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My absolutely favorite meditation-guided journey genius – Jessica Snow – has done a major website revamp and it looks amazing. I think her tracks are magic and they are way more complex than your classic ‘still your mind’ stuff. She takes you tripping and always with a specific purpose in mind.

So I am thrilled to be able to share her Aphrodite meditation with Mega Mystic members – go here to download it.

The meditation that comes to mind first for Venus Retrograde is called Aphrodite. It’s about the alchemical aspects of Aphrodite – not just the goddess of love kind of thing, but the goddess of values and creation. The meditation starts with receiving her love and quickly moves the listener through the four tasks she gave Psyche – 1. sifting and clarifying values, 2. gathering power in a smart way, 3. expanding perspective and accurate aim, 4. cultivating determination and the ability to say no when it’s appropriate – and then ends very sweetly with a gift from her and a little time for gentle inquiry in her presence.

I also asked Jessica a few questions and she came back with some ultra-pertinent responses:

Mystic: You are a Virgo with Jupiter Rising in Pisces and Neptune square your Pisces Rising/Jupiter AND the Sun – that’s one of those funky aspects you get warned about in astrology school – without a strong vocation and spiritual base in life, you can go down the rabbit hole of decadence or delusion real fast. YOU obviously are not that but did you ever have your Neptune struggles? Or were you always this grounded shamanic and sagacious woman?

Jessica Snow: Nope, I have not always been this grounded. I definitely have been dancing with Neptune (the good and the bad) my whole life. I don’t know if I would call them Neptune struggles, maybe more like Neptune adventures and near misses.

When I was a little girl I would lose myself in books or daydreams. My imagination was SO STRONG, I could out-picture anything. As a teen I quickly realized my body didn’t like alcohol that much, but the first time I tried a drug I told my friends “I’ve found my thing.” Through college I was able to be successful and be the person a lot of people wanted to party with.

I really feel I’ve had some higher protection, because even when I was being chemically adventurous there was something inside me that stopped me before it became too much and kept me away from sketchy situations. I was also lucky to go to university in Northern California where I was exposed to a lot of nature and mysticism in conjunction with the party elements.

I eventually realized that, for me, the surface layer of the ordinary world is not enough. I was seeking (and sometimes accessing) the divine when I was getting high. Once I began to figure out my own ways to make my life extraordinary and fantasy-filled and interconnected, I gradually became more and more “sober-curious”. I still have my Neptune moments, and I would not classify myself as totally sober, but when I do go there it is very consciously. I don’t want to jeopardize the new abilities I have now.

I went from being the one who everyone wanted to be with when they were tripping out, to the one who everyone wants to share fantastic meditative states with.

Mystic: I love your meditations as they don’t just tell you to shut up and think of nothing, they take you on these guided journeys that are really powerful – who or what were your main influences in this regard?

Jessica Snow: I have been obsessed with myths and fairy tales my whole life and those kind of themes and archetypes definitely weave themselves into my work. I like to think of my guided meditations as fairy tale adventures where the meditator is their own heroine or hero and they get to save themselves.

Two of my main influences are Tom Robbins (the author) and Rob Brezsny (Northern California astrologer/mystic). I read every word these two men wrote and they gave me a new way to perceive the world as full of mysterious, strange and wonderful beauty. Their style of writing and impish good humor definitely infiltrates my meditations.

Mary Oliver (the poet) is also an enormous influence for me. I always hope my work elicits deep feelings in people the way her words, especially when she writes about nature, do for me.

Specific books that were life-changing for me include – The Miracle of Mindfulness by Thich Nhat Hanh, The Game of Life and How to Play It by Florence Scovel Shinn, Inner Work by Robert A. Johnson, Urban Shaman by Serge Kahili King and recently (per your suggestion) Antifragile by Nassim Nicholas Taleb.

In addition to books I also have had two great teachers in real life. As much as I love books, I heartily recommend having real life teachers. My first Vipassana meditation teacher helped me form the foundation of my practice. And a female shaman taught me about the infinite power and possibility of magical work, especially when you sync up with Nature.

Mystic: On a “normal” day, do you feel more Virgo or Pisces?

Jessica Snow. Pisces! I typically go through life feeling like a nymph in a human world. This, obviously, has its advantages and disadvantages.

Mystic: Any particular Retro Venus plans?

Jessica Snow. Yes! I am on a transformation bender. I am investigating what I really value. Over the past few years I’ve said “yes” to a lot of things and a lot of people because I am fascinated by life and I get excited.

Recently I’ve realized that there a lot of things I CAN do, but I’ve arrived at a point (and age LOL) where I want to distill and focus my energies on the things I WANT to do. It is time for me to sort through the things that fill my days and make sure they suit me. It is also time for me to get fired up and go deeper into the elements and activities in my life that do match my passions and purpose. These are the kind of themes I’m playing with over this Venus Retrograde.

Mystic: Do you house witch – crystals, sage, feathery goo-goo things – any magical décor?

Jessica Snow. Yes! I’ve had the great pleasure of leading crystal and lunar meditations at L.A.’s best crystal shop – Spellbound Sky – for the last four years so my house is pretty much a crystal wonderland. Our house is little, so I love opening all the windows and getting that cross-breeze and lighting a little Palo Santo or good incense. As soon as the sun goes down I have a little collection of high-end candles to choose from to add a little candlelight glow to the house as I cook dinner.

I also house witch the outside of my house (maybe even more than the inside). I love flowers and herbs, and in the garden I grow roses and lavender, rosemary, spearmint and jasmine. We have an olive tree and an orange tree and a peach tree and right now a hummingbird nesting in the camellia outside our front window.

If I feel the need for protection I am very quick to put a line of sea salt across the front doorway and we also have a lot of prisms in front of our windows that make rainbows throughout the house around 4pm.

Since the house is small, we keep things pretty Konmari, but we also love pretty things, (and might have a touch of “horror vaqui”) so our walls are filled with awesome artwork.

Mystic: We are lucky enough to be sharing Aphrodite for clarity around relationships but what meditation or category do you turn to when you’re feeling really frazzled, like some scattered or darker energy is abroad in your world?

Jessica Snow. Wolf is a great meditation when you need to regroup, because you get all that nice, primal, archetypal wolf energy and also it helps call your soul family to you and of course it is easier to ground yourself with good companionship (in the inner and even outer worlds).

Placebo would also be a really interesting choice at a dark moment because it takes you on a journey to the other side of your problem and does two things – it gives you some relief and it opens you to the possibility of overcoming whatever has got you frazzled.

If you are feeling more like Artemis, wanting to take aim and evaporate some things, Arrow would be a good one. It is one of the first meditations I recorded and I have received a lot of emails about the miracles big and small it has created for people.

And if you need a brush with the infinite to put things in perspective, Ocean or Dark Matter or Meteorite would hook you right up.

Mystic: Do you recall what astral passage it was when you were first inspired to do this work? Like Saturn Return? A Neptune transit? A dream?

Jessica Snow. It was my Saturn Return, or maybe more accurately, the “hangover” of my Saturn Return. My Saturn Return was like the Tower card in the Tarot. At that time in my life, the things that previously sustained me either evaporated or fell away or I lost the taste for them.

So I was forced to search for new ways of being, which lead me to eventually find a way of being that is very beautiful and magical. I stopped faking my way through the world, doing jobs and having friends that didn’t allow me to be who I really am, and stepped fully into a robust spiritual practice. I also had to break free from some familial expectations and burn through a ton of negative self-talk. I started meditating consistently to save myself, and to my amazement, it became something I could offer to other people and that goodness just started to have a nice ripple effect.

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57 thoughts on “Jessica Snow’s Amazing Aphrodite Meditation – For Subscribers

  1. Accidently deleted this epic meditation while new year’s cleaning my laptop (duh!) …anyone know how I can access it again?! Thank you!

  2. I get so frustrated by my aphantasia. I would love to vividly experience visualisations like everyone else.

    I pulled a tarot and oracle card after, to make up for the lack of visuals – messages of abundance and patience. However, I did get a lovely message at the end to love myself first and fiercely.

    Thank you, Jessica and Mystic.

  3. WoWoWWWW. I’m going to dive into your ocean, JSNOW. 🙂 I personally prefer guided meditations over the “empty your mind” stuff anyway. I have a personal favorite that was recorded by Ram Dass back in the 80s but I will definitely give yours a whirl. Can’t wait! 🙂

  4. Oh the timing of this is PERFECT. Libra Rising here and last week felt compelled to make an Aphrodite altar and made it my project this weekend, then I log on here Monday morning and this amazingness is waiting for me! Thank you both so much!!!

  5. Thank you so much for this, MM, and JS! 🙂

    I really want to make the most of this Venus retro to learn about myself and practice self love and self care, so that I can break old relationship patterns.

    Funny retro stuff has been happening… a message on a dating site from a guy who looks like ex-lover that I had a hard time getting over last year. The guy is even from the same country as the ex, and is a lot younger than me like the ex, and is same Sun sign! (Taurus) His message was to offer me a hug….how Taurean! Very sweet, but I definitely noticed the coincidences!
    Anyway, I’ve really turned a corner on that one and healed a lot and learned a lot since that ‘relationship’, if you could call it one.

    All in the past few days I’ve come across online some self love affirmations, meditations, exercises. I guess a lot of healers and astro peeps are trying to help others through this Venus retro. I’m going to do ALL the exercises and really try to learn and keep my eyes open through this time. Seems like an enormous opportunity for a personal evolutionary leap in the right new direction….

    • I think when you “come across” meditations and things it’s like they are reaching out to you to meet them halfway. Which sounds like what you are doing. : ) Jess

  6. Thank you so much for sharing this, Mystic & Jessica!!! With sun, Venus and Jupiter in Taurus, I’ve always felt a reverence for Aphrodite. From the time I could read on my own! I have always devoured mythology, and of all the tales, the Cupid & Psyche myth has been my favorite. The myth is beautiful, but the best retelling of it was done by C.S. Lewis in his novel Till We Have Faces. If you don’t know the book, it’s retold from Psyche’s oldest sister. It is haunting, but shows the incredible strength of the feminine divine. It is extraordinary, the kind of book that you read that really stays with you. I read it every couple of years. This meditation was even more powerful to me because of my deep connection to the myth behind it. ???

  7. Thank you Jessica & Mystic! I did the meditation last night after a very tiring weekend camping and swimming in water holes and staying up too late 😉
    I fell asleep before the end of the meditation but in my dream the anima figure asked me if I remembered a film we had made in film school..of course I do i replied, the film was all about Venus…
    Anyway, I have just downloaded Artemis and going to do that today.
    Ps., you do have a lovely voice 🙂

    • What a wonderful dream, and example of how the visions we have in the daytime link up with dream work at night. SO cool.

      Thanks for the compliment about the voice, I spent my twenties trying to find my authentic voice. 🙂

  8. Beautiful. This full moon is conjunct my Psyche, so absolutely timely. Thank you.

    I’ll be back for more of her work.

    • After listening to this, I took some mugwort tincture and went for a long walk. Mulled over all the imagery and symbolism. Amazing.

      • So glad you got something from it, and what a perfect post-meditation activity. I love teasing out the strands of imagery and feeling them follow me back into regular life. : )

    • Mystic’s questions led me to being super-honest, which was a little scary, but I am happy that paragraph resonated with you. xo Jess

    • : ) Thanks it is a labor of love and magic. I love your thoughts above on Virgo & Neptune… (obviously a theme for me)
      xo Jess

  9. Wow
    This is amazing and it makes so much sense.
    I have never thought about the Jupiter rising vibe as being Neptunian but duh?
    I was just skimming over this and it really pulled me in.
    Like oh wow.
    I get it.
    I have my moon and Neptune in the 12th, and all my Lilith too, but like the moon and Neptune, in the 12 th, trine Venus and like dud, sag rising is so neptunian. I just always thought it had to clash. I never thought about it like being taken away by daydreams and fantasy or whatever and I’ve just looked at this and thought oh yeah. Virgo and Neptune. And me. Hmmmmm

  10. Rob Breszny is the absolute best, btw. I still recall a Pisces horoscope that I cut out from a weekly rag years ago. An alterna-poet-philosopher…Changed my life OS in important ways…always a good thing for a 9th houser.

  11. As soon as i saw Tom Robbins immediately loved her.
    ‘Cowgirls’ & ‘Woodpecker’ being my fave impacting books of the 70’s. How often the expression even cowgirls get the blues was used in respect to my life.
    The cover of Woodpecker was a graphic of a packet of Camel cigs and often used the expression ‘life inside a Carton of Kent’ was a throwaway line i used to describe my time in Belgium after items in my destroyed suitcases were handed back after 2 years in a very large Kent carton. (LOng story) 🙂
    Being a young teen when the Gidget movies came out and being in love with James Darren, California was THE place i wanted to be. It was said to be highly evolved due to the gold deposits there, alas never got there due to exploring the East (not much surfing there at the time!) and soaking up the exotica
    Merci beaucoup for the download of a honey toned voice. Just bootiful.x

  12. Fabulous mediation – thank you! Sat down to do my regular morning meditation but decided on Jessica’s instead. It was just what I needed at the moment. Beautiful. XX

  13. Thank you MM and Jessica! I put afew drops of my aphrodisia perfume and fell into the dreamy voice. I took notes of the gifts and messages. I cant wait to do the meditation again. Gotta get the taurus and aquarius meditations from Jessica Snow’s website too XxXx

  14. I adore Jessica and her meditations! It was actually through you that I discovered her, Mystic, when you had the Lodestone meditation up for subscribers about a year ago. I went from a meditation sceptic to one of those people who says “meditation changed my life” with a straight face in the space of a few months! Thank you Mystic and Jessica x

  15. Can’t wait to listen to this, and the interview was wonderful. I look forward to checking out more of Jessica’s work. Also, on a technical note does anyone know if there’s a way to download this to the iPhone? Instead of just streaming it… (Of course I can get it on my laptop later)

    Also wanted to say that I also have trouble with the pure vipssanana “still your mind and focus on your breath” meditation, and tend to prefer things like tonglen and metta from the Tibetan tradition that involve some reflection and visualization. I have tried Calm and Headspace for apps, but recently discovered a much better one that is also free called Insight Timer which has tons of guided meditations from a full range of traditions — breath, loving kindness, chakras, self-hypnosis, shamanistic, and onwards, as well as a timer with plain background music/nature sounds and interval bells. I have been sticking with a meditation practice through it and really enjoying it.

  16. Thanks so much!! I found it very interesting that she said she feels more like a Pisces…. Im a Virgo Sun and Rising with a Scorpio Moon and I felt a lot of familiarity with her answers and interests! Thanks again.

  17. I just did this meditation this morning and it was UNREAL. Opened my eyes and made a bunch of notes about the revelations I’d had. Thank you so much for this, MM! Jessica has a raving new fan in me. xoxox

    • Gala! I am a long-time fan of yours. I love the way you see the world and encourage/inspire others to see it as a magical/beneficent place. I’d love to collaborate with you one day… xoxo Jess : )

  18. Reading the interview later, but now I want to thank you Mystic!
    Aphrodite meditation during Venus Retro is pure gold.
    I’ll do it in April when it goes into Pisces since Jessica is a Jup/Pisces rising I know she can tune into that energy strongly.
    I am a Neptunian so it’ll be more effective during the Pisces VR.

  19. “but the first time I tried a drug I told my friends “I’ve found my thing”
    For me with my Neptune in Scorpio the 8th house it was and is sex ! Never smoked, don’t like alcohol, would never dream of taking a drug but sex…I always knew it was my thing.
    I’m so crap at meditation. I cannot sit still, can’t quiet my mind and I marvel at you guys on this site who write so brilliantly from imagination. Reality based me would really struggle to write fiction, can’t imagine a beach but finds calm in running or pretty full on yoga. Life, it creates all sorts.

    • Yes, not only is everyone different when it comes to meditation, I also think there are certain times in a person’s life when meditation is extra hard and also other times where it helps so much. Also, running, yoga, dancing and sex can be considered moving meditations. : )

  20. Going through a hefty Neptune transit and love the sound of what Jessica Snow is offering up! Sounds amazing. Thanks Mystic again, for connecting us to such powerful and insightful people. Loved the interview.

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