When You’re In Love With A Mars In Leo Woman…

When you’re in love with a Mars in Leo woman, you learn to give over the spotlight.  In the tradition of last week’s There’s Something About Mars In Leo Men, voila the lady stage hogs.  Or is stage diva more apt here?  Age shall not weary nor custom stale the Vibe of this lot. They embody Performance Leo, charisma a la the ancient theory that it was a supernatural attribute and the stoic philosophy that the show must go on.  And on and on and on. You also would not want to attempt to upstage any of them.

And, not that she is a supreme like the women above but as a she-has-Mars-in-Leo point of interest, Pippa Middleton at her sister’s wedding.


Brigitte Bardot
Serena Williams
Monica Bellucci
Demi Moore
Edith Piaf
Salma Hayek
Hillary Clinton
Pippa Middleton

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46 thoughts on “When You’re In Love With A Mars In Leo Woman…

  1. Mars in Leo in the 6th house and praise through work matters the most to me. I need to be the best at my job and my dream is to be my own boss/the CEO/the HBIC. Who runs shit? Me.

  2. Assertively playful. Outstanding roar. Righteous and real warrior instincts. Instinctively raw and powerful. Weapons of personal attraction. Defender of sublime passion.

  3. I don’t have this but I do have a sextile between my Leo sun and Gemini 8th house Mars. Thanks for the reminder, I always forget about it but I like it and need to shoosh it up.

    Iman ages like a goddess, doesn’t she? I’ve always loved her style.

  4. Woooo what a fabulous bunch of girls. I’m a mars in cancer in my fourth so have no comment other than the one above!

  5. So interesting! I have a Mars in Leo niece – she is bolshy, warm, kind, stubborn, musical, stubborn and amazing. She has a major earth trine Sun/asc/Moon and strong 9th House. I would not be surprised if she became a musician and travelled the earth having adventures. What an interesting selection of personalities.

  6. Mars bang on at 0 degrees Leo and yes, it does always go on. I am just now figuring how it goes on, and have come on here to turn the Tarot…..
    I am absolutely able to give over the spotlight but the minute I feel like I am being devalued….roar!

  7. Oooh this is me…

    I chime with all the above chicks

    I’m an actress so yeah the show ALWAYS GOES ON whatever the circumstances……

  8. Mars in Leo woman here. Genuinely believe I am
    the most Interesting Person my friends/family have met.

  9. I have mars in leo

    I’m pretty comfortable in the spotlight.

    sometimes interview myself in the mirror.

    I could never date anyone who didn’t like karaoke.

    • I have Mars in Leo (9th house, trine 1st house Sagg sun and Mercury and Aries moon) and I wouldn’t be seen dead at karaoke.

      Never interviewed myself in a mirror either.. Avoid them (except when putting on make-up, and doing hair, very carefully). because they have the power to diminish, rather than boost inner confidence if you’ve got a perfectionist Uranus/Pluto on MC square Sun.

      But – and in spite of being born shy (Scorp rising) and having had to fight the shakes when in the spotlight for many years – I love big stages, e.g onstage with the Australian ballet at age 8; heaps of paid gigs as a singer as an adult. Made a living at it during my 30s.

      And yes, the show has definitely gone on when I have had twisted ankles, broken ribs, serious bronchial infections, major depression, and a broken heart. Particularly the depression and broken heart – the deeper, and more broken, the better the performance….

  10. My teenage stepdaughter has Mars in Leo conjunct her sun…..
    Curly red hair, loves to draw and is good at it, talks a ton!, unique.
    I wish she would take drama.
    She has to talk, unless she is drawing or tired and zoned in on her phone.
    She paces when on the phone. She hates to be alone.
    She eats little and is the first to wake up.

    I would not say she needs center stage, just she has to be involved. It does not matter what you doing or talking about, she has input and a strong opinion.

    • “I would not say she needs center stage, just she has to be involved. It does not matter what you doing or talking about, she has input and a strong opinion.” – 😀 Mars in Leo, Moon/Asc in Gemini – I relate!!

      • Mars in Leo in 10th house conjunct Sun here. I concur, as a woman of strong opinions I believe everyone would benefit from my insight. I don’t need to be centre stage, I just need to be where the decisions are being made. My greatest issue is fear of not being heard or taken seriously. I am a strong and formidable warrior when moved by an injustice. Although I can waste a lot of time with frenetic activity that doesn’t necessarily get me anywhere.

  11. I have Mars 25″ Leo but in the 12th house and Virgo Ascendant… I don’t feel like the ladies above…at all.

    But I have always have my hair long. I feel like I would lose my powers if I had short hair. And of course, I like men with long hair. Dreadlocks are even better!

      • I also am Virgo rising with a Leo 12th house which I have barely come to grips with. Still trying to understand the 12th house Leo thing without a huge amount of success! Open to any insights you’d like to share!

        • Do you have any planets in Leo?

          My 12 house moon is strongly expressed, but that is because I am a cancer sun.
          The Leo part is not obvious.
          I have had creative dreams and visions as inspiration…..dreaming music, for example.
          The Leo hair connection is true for me, with lots of long thick hair, but The 12 house subtle and more subdued side is how I am comfortable, so I do not style my hair, do not color or cut it.
          I think of the Pisces influence of the 12th and I am very comfortable with tying that with Leo creativity….I love fantasy stories, books and movies. Also expressing and experiencing spiritual experiences through creative outlets….dancing,music, art, writing.

    • Totally behind you on the long hair. Mine has been as long as possible since I was 20, and I like dreads on men too. Actually I fantasize about having warrior hair myself – braids at the side like a Viking. ? The astrology of hair preferences. ? My Mars is in Leo 11th house.

      • Mars in Leo (accompanied by sun, merc, venus) and I agree on the long hair–my partner has a mane himself (also Leo sun–Aqua rising, so sun in 7th–yes it works, lol).

        I only ever have had friends trim my ends–have literally never paid for a haircut or had a drastic cut–ever. ALTHOUGH I was strangely tempted to shave my head when uranus first entered Aries–the sign of my moon. I notice the trend of women with shaved heads really kicked off around that time…

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