Chez Sagittarius Decor Style On Show

Want a fantastic sampling of Sagittarius decor style?

This is a Dan Lam sculpture inside the home of Miley Cyrus – a Sagittarius.  I am REALLY feeling the Sagittarius style here. Thoughts?

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This double Saggie is VERY glad that her Moon and Venus are in Libra, because that there is a horror show! LOL – except for the dog, of course!


I’m a Sagg Sun / Taurus Rising just like MC and this could easily be a corner in my house. LOVE!


Hilarious comments. I’ve REALLY enjoyed this one.

Pimpled, bruised blob is deeply vulgar in my opinion. A very interesting piece though. It has such character. It’s a metaphor that keeps spawning. Could be the subject of a fascinating university assignment.

I have no sag in my chart but the few I know…some would go there, some wouldn’t.

Thanks guys, fantastic relief from venus retro gah.


If people thought of this more as a studio than as a living room, would the opinions about ‘mess’ and disarray change?

Secret Sagg

The Astro turf under the piano is hilarious.

This looks like my house circa 2 years ago during a particularly intense time (Neptune transit). Compulsive crafting does no-one’s decor any favours


Nah, not even in the range of a random arrow let alone creative and intentional…and in a main space where you have to see it all the time?

It’s like having a former part of yourself sequined and placed in some prominent place to remind you of a former self bested into submission or to impress others of a faux phoenix whilst toasting around what was flayed, discarded or beaten. Maybe it’s just a shallow sequined blob but regardless it ticks no boxes in this archers list. Just Yuck.


Actually can I just say…. in retrospect…. It is perhaps one version of the Saggi archetype no matter who it fits that belongs on the end of a bar in a night club. If you got to the end of the night when they shut the bar and the lights come on and you can still produce a bit of half alive sparkle whilst finishing off the rest of your glass of SSB before it goes rancid warm and/or you are thrown out burning 12 bucks and not getting your bang for your buck or your ride to the shiny… Read more »


PS – this could be a Saggi on the rampage alert!

Tempted to revert to some Scorched Earth policy and ….. well best I not put that in print…

Feathered Fish

I kinda like the melting glitter blob – sag moon, but the mess is driving me mad – virgo rising


This definitely needs a Deborah Halpern piano seat…maybe a picasso-esque face with its tongue out. But what does the piano feel like? Obs Taurus


multi sagg here; i personally love the piece. what screams sagg about it for me is the sense of humor present.

aesthetically it might not be scoring any serious points but tongue-in-cheek playfulness (in all things) is most important to a sagg than anything else, i feel. life’s too short, gotta enjoy the silliness and have fun!


Maybe it’s because I have Saggi NN and Leo sun, but I think the melting glitter blob is awesome!

It’s so.. not functional. It sends my logical mind into a tail spin and I just think about otherworldly things. It’s kind of surrealist pop art, no? I can imagine Andy Warhol doing something like this if he lived now.


A true blob. A noble blob. A blob that cannot help being what it is. It exists in spite of the disgust and the rejection. It shines with neptunian hues and prickles with its mars uranian burrs. We can all learn from Blob.


Pushing all thoughts of a giant’s scrotum & plucked boneless turkey aside – I love the blob too. The more i look at it the more i want to touch it, play with it, drape it around the shoulders even. I bet it feels cool, malleable, and softly spiky. I can imagine using it as a pillow & letting the soft spikes perform an acupressure type effect on the head releasing the days tension away… aaaaahh…. i would not be able to keep my hands off-a it.


“Pushing all thoughts of a giant’s scrotum & plucked boneless turkey aside…”

It’s been 15 minutes and I’m still laughing!


I am taking a leaf out of blob’s book. 😀 lol you guys crack me up!

Calli G

If you’re gonna leave your wax lizards out in the hot sun, of course they’re gonna melt.


What IS that; a giant pile of unicorn crap?! LOL! Ugh, no – it’s like a rainbow threw up all over the place!! Maybe that’s what happens when the sculpture trickles onto the ground, hence that carpet. The sculpture itself reminds me of nail polish that leaked down the side of the bottle and hardened. Placing it on top of a gaudy mirror-mosaic ?piano?, I’m not sure which is the bigger visual distraction. There is just waaaaay too much going on in this room for chez Libra, TYVM! I actually feel like this room might be more reflective of her… Read more »


Whenever I look at decor, my initial reaction of course is to the aesthetics. Then I think of how one would clean the area. Maybe that’s my psyche in Virgo. I love clean but I hate cleaning, especially dusting! I have no idea what material that is made of but that and the table it sits upon look like too much to clean. Dusting those teeny spikes and shining itty bitty mirrors, ugh.

And don’t tell me she has a cleaning service… obvs


Yes! one of my first thoughts as well! ‘Dust catchers’!


Lawd, more synchronishitty.

Mal dream about an ex-Saggo friend who back-stabbed me big-time right after NYs. She was on my property, taking pics of the inside of my car, while I was trying to remain hidden in another vehicle. She is also an artist.

Workin thru some shizz.


I just love that dog


That screams Leo gone bad to me. Sagg stellium here and no way. Wouldn’t catch any of that in my home. Especially the oozing sparkles.


Agree 100 percent. ..gemyogi more on point!!


Didn’t Brad Pitt just miss the Oscars because he was too busy sculpting?

I love going to galleries to see sculptures but not in the house. Being a Mars in Virgo 6th house, I really don’t like knick knacks or anything that attracts dust.


Yes. My Mars in Virgo 2nd trine Saturn in Cap 6th.
If it has no practical purpose out it goes.


Well that settles it then…

Brad Pitt stays!


You have a statue of BP?


Music has no practical purpose either.


But it is not a physical object. It is a sound wave.


Plus I gotta qualify. My mum had heaps of crap laying around. Pet Rocks and Aura Activators some of the stupid stuff. And it used to annoy the shit out of me. Though lm a Neptunian static visual art does not do much for me, post impressionists, cubists and surrealists aside. But you can go to a gallery where they clean em for public viewing.

Words, Music and Films are where I find my Neptunian expression is manifest.

It is coming out in my book called, “Why do People Drive Convertibles?”




ha ha same. When I see fussy ornaments or knick knacks I always hear my Mum’s wise words — ‘dust catchers’!

Also when I look at carpet etc. or even white clothes — ‘they’ll show the dirt’!

Lots of Taurus practicality here (and laziness — minimise cleaning/dusting) ;P


The Collie Dog’s the Sagg part ONLY.


Agreed. And it’s wondering WTF?!


Ha! This offends my Venusian sense of easy beauty, but as a Taurus, my first thought was..”I wonder what it feels like” lol

dark star

The mermaid ball sac/ blob thing is cool in a nep saggy way but I’d like to see it displayed on something more minimal, like a wood shelf. Piano too Liberace but miss Miley does channel those extravagant vibes so hey why not. I’m worried about the feng shui of this in her house though


I love everything about this comment. Especially the mermaid ball sac bit.


It’s a sculpture but I’d love it more if it was full of beads or something so blob could be rearranged, yet never contained!
I feel like all that colour n motion and SHINE keeps her company (see stimulated) – the sheer vibrancy likely provides a sense of buoyance even amongst the flip side evidence of excess in clutter


blob is FREE. Therefore: Saggitarius.

ah, phew. hahahahaha


Agreed. Not my style exactly (I’m Saggo too) but I can appreciate boundary-less-ness of the thing. And the sparkly bits. The clutter is perfectly Saggo to me – always hustling around and on your way to the next fun thing, no time to neaten up more than once a month or so.


subliminal seething lust lol…thats exactly what i got going on…


awesome daily mystic for tuesday…its got me wondering tho..what could be haute pluto??


Is it the dog? Does he need rescuing from the fake grass and glittering blob monster?


Thanks, my first thought too – grab the dog and run! Don’t look back!

Mars in cancer + Virgo moon 🙂


The looks somewhat apprehensive.


I don’t know if I could live with this; I’m undecided…I am jupiter ruled/ conjunct asc, opposite mercury retrograde…Its curious though, sexy; it oozes.

the texture of it is pretty incredible – inviting, so interactive, and also absurdly impossible.

Maybe its more uranian? And excessive, jupiterian…

Its a stretch, a play with gravity, reversing what our senses would prefer?
And it’s seductive too.


nice, blobs do have a kind of jupiterian thing about them don’t they. and maybe neptune, they hint at excess, overflow, spills, loss of control, leaks, fluids, escape. Maybe a body or an organism. A blob needs gravity to be a blob, it’s a material entity, so saturn is at play.. do blobs go uranian when they look like they have dripped from another planet?


blobs don’t behave. a blob is as it is because it has escaped confinement. it is not where it is meant to be, the blob is an abjection. it does not stand for order and control. blob oozes off plinth and shelf. blob cannot be framed. blob just IS.


I just love that it is playful and also deviant (sensually unconventional), without any prescribed value…it’s beautifully distasteful…

It is weirdly refreshing for me :-))


It was your inspiring call on the jupiterian excess! The blob has a great history 🙂


Lol, it does escape confinement. My Jupiter is technically 12th house… maybe I could surreptitiously ooze out of control…(with natal Pisces mars too)

I am having progressed Scorpio asc/1st/ stellium…so transiting Jupiter is also in “confinement”…over my libra south node…

Cue present postgrad art therapy, clinical studies of hospitalised/ institutionalised people…whilst returning to art making.

I read somewhere it’s actually widely considered among astrologers that Jupiter is fairly comfortable in 12th…Jupiter is co-ruler to Neptune…ruler of last house, 12th :-))

Good nite & good dreams…


love to see what your creative mind brings to all of that ..x


That thing is like her art. Or maybe she is stuck in her ‘globulant’ phase.


Yeah this is a certain kind of Sadge. Especially all the crap thrown around it. No reverence, just a love of color and motion. I know a Sadge like this and she never outgrew it. She lives in a storm of glitter, feathers, rainbows, children, international trips, crafting and hiking. She’d probably try to wear that thing.


I love it. His stuff is fab. I also love the mirror tiled whatever that is and whatever those craft-options are on the top. It’s sadge af imho <3 ok maybe 21st century Neptune too. Creativity: ON


Yeah I concur, I love it all.


Feel like the mirror tiled thing is actually a piano.
I’m picturing her in a furry jumper dead of night singing to lizards. She’d have pet lizards right? Long with lassie there down below


I was actually really hoping it is a piano. Singing to lizards, a passing neighbourhood cat, and friends staying over


She must have a strong Neptune or Pisces influence too, surely. She does love a bit of glitter and multi-colours.


Neptune conjunct Moon and Mercury in 6th house scorp…. good call on the neptune. Lilith in pisces in 11th.


multi Sagg here – no way I’d have anything like this anywhere near me!


Yeah my Sag Sun is not into this. Miley and I have the same birthday though. I think she will eventually do great things in life.


IMHO it’s too much clutter – Saggis just wanna be freeeeee


Hahaha! So tacky in that Sagg way! Love it! She is still young and developing her tastes so why not explore and be bold?
When i was a younger sagg asc i thought how cool would it be to have an apt with a clear inflatable couch and chairs in the luving room? Lol. Glad i dont think that is neat anymore, Miley still has time, if she wants.


Absolutely horrible! I’m not surprised though, she is the queen of bad taste. Such a cashed up bogan.


Saggi decor I thought would be more minimal, beach shack, ocean themed, natural fibres, timber floors and lots of plants?!

Maybe some Ishka world craft decor — goddess statues or sari curtains / floor cushions

Year of the Phoenix

My Sag guru and mentor now tragically passed had a sanctuary filled with tasteful mementos of exotic places lived (no Contiki style tourist) and BOOKS, Treychikoffs, Bang and Olufsen and an eclectic and enviable record collection

An artist and a traveller with a warm and yet breezy vibe with the door permanently open


A Bose 🙂




in addition to providing plain old index cards, I’m also going to make a pile of &#g2d0;pre-2esi8ned” cards for the board and can totally fold this idea in! you could bring a few that you design as well if you’d like! come find me/us at the start of conference, k?


Gemmi you get me! x


I am that Sag Gemyogi


For a’s a direct assault to the eyes.

12th house virgo



I like the sculpture and mirrored glittery piano but what assaults my Virgoian sensibility is all the craft supplies/clutter. Clean it up, display as if in a gallery setting- better.
It’s too busy competing with the clutter.


Well, Idk..maybe I could digest the art-form from gallery setting, but the texture/shape is still iffy- don’t you think?


Haha! My thoughts exactly!


It looks like a melting, giant alien scrotum.



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