Sagittarius: Nine Months To Go

Sagittarius and Sagittarius Rising People have been equally affected by Saturn in recent times. And, it’s a transit that is most appreciated in hindsight, not a quality usually associated with this Mutable Fire Sign!

Sagittarius and Sagittarius Rising People – how MUCH has your life evolved since Saturn first set his well-shod foot into your domain? That was December 2014.

And now you have but nine months of Saturn in Sagittarius to go.

That’s right — thirty-six weeks in which to consolidate and integrate the gains made via the mentoring of the Time God. Saturn evolution is often better in retrospect. Something occurs that snaps you back to two and a half years ago or more. Only then do you grok the progression. Often it is via the unmistakable evidence of a photograph. AKA a stranger who resembles you gazing out from the not so distant past.

Saturn is also the ascender of mountains.  The simple terrain, your sunlit pastures or repetitive trot around the park bore this deity.  Only the peaks will do. One day you gaze down and realize how far you climbed. You never noticed the height because of the sweat dripping into your eyes.

And brilliantly, for this last leg of Saturn in Sagittarius, there is sync with the rad planet Uranus* and Renegade Goddess Lilith is also in the sign of the Centaur. See the Horoscopes for more on all that + share here: Sagittarius and Sagittarius Rising, how does it feel to have just nine months of Saturn in your sign/rising sign to go? And is there a progress report?

*I am a massive fan of Saturn-Uranus energy. It feels very much like that hoary old cliche about knowing the rules before you can break them.

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And right after Saturn in my Sun and Venus in Sag I have Saturn return in Cap coming up … seems like I will phoenixed up twice !




Saggi sun in my 12th house with saggi rising in my 1st house, Saturn opposite in my 7th house. In December 2014 I failed my 6th and last attempt at IVF which was devastating. Following this my mum was diagnosed with cancer in April 2015…she sadly passed in august 2015. Then just when I thought I had myself together my dad was diagnosed with cancer in March 2016 and also sadly passed on the eclipse this year Feb 2017. For someone who has always looked on the bright side and put a smile on my face for my public persona… Read more »


Sun Centaur here in 3H. With Mars & Scorpio conjunct there too (but on the Scorpio side of the house.) 5-planet Cap stellium in 4&5H. Been doing Pluto since 1995…. and this Saturn since 2014, awaiting my Saturn Return (also in Cap). So life already was never easy-breezy for me in the first place. Let’s see. What DIDN’T happen? Got engaged for a year, only for the Saturn-Neptune square to come by and tear that whole relationship down. Even down to our shared assets, place, everything. Ended up carless and having to live in my best friend’s stepparents’ home for… Read more »


The first whiff of Saturn I caught was in mid 2014 with the line that hit me “There is no solace in others.” Saturn was still in Scorpio but getting close to my asc. When Saturn hit my ascendant it actually stripped away lifetimes of useless energy…which felt like death. I thought I was going to die Christmas 2014. The past 2-3 years have been a series of deaths of weak/not-self and a hardening of core self–with the help of solitude, therapy, and continued training in the integrative healing work I am drawn to. Last week the Saturn/Sun square with… Read more »

Siofra Lamb

It’s been a total tranformation, I’m also Scorp Rising so I’ve had Saturn double time. It’s been really fuquin tough but, like your running and running and intent to be at the top but you keep being dragged back and checked and put in line….. and really at the end all you have is appreciation for the lessons learned and the graft you know you can now put into into anything. I felt like I was only good at some things and that I really was limited. Now I know I can do anything I put my focus into. Not… Read more »


Oh my, I feel like an honorary Sagg after having Saturn go through my 4th house since Dec 2014. By the time Saturn hits Cap I hope to have paid off my mortgage. It’s been my number one priority since moving into my modest but perfect-for-me place and now I can see the end in sight, every cent is going towards it. I also started a proper bodywork training regime almost two years ago. I am probably the strongest I have ever been and a major long-term structural health issue is now a thing of the past. I’ve learned to… Read more »


hi, you’re like a guiding light for me in many ways chrysalis (even if you are not sure you want that label!) the emo eating thing, I relate. If it is any help, I am finding that for self awareness (which u have obvs), if not a slightly slower rate of behavioural change, a meditation or insight / awareness practice (mindfulness) helps me to delay or modify food-comfort as the default fast-acting but less permanent solution to deeper and more slippery emotional discomfort. The key is making myself just sit through the feelings, or at least make conscious-junk choices (3… Read more »


Hey lovely, and back at you – I always find so much insight and wisdom in the parts of your journey that you share here. xx
Thanks for the tip about Tara Brach…will check her out. You’re also right about keeping moving, if I can just distract myself long enough I am getting better at letting the distress pass. Basically I need to get to the beach as often as possible, ha 🙂 xx

Stella Polaris

Brad and Angelina was another Sagg-Gem relationship that also fell apart during this transit. What is it with Saturn in these situations – conjunct Sun in 1st and opposite Sun in 7th – and is this just a Sagg/Gem thing or does it happen to other opposite signs coupling when Saturn in 1st and 7th respectively?


Sag moon here. When the transit first started, my early Sag moon auntie passed, could not take her Saturn moon transit. Devastating of course but also because she was the Clotho to my Lachesis. Saturn opposed my Mars Lilith, crossed my Moon Neptune thrice, and opposed my Venus Jupiter (current). Next is a cross over my Eros. Second/Eighth house business, all about boundaries, structure, what is truly important, and learning how to navigate when others want to do a ‘drive by’ with their emotions, issues, etc. Still working on that one, there’s a select few that are too good at… Read more »

Rose K

Big changes. Multiple Sag with Jupiter on my Scorpio Asc – visited Northern Rivers in Dec 14 and never returned home to Sydney. A path opened up for me to tread, I sold my house, rediscovered an old career, bought land and am in the process of establishing my dream place to live. Simples. A little more solidifying the dream to go but I’m well on my way.


I have always loved how sadges bounce back from freakin anything, including epic Saturn transits. You guys are like giant squishy shiny rubber balls that the Hungry Labrador Of Doom can never fit his drooling maw around.. thus you are always Free, even if there are some fang marks where the HLOD has really tried to get a hold.


Yeah… it’s been epic. Not epically bad, as it was when it was in Scorpio, more epically motivating. I’m Sadge rising. Scorp Saturn was a transit of “oh look at all the ways in which you have fuqed your little life up” and Sadge Saturn is “So now what are you gonna do about it?” I look back and it’s been a wild but amazing journey. I’m definitely better for it. I may even miss it.


Sun Jupiter&n Mercury in Sagg 11th house.
Thinking about this.
Will get back to you 🙂
In 9 months Saturn will move into Capricorn yes?
My rising is Capricorn.
Pluto in Sagg the Pluto in Cap.
I mean what’s a girl to do?


Oh, Mystic! Thank Goddess you asked this. It was the subject of the “Ask Mystic” that I had been agonizing over–to write or not to write. But yes, I have been reflecting on this since you mentioned it in another “Ask Mystic” and counting the days. It feels like Saturn has been squeezing me for an eternity. Before it moved into my rising sign Sag, it had been opposing my Sun/Venus/Jupiter in Taurus and weighing heavily on my North Node in Scorpio. OUCH. Since December of 2014, I have had a falling out with three people with whom I had… Read more »


Wow. Completely utterly changed. No going back. I’m Gem rising, so Saturn has been transiting my 7th too… A few of the events in the past couple of years: 1. Mother died in June 2015. 2. Massive love affair late 2014/early 2015 that changed my view of love, sex, commitment, the whole damn thing. 3. Marriage ended as a result of said affair in April/May 2015. 3. New job in December 2014, which has seen me doing the HARD yards. Really hard yards (mountain is still being climbed and sweat is still in the eyes on this one). 4. Have… Read more »


Look can I just get a shout out for Capricorns here. I feel I am staring down the barrel of the gun that will be Saturn in Capricorn. Frankly I only just survived my Saturn Return in Libra, in my tenth house, and it ended a mere four years ago – does not feel like enough time to get over it all yet!!!


That’s a relief! I don’t feel as doomed with Saturn headed straight for my Moon in Cap.


Sag rising w/9th house stellium. Thanks for this. Dec 2014 was a huge turning point. Major, long term changes began, good returns on one huge and hard-fought intuitive investment, finances transformed (nothing showy but very solid and good over time), major increased solidity and stability, major and definitive and lucrative elimination of old patterns that suck energy. Oh yeah and major transformations of home space into a total haven. And yet it still all has that kind of unexciting, humdrum, trudging along Saturn vibe. Doesn’t feel anywhere near as celebratory as it should be with what’s been accomplished. Feels more… Read more »


Transformative. December 2014 I was tasked with the challenge to tell a tenant the emotional rent ride she was taking us on had to end (in her moving). Oh, the tenant was my mother. Conveniently, at move time, she went literally crazy. “I always knew I could read ancient languages” staring-into-space style crazy. Talking to angels & demons, not sleeping, half the time incoherent, rambling & bumbling & mumbling like a toddler style crazy. At one point, she looked me in the eyes & said indignantly, “do you have something to tell me?” I did not. “You’re pregnant.” Clearly, she… Read more »


Aquarius sun + Sag rising.. Countdown to exit Saturn Return. I am that person finally looking back and only then grasping how far they climbed. It hit me the other day. And I laughed. I thought I was lost. I made drastic changes and I tended to focus on the suffering of it all rather than believing what I was doing. Changing my life. Clearing the path. These next months I predict I’ll solidify, strengthen faith in, and push what seemed like a whim decision but in reality is the wave to ride. ALSO yeah celebrate myself. The pat on… Read more »


Yes, girl. “I made drastic changes and I tended to focus on the suffering of it all rather than believing what I was doing.” That whole second paragraph. I know those sentiments. I thought they were mine. Knowing your own strength & learning to trust the process(es)…what a gift! May we both have outgrown those outworn suffering mindsets for the long haul! Cheers!


YES! This.


I am not sadge but So much this. Was it a 6th house transit for you?


Wait, you’re sadge rising. Def not 6th house!


Yas, awesome reminder thanks! Newfound respect for self for managing to stay alive throughout all that, and physically, for being so responsive to communicate just what the hell is going on.

Plus those boundaries sure came in handy in not having (initially just the energy lol) to justify personal choices to co-dependencies enmeshed in projections whatnot, which mitigated the suffering factor to what has felt like a hostile time.


Oh YES to that. Part of Saturn for me is accepting the changes i HAVE made as a viable part of my (re)structure, and to honour that (without the Jupiterian joy = hubris / overdoing it…Jupiter in Sag). To say Saturn makes me appreciate but aim for better is the key.


Well, it followed Saturn on my 7th house and conveniently coincided with those eclipses in opposition to my natal nodes so … was definitely a trip to the edge (in all aspects–ADMIN, career, values, vices, social life, relationships, sanity, health etc.) to say the least, but at least it led me to identify where my boundaries lie. I’ve since been in a life rehab of sorts since the last New Moon in Scorpio coming home and regrounding with my roots. Once or twice I’ve had an emotional relapse (right on the Venus Retro dot!) but the time they’ve lingered were… Read more »


Oh my goodness, I am a Sag w a Virgo moon and Taurus rising. I had my Saturn return just before Saturn moved into Sag. I am now finishing a PhD (psychology of human transformation) that I began in fall of 2013, and plan to graduate in December, just before Saturn leaves Sag. I’m also a full time high school teacher. My brain. Patiently continuing the process.


Sag with Taurus rising too (Cap moon) 😀 cheers to the PhD – sounds such a fab topic, curious to know whether you got to integrate/incorporate some conceptual shades of astrology there somewhere? ie one’s SATURN RETURN haha


How does that go? The beatings will continue until morale improves? So far: – had baby (after 40) December 2014 – COMPLETE dissolution of old self, identity, more – 90% friends, shed (some by choice, others by circumstance, kind of like AA) – weekly therapy, 1 year in – learned when to pick battles and to think before blurting and fighting – entire business rose up, changed, died – reworking entire biz and positioning – learning to deal with money like an adult, actually hire professionals Still don’t feel like I have my #$%@ together but no longer in hiding… Read more »


Honestly, after the long, cruel slog through shit that was Saturn in Scorpio, it’s felt like playing a video game about adulthood. I’m a Pisces Rising, though, maybe the video game feeling is just a dissociative tool to get me through it. Like Ender’s Game!


Holy smokes – total life next-levelling here. Career, fitness, relationship, parenting skills. Saturn kicked my ass but it’s fair to say I have loved it!

Saggi Crab

Saggo sun here, and yes. Big, foundational changes have taken place since December 2014. Here are a few : * Got together the courage to end a long-term relationship that wasn’t working – became painfully aware towards the end that the reason I stayed was because I was so attached to the idea that this relationship was the ‘one’ when it started – I couldn’t let that go for a very long time. Finally did though! * Deep, regular dive into therapy – it’s been over two years of it now, and I’ve developed a much keener eye in relation… Read more »


Good time, Time God Saturn has been in my 7th for eons, it seems.

Have learned several new things very well: (1) kick those moldy, decomposing, well past their expiration dates relationships to the f’ing curb permanently; (2) that despite some righteous ire, to not burn bridges with powerful types; (3) trust gut instincts about others, always; & (4) when in doubt, eat healthy, pray, work, love, enjoy nature, zen and/or write it out.

Much love, friends. Hearts ‘n stuff.

Lux Interior Is My Co-Pilot

Saturn on my Saggo moon had me purchasing a secret motorcycle and learning to ride it. Totoes sagg + also structure and learning.


haha thats so cool!


Let’s see … My dad died. I became the legal guardian of my (then-17 year old sister), moved to the Suburbs.

Broke up with a partner of 3 years.

And have decided to up and change my entire career.

Yeah … it will be interesting to see what happens when Saturn’s finally done with me!

chilli pie

My dad died too. It hurts. I’m severely depressed and I’m the mother of a bright beautiful three year old. I quit smoking tobacco cold turkey and want to dye my hair mermaid colors as soon as Venus is outta retro.


It’s been extremely difficult but rewarding. I am currently in moon conjunction hell lol. Since Saturn stomped into Sag I have gotten a divorce and left an almost 10 year relationship with a mentally and emotionally abusive Gemini, let loose the toxic friendships that were emotional safety blankets, did a combo swan dive into therapy and astrology (still swimming the waters of both), and began painting, drawing and writing in a way my former adult self never allowed. Saturn sits on my DC opposing Chiron on my AC. I also have Uranus, Juno and Moon conjunct in Saturn’s Sag retrograde… Read more »

Saggi Crab

Fricking awesome work, Batshley. You’ve definitely climbed some peaks by the sound of it! 🙂


You have too, by the look of your comment! xox


Well done Batshley!! I too ended a 10 year relationship with a Gemini almost immediately after Saturn entered Sag- what a Christmas THAT was!!! Had a lull when Saturn went back into Scorpio, but on return to Sag moved myself and 3 of my teenagers from the US back to Australia. With a suitcase each!!! Glad to have escaped Trumpville, but am not really settled back in Oz yet. Am now doing a Masters in Indigenous Health and planning to go bush as soon as my boys are emancipated (it may be the only way to stop them living with… Read more »


My entire life has changed since December 2014, and I can never go back. Holy hell has it been a ride.

PS – Is Saturn in my 1st making me aware of Saturn heading into my 2nd with the impending lineup of Pluto + Jupiter coming as well?? I am 1000% more focused on my $$$ and budget and anyone ripping me off, and really would like to get my ducks in a row before the big Capricorn whammy of 2019/2020.


what happens 2019/2020? (sorry for my ignorance – I haven’t been keeping up with Mystic for a while)


Saturn and Jupiter will be lining up with Pluto for some potential fireworks, collectively and personally. It’s my second house so I’m trying to get my act together with finances before Saturn makes his appearance (because Pluto’s long journey has been interesting so far…)


I can’t even begin to list the changes…some major boundaries imposed and patrolled rigorously, especially in regards to my psychologically unhealthy family. Plus the people i had accumulated around me that mirror their patterns. (And having all of the above cut me out of their lives.) An unexpected discovery of a love for Law and beginning to study, stepping it up in the work realm and being promoted. Sometimes when I look around my spartan life I think “Enough already – when are we going to have some fun???” but I think I am going to miss Saturn and hope… Read more »


plus unexpectedly took up kung fu which has been awesome on so many levels


oh, and got divorced although had been living in separate countries for 6 yrs previously..

Stella Polaris

Saturn in the first also triggered a love for Law and a career change first via study into that field. That was Saturn in Gem and it was the best thing for me to do.


yes, i can imagine law going well with gemini rising..what area did you end up working in?


ha, same here re: trigger for study of legislation, hadn’t connected it ’til now 🙂

Stella Polaris

Corporate law


It’s been unbelievable. Ah 9 more months, it’s the end of an era hehe

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