Taurus Sun, Libra Rising And Pink Hair

Taurus Sun Libra Rising


A Taurus Sun Libra Rising woman has questions about Venus Retrograde, the change itch, pink hair, and Repetition Mating Syndrome.

Dear Mystic,

When does Venus go direct already?!

I mean sheesh! As a Libra with Taurus rising the idea of Venus being retrograde irks me!  It is my double ruler, no?

I have been wanting to dye my hair for months. Finally, I got up the courage to bleach it to go a shocking pink (which was the plan) but we went into retrograde, and I knew not to do anything permanent but my god the CHANGE ITCH is driving me crazy.

I am soon to finish a very long contract (in 2 weeks) and much like having break up hair, I am dying for some unemployment hair. I want to throw out all my clothes. Also, I am having various contradictory thoughts about body hair and what to do about it.  While I do think that some of this is vibe control, I am so cautious about anything I could regret a month or two down the line, but I am OVER IT ALL!

Yes To Pink Hair And Vibe Control

Then there’s the love thing. My ex flew back into my life mid-Feb proclaiming he was a changed man and could now be all I needed him to be. I was dubious and downright rude to him about it. I kept testing and testing him, but he appeared to be walking the walk as well as talking the talk. He’s trying, and I see it. But I am still doubtful.

Why? Because it feels as if I am always having the same relationship, over and over, with different people. 

I want Venus to go direct, so I can see what’s going on (or at least not have the retrograde as a doubting crutch). He’s also a Libra with (I think) Libra rising, so there is a LOT of Air going on there. But it’s nice. I’m still doing all I want to do. I enjoy our quiet moments together of crosswords, and we’re planning a trip, and it all seems great, but the skies and my impending life changes make me cautious. Is my desire to change just another test for him, to see if he can keep up with the pace of my evolution?

What do the skies say? Will Venus direct make things more clear? I certainly hope so.

Lost Libra.

Venusian People Can Use Lovers As A Sedative Or Distraction From Self-Actualizing

Hi Lost Libra,

You know, yes Venus Is Retro (until April 15 but May 19 is when it is out of the shadow zone) and these are all classic Retro Venusian themes. But I also sense JUPITER at work here, like egging you on into ultra growth – which is excellent. And as a Taurus Rising, Jupiter is most likely amplifying health-efficiency.  You may be fed the fuq up with whatever constitutes your daily work vibe now but just busting out in a blur of Ex-trusting, trip planning, and unemployment hair is most likely not the answer.

Why not? Because – as you identify – Venus is vital to you – she is the ruler of both your Libra Sun and your Taurus Rising – she is your Muse planet, and her Retro is thus signaling a stylish retreat, a pause for thought.  She is also square Saturn ALL April, the time for pragmatism and ruthless honesty – if only with yourself.

Sex With The Ex On Venus Retrograde? No!

Yes to the pink hair, the body hair whatever and Vibe control. The man? Shudder. Re the Ex, so he rocks up as Venus goes into the prelude to her Retrograde saying “I’ve changed” and so on. It suggests that the pre-alleged change version was not desirable. Your use of words like “doubtful,” “unsure” and so on makes me want to grab you and shriek “trust your instincts woman.”  You are both Venus Ruled and considering getting back together on a Venus Retrograde. No.

Don’t use this guy as a sedative/distraction from self-actualizing. Strongly Venusian people can be tempted to do just that. Get the pink hair. Do go on a trip but solo and stake out a solid employment scene that doesn’t make you want to bolt the joint. The new Earth Vibe is coming – Saturn in Capricorn, Uranus in Taurus, Pluto in Capricorn – stay grounded and pragmatic – hold out for big love and obviously a quality relationship, no doubts.

What does everyone else think?

Image: Peggy Sirota

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I definitely think there’s a distinctly DIE YOUR HAIR PINK vibe to this Venus retrograde. Not because it’s trendy because I think it was actually more on trend a few years ago than now but several PIABes have mentioned they’ve either gone pink already or are desperate to go there. I wonder if pink hair is just a very mercury in Gemini kind of beauty statement. Venus is retrograde in Gemini right now isn’t it? I think it’s a really flattering shade and having gone from blonde bob to side shaved Mohawk to pinky buzz cut myself I’m hardly in… Read more »


Oh fuq. Talk about a monologue


Sorry, I didn’t realize that was so long. It just came roaring out. I obviously knew that men finding me attractive was a source of confidence but I didn’t realize how easily that status could vanish by something as “trivial” as hair. I had an emotional reaction to the “it’s just hair” comment because I’ve always thought that when I changed my hair. But if it’s “just” hair then why do we have such a powerful urge to change it when we want to assert our identities as autonomous women? I don’t believe it is “just hair” anymore. I think… Read more »


Darling, it’s just hair is what i say when people react to my own hair changes, like they’re seeing me in a different way. I think i look down on others who cannot “see” beyond those things. What i find most interesting about comments on anything linked to my appearance is how i see through them to the heart of what others perceive. I don’t care for appearance based compliments. I also hate hearing superficialities about my friends: i will hold my friend’s gaze to pour love into their eyes when someone is showing their disconnect to the heart like… Read more »


Ah, yeah I know right? I’ve always said, “It’s just HAIR!” But I’m starting to feel like it is so much more than that. I should probably add a disclaimer to everything I say now and for the next few years. I’m going through such massive identity and life shifts on absolutely every level. I literally have Pluto squareing Chiron, Chiron squaring mars, Saturn conjunct my ascendant and squaring mars, Pluto square Chiron, Pluto squaring Uranus- I mean I’m loosing track here but basically it’s a Pluto, Chiron, Saturn, Pluto, Uranus, Mars, Sun outbreak for the years ahead. Some of… Read more »


I don’t know if you’ll come back to this thread, but you are brave and incredible. This whole thing sounds like such a heap of shit to deal with, i am so sorry to not have the ability to do something practical to help stand by you. You’ve got the bankruptcy do deal with, and the living situ to deal with. So, as interesting as you feel it is to find the key in memories, leave that for later if you possibly can. Get back some ground to stand on, some space to be safe in, before you release those… Read more »


Thank you millunaotte That’s a lovely thing to read. It’s true, this has been brewing for a while now and indeed there’s only so much a person can deal with at once. I’m also of the Winston Churchill, when you’re going through hell- keep going, mindset though. I’m reluctant to file during Mercury Retrograde but it is a matter of some urgency now. Also the longer I procrastinate and stress out about leveraging cards each month, the worse my health becomes from the stress so while I’m proceeding without haste I’m aware that the sooner I file and start The… Read more »


Oh yes, do the filing and the practical stuff. That IS likely the most urgent. What i meant was, focus on the practicalities that are going to give you (Saturn bureacracy hell and then) some good ground. Don’t let the need to process memory take centre stage, if at all possible. It will come. But you need that anchor in reality, and i think you could benefit from the shaky confidence that comes from doing something left undone for a while. For what it’s worth, Myst reminds us in her latest post that this sort of fixing of Stuff is… Read more »


Wow I have always wanted a short “carefree” crop, but have this white patch on the back of my head. You’re right about its how we want to be perceived by others or how you imagine yourself, your inner identity. How do I cope with wispy thin hair and how i dream of it are two very different things


Well it is carefree in the sense that you can’t really DO ANYTHING to make your hair look better because there isn’t any. But I think what I hadn’t factored in was how much time I’d spend wondering who the potato head person in the mirror was or how freaked out I’d get when people stare at me as if it’s fine to do that now. It definitely pushes people’s buttons and I’m no exception. It pushes my buttons the most for sure. Hair gives us something to hide behind and it can feel very uncomfortable not to have something… Read more »


Oh, I asked google I’m having a Saturn opposition- waxing square or something Anyway, Chiron opposing my sun and squaring my Venus and Jupiter is my claim to fame right now. I’m starting to feel like a bit of an astrological badass with so many terrifying outer planets opposing my sun, ascendant and Venus. It makes me think of that basic training hardcore military stuff that turns your brain to mashed potatoe and but leaves your body looking like it’s carved out of solid marble. I’m in the mashed potatoe / pea soup phase right now though so not shredded… Read more »

Leo Scorp Grrrl

A letter to yourself! Love that.


A few years back I cut my fringe – short and bold. I regret it the very next day. Then it took me a long tear to grow it to a bareble length. I wrote a letter to myself about it and gave it to my hairdresser (who is my bestie and agrees on any ‘hair revamps’ I decide). In my instructions to her I stated, that if I ever ask her to cut my fringe again – 1)give me this letter to read; 2)if I still persist – hit me lightly with something and give me the letter to… Read more »


I need help 🙁 every man I’ve dated has been swept off by some other woman 🙁


I cannot connect to what you are experiencing Lost Libra as this VR is very quite and lonely. If you don’t trust the guy then just don’t waste your time with him. Plus (and this is just MY point of view) you keep talking about your doubts about him but I feel that you have doubts about your feelings, not his. I firm believe no one who gets a second chance with the love of his/her life has doubts. One of VR effects is that if it brings a former lover back to your life is to make you see… Read more »


Uranus opp sun is what I read…


“you think it’s degrading to be a girl. But secretly you’d love to know what it feels like” http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fDNxfqktWxI What do you project of your psyche into your men? Perspective on beauty and self / gender / sexual identity with or apart from identifying with partner. (Or the wounded feminine / warrior femme?) Librans are fem and masc, completely their own Venus, and i just mention it as a Uranus Libra trine Venus Aqua( mutual reception of Venus Uranus). Figure that answer before Venus turns back again from the Retro. That’s coming from a very much swings and roundabouts, and… Read more »

Lux Interior Is My Co-Pilot

All of your instincts are telling you to wait till venus direct…


Hmm, on an obtuse angle to the current post, is there any such thing as a natural hair dye apart from henna and indigo? Like is it possible to go pink, green, purple with natural hair dyes? I really wanna! But I’m over chemicals – they make me feel physically and psychically sick.
Any ideas?


ha ha found myself standing in front of fushia pink hair dye today having a lengthy venus retro urge / debate do it, do it, do it… noooooooooo. is there some venus retro pink hair ju ju in the air or something (common sense prevailed today eventually). like the ghosts arent enough to internal battle


maybe its an urge to externalise “the battle” – i just remembered i had a boss who started commenting oh no youre wearing pink today, uh oh. i’m not generally a pink wearer, started adding it after becoming a mother and there is a mood pattern to wearing it, never thought much of it til this post. the pink is strong atm!


chopped mine zero regrets, didn’t dye it though have given that poison up


also had the urge to chop


im sure thats patsy kensit…

Year of the Phoenix

Love that shot and was wondering


i say knickers to this venus retro. had enough already!
im in a similar position…i broke with long term partner in feb…now we’re sort of back on…but he’s teaching me painting and decorating so i can hopefully leave my sh!tty retail job…..yes awkward if i actually meet someone…eek…but whatever will be will be…im not gonna beat myself up for ‘going back to him’…just seeing what happens and hoping everything will become clear by mid may lol….


Yes, hold out if it doesn’t feel right. Trust your instincts. It’s tough! But hold out! Even though Venus retro is fuqing with me now. I must resist. Describing my date as akin to getting a job because it’s a rice bowl, is a warning sign that I shouldn’t be continuing this relationship. BUT RICE BOWLS!

Leo Scorp Grrrl

Maybe off topic – maybe venus reto topic:

What is the best bikini line shave gel or lotion? Thinking weather transition to spring here in the US. Do the outdoorsy, breathy types have any suggestions or recommendation?

(surely any coiffure down there is venus retro appropriate?)

Year of the Phoenix

I wax it – myself – you just need to brace yourself (and any inner thigh flesh)

Lux Interior Is My Co-Pilot

Waxing on the dark moon!

Lasts so much longer than a wax at any other moon phase.

I get it done at a reputable salon. Hot wax, not cold.


You are a brave, brave woman! I tried that once in high school. It was… memorable. Never again.

Leo Scorp Grrrl

Maybe dark moon would be better. Thanks!

Year of the Phoenix

: ) I thank you

I had a friend in high school who waxed her own underarms disastrous consequences. Applied wax to one and without ripping off applied some to the other side lowering the first arm and got stuck. Cue embarrassing rescue from her dad


That’s a ripping yarn.


My sister, a beautician by trade, once gave herself a coiffure in the same spot….she used some her old wax. She panicked and ripped SKIN OFF! She wasn’t laughing at the time but loves to tell the story now. Says she never has done that to a client and that the week after was a living hell lol. As for the above email, I dunno, when a man’s being too nice, too complying my senses go into what have you done or what are you up to? Sounds jaded? Not really live and work with the creatures certainly gives you… Read more »

Leo Scorp Grrrl

Listen to Mystic on the hair and the ex. Each time I have not followed proper astro protocol on past loves, if just to respond to an email, I have regretted, it. I’d rather save the time and energy it takes to get whomever in question back out of my life (cold turkey ignoring/deleting emails, calls and FB reminding self why this person is an EX) for other things. I am currently resisting the urge to cut my long hair for a fun angled bob. When I go even medium length I always regret it. No pony tail and no… Read more »


all the yes. spot on on the hair, thank you


Feeling the change as Venus left Aries (here natally as well) to flow into Pisces. I started dressing exec- Aqua rising doing the black and grey drab with a flare of scarf, got the Head teacher job and met the most exquisite earth mother/parent, dreds, outfit, perfume, loving embrace resulting in goose bumps, the whole kit AND looked down at my outfit and thought “this is not who I am!” so a more earthy vibe this week. AS to pink hair Lost Libra, the idea is lovely but ( there’s always a but) that sh*t gets everywhere. My daughter went… Read more »


Ah yes as a Taurus sun with Libra moon I too am feeling this Venus retro vibe.
Am really really keen to see what this new earth vibe will bring particularly in 2018.
I agree with trust your instincts.
Amazing how VR throws the past up in our faces and drags people out of the woodwork.

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