Snakes Day, Dionysus and Saint Patrick

The Saint Patrick snakes were druids, witches, midwives, and pagans. He was particularly adept at the persecution of these innocents and rewarded appropriately. It’s Saint Patrick’s day again – apparently the most popular “drinking festival” in the world. This is actually super apt – for centuries before Patrick was around – this was Dionysus day, the Pagan God of wine, drunken revels, music, and licentious pleasures.

Bishop Patrick has always been contentious.  He was credited with “driving the snakes out of Ireland” but Ireland never had any actual snakes. At least, not in civilized memory.  But the “snakes” were the druids, goddess worshipers, midwives, homosexuals and you know – strange men and strange women according to the Church.  Patrick’s chief accomplishment was apparently to forcibly convert people to Christianity.

The Saint Patrick Snakes were Pagans and Witches

To this day, Irish Pagans still put a wreath of snakes – not shamrocks – around their door on St Patrick’s day as a ‘we’re still here’ statement. But others say that Patrick was never officially sainted by the Church and certainly not for services rendered witch-hunting and being evil, that the bad deeds were actually done by a completely different bishop.

And then there is this, from The Woman’s Encylopedia Of Myths and Secrets, saying he WAS/IS basically a Pagan deity. It’s so easy to lose track of stolen Pagan festivals and Church atrocities. But what if the Saint Patrick snakes connection was there was a Snake God before the douche-lord bishop?!


Patrick Demarchelier
The Woman’s Encylopedia Of Myths and Secrets


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Saggy moon

My partner brought home a shedded six foot long snake skin that he found in the bush near our home, in three pieces, a la the trinity. Hmmm.
Thank you for ths Mystic


Well, now, let’s celebrate the Fathers, who are husbands first and primarily, who know their power and sexiness, who appreciate the seasons, the fallow and the harvest, the ripening and the reaping. Who are celebrated for this wisdom. All the others are on Learner plates, because they have not realised the equal power of the open Sheila-na-Gig, blood and milk and come. Let them know it, and realise it. In any body regardless of their born form, the wisdom of both has to be if we still cleave to a binary. And if we reject the binary, may the Whole… Read more »


<3 love! 🙂


Trying to drive literal snakes from my life. My ex bf and fwb had apparently gotten back with his other ex a few months back and just recently told me about her. She didn’t know about me either. And I only asked out of curiosity. Otherwise, he never would’ve said anything to either of us. Lies and deception don’t evaporate like that. I reached out to her and at first we were cool. Shared details civilly and called out his shit. Apparently he has a history of cheating. But just last night she ceased communication with me and I’m sensing… Read more »


There once was a man named St. Patrick
His wife was the druid St. Brigit
They’d parade him through town
With a yoni for a crown
And now we all see he’s a dick


Fun 🙂


P s you’re a day early. Its march 17 in uk n Ireland ?


Well, it is march 17 in australia which is where mm resides…


Erin Go Brahless


“…this was Dionysus day, the Pagan God of wine, drunken revels, music and licentious pleasures.”

*dies laughing*

Oh, you have got to be kidding – that is HILARIOUS!!

I’m an American mutt, but have always felt a real connection to the Irish part of my ancestry. St. Paddy’s Day bums me out because of how it basically celebrates the scourge of alcoholism that has so defamed my peoples :-/ As a Venusian, though, I do at least find those “Kiss me; I’m Irish!” pins to be cute.

Would love to go visit the Emerald Isle one day…..


I feel the same. The American holiday is tacky.

Calli G

In my crowd we call it “amateur drunk day” and avoid the bars.


Huge phallus paraded through the street and crowned with a garland? Bring it on! Really makes those raunchy shelaleigh (sp?) jokes more plausible! 🙂


oh I am so looking forward to more phallus parading. Its been to much dominated by the male drive, I say bring out the penis !!!!


I got the job!!!
Been working so hard for this moment for 3 years.
Hard work and persistence does pay off eventually 🙂



Calli G


Lux Interior Is My Co-Pilot

Let’s drink, I say 🙂


Well spotted.


I was taught he was a druid who pretended to be a christian and was originally from Cornwall.


That’s interesting.


Noone but the old ones taught me too, and confirmed by accident recently (three weeks ago) that our old Druids were laughing and solemnly being in their power with their people the whole time of Padraic, and are still channelling that now. It was a random series of youtube vids i chanced upon while cracking into a part of my geographically/linguistically specific culture for language/political reasons (and as a witch’s homework, i s’pose). Girl’s pupils were dilated in explaining goddess but not a sign of intox or anything extraneous (just say i should know: Pisces, with 12th house multi-thing Rising,… Read more »

dark star

So shamrock= Triple goddess vagina power…Lol if the muggles knew


I was thinking the same thing!
I love the people still be walking around celebrating St Pat’s day adorned south yonic symbols.


what does it mean to find a four leaf clover? Always the obsession of my childhood searching the grasses for the magical four leafed one


It IS triple goddess!

Badbh Catha, Naimhin, Macha: the Morrigu.


Did he drive em out in a Dodge Viper?
That was very asp of him to do so.
I mean to say, you can snake one of them down the road.

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