Existential Romantic Ennui And Saturn Anticipation

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So i have a lot of F.A.Q these last few days and to save time, here are the questions summarized and short-version answers. The more lengthy response is – as always – in my Horoscopes and Daily Mystic email.

  • Is Saturn In Capricorn (from December) something i should freak the fuq out about?   NO.  Saturn LOVES to be in Capricorn. Saturn works WELL in Capricorn and will be enhanced by Uranus in Taurus. It is time to get super-real about Earth energies – regrounding with the basics, foundation and formidable alliances.  There will be a special, member-only post about Time God Saturn into Capricorn – his sanctuary sign – in April.


  • How come my love life/marriage/relationship/singlehood/art/creative vibe/partner/hair/fashion aesthetic is so bleak/flat-lined/impossible/crap at the moment? It feels like sudden onset ennui…REMEMBER, Venus is Retrograde and will remain in this mode for WEEKS…there are advantages but don’t fixate on the currently nebulous situations that benefit from time or you getting the hell out of there (intellectually or literally) for a bit.  See here for more on this.


  • Is the appearance/re-appearance or manifestation of (insert fuqwit characteristics) some sort of a cosmic lesson to me about how i handle my own power and authority OR an opportunity to develop such? Yes. Thank Uncle Pluto.


  • Is there something in the skies/astral terrain at the moment prompting drastic dietary changes? Yes. See the next Daily Mystic email for more. If there is anything in astrology resembling a karmic nutrition regime, this would bloody well be it.


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Mario Sorrenti

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110 thoughts on “Existential Romantic Ennui And Saturn Anticipation

  1. My sides are saw from laughing at the hares flirting/mating near my shack. It looks like a manic venus retro in action. The males seem horny but confused as the female poses seductively still – but then runs away at crazy speed from approaching males – then stops abruptly & stares into the distance as if remembering something important, then dashes again but gradually lets herself be caught – at which point she gets on her hind legs and gives him a few good punches & kicks as he tries it on, while she poses seductively again – but madly dashes away … and on it goes for hours until the raptors appear on the scene.

  2. How’s this for Venus retro… I’ve reconnected with my old hairdresser from years ago whom I loved. She’s fixed the slow-building disaster I’ve been paying a fortune for at the local Salon de Pretension. I couldn’t be happier.
    Re food – weirdly for a long-time vegetarian, I’ve been craving good meatballs. I saw a recipe in a mag in the doctor’s surgery and have been obsessing over it ever since.
    Relationships – so many insights. How different it is to end a relationship simply because I want to focus on myself, instead of hanging in until the bitter end because I believed myself to be a failure at relationships, or unloveable.

  3. I’ve been eating sweet potatoes more than I ever have before in my life. So good! And thai eggplant – if I can ever find it in the store I am buying it. Keep checking stores, but no luck. And fresh green beans in stir fry. Love! Edamame with soy sauce and lemon. Snacking on fresh fruit and teriyaki seaweed snacks instead of the candy jar at work. The whole office is on a clementine kick. Pumpkin seeds, pine nuts, figs – I need the iron. Perfect my salmon. A fried egg on anything makes it glorious. Pesto. Pesto and egg on a sweet potato. Tortellini with spinach and roasted sweet potato. And red wine. Ha! And a s’more, maybe. Or a fist full of cereal. And more wine.

    My natal Saturn is in Cancer, so coming up on my Saturn opposition. Work. Whatever. Raising a teen is more challenging than any job. Loads of parenting angst. I also sense, if I don’t find a way back to making art for the sake of nothing, I will lose my…whatever that thing is.

  4. The outer planets have been asked to hush up so I can *just this once* have these tiny nuanced beautiful gifts of a sun Venus cazimi on my moon.

    I know you’re out/in there, you don’t have to shout all the time. I know the transpersonal is the path, but I’m going to be human so well tonight. So deeply elemental as only we get to be as humans. Seventh house though, that should be with someone. That would be the bravest safest space to let the true repressed feminine out to feel safe. The divine daughter. If the outer planets were actually protecting us as we held her and welcomed her. Alas, I’ll be in the cave.

  5. I didn’t mention diet and food in my long post but it feeds into my longstanding health problem to some extent, though it’s not the cause of it. I think I have leaky gut syndrome and want to do the GAPS diet, though it’s very restrictive. I do love bone broth, though, and that is one of the main things you can eat in the beginning stage of the GAPS diet. I’m really careful these days, about what I eat, otherwise, but have had carb cravings all winter, and my appetite has increased, which are things I usually don’t experience. It’s just been unusually cold and rainy this winter, so I think that’s why. It will go away when the weather gets better… Also, I’ve been doing a bit of emotional eating, because I’m stressed. Weird, though, because I usually lose my appetite completely when I’m stressed.. hoping it will all pass. All things must pass, right? At least I haven’t really gained any weight, just a tiny bit around my tummy. I’m a skinny gal to begin with, so I’m not too worried about that aspect of this… just want to feel better and healthy, emotionally and physically.

    • Ayurvedic. Pure and simple. India knows healthy eating like no-one else. (Take it from a Mars cj Pluto exact trine to Saturn).

      • Agreed.. Ayurvedic and also TCM (they come from the same root) dietary recommendations are the most right on, as they are dealing with your constitutional type.

        • I am Vata. And it says I’ve a quick mind, underweight and wiry and a non-conformist. (Hello Merc-Uran conjunct & Bucket Handle/Chart Ruling Aqua Moon).

          Almost right. (Weight is bmi average.)

          • I’m mega-Vata, with well below average BMI as well. I’m definitely working on my diet and health in light of my extreme Vata-ness..

            I’m Aqua Sun and Merc, though my chart doesn’t overall scream Vata, yet I am..

  6. YES! i have a recent urge to quit sugar and animal products completely. I ate a handful of snickerdoodles in the office yesterday and I felt like absolute garbage all day long. I felt bogged down and plain awful. my workout regimen is really fine tuning too. I have an urge to become strong, stronger and strongest.

    my natal saturn is in cap and I’m facing my first return in Feb. 2018. I think this health discipline I’m feeling is preparing me for what’s to come. I’m also Sag rising, so that could explain why Saturn has been on my back so much….

    • I went on a health bender during my Saturn return. It really paved the way for what came next, which for me was pregnancy. Even without that, the habits I formed then still inspire me now. Which is to say, I suspect now is the time for you to become your strongest. Good job and good luck!

  7. Change of food regime? YES.Have been on papaya limes stone fruit fish and coconut water green tea with lemongrass, rice. Craving carrot juice.
    Feel need to detox from massive meds Medico’s have prescribed and go totally natural with TCM, herb teas, cells salts, minerals & vitamins, amino acids, lipids et al., all from food IF possible.
    My immune system wants nature not big pharma constructs.My own body’s integrity is telling me this.
    LIke i’m being pulled in two directions. Big Pharma is losing me AT LAST. The medication for strengthening has weakened me like a premature foal. Saturn’s lessons have been ‘go back and do it again and again until until it’s a gentle walk in the park’
    Yes, out with outdated ideas and rules that are too heavy and of no benefit to these times. In times of doubt in myself i ask: ‘what is the worst that can happen’? Clearly not much!
    Do feel a Lilith – Venus vibe and Aries month is energetic, the gathering like the squirrel before the Winter. Time to prepare after the ennui of sun and dappled sunlight and be Saturn’s Bitch to pay for my time out out of mind 🙂
    Aries energy to use for industrial standard clean of studio.
    AAhh, the spirit is sooo willing but the flesh is weak.

    Keep curious and creative mes amis.x

  8. Not doing great… not feeling great..

    So Saturn is within realm of my early Cap Venus…already had Pluto go over my Venus and Pluto is now in my 7th house, so the continual clamping down on my Venus energy continues, as well as retro Venus is conjunct my natal Saturn and both squaring my natal Venus, so could there possibly be more redundancy in the squelching of my natal Venus?!

    Really, really, really holding back on the dating scene and romantic sexual stuff, that’s not even the issue right now, even though I’m lonely.

    Heavily dealing with home/house stuff — we’re getting a new roof, but that’s because I had to get the City to force the landlords to do it, and we’ve had rain coming through the ceiling all winter and spring….major ‘war’ and power trip going on with landlords right now. I actually feel violent toward them, the whole thing has made me so mad, and they are definitely sociopaths. Jupiter transiting in 4th, Pluto transiting 7th, so that revisit of zap zone is in those houses for me. I think the final outcome will be in my favor, though, just have to ride it out.

    Heavily dealing with career, job, lack of money, needing change of vocation, stuckness…. Saturn has been transiting my 6th, Venus transiting my 10th, natal Saturn in 10th, one degree off my Chiron return in the 10th.
    Lots of planets in Aries right now in my 10th….lots of energy, but I’m feeling a lot of anger right now, too.

    Heavily dealing with health issue that has been with me and getting worse and worse for 10 years….. Saturn has been transiting my 6th.

    Not sure what transit this is, but getting really vamped lately by acquaintance who has been giving me hypnotherapy sessions. He has over time started to talk more and more about his own stuff during sessions and last week basically told ME, even though it was my session, that I was talking too much. Felt like he was trying to control me, telling me to present my story more concisely. I just about stood up and walked out. I don’t want to be told to shut up in my own therapy session. Then he later copped to the fact that my story felt overwhelming to him. Such a weird vibe, hard to describe! I’m feeling like it has ceased to be therapeutic and it’s trespassing my boundaries now, and is possibly emotionally abusive. It all feeds into my issues of feeling like I end up taking care of everyone else and no one ever takes care of me, and that makes me feel stressed and so alone. Any insights from you all on this would be welcome……thanks!

    • Sorry to hear you are going through this. I can only offer my experience which was similar when Jupiter went through my fourth (Cancer) it was one of the worst times all stemming from issues outside my control at home – neighbours from hell the whole transit, which meant I developed a habit of leaving the house every day and staying out all day. Not long after they moved out I received notice to vacate, spent 3 months looking, could find nothing suitable (Sydney). All the while my health and earning capacity deteriorating to the point I couldn’t see a way forward – not to mention approaching the mid century milestone. That all eventually subsided with property taken off the market as Jupiter entered Leo and by this time fantastic, gorgeous neighbours had moved in.

      The upside, shortly after Saturn was transiting my 6th I was able to find amazing new therapists who helped me with issues I’d been trying to resolve for many years (and never thought I would) diet, physio and pyschologist. (Saturnian research helped too)

      I hope it is also an amazing opportunity for you to find the best healers for you. Best wishes riding out this challenging time, take care!

    • Flowerchild, hang In there lovely one!

      Venus is also going retro for me + squaring Saturn, finances have been TOUGH

      I got called today for a part time gig that is going to help me supplement my dream work in many ways, a true blessing – do not give up hope!!

      And yes that guy sounds shady stay away from him


    • Get another therapist. Are these paid sessions (you don’t have to answer that) cuz I find that when I’ve gotten mates’ rates because the therapist/whatever what a friend of mine, it’s been harder to maintain professional boundaries. In any case, it sounds like he’s over-stepped them.

      Btw I only just came across the term ’emotional labour’ that perfectly sums up what I’ve been struggling with for years – see if it resonates for you. This is the link to a condensed thread discussing it. I swear to god I almost cried when I realised I wasn’t alone in this: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B0UUYL6kaNeBTDBRbkJkeUtabEk/view

      • Thanks, everyone! 🙂

        Alouetta, I have read about emotional labor. There’s a website called Everyday Feminism that has some truly incredible articles and a light went on for me, for sure, when I read one there about emotional labor. Always felt it in my life, never seemed to be collectively named. No wonder we are so exhausted, eh?

  9. soo saturn will eventually be on my mc…dont know the time frame…christ my career couldnt get any worse…whats gonna happen with saturn there??

  10. Have heard from 2 turd ex-boyfriends & OMG – exit ennui is a colossal understatement.

    Would rather endure a contemporaneous tooth-twat doc visit.

    Hurts for good. Saturn, Pluto. Yeh.

  11. I’m excited about Saturn in Cap. It’s currently in perfect opposition with my natal Saturn and sitting on my north node in the 9th. I actually had a weird tooth problem that flared up out of no-where and set me back major $ to deal with. Plus I’ve been re-living my fear of speaking up in groups. One-on-one I’m fine, put me in front of an audience I’m fine, but mid-sized groups where everyone is expected to put their ideas forward and I freeze up and start second-guessing myself. This is a major problem if I’m going to progress in my chosen career so I’m hoping I can deal with it now.

    And for the first time in history I’m contemplating changing my diet for health reasons. Not sure what’s going on, but the FODMAP diet was helping. I just haven’t got a handle on denying myself yet. I love food!

    Thanks Mystic, for these posts – they give me a much needed sense of perspective.

    • My Saturn return is coming up too. My natal Saturn is 10th house Cancer. I feel like my work weakness is focusing on productivity over working relationships. But – I am sure the Saturn opposition will clarify where I am weak. I eliminated a zombie regulation today at work. I don’t care if people hate me for it. But, I should care. Because people pay me.

      I’ve been changing my diet for health reasons too. No structure too it yet. Just feeling out my attraction to healthy foods and weaning myself off a sugar addition.

      • Wow, when I was writing (below) on flowerchild’s thread about emotional labour I was literally thinking that its astro signature would have to be Saturn in Cancer (or Cancer in the 8th). Apparently it was initially applied as a HR management term.

        Personally I love that you take this approach having little time for smalltalk myself, but perhaps you could think of pleasant working relationships as a means to a productive end. This is my Venus in Cap talking. But seriously, we spend so much time at work. Some of it has to be enjoyable, and it is literally so easy to make people feel happy with a few words, and the bounce back on that can be feeling happier yourself. Try it as a social experiment.

        • I had my daughter during my Saturn return. She has Saturn in second House cancer. ouch.

          I have some great people I work with now. I just get irritated when people flake on deadlines. It happens but it effects me on a level I don’t even understand. Oh. Wait. I understand. I am a control freak. Ha!

  12. I loved that Neil Gaiman quote in the daily.
    Saw him speaking recently- reading from Norse Gods.
    Spiritual and emotional nourishment it was. Just magnificent.

  13. First of all I f-ing LOVE that chair in the photograph, I have ALWAYS wanted one ever since I stayed at an Airbnb with a chair like that and a little rolling desk that you could prop over your lap. WHEN will regular desks become obsolete, everyone is getting Upper Crossed Syndrome, forward head posture, etcetcetc.

    If I suddenly strike it rich I’m getting an AltDesk station for $6,000. Even if I don’t, I might. It’s a worthy investment when your work requires you to be desk-bound. Google it, it’s amazing!!

    Secondly, I am curious about this karmic nutrition thing. I’ve really let myself go diet-wise and in terms of being a caffeine addict to the point where it wasn’t even doing anything anymore except making me stressed and dehydrated. I didn’t gain any weight or anything but my skin just looked dry and dull and I felt horrible. I’d been putting in long hours and just going on autopilot.

    So today is day 6 of no coffee and my diet has been 2 young coconuts (water and meat) blended with spinach, mint, and cacao nibs. This seems to fill me up for the whole day until late night when I’ll have a few spoonfuls of almond butter, sometimes with a banana. I am feeling totally rehydrated and my skin looks amazing! I’m normally paleo but had been overdoing it on meat, eating out (aka crappy oils), and paleo junk (Trader Joe’s quinoa chips and salsa I’m looking at you) and so simplifying my diet has been eye opening.

    • Hey Rache!
      Great to see/ read you.
      You’re so funny!
      I have that chair, in black. I don’t own it but it was in the flat when I moved in and the only stick of furniture I approve of.
      I’ll 3D air scan it to you when I move out Xx

      • Yes I haven’t been around as much but miss all my PIABs!! I was pretty much completely gone for awhile while life got crazy and sad to see that the forum is down? I survived my Saturn return and wanted to update the thread haha

        Hope everything is going fantastic with you!!! Did you finish the book you were working on? I love your writing and would 100% buy it whenever it’s done

  14. Having a sudden realization though–
    Have been in full anticipation of my Saturn return time, 9 Capricorn, 6th house–before that though Saturn will hit my natal Uranus, also in Cap, degree 2.

    Also this makes me a venus-Uranian woman as venus is TRINE uranus–@29 Leo–Which is the August solar eclipse point HMM

    I will also get Saturn on my natal VESTA @29 SAG as the culmination of this Saturn in sag time

  15. Yeah, what the hell is happening in my love life. At one moment I think I have a good thing going and then life throws a wrench in my plans. I think the purpose is to not get too attached or form any expectations.

    • ” I think the purpose is to not get too attached or form any expectations.” ding ding ding!!! i agree based on what i have been reading here, especially until venus goes direct.

  16. Uncle Pluto… Damn he’s getting me these days. But stronger, stronger, growing outer authenticity. I’ve always been authentic to myself but now it’s showing on the outside more. Third house transit. And totally tied up with, I’m gonna say it, karmic shit with my husband. We’re both super Pluto and in it for mega metamorphosis apparently. Always knew it but the deep ties of power issues are deeper than I ever imagined, themes became clearer over the past two years or so.

  17. lol re daily mystic…my mr big has sun scorp conj neptune conj venus…v selfish…
    then i meet a other with exactly the same aspect…and they BOTH have pluto conj mars…eek! (in scorp for one of them)….what r the chances??

      • they were born diff yrs tho! i just think its quite a mad coincidence…and i wouldnt have noticed it pre astro school

        • Aint no coincidences with the Astro. I’ve got about 6-8 birthdates that keep coming up and they have big impacts on me.

          • the birthday thing is for reals! mystic did a post on it awhile back. i keep getting Feb 1 babies. in a myriad of forms (and yes different years, but …). it’s been weird.

  18. Def having echos of Pluto on my IC blip up (it finished being exact a few months ago). Blerg.

    And with the Jupiter in Libra square- seeing how I feel guilty, or try to “smooth things over” at my own expense. It is like a false comfort zone, because it doesn’t actually make me feel better, but is often my reaction.

    It’s damn cold where I am which is infringing on some plans I had. Instead I am going to lay low, clean/purge like mad, and do some light house witching… Been meaning to put another salt line or two down forever?…

  19. This picture is me (minus the long flowing hair and chic furniture). I’ve been in this mode for quite some time. Last night I made a bucket of very hot curry to kickstart the sluggish digestive system. Looking forward to the karmic nutrition post.

  20. I’m excited about saturn in capricorn not only because it will finally get away from my sun/moon/mars but also because at some point it will get to the neptune conjunct uranus in capricorn generation (1988-1995) and I’m curious to see how it plays out.

    • tiananmen square, berlin wall, glasnost… .. end of the lebanese civil war..?
      the revolution was often fact televised (or suppressed, hmm). saturn return? the beginnings of globalisation, the internationalisation of financial markets, WORLD TRADE ORGANISATION! birthdate 01-01-1995 after 9 years of negotiations. based on wiki text it had a kind of neptune-uranian-capricorn mission..

      i bet ceres was in there influencing things, the Doha round (saturn square 1995 ish) was stalled by some parties wanting to further dissolve economic boundaries / deregulation, but meeting resistance with countries who wanted to retain protection of local agricultural markets, subsidies etc.

      Uranian & Plutoni virgo mentioned that neptune was more of the finance planet than saturn, in that finance and its adjectives are all about liquidity – capricorn is about resources as much as money – I wonder what the EU’s astro is in relation to the WTO


      so anyway
      saturn audit of big-ass boundary dissolution. did it work or didn’t it. major political and economic institutions that have shaped the world for better or worse. saturn return that, mofo.. lol.

        • Not as in “Neptune conjunct Sun! You will win lotto” (that’s more Uranus-Jupiter sextile Venus in 8 th house or something) but Neptune as planet for the concept of finance, global, and not relatable personally in the way a wallet full of 50s is. I’m kinda into it. I can’t remember the post it was on but pretty sure it was UPV on gfc/ zap zone.
          I like the idea of different planets meaning different money’s.

          • Well Jup will conjunct Uran in 6/7 years and that’ll trine my 2nd Venus. When all my film script royalties come in???

  21. maybe the acupuncture helped me to level out before i went too crayzy. if i could change anything it would be to increase my desire to prepare food at home so i can save money, but i hate being at home these days, circumstantial, so i stay away from the gloom and eat out instead.. ugh energy vibe shift essential here
    anyway where was i
    flipping out a bit in the beige acreage of the cube farm, but that’s definitely not venus reprobate in my 9th house. how can earning money be this fuhcking dysfunctional? i can’t commit to this place. it’s not you, it’s us, baby.

  22. Sat in Cap. My natal 2*, yes, my 2nd. And considering my 3 1st decan placements in Virgo are trined by that and Uran in Taurus. I’m looking forward to that.

    The eating thing. I’ve stopped couch surfing for a bit and stopped eating ‘other’ people’s cooking. I’m now back eating Ayurvedic and my organs love me for it. If you only knew how good it is.

    • Your 1st para – me too – diff houses. Do you remember how this time last year trans Uran-Merc were trine our natal ones? Mental. At least this time they’ll be be given a wider berth….and only trine Mars. Happening in my 6th & 10th Houses – sprucing and powering up my work practice.

      The Ayurvedic diet IS fab – had to research it years ago and spent some time in an Ayurvedic health centre. The diet along side Ayurvedic massage was a total body reset – i felt like a new person. I also like their take on food – i.e., eat less so as not to stress the organs out so much so that they can do their job properly.

  23. I am SO grounded right now. Diet, Exercise, Finances and confidence with work. I love this. I see a great future. Big plans are being thought of. I just hope I have a bikini body by 6/1.

    Feeling good on so many levels. Even without any LZ action. Romance is null, nada, zilch-o….. Bring it!!

  24. There are rumblings of good career advancement opportunities at work, and if they realize it should be right around when Saturn goes into Capricorn. Score!

  25. diet? i have a 99.9% lack of appetite for food. i have to force myself to remember to eat. at least i am over the sugar jones. for the moment. evolving to breatharian? it’s super frikkin weird. AND i am on a TCM protocol that is supposed to, among other things stimulate my appetite.

    lots of fuqwit poppage and the total haute ability to just be like meh, whatever. SO loving this part.

    and fuq, if this is venus retrograde? man. what lies in store after will be truly mind boggling, because i am experiencing a once in this lifetime connection that is indescribably aligned. yes, we are stalled, but the potential is huge and the attraction is mutual, and the vibe is sane. ZERO LZ shite.

    just, damn skippy.

    • and oh by the way … this new connection is showing me in such perfection exactly why none of the others worked. so it is in and of itself a retrospective look at all the relationships in my life. the exes didn’t have to show up on the doorstop to show me, but the incredible alignment of this new “________” (i’m afraid to even call it a relationship until we’re out of VR) makes it all clear. just incredible.

      • Well then enjoy it. I think it’s VR super haute version: the bliss + the retrospective and so the growth is flowing.
        And VR is only 3 more weeks + some shadow prudence. If it’s mutual is gonna stick and become even better.

        • Thank you!!! I am trying to enjoy in between the moments of holy crap is this for real!?

          i think i am incredibly fortunate that this VR comes on the heels of a really intense Lilith return in Scorpio that allowed me to truly shed so much old LZ garbage and stand in my power in a way I never had before. It totally paved the way for this VR to be haute and enlightening!

          i’m looking forward to seeing what happens when Venus goes direct again. no matter what happens, it should be an eye opener for sure!

    • YES I am also experiencing what you described in your last para- and it’s someone from my past. His situation is complicated, so yes, the whole thing is stalled. Once again this Aries gets a lesson in patience. While Uranus is on my Venus/MC!

      A truly intense Venus Retro indeed.

      • woot!!! can’t wait to see what stationing direct brings our way!!! enjoy! (but OH these lessons in patience!)

  26. Thanks Mystic.
    This explains my current loss of cool regarding fukwit muggle work mate. Will continue to try and retain my facade of “you are not getting to me”. Motto = remain haute at all costs.

  27. Hmm- i was going to put my karmic diet rant in the Daily Mystic but maybe it is better as a members post, so there can be…discussion?

  28. Karmic chocoholism here. I mean I’ve been clean for nearly 20 years and bang!!! Total insane drive for the stuff. Stuff stuff stuffing the stuff. I really hope it goes away soon. Eek

    • Yep, me too. Clean for years – but for the past few weeks i’ve been on a chocolate diet. …Comfort eating?… I’ve only just managed to rear in my compulsion for the cacao fix & have just this week cleaned up again as i feel pretty uncomfortable carrying the few extra kilos i’ve piled on.

    • Me four…chocolate overload everyday this last wk. trying to decide cacao/ monkfruit as sugar substitute chocolate bar recipe

  29. Say there has been a nutrional regime lapse (a la sugar shoveling), is there a good astrological day coming up to re-release? Before the new moon in Aries? I’ve quit sugar-desserts before for months at a time, but as I was Saturning the fuq out of everything else, this piece slipped way way way off anything remotely referring to a rail. Yesterday I attacked a yellow piece of cake like prey: I skinned off the too-sweet (I’ve got standards!) icing, and scarfed every visible shred of cake-meat. Today, plural toblerones. Tomorrow, I got plans. (A visit to a specialty bakery I researched, that only opens a few days a week. With my ring off in case that supports wedding cake sampling). I want to go out with a bang. But when to schedule the bang?!

    • i’m seeing jupiter appetites squaring off with a pluto obsession. Jupiter in libra – squaring any natal planets in Kataka? “LET ME EAT CAKE….WEDDING CAKE”

      last 24h moon in cap adding to moody squares.

  30. Saturn will be opposing my Venus in Kataka the minute it enters Capricorn and then move to my 5th house (yes I am the lucky 5th house in Capricorn).
    Should I be scared about it?
    Does this mean I wll feel alone and have no fun?
    Saturn in my forth so far has been a bit lonely sometimes but it’s reforming my nutrition and helping me finishing decorating my house like never before.
    So I was hoping more for some serious and mature romance; I’m in my forties and though I look younger I am tired of crappy rootless flings and I really want something solid and a family.

    Pluto instead seem to be testing my guts, even on very small choices.

    And finally: which planet is prompting the dietary review?
    I thought it was Sat in my 4th, but apparently is a general thing.

      • I meant a fling without roots, without a future. Sorry I am not american or english, so maybe a did not explain myself properly 🙂

            • Thank you Phoenix! There was no chance for me to get PF joke ever. 🙂
              No I didn’t mean fling without sex then, but a fling that doesn’t mean anything and evaporates in zero time. 🙂

              • I did suspect that you were not Aussie.

                Anyway you learn allsorts on here.

                I’ve only had one fling and I felt bad for a long while afterwards.

    • I have Saturn in the 5th house as well (yay, lucky me too) in Toro which for the first time ever this morning think might be kind of ok (thanks Mystic) all earthy and long range, high quality, late in life sexy (please gods)

    • This maybe-sorta-kinda interesting to you: Saturn just finished going through my 5th house. I did lots of work on self over that time – becoming aware of and evaluating masks I had been putting on for acceptance/likability, doing regular therapy, getting to know myself a bit more authentically – through therapy I started looking into the concept of inner child work and self-parenting. It wasn’t lonely per se, but I opted to spend a fair bit of time with myself and couldn’t be bothered on light, time wasting acquaintances.

  31. Hahaha – karmic nutrition regime? . The last two weeks have been insane at work and I’ve been living on cheese and tomato croissants in total defiance of my usual”at all costs avoid carbs/gluten/diary” manifesto. God they’re delicious ?!!

  32. Hahaha – karmic nutrition regime? . The last two weeks have been insane at work and I’ve been living on cheese and tomato croissants in total defiance of my usual”at all costs avoid carbs/gluten/diary” manifesto. God they’re delicious ?!!

  33. Feeling Pluto and excited about Saturn in Cap.

    I’m foundation-ing, I can feel it.

    And a hell yeah to the food revamp. There are certain things I will be avoiding like the plague.

  34. Ha, this post explains my current obsession with my microbiome (last year’s obsession was the vagus nerve, thanks to Saturn-Neptune). I have a fabulous Kali tarot deck (just major arcana), where The Wheel depicts Kali as Time in a very Saturnian aspect. I reckon that deck will get a workout with Saturn in Cap.

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