Venusian Flux

Venus Retrograde meaning


What is the Venus Retrograde meaning? It’s simple. When you see Venus Retrograde think Venusian Flux. It’s Venus Vibe – love, sex, art, beauty, fashion and culture  – but not as you know it.

If you’re born during a Venus Retrograde, your aesthetic and romantic sensibility is usually unique, nuanced and outside of the environment you were raised in.

When Venus is Retrograde like it is now, everyone gets to enjoy the weirdness. Venus Retrograde in Aries and the surreal end-of-the-zodiac degrees of Pisces is super-profound.

The Love Goddess tracks between 26 Pisces and 13 Aries from January 30 until May 19.

So what is this astral weirding deluxe good for?  Reshaping your Everything – thighs, psyche, views, nutrition, reading, narrative, artistic practice, rituals upon awakening, fashion, relationship with ex-lovers, expectation and all/any relationships.

Think Pilgrim Spirit, Swift Recognition & Subsequent Ejection Of Qi Vamps, Extreme Self-Actualization and the end of Zombie Eating/Mating/Crushing.  It could work!  It’s been weeks of this, and we are not even into the oomph of this yet.

Please share your thoughts re the Venus Retrograde meaning and your progress thus far in the comments!


Image: Dario Argento 

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Buzz cut


This one is rough, guys. It’s pin-balling between my Venus (at 24 Pisces) and my Chrion at (10 Aries).

This is NOT fun.

Michelle K

I’ve finally gotten real about my skincare regime. Mine was a decade out of date and more suitable for a teen. Now it’s moisturisers, masks once a week, daily sunscreen (all researched for gross chemical shit). I’ve bought a broad brimmed hat! I’ve also researched dermatologists in prep for a future stage 2 of the process. It’s been weird and I’m glad I’m doing it. Annoyed at myself that it’s taken too long to get to this point and there’s some damage done, but at least I’m working towards not doubling down on the problem. This feels classic retro venus… Read more »

Siofra Lamb

The retroVenuis is over my 4th / 5th houses. – I moved back to the Uk at the end of Jan after spending 4 months in Ireland (my birthplace), moved in with strangers, now moving again at the end of April, back in with my old house mate of 3 years, it feels good, we’re both much happier healthier people. – I KEEP dreaming about getting back with my most recent Ex from last year, a sweet lovely Cancerian who just wasn’t living up to the depths / fire I needed (I’m Pluto Rising in Scorpio conjunct Mars & Sun… Read more »

Saggi Crab

My five year relationship ended last year, but we decided to stay living together until the first part of 2017 as it wasn’t practical for either of us to be uprooting any earlier. Just moved into my own place a few weeks ago – I’d been dreading it because I just had no idea what kind of murky psychological crap was going to come up… But I’m realising I’ve come a long way from my last break-up. It’s hard, yes. But I feel centred in myself, and like I’m capable of taking care of and providing for myself. First time… Read more »

Lux Interior Is My Co-Pilot

Hell yes i am feeling it.

Just seems to be getting started–diet, fashion, style and ritual morphs.

Also art!

Loooooove it. It’s keeping me sane and focused.


I have no idea what’s going on, just that it FEELS really good !!
Just keeping, school, family & work relationships.

It’s like every 5 minutes I’m negotiating something with someone over the tiniest thing. Lots of work but super fast development. It’s like so many people want to go to sleep and not think about anything but that’s not going to happen..


Ripped up + threw away the remnants of a letter written to me by someone I fully zombied out on before I was married – said thank god and wished him well. It felt fantastic! I’ve also been cooking + meal planning like crazy! Cooking has never been something I’ve enjoyed but now all the sudden I’m into it; Venus square Saturn has got me cutting costs and getting serious about shizz… Laying super low, avoiding the vamps, reconsidering all strategies – also having Pluto square my natal Pluto (until 2019!!! Holy F**k) so there is a lot going down.… Read more »


Nearing the end stages of our hearth remodel. So exciting. Jupes really blew up my husband’s libra Moon/Pluto/Merc, he’s like a new man with such a big project that has been lengthy but ultimately successful. Important for someone working through such a heavy moon conjunction. I’ve been dipping my toes into Kon Mari. Is it even possible for people with young children go all the way with it? Donations being picked up on Friday. New artwork for the kitchen will go up too – photographs I have taken in the nature preserve. Once everything is finished and I’ve cleaned and… Read more »


I’ve been reading Liz Greene’s lectures on Venus – very timely! It’s showing me so much about myself as I prepare for the end of this Love Zombieish thing that is thankfully about to move away to another state. I have this myth that I am the devoted one, fearless of commitment and willing to give so much love – but in truth, I pick people who are running away from me, and are completely unable to express themselves emotionally, so that I can feel like the open one, the emotionally expressive one. The reality is that I am full… Read more »

Saggi Crab

Devoted Gem, sounds like you’ve had some pretty deep and clear realisations – potentially very honest ones by the sounds of it too. I had very similar ones not so long ago actually – they’re not necessarily pretty or complimentary realisations but by gosh they are helpful for paving a real path forward! I feel the most clear headed and least clingy/desperado I can remember and most of all, I’m really beginning to enjoy just doing me, own my own.

Good luck with everything. Are you moving interstate or is the love zombie subject moving interstate?


Thanks Saggi! I hear you! I feel like I’m so ready to let go of as many of my stuck stories as possible and really see myself as I am – the good and the bad. The LZ is going to grad school – although calling him that is really a disservice to what the relationship has been. He’s consistently around and responsive (and has been for a couple years), just that he won’t make promises he can’t keep and he doesn’t want to be in a committed relationship. It’s been good for me to try it out, but it’s… Read more »


read the scopes for today and thought whoa i actually totally did that, lol: finally i understand (grok even) the higher-values principle driven truth telling arrows of The Sadge / 9th house. 2 conversations with boss types, one was scheduled (probably right when moon was conjunct saturn on my dsc hahaha). Other spontaneous in the kitchen, with a pisces, and all about a project structure- actually that was probably moon saturn LOL. I couldn’t do anything but offer my big-picture perspective, and allow for the ‘imho’ caveat of course, thoughts and feelings about The Organisation, and also applying for More… Read more »


Took a hike yesterday with an old friend/former lover from ages ago (we stayed friends, dated when we were super young) through a geological preservation park with sinkholes and tall pines and such. Stopped at one bog and took a photo of him placing his hand on a signpost that literally said South Swamp, lol. I’d post it here if I could. Not sure if we would ever get back together again as my views on relationships have … evolved, and I’m not sure his have grown all that much. Lovely friend though.


Happy Birthday Mystic !


yes! Hope you are being showered with trans-dimensional rose petals and lots of emails about more lucre are coming in 😀


!! Happy Happy Birthday !! 😀


Hey – Happy Birthday, Mystic!! xxx


Each time Venus has kissed my MC I’ve bailed on job interviews. Wonder what the third pass will bring, would prefer not to bail interview #3. Yes, they’re not the jobs I want or deserve or even am working towards. Yes, it’s all fake bullshittery and I can’t seem to find a fucking authentic human being that would hire me amongst the meat robots. However I need work and I need income and I need it yesterday. Really, have been experiencing Jupiter/Pluto more in the immediate environment (and how!) but the Venus weirding is really worming around on the subtle… Read more »


Can we have a new button on the oracle for what we need to know during this Venus retrograde?


I’m married so romance is dead. More importantly however I’ve been really loving my garden and wanting to put energy into big home projects and various plans are coming together in my head. Also I have to bring music back into my life. I miss it! It gives me life! And I want to spend more time alone, like really alone. I like my company. I think I’m funny and smart (modest too) and I have a good time with me. Friends are great too but being truly alone is a luxury for me these days. I eat lunch alone… Read more »


Went to see a holistic healing practitioner yesterday for my health issues. Soo excited!! Have been put on a 16 week regimen. Diet will be monitored, supplements for cleansing etc. Otherwise he said live a normal life. The auyervedic daily regimen was actually stressing me out e.g if I didnt wake up at a certain time/ eat something at a certain time! Will receive the medication by thursday and aiming to start things from mon 27th – new moon time… Romance: Sparks flying but my focus is health I got a new job, starting this week! Super excited. Had a… Read more »

Virgo Ellie

Hi VSLR… haven’t be on the site in a while but glad to see your name. Also glad to see you seeing a holistic practiioner. The best way to go.

Congrats on your new job. Wishing you luck!

Virgo Ellie

So in tune right now with Venus Retro. Last Monday (3/13) I had a Reiki session with a Master Reiki healer. Found out there was a Reiki I class scheduled for this passed Saturday. Could it not be perfect time for this Venus Retrograde? HEALTH: My Reiki session was great. I had been dealing with a lot of drinking. Painful past with my Mom and her painful insecurities instilled into me. I used alcohol because of that. After the Reiki session I had not desire to drink. I haven’t had a drink for a week. None. No desire. Then yesterday… Read more »


good on you Ellie. that’s pretty amazing, your transfer of energy to the treadmill so to speak! a good shift. In my experience once our bodies get the endorphins and feel good habits, it’s easier and easier to stay engaged with that. Having a nice ‘support’ crew such as an online fitness forum or a couple of ppl at the gym or people to go walking with (whatever) is a good way to keep in the zone, if we need a little extra motivation or encouragement at times.

Virgo Ellie

Thanks Pi! Yes, it was like “OMG”… how great is that… some that has been driving me emotional crazy will now drive me athletically crazy… lol.


cat mcgill

I and my new lover are convinced that we’re reconnecting from a past life. We had our first date a week ago (it lasted four days) and have had the most insane feeling of familiarity/connection that either of us have experienced with another person ever since. Obvs not going to do anything mad like elope or shack up etc. but hoping it’s not all going to dissipate as soon as Venus turns direct…


I have been thinking about romance a lot, in a way of reviewing my past, the dynamics I get asked questions about my past relationships more often than usual, and I find myself “reliving” them as if I was there. None of this stuff is ever a “oh I want to resume that relationship”, not for me. I did a “shiatzu meridian” seminar yesterday and it was very potent. I felt it moved some big energies. I was feeling angry and then tired and then as happy and hopeful as if I was in opening up to the world: something… Read more »

Saggi Crab

I love those last two paragraphs about seeing yourself in the full length mirror! I just moved into a new apartment recently which only has the mirror over the bathroom vanity. It’s been interesting having to just trust my judgement about my appearance without any confirmation from a mirror before I go out. I think it’s a good break for me – I got to a point last year where dreaded looking at myself (felt dowdy and incomplete), so it is nice to not have that weight. Couldn’t do it forever though – I love your description of seeing yourself… Read more »


I hear ya.
The half mirror worked for me too. I guess in my case I did want to focus on deeper issues and that “having to just trust my judgement about my appearance without any confirmation from a mirror” it’s something I can really relate. It was a way to feel lighter but that has turned into invisibility, which is not good. Let’s see what comes out of this new “seeing myself as a whole again” in the next months.


I’m wondering about the vibe when Venus goes direct on Chiron, my Sun and mercury. When the south node was there this time last yr was when I met the unstable Aries.. I put several um messages in bottles recently so whether something(?) Happens then or when my MC is transited over on the way fwd again is the question. I’m talking creative stuff not love or attractiveness. Transits to my MC to seem to be feelable though. Hmm


Lmfao. I haven’t been heeding any of the warnings of Venus retrograde, I’ve just been living life to the fullest as much as possible. I am having the time of my life, but yeah, relationships are weird. I went from not being involved with anyone for over a year after a bad long-term relationship and now I am engaging in as much casual dating as possible. I had one fling end really badly already, as soon as Venus went from shadow zone to total retrograde shit hit the fan, but it was fun while it lasted. I also am casually… Read more »


My health stabilising, deeply into study of alchemy had a revelation last night which sounds really over simple, but was that there is a world without love, where we try to gain knowledge ,get suspicious, separate. Or a world with love ? where we connect with life,every dewdrop, and surrender to love. There’s a rumi quote about wearing gratitude like a cloak. Of course hard to find gratitude for hard things like my beautiful familiar and companion dying horribly last year. But realise the gift was really feeling the love and connected ness and how much richer my life is… Read more »


Also my moon is natal ly conjunct eris in Aries 5 th, and currently the moon in transit is conjunct my Venus in Aries on my descendant. So really anything could happen! Loving the fire in the belly. Passion


Gardening and cooking are magic. I was just reading about Jeong Kwan the Korean Buddhist nun who makes food that all these Michelin chefs are raving about. I like that she makes dishes that won’t induce craving and the presentation is so beautiful.
Dizzy Heights would make a great stage name!


Hey you’re right! He was a superstar though, so it is befitting. Everyone so loved him. Yes kitchen magic is brilliant, plants, veggies herbs astrology all together! I like the five elements Chinese diets and Nigel Slater. He cooks like he’s improvising music


Hmmm it is all very confusing and yet to make sense… After years of being single and also starting to recover from the latest bout of depression, a work colleague I had become friendly with expressed a deeper interest. Surprised me hugely but after a short reflection I figured what have I got to lose, it’s a casual, easy fun thing and I was ready. So things progressed, to the point of going back on the pill about 2 weeks after Venus went into shadow. This turned out to be a bad idea as it brought the depression symptoms back… Read more »


Oh, my Venus and south node in Aqua, his sun there though not close, his moon is too from memory.
Venus has crossed my desc at 21 Pisces though…


particularly hard for me as its all happening in my twelth hse…classic time to ‘hole up’ anyway….the sun moves out of there at thend of april….shessh this yr can only get better…


its slowly getting better…being on my own for the first time in a long time.
realised i have been running from man to man instead of looking at my issues.
classic time to do it i guess.
its sooo booring tho lol
ah well, i have friends, my son, a job…i hate lol!
yes keep trying to change that but no joy so far.
at least i am FREE
at least its over in may…feels miles away, but i know it isnt


A stretch of Venus post. The First truly great musician of R n R, Libran Chuck Berry died. His Air Sun in keeping with big musicians. He had Scorp Asc and Merc (he made his guitar speak deep emotions), GT to his 5th Moon (creative emotional realm) and 9th Pluto and NN (just shy of his 5th NN return)- a spokesman for the emotions of a generation. Plus his MC was Leo. What an amazing chart. He was the best of the first wave of rock n roll. In reality only Dylan & Hendrix have had greater influence on the… Read more »


Check out Sister Rosetta Tharpe, only just heard about her today.. . apparently Jimi Hendrix was inspired by her guitar playing!


Because it is her bday? Which is the 20th
You can hear the genesis of r n r in her stuff just as you in Robert Johnson’s stuff.

dark star

Heard on the radio he recorded a new album to be released this year. Cool about his chart

dark star

I’m kind of enjoying this retro venus energy..I think it supported me into sudden vanquishing of two qi vampires that I had been engaging with for too long. Reimagining relationships of all kinds not just romantic relationships. On a shallow note I rly figured out some good makeup strategies too on YouTube heh

Unicorn Sparkles

I’m on holiday. So if anything it’s all Re-tox.

Unicorn Sparkles

I did finally get a better foundation colour to match my skin tone… guess that sort of counts


spent an hour at the beach at sunset yesterday to try and calm/gather my scattered thoughts and energy…but today they scattered

Captain Pluto

Massive blow up last night trying to expel alcoholic ex out of my house. He is currently between places and has been sleeping on my lounge room floor for way too long. Also signed my first mortgage today, so I’m moving on soon regardless! The 15 kgs of baby weight will have to be dealt with later….


Been thinking of going on a water-cleanse. Odd craving. Never done it. Been reading up on it. Like check into an ashram and undertake a supervised-cleanse. Feel like the decades-old gunk needs to be cleaned out for a fresh start. Think this retro is a good time?


Ya, sugar withdrawal is like crack withdrawal .. intense! Guess I’m got to do some form of cleanse then. Ah! I can taste the clean feeling! 🙂


I started a 1 week detox with birch sap, possibly dragging in to the following week also.
There was a bottle sitting on the counter of an organic market where I shop for food.
Wish I had the strength to do a stronger cleanse, but VR has meant very unusual (for me) chocolate and carbs craves. Like crazy crazy craves.


YES to the unusual chocolate and carb cravings! It’s like I can feel all the pleasure centres sparking like mad in my brain the minute I eat any. Carb cravings admittedly nothing usual for me but the chocolate is v weird.


Oh Lordy, as a Pisces sun with my Venus in Aries, this particular Rx has had me breaking down all over again. I did the thing you’re not supposed to do and called an ex, crying and apologising for how I’d mis-judged him, but after the conversation where he made it clear he didn’t want to get back together but thanked me for my apology and told me I’d find the right person for me soon, it was like one final release. THIS HAS BEEN LIKE 1.5 YEARS OF ANXIETY over whether he was the ‘right one’. My anxiety about… Read more »


oh the pisces emo plus rearing-stallion venus in aries, how I empathise haahahahahahaha xx you’ll be FINE I promise , that epic phonecall break through / free from ex, perfect (how gracious was that, amazing, you’re done, all good! flowers all round) also that sentence in caps, yes, change the gnawing “when” to chilled “whenevs” or at least use as basis for thought-experiment


Keeping my head on track is tough right now. But it is definitely illuminating things in my life which need to change re. Health, nutrition, attitudes to attraction and relations… but I also feel like my hormones are out of control something terrible. I just moved to india and it’s a generally huge shift in vibe anyway, and I think looking for comfort in the wrong places.. maybe this is my cue to stop being a love zombie


Literally sitting here eating cookies as I read this. So first step: no more cookies. But other than the recent cookie binge most of the love-zombie and self-care stuff is going well. Appearance stuff, however, continues stagnated. I’m hoping to come out of Venus retrograde with a new style. Or…any kind of style at all. For a while now it’s been “throw on clothing that covers all my parts.” One of my earring holes closed up and I need to get it repierced…that was a year ago. My hair needs to be long for witchy reasons but day-to-day is mostly… Read more »


Wow. That was super long. >.<

dark star

If you’re looking for something to ground your wardrobe in / leave options for mutability have a look at mystics post on feng shui ing your wardrobe! All you have to do is figure out your element (calculate kua #). Then google how to harmonize. For example, I am a wood element and harmonize through metal elements (whites, pastels, metallics etc. Bam immediate vibe shift

dark star

Yeah I think an expert feng shui consult is definitely a great investment! I did one with Carolyn per your recommendation for my apt so not technically clothing but I’m guessing similar guidelines apply for harmonizing that.


sorry-didnt really like mine…i was advised to wear ‘earth tones’…omg im a scorp!
mayb wearing black / navy a lot is t gd for me but…sorry, didnt think it was v gd value

dark star

I get that as a fellow plutonic! IMHO it’s a balancing act. Some days (today) I’m going to leave the house in all black channeling some Severus snape vibes. But I think it’s done me good to mix in gold, white, grey lending a variety and lightness to the dark. Especially jewelry – aren’t gemstones and crystals earth? Consider mixing in a nice tan colored leather jacket or something.


UGH me too. Brown and green? Holy EFF holy hell no. Never ever. No metallics? Garbage. Nope.


I liked the consult, I’m a wood person and never incorporated those colors regularly or at all beforehand. Had to get actual outfit inspiration elsewhere but it was fun reimagining what I already wore and keeping an eye out for those colors going forward. I live in the woods, so I already feel connected but I did shift my personal elemental alignment. I AM a tree person.

dark star

Ah that’s a cool connection! Feng shui element as relating to neighborhood/ environment. Have you seen that tv show about tree houses?


Yes! They are so cool!

Aligning with the wood energy is very grounding for me. My only earth planet is Chiron.


I couldn’t stick with mine either. I tried and gor a bunch of clothes in “muted earth” and red orange tones but as a triple Virgo triple sag with Pluto square my ascendant natal-y and a whole lotta Chiron’s baby meets Saturn’s bitch and Pluto’s square happening transit wise it’s tough wearing anything that isn’t beaten up and black. I should mention a Jonny Cash fetish and a distinctly alternative / counter culture music preference since birth.. so really I ought to have known better. Good to know but yeah, I wear black. Period


Do you have Libra, Leo, venus etc prominent in your chart? You seem – and I say this as observation not as some kind of jerkface finger pointing, because I mean I love clothes – preoccupied with outfit choice / image in a way that I might not expect a Gemini rising Virgo with Aries moon to be. NO WAIT ITS The VIRGOANS OF FASHION sartorial concerns. omg phew ok I’ll still post this because thought process lol. Is your aries moon in the 10th house? Emotionally engaged with PR and public image? What if you read MM’s Luna Luxe… Read more »


I have a Libra Mercury and that as well as my triple Virgo planets and south node are all in the fifth house. So yeah – stealth Leo.


hey wow. that’s amazing. I’m not much of a costume girl so to speak, but lately i have a new thing i have to wear and ppl are responding differently. what you wrote has given me some personal insight here.. thank you!


so your north node is in pisces, in your 11th house….hmm is that any value for your outfit experiments? are you / will you have a chiron node transit? is this a direction-setting healing crisis? are you going to become a Woman of the People? a … priestess, even..? virgo (service) stellium in the house of regal leadership. but flipping around to jesus-among-the-masses NN vibe. chiron in the first, can your 7th house work balance this? wow is this about You vs Other People? mediating that (libra mercury)? free association now, sorry if am way off track.

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