The Anti-Virgo

Cat Marnell Astrology Notes. She is a Virgo beauty columnist, keen drug user, and millennial Hunter S Thompson, if he were in women’s magazines.

She is is the media anti-thesis to all the green smoothie chugging insta-It-girls at ease in the lotus position and with influencer contracts/hedge fund hubbies.

If you don’t know her, she was the offbeat beauty columnist for XOJane and then wrote a ‘drugs column’ for Vice called Amphetamine Logic.  When i first heard she had a new book coming out – the just-released How To Murder Your Life – i was honestly surprised she was still alive and happening.

She could be the daughter or mysteriously cloned psychic DNA offspring of the big-in-the-90s Leo Elizabeth (Prozac Nation) Wurtzel.  And like Charlie Sheen, she comes across as the Anti-Virgo.  What sort of Virgo would make such a horrendous fuq up of a much longed-for media career? Or so brazenly describe her squalid bedroom or being shit-faced on a night out attending the Cirque De Soleil with a V.I.P. beauty client?

Marnell polarizes people. I wouldn’t want my daughter reading this book. She’s an unapologetic addict and with presumably little consciousness as to how her carry-on has affected the people who have to work with her.  She has shat all over opportunities that her peers would have seized with open grateful hands. This is not a how-to sobriety memoir.

But I tell you where she is totally Virgo – She can WRITE.  Really, really well.  There is an extract here and i cannot help but speculate whether the V.I.P. was Taurus beauty billionaire heiress Aerin Lauder.  So, I loved this book. Another Cat Marnell Astrology detail of interest. She has Mercury in Libra conjunct Saturn and Pluto. Yes, that Saturn-Pluto conjunction of late 1982, which I refer to in my Saturn-Pluto 2020 Mp3.  So she has a super-strength Mercury with a formidable voice through all the noise, buzz and smoky haze.


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Lux Interior Is My Co-Pilot

I read the book and LOVED it!

catfish moon

Well….I wonder what might be in her 12th house?????

I am a virgo rising with venus conjunct my ascendent in virgo.

But, I have moon and venus in the 12th house…
I am so pisces with that moon placement.

I loved psychedics and pot as a child, have fucked up educational opportunities like no other. Was sober for almost a decade, then began drinking, after never being much of a drinker when I was young.

Year of the Phoenix

Hmmm interesting… am a non typical uber Virgo with a leoninan Venus in the 12th H square my Moon/Neptune conjunction in Scorpio – might just explain EVERYTHING

Jack Parker

She was the only reason I visited xoJane when she worked there and I quickly developed a… well, for lack of a better term, an addiction to her writing and personality. Being a virgo, a writer and quite a mess myself, this post made me happy. Plus, her book was AMAZING. I had a lot of apprehensions going in but man, she delivered.


She says in the excerpt she is a liar. One wonders how much she hyperbolizes in her book.


Sorry to be the logical Virgo, but I have to assume that she paid a ghost writer. And she messed up her life. And people of any sign can do it.

em price

Amy Winehouse is another with lots of Virgo in her chart. I think the drive to perfectionism drives some over the edge early and they go opposite.


She can really, really WRITE. So agree. It’s a rare talent. She can write so well that she somehow obscures the tragedy. And she IS super Virgo picky about her body and clothing under a different rubric. She is extremely precise about machinations to get pills from multiple doctors. About having the right brands and also–it’s so east coast trustifarian social hierarchies that are possibly invisible to outsiders–just subtly denigrating certain items of clothing or brands to certain degrees that indicate very precise up-to-the-minute level of awareness of exactly how cool or not cool any given item or activity is.… Read more »

Miss Miaow

She looks like a Sag rising to me!

dark star

I think sometimes people forget the clinical precision drug addicts have regarding dosage etc that seems super Virgo to me! My sister works in an ER and has mentioned it before.


Totally agreed, and observed.


If she survives, she’ll be a Russell Brand type character? Given how rabidly anti-smoking ex smokers are, she’ll be the worst of the worst?


I had never heard of her..until this moment .. read the except and another interview she did for press for the book … can’t comment on her placements astro wise and yes she writes well but as a someone a long time sober i really find the glamourising of addiction and a life out of control distasteful : yes she is being real granted but to me it feels glamourised .. maybe i am out of touch with today’s drug and alcohol excesses scene but i for one am glad i am on this side of it … and just… Read more »


excerpt not except ??


Agreed, glamourizing it is distasteful. It’s like she missed her era……what she’s doing would have been thought more ‘cool’ in the 60’s or 70’s, right?

Wiki said her father is a psychiatrist and mother is a psychotherapist, and she was raised by nannies and then went to boarding school. Interesting..


If this was still the era for that, Elizabeth Wurtzel would be a vital literary voice today. #dropsmike


I guess she is like the millenial female version of Hunter S. Thompson or something? I have never really understood this sort of thing, and I am Neptunian AF myself. :/


Just another “not your typical Virgo”… ?


I’m just glad I’ve never heard of this woman until today. Definitely feeling ‘aversion’ to her vibe, but that’s me, my stuff. I’ve known quite a few Virgos who are the anti-Virgo, mostly those who keep a messy house, and are generally disorganized, things like that, not extreme drug use, but my mother, who is a recovering alcoholic, is a Virgo. When she was drinking, though, she was certainly not living the party life. She did it in a very tidy, alone and secretive kind of way, perhaps in a Virgo way? I’ve known quite a few people born in… Read more »


Yup, I was born really early in the year AND have natal Venus and Chiron retrograde.


My mother in law was not born in 1982 but she has 5 retro planets and I think it has an effect. We get along but she’s delusional about some things and has the worst taste in men of all time. Other grotty details I won’t divulge but let’s just say my husband has a Moon Pluto and his brother is multi Pisces, including sun and moon.


I was born on the same year and I am starting to believe people born in ’82 have something of a signature of having a lot of planets in the Via Combusta. With time set a noon, her chart has Saturn, Pluto, Pallas and Jupiter in the Via Combusta and Mercury at 14 degree Libra. Perhaps with accurate time info, her Mercury would be smack dab in there, too.


Wow, I had never heard of her but I can relate to some of what I read of the excerpt of her book. I am a Virgo born 9/11, almost year exactly before her. Virgos minds are like computers and never stop. Some tear themselves apart more than others and that does involve exactly what she titled her book. I think I want to read this book out of curiosity.


Maybe this is her Mercury showing through? Able to experience things mentally and detach from consequences. I actually know a Virgo moon (Sag sun) who I was talking to last night who claimed he had done crack cocaine several times (along with a hoard of other drugs) and yet his life was still very put together.

I also know a Gemini sun/Mercury who’s done more drugs than the Virgo moon and he’s in investment banking.


This is so crazy because I was talking to my friend about Cat Marnell. The conversation came about after being resolutely fed up of beauty bloggers/editors/influencers/whatever wanting to affect some “bad girl edge” and all the 20th century nostalgia they pump down on Instagram. They want to build and career out of stereotypes and clichés and are desperate to prove they’re interesting. And *still* I’d read Cat Marnell’s book. I think she’s had privilege that has enabled her to screw up on such a grand scale but she’s not trying to prove that she’s a great role model. I want… Read more »


My convo with my friend was last night.


Mystic, I’m trying so hard to not give into darkness right now. My life has been in shambles for years now, I try to keep an account with you so I can be reminded of what women who function do and think. Sometimes I have a lot of trouble with drugs (sun trine Neptune I guess) and I’m in so much pain because I try to escape my mostly painful reality. I wanted to be a juice drinking it girl with lots of love and support but I feel talentless and rejected, not to mention broke. I tried to get… Read more »


If it helps, your tone here is clear and strong, despite the pain and uncertainty you are experiencing. Juice drinking it girls are a very recent, modern (and very commercialised, specialised) phenomenon. I feel that you can go wider into society and history to locate the women whose rich lives can help you to shine your own light. You know something – you can shoot a documentary with your own phone <3 your life, your world. You honestly can make it however you want. It's true. Every single tiny millimetre of progress on our life is still progress. Sometimes it… Read more »


It girls suck. It’s only temporary and requires all this people around you giving lip service to continue whatever it is that they capitalize on that involves an aspect of your” It Girl-ness”. Be you and do you.


Well – the original It Girl, Tara Palmer-Tompkinson, wasn’t all that happy, was she, as it turned out?


I guess the person who embodies the “It Girl” per se doesn’t suck, it’s the external factors providing context to manufacture this “It Girl” thing to make it happen.


Hang in there, Ally! If you want an antidote to the anti-Virgo, check out the Hip Sobriety website and/or their podcast, called HOME.

Sending support out into the universe for you… are seen and heard, just like in Oliver’s poem Wild Geese, announcing your place here!

Lux Interior Is My Co-Pilot

Whoooa dude, this Cat chick has no power–she’s a mess!

You’re a Mystic Reader and therefore AWESOME.


I spy with my little eye: Ruler of her Sun (Mercury) near fiendish Algorab & Mars near Alpha Serpens. Robson said of Unukalhai “immorality, accidents, violence, and danger of poison” – for more contemporary usage, I tend to interpret “poisons” as “drugs”. So any Fixed Star that had, say, “death by poison” as an effect I would read as the potential to either OD or that the individual really needs to be careful about mixing medications. Robson said specifically of Mars on this star “Violence, quarrels, lying, crime, violent death; probably by poison”. I actually feel like (because she’s polarizing/repulsive)… Read more »


I agree with your interpretations, but i would be patient in thinking of such an outcome.

Astro will not outweigh the addict mind. And she has said so herself. Only prayers and such can be offered, because the public (us) would like to see it and feel a lesson or blessing from it. But it will be down to her free will, and her will and support, and the structures she has in place, and the attitude she can carry if there’s ever a backward step. Forgiveness, fortitude, resilience.


I don’t particularly see anything wrong with wishing her the best possible outcome from such a transit – especially when it would be all too easy to write her off/kick sand in her eye instead. I feel sorry for her. I did not say astro outweighs addiction; just hoping (and that’s certainly the operative word) that she uses her planetary energies for her Highest Good in the end, because what I see underneath it all is someone suffering terribly. Whether she does or doesn’t is, of course, going to be entirely up to her. There is redemptive potential in Neptune… Read more »


Oh yes, do wish her well, for sure!

I guess it’s my own addictive side that i know well, and how hard the turnaround is to make in one go. There’s a lot of back and forth.

Neptune *sigh* Just when you think the faith you have is real, one moment can make you doubt it. That is only my fear of what Neptune can do, not a write-off of Marnell.

If what you suggest about Scorpio is correct, then this regenerative energy can help blast away the nebulous around Neptune, and offer real transcendence.

Triple Air Gem

it reads like my 20s


Couldn’t agree more! I loved it! I identified strongly with it. I did take a lot of drugs in my 20s tho….


Yes, but after breaking life events, also in my 30s


Def Neptune’s girl. Had never heard of her, I’m a no. Self absorbed writing, yes a wordsmith, but needs a good edit and look in the mirror. Beauty industry self-destructive. Can only lie to yourself so long. Virgo’s can be self-critical and the self mutilation and loathing on all (secret) levels to me manifests here. Courtney Love revisited. Let’s hope there’s a redemptive ending, bright and sparkly with eyes shining inside and out


I read your reply as YOU are def Neptune’s girl. Think i’m wrong there. Neptune in Sag here, so i only see how one would ride the dark waves and be drowned for the sake of a Truth you cannot hide, for yourself then to others. Virgos and Pisceans are both secretive, i know (a close sibling is a Virgo, and i do feel and understand the secrets of herself she knows but keeps from us, and the secrets she appears to keep from herself but is working through, and the perceptions of what she doesn’t know by our super-sleuth… Read more »


Sorry and thank you milleunaotte, I meant Cat not you. I wished I could delete my post, esp after seeing how one subscriber was so affected by some of the responses. My critical Venus in Virgo was probably jealous of someone who could write, warts and all with hangovers from hell (albeit easily) and get away with it without guilt. I felt guilty for her lack of responsibility (yet loved Keith RichardS’ book, but he’s a carefree Saggy). I have a Pisces ascendant, my father & brother were Pisces sun, ex partners too, so know well the cache of secrets,… Read more »


Oh no i didn’t think you meant me! I sort of thought you meant yourself.

It’s clear now. Don’t worry! I often wish i could delete my rants. But here they are.

Your words are thoughtful, and made me think about a Virgo, and some Virgo influenced people. Guilt…such a whip.


Virgos are logical and intuitive in equal measure. Notice everything – the little things. Incredibly sensitive. In the end though, anyone can be in pain. Anyone can seek hedonism. Anyone can do alcohol and drugs and any other addictions. I don’t get the light shirts on the left, dark ones on the right stereotype of Virgo. I’ve seen some – but they’re mad. More often, the tidiness is in their mind. Cogitating away until every new piece of information is tucked away in the right place. Their mind is not like a filing cabinet, it’s like a computer! It keeps… Read more »


Monte, you have just articulated the absolute love i have for the Virgoans in my life, past and present. And the understanding of their mess. Though they seem to know where everything really is. The outside eye just cannot take in the mental organisation of the practical world, because it’s the Virgo’s practical world. And that mentality is not without imagination and independence, though to be fully functional for the Virgo mind it has to stand apart from anyone else, for some Virgos. They get abused for their understanding and helpful organising very early on, some of them. I like… Read more »


Fear and loathing…. whoa


I’d argue that what makes virgo a Virgo isn’t quinoa kale fritters, linen lounge wear and hemp dental floss but an intellectual acuity that makes them sensitive to clunky thought processes and related manifestations. The rest is lifestyle choices.
Mind you I haven’t read the book or heard of her til now…

12th House Virgo

I like this interpretation of Virgo. I never identified with the Virgo stereotypes, but as Mystic said, no Virgo is a typical Virgo. Not sure what Anti-Virgo is.


I feel the Anti-Virgo IS the stereotype of Virgo, but i do know that’s just my own experience of louche, sensual, smart, hyper-critical, undersatnding, artistic, earthy, stubborn and insanely interesting Virgos.

12th House Virgo

I finally got around reading a bit of her writing and she sounds like a typical Virgo to me. She can catalog the chaos. She describes the inventory of shit thrown on her bed and the images on her wall like a working catalog. That chaos is sense making for Virgo. Even though addiction makes her seem unappreciative, she knows it all – every item. How useful are these things? What does she owe for them? What can she throw away in her life but herself? How can she find the new expression of what she’s used by? I feel… Read more »

12th House Virgo

I mean – managing 4 prescribing psychiatrists? So Virgo.


Most definitely every Virgo i’ve ever been close to. And every Virgo sign planetary soaked person, too.


wow mite hav to get this…and yes i hope we’ve reached peak green smoothie girls sponsored by hedge fund husbands…sheesh
i need to write godammit


Funny…i want to ask a down friend about their writing. No, let’s be frank, I want to give my friend a book that i know has the most beautiful leak-proof paper and soft leather cover, but is not so perfectly sensual that you don’t fear writing in it. My mate’s a perfectionist, so i thought a bit about whether it could work or not. But my friend also signalled some time ago that they were partly down on themselves for not having been the amazing writer (celebrated, of course, a Leo Moon) they always felt they would be. Thanks for… Read more »


I read her columns for a while. Not my usual fare, but she created a gaping, non-sterlized window into the world of the toxic party. I used to watch people descend into this scene, and wonder why they’d sacrifice their lives to the chemical nightlife. When I read her columns, I could see that experience through here brutally honest eyes. It answered some questions. It didn’t take long for that documentary feeling to wear off, which left me feeling like a rubber necker at an accident in progress. I couldn’t endorse/enable her with my clicks any more. But yeah, she… Read more »


Wow, she reads like Kathy Lette, who does the smart but drunk and somewhat gauche Aussie girl about London town shtick so well.
Except apparently here it’s real life and more painful than witty.

Very fresh sad for me as a girl from uni I am linked with by various friends and quasi family OD’d last week. Found by her kids. Complicated emotions but generally sadness at the kid’s situation, at the waste of a brilliant mind.

I wish this young author peace and spiritual connection. Neptune needs both to function like the average joe.


I read that arousal inhibits feelings of disgust. I think there is something deeply Virgo in that. Seeking constant earthy arousal to inhibit the complete disgust felt otherwise.
It’s self-medication, to function in the world of grotty, gritty, lubricious filth, you must be deeper in it than everyone else so you are immunised against it.
Expensive way to rebalance.


Thats interesting sphinx, I like that take. The total flipside but so logical when pondering the deeper nature of it all.


Deeply compassionate as always, Sphinx. xox


An article that touches on the Aghori mentions something like this…enlightenment path through doing the very things that will throw an average person off her rocker… getting over such things like disgust, shame, and fear.


Thx interesting about the Aghori!


Yes, a Virgo wouldn’t revel in it.


Disgust, that is. And her writing makes the disgust humiliatingly clear.

Then again, maybe that is Virgo purification. Her Pluto? Her Saturn? Must look up (sorry not to have done so before posting…have some things going on with down buddies.)


I found this really sad to read too. It also made me feel a bit ill. I feel really sorry for this girl. What a horrible lonely life


Sad and ill. Yes.


oh i felt so unwell in the stomach reading it!


Yeah me too. I went thru a 90s stage of Fear and Loathing and all that. Jim Morrison was my idol for a while… but this.. ugh. Even now 20 something yrs on Hunter S & Morrison don’t make me feel ill.. at all. I just found her writing / “memoir” however true or false to be physically sickening.


The Anti-Virgo is for real. Their body is a temple… or it is 100% not. There is no in between. I have a Virgo friend who used to confuse me no end, she didn’t care about health or exercise at all. I thought she might be more Pisces like for a while. I eventually came to the conclusion that all her rules about food she liked and her lack of interest were an Anti-Virgo thing. As for Cat Marnell, I also thought she was dead, genuinely surprised. Anti-Virgo to a T. So score 1 to her. I might be ok… Read more »


“Their body is a temple…or 100% not” YES! It’s either Entemanns doughnuts and pop-tarts or carrot Juice with pressure-cooked brown rice.

Everyone thinking she was dead and then popping back BIG…. isn’t that just so, SO Mutable as would be a Gemini Rising/Moon Virgoan!!?

The thing that screams to me Virgoan/ Gemini Rising/Moon is that it’s the purity “no judgement holding her addictions in check” and that her refreshingly candid storytelling is made possible because she is SO detached from her feelings that she’s able to wittily witness and spin the tales onto paper.


Or the dissociation that can be so much part of the addict brain. Plus the ability to channel it into Art (Pisces/Neptune) Craft (Mercury) and have it all wing back to you via comment as practical reality. …which the addict may then escape by riding the accolades / rebel-feeding off the criticisms… …or ignore to be true Virgo to earthy self… Take your pick. I see swings. But not necessarily as an outcome, it’s still a process. (From a Pluto in Virgo 10th House opposing Piscean Sun 5th House of pleasures and fun times, which feeds also by trine into… Read more »


I mean, Pisces can also WRITE, because it slows us down to craft and create. It doesn’t automatically mean Gem. Especially if it’s Neptune, rather than sign Pisces: reflect the projection of the collective unconscious. Her videos are pure intoxicated mess. Channelling (occasionally, if you feel her trying to bind to some “work related” purpose)…i think a Virgo Rising would do it better. Then consider her inability to admit when she has overstepped boundaries at the time of such. Charlie Sheen was never so confessional, all that time. We heard it from others, until he was forced to say something.… Read more »


Oh one more thing, her writing makes me feel physically SICK. I would feel a Virgo Moon or Rising would tune more into WELLNESS and REPARATION (true or not – and you can probably read Charlie Sheen’s media responses as an example). Virgos like to tidy. Even, or especially, when they are not.


Me too. I started reading the excerpt and my head was spinning. The writing and what she is writing about.

Lux Interior Is My Co-Pilot

Wow…maybe it’s all a calculated act?

And she’s slugging green smoothies on the sly?

And, well, she got that book deal–there has to be SOME kind of work ethic happening.

I’d love to know the rest of the chart. Other planets have a habit of knocking out virgo tendencies.


agree. no apologies & I don’t know the character, but from a quick look at the ephs she has mars + jupiter in scorpio… death & rebirth & excess… maybe one of them in quincunx with her moon in gemini… but def uranus ins sag square venus in virgo. and I feel that we tend to overlook the fact that virgo is an earth sign. earth = physical pleasure. I know more than one anti-virgo with a penchant for debauchery/self-destruction, and in addition to that choosing an anti-neat look – covered in tattoos & piercings, krusty/raver style. perhaps fhey don’t… Read more »


sorry lux interior. I meant to post this under avista’s post.

Lux Interior Is My Co-Pilot

Ha, all good. As a virgo I’m tempted to think it’s like the Nick Cave thing–yes, some addiction there in the early days, but after that it’s all Art and Fantasy?

Great writers both.


yeah, could be. I have a lot of virgo in my chart. perhaps if she makes it to uranus opposite uranus in her early forties she can decide to give up the debauchery & start the ‘life unlived’ making art. or something else. aaaahhh, nick cave… what a life… wanted to see ‘one more time with feeling’ but couldn’t bring myself to go, thinking about his son :(((( .

Lux Interior Is My Co-Pilot

I know right? So sad about Nick’s son.


I’ve never heard of her before, but as a triple Virgo I have to say, I get it. We lot can easily be insecure and self-doubting in our younger years, which can manifest itself in a number of ways. We’re also great at denial when we mess up our lives – “I don’t need your help, mind your own business, this is MY life” type stuff while we circle the drain. It’s a combination of self-loathing and major guilt because deep down we know we’re losing our shit but can’t seem to admit it. It’s that whole holding ourselves to… Read more »

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