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Weird fashion aesthetic for weird times. The latest collection from Virgoan of Fashion Gareth Pugh is channeling the planetary aesthetic: Pluto stronger via a hyper-boost from Pluto.  Jupiter in Scorpio late this year.  Saturn – soon – in Capricorn. Yes. And then Uranus in Taurus. We need to re-ground ourselves.

So he’s ahead. It’s what Virgoans of Fashion do. Their details consciousness is in constant churn, occasionally spluttering to a halt to spew out some super-relevant trend flashpoints.

For example: Blade Runner only the Replicants formed a dynasty, protection for during acid rain/ICE raids, Vault 7, deep Gothic dark night black because Caligula is in the White House and you’re in mourning/stealth mode/the dark.  You did not take your vitamins but you get glutathione infusions because only a master antioxidant will do it for you and you like to be able to glow opaquely in the dark.

You welcome the news that rogue NASA scientists are lobbying to have Pluto BACK as a planet in our solar system. For you, he never went away.

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25 thoughts on “Channeling The Planetary Aesthetic

  1. And if G-Star did not make their Oceans marine-garbage-recycled stuff so expensive it would catch on. So i’m preparing to write a thoughtful letter about that. I wonder if their data shows that it sells better against other products, if it signifies haute guilt and exoneration status. And does it have to be so branded to “show off a conscience”.

    That stuff should be cheaper than the other stuff, not because of the return on the expensive process of reclaiming oceanic pollution, but because the company puts their money where their mouth is. Wouldn’t the return show itself then? Consumer activist voice could be encouraged, even in non-activist people who do care..

    I’ve been thinking about this a long time, every day, every time i pass our river. And i saw Sea Shepherd stickers enough to ping my own Mars – Neptune sextile and other Mars-y square do-it irritants within a Piscean and 12th house heavy chart. Love their logo, as you can imagine. I should probs donate as well, since i recently thought about my basic swim skills which don’t match my seafaring skills, and how i might be of use (with also a fluency in a language that could operate well for Sea Shepherd type activities).

  2. Pluto in Virgo here.

    Wondering how many other Pluto in Virgo are:
    – channelling independent woman who may dress sexily or functionally and just for herself
    – really OBSERVING signs (that started before and are now showing no sign of repairing, but worsening) of our human planetary fuq up and feeling like we are riding into fqd doom as a human race
    – continuing on to do their small everyday bit to not add to the chemical/garbage/pollute fuq up, despite the reality, just because of..maybe Virgo guilt, maybe Virgoan example, myabe quiet solidarity in practical hope
    – still going with moments of light, colour and movement but a deeper sense that when we are in black/recycled/timeless earth witch clothing they see the power of the Earth Witch
    – though that signifies the Earth Witch stands in any guise
    – and insists that cleanliness and order is next to godliness, even if only when push comes to shove with such types as well, any (ok in my current day, aquarians..yep i felt so strongly i told an aquarian what to do and by god i just know without checking it was done)
    – and even if only the message is delivered by a piscean/sag who still refuses to hide her disorg/chronos-crap

    It’s Kairos. No matter where we might be truly heading, full respect for Natural Law at least demands by change and care an acknowledgment of how we brought it on. And the time is now.

    Killed dolphins in my neighbourhood have not been back to swim since October 2015, except for the killed mother/calf duo.

    • I come from a place where plundering and exhausting the environment is the only thing fully keeping the economy afloat, and which cannot now flourish in a global market, so not only No Tax Deductions but also a possible FLAG against my name. I have no doubt this would affect future tax returns etc et freaking cetera

      “This case illustrates the distinction between a charity and a deductible gift recipient. An organisation may be a charity, but still not fall within the definition of a deductible gift recipient for taxation purposes. The Commissioner of Taxation in this case accepted that Sea Shepherd was a charity and also that its principal activity was the protection of whales and other marine life by means of campaigns designed to prevent those animals being harmed or killed by humans. The case arose because the parties differed in their construction of the meaning of para (a) of Item 4.1.6 of the ITAA and the application of that provision to the facts of the case. The type of ‘care’ being offered to animals by Sea Shepherd was found not to be that which was envisaged by the Act, which was more that of a short-term ‘shelter’ type of care.”

      Meaning, give us the short term solution and we’ll provide some relief, but fight for a long term solution and, no we don’t want your ‘solution’ to interfere with any profit margin. I seriously don’t believe i can throw money at the problem. There must be a better way.

    • Yess! Pluto in Virgo- and cusps 11th H now transit NN is dead on it. Squared my Gem Mars so I constantly circle back. I clean up the debris at gatherings gliding past trash containers and recycling bins with full hands.

      Mostly black wardrobe. Scorp Rising. Favor longer jackets and capes, boots.

  3. the second photo used to be me. I was nipped in to the bone and cut a swathe through any high street. Now I am more sofa than bone. I cut a dash through the mud and my hair is that of a manic sheep. I blame the aqua man who just doesn’t give two hoots about anything much and refuses to exercise !! Although he resembles a triathlete. There is simply no justice!

  4. Second photo is nice but that’s about as far as I could take the Scorpio look, anything more and I feel like it’s a case of The lady doth protest too much.. mind you Gemini rising doesn’t really ‘commit’ to a ‘look’ as such so yes. Draconic scorpy rising saw THE DRESS in a window the other night… Just need a date, paparazzi and a red-carpet awards ceremony to go with it 😉

  5. I walked down Fifth Avenue in Manhattan — by the police-barricaded Trump Tower — a few weeks ago and the vibe in the department store window displays was very much goth late imperial: freaky gilded figures with horns against black backgrounds and so on.

    Also, can we talk about glutathione? When I was recovering from my Saturn in Scorpio health bust up I took NAC to restore my glutathione and I think it was a big part of me getting back to normal (tho evidently NAC has diminishing returns after six months or so) and I remember hearing that organic unsweetened whey is also great for boosting your levels, but what are other ways to get more of the stuff in my brain / other peeps thoughts?

    • Broccoli supposedly raises glutathione levels too. I use a reduced glutathione cream, helps get rid of hyperpigmentation on my skin..cos us pigmented peeps get those nasty freckle-like things (not true freckles which can be cute) on our faces as a consequence of ageing.. You cant take (finished product) glutathione directly orally because some people say it will not survive the digestive system which is why injections and other methods.a few companies supposedly have a glutathione that can be taken orally…it is expensive and nasty tasting… Sulfur deluxe!!!! It is magic though.

      • It’s not just broccoli; any veggie in the brassica family is a good source. Careful w/ this if you have thyroid issues, though – brassicas have goitrogens if you eat them raw which can screw with the thyroid. Cooking them alleviates this problem. I only mention this point for the raw vegans among us, or for those who really enjoy snacking on broccoli/cauliflower crudité and drinking their green smoothies (kale).

        Food that contain selenium, B-vitamins, vitamin C, vitamin E + alpha lipoic acid (ALA) is also good for boosting glutathione production.

  6. Wow like picture 1:
    Who wore it better: her or george w. Bush at the inauguration with his trash bag? I think trash bags must be in.

    Picture 2: hells yes! I have the jacket and have hair that echoes this.

  7. So hum. i am not as angular as I was pre-babes. I would feel like I was a little too pretentious in that beautiful plastic bag. You really need cheekbones to pull it off.

  8. Ooh I like this prospect, fashionably speaking. Dark & flashy. Scorpio rising always needs a good pair of shades because people get squirmy with that stare. Yep yep.

  9. I remember being in college and wearing garbage bag filled with newspaper and going to halloween party as ‘trash’… everything old is new again lol

  10. This Aqua rising is obsessed with 40s and 50s (and 80s shoulder padded) power suits, tailored and sharp. Vintage jewelry and leather gloves. I’m not kidding. I’m seeking sharp fierce Grace Jones anglular power.

    Alongside this, memories of my Martha Graham training….knowing while i will never be 15 and tiny again, the core, back, breath, spine power one can get with Graham technique is necessary for me to do right now. I found a series of classes on dvd that i plan to purchase. I already kniw what to do, but i had forgotten movements, sequences and such and need my body to remember. I want to claim power but first my breath, core, spine, flexibility, hips, joints. Its totally antifragile and i desperately need to get my warrior on.

  11. First one looks like she’s wearing an industrial garbage bag. :-/ No.

    Second one, though: Meeee-ooow! Would rock that look in a hot second sans the hair and using my own shades – do not care for aviators. She’s even mastered the “resting bitch face” we Pluto Risings do so well. Her jacket reminds me of the uber sweet one I just picked up – nothing says “Trouble” and “Dangerous Curves Ahead” like a black motorcycle jacket! 😉 Suits my Hadean-flavored Gemini Mars to a “T”.

  12. Have almost the very same jacket and skirt, never thought to add black gloves or heels.
    Horses in heels result in bruised knees! Yet i keep buying them for the aesthetic like Shoe-Art.

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