved reading this! Both the question and the answer. It sounds like it’s mutual and taht it feels like it’s right for both of you. Besides that I can totally relate at the moment and the answer was so reassuring. I’ve just met this great person and have fallen completely in love after one date and it seems to be the same for him judging by his romantic texts and the general vibe he’s sending. And I’ve been so worried because of Venus retro. But it just feels right and I’ve cancelled all other dates and “things” that… Read more »


I think I’d call this scenario a successful surfing of Venus retro waves. I mean even if you fall off the proverbial surfboard at the end of the wave you still caught it, rocked it, got one hell of a ride(s) and isn’t that what this cosmic dance is all about ? Living vicariously through you. I noticed today that my underwear collection is made up entirely of strange shades like dove grey and faun, if that gives you a hint as to my current ineptitude in catching the good tide of Venus retro. But hot damn it’s never been… Read more »


I can’t wait for the First Meeting chart lesson! I’m currently seeing a Virgo and my gut tells me “meh, if I end up with this one, I’ll be settling”. On the other hand, the one I do want is being wishy washy (Libra). I don’t get crazy feels with the Virgo but we have the same interests and same goals. It’s the old people feel – the one where you know a person really well. But I want the crazy people feel, the kind my parents have when they discuss the levels they’ve cleared for CandyCrush that week (they… Read more »


Lol I want to be your parents, that’s awesome!


Eyes open is one thing, but what if you are sabotaging your own happiness by OD-ing on the Saturn end of things? Why sour things prematurely by projecting negatively? Wait and relax. Yes, you will probably get a reality check or two with the prolonged square between Venus in Saturn in the mix but until then you don’t have to live your love life “waiting for the other shoe to drop”. That’s a lot of pressure to be putting on the sitch for no good reason. Realism and pessimism are not the same and the latter will undo things before… Read more »


Wonderful advice, thank you for sharing!


Yes, wonderful, wise advice, as usual, LV! And applicable to my own situation, so thank you.


Loony Libra, I FEEL YOUR PAIN. This Venus keeps going back and forth between MY Venus in Pisces (in the 6th) and my Chrion in Aries (in the 7th). Supposedly I will learn something from this. Worse, I’ve got TWO of them both with crazy-good astro. One, already in a long-term relationship, who can’t stop flirting with me, but who is one of the only people who understands what I’m trying to do with my graduate project. The other, backed off after a week of exactly after a HUGE explosion of insane CRUSHING which began when we met on on… Read more »


Is venus retrograde in my 9th house a bad time to be booking international flights for art? if i wait until the end then it will be mercury retrograde and also flight prices will basically double. or maybe like the loved up libran above, it will mean True Art Love or something? take a chance take a chance take a ch ch ch chance etc besides, i mean you’re a libran, telling you to quit la la laove and get out is like telling a virgo to stop polishing the stemware or a capricorn to finish work early for a… Read more »




I’m with Mystic in this: I get vicarious goo-goo just reading this. Maybe it’s because I wish it had happened to me with the whole VR in the 8th/7th and instead it has been dead quiet and actually depressing. To be honest you seem to be knowing what you are doing and so does your rational virgoan lover. VR will be gone in a few days (it ends on the 10th) and if you want to be cautious you can wait til the end of April. It shouldn’t be hard: you have the time for more dates, weekends together, strolling… Read more »

Year of the Phoenix

Same here! 7/8th nada! Have been mildly more social – went to a gig with old friends and introduced ex boyfriend’s partner to my friend (also her ex boyfriend…. he had a dozy of a V retro)

I am keeping my eyes peeled but yet to venture into Tinderland


Sounds like a total blast! Go with it!




When words such as ‘insanely’ and ‘madly’ and ‘crazy’ are used to describe the feelings, as opposed to ‘it feels right’ and ‘peaceful’ and ‘good’, it might just be a clue. …..donchya think?


Lindsay i would agree if she was over 40 even 50 when it’s peace you want lol 🙂


YASS… magic can definitely spark and old (as in etherically ancient) flames can mysteriously find one another again, but yeah, don’t go picking out the drapes yet. Let it take its sweet, juicy time. I think when Venus goes retro she shows us what we really want/value and when we stumble across someone during this period who is aligned with our deeper selves then it really can be like, “See? It was here all along.” <3 Love it!!


If you go picking out drapes too early it could turn out to be curtains.


Lol you’re incorrigible pf


Must be a fun teacher to have.

Year of the Phoenix

That was quite good!




Agree completely – “magic can definitely spark and old (as in etherically ancient) flames can mysteriously find one another again” especially if it is meant to show you what you really want/value and is aligned with your deeper self and/or parts of yourself you’d neglected.
Congratulations! <3 <3 <3

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