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Hey Mystic,

Long time, first time—really love the site, such a treat to read everyday! Thanks so much.

So, I’m wondering your opinion is on rising signs that don’t fit the personality?

I’ve been into astrology for a while, and feel it’s so accurate in my chart (from what I can tell.) I haven’t know my time of birth—my parents gave me a ballpark time and I’ve been trying on ascendants for the past few years. I’m Gemini Sun, Scorpio Moon, Mercury in Cancer and my current chosen ascendant is Cancer.

Recently I was able to get my actual time of birth and it turns out I’m a Gemini Rising, and that seems like a stretch for my temperament. I’m very shy, quiet and hate chatting—otherwise Gemini could fit, but isn’t being chatty a big part of the Gemini personality? That would make me a triple Gem since my Venus is also in Gemini, but I’m having such a hard time believing it.

Since finding my birth time, my dilemma has become this: I don’t come off like a Gemini specifically because it’s an extroverted sign, and I’m not sure about Cancer anymore either because I don’t really vibe with typical Cancer things or people, and my astrology friends don’t think Cancer fits either. When people guess my sign they always say Scorpio. My friend suggested I’m tuned into my moon, Scorpio, which overpowers my Gemini ascendant. Is that possible? I’ve been overthinking this and I have no idea! It would be great to get some of your perspective.

xoxo and thanks again!

Surely Not Gemini Rising

Dear Surely Not Gemini Rising,

I understand – i really do. I grew up thinking I was Capricorn Rising and fancying myself as having epic cheekbones and a naturally aristocratic reserve. But then…AQUARIUS RISING?  Before my knowledge of astrology deepened, i imagined that would require parrot colored hair and a penchant for skateboarding over waterfalls. I think i was mixing it up with Sagittarius a bit in my mind. Anyway, i adjusted and so will you.

So first of all read Carla Ciccone’s excellent My Five Rising Signs for some solidarity on this.  Then compare Style Your Ascendant: Gemini with Style Your Ascendant: Cancer/Kataka for see if either of them feel more, you know, YOU.

But i can see where the confusion comes in – you have Mercury – ruler of Gemini Rising – in Cancer anyway so, yes tricky. But it’s not correct that Gemini Rising is necessarily extroverted or talkative. There is a variety of Gemini Rising that shuts up all the time but they absorb everything. Their eyes dart mercurially around but they’re not loquacious at all – they are often extremely well informed but they get that way by being avid readers and superb listeners. They can also channel their Mercury/Gemini into writing – rather than talking.

A really good way to test this would be to know that if you are truly Gemini Rising, then SATURN would have opposed your Gemini Rising at some since late 2014 or it will in the next year. Have you had a big and distinct relationship development – need not be romance, think also best friend or biz partner – that was grueling but it grew you? And now you would honestly say you are tangibly more wise and mature since that episode?

Also, it can take a while to grow into some Ascendants – i have known Scorpios with Leo Rising and you would never know it but then something triggers that Leo Rising and suddenly WHAM – they are a D.J. – they are working on their ‘brand’ – there is a fresh sudden passion for style, music, film and they won’t consider dating you unless you are a fabulous alien.

So, lets workshop this in the comments…And please come back to us in the comments with your thoughts on which Style Your Ascendant feels more apt…I think you might find you “get” Gemini Rising after all. I mean, this IS what the actual birth time indicates.  Could you need help embracing Gemini Vibe?


Image: Brie Larson – Tanner Hall

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45 thoughts on “Ask Mystic: Surely I Can’t Be Gemini Rising

  1. I think Gemini rising maybe relates to information, connectivity, and the mutability.. Whether gem rising is a Serious Writer or a gossip queen for the raggiest rag in town, or a local who always happens to know someone who has the deets, or maybe you have 23 tabs open on your laptop (on the first browser at least) and another 12 on your phone, amd a facility with words or communication one way or another, whatever, well that’s about it I guess, a very un-fixed notion of identity, a refusal to assign oneself to being solely “male” “feminine” “a bricklayer” “a whatever” until the end of time, it’s a science of doubt and there’s always more. I guess if any of that helps.

  2. GEMINI RISING seem to be a mix of every other sign and chameleons. They take on the shades of people around them. Quiet and bookish one minute, Leo performer the next, CEO cappy another.
    I think we just fake it up – insecurity and shyness and ‘well what do you think?’ – drive a lot of this ascendent. I think you are a Gem from the way you write. If you are sitting glowering at people from a corner then Scorpio would fit but if you are reasonably friendly, adaptable and can put on a persona to deal with your introversion, welcome to Gemini ascendents. We’re great 😉 xxx <3

  3. Are you sure you have the right geographical location on your chart? For the longest time I thought I was Gemini rising but it didn’t really feel right…I could kinda make it fit if I squinted and looked sideways, but it just didn’t jell. Years later I tried it again, this time with the exact longitude and it turns out I’m Taurus rising – which felt like a massive relief.
    If the degree is close to the end of the sign recheck the time of birth you were given. My sisters are twins and couldn’t be more different (my mother’s argument for why astrology is rubbish) – I checked their charts and even though they were literally born minutes apart, one is at the very end of Cap the other in the first degree of Aquarius, and that is exactly how they present in the world…

  4. I had a relationship with a man who was a Gem rising, and he was very introverted, spoke little, and absorbed EVERYTHING. Being introverted with a Gem ASC is totally possible, and the collecting of information is a total plus with that placement. I thought my own introversion lent me to having a Scorpio ASC until I discovered I was a Sag, which confused me as well. I have adjusted, and everything actually does make sense, and discovered my introversion is a result of Jupiter/Uranus conjunct in 12. Have someone read your chart for you with your birth time so they are impartial and it will help 🙂

  5. This is such a great query! And fascinating on the Gemini rising. I will say, I’ve dated some Gem risings and had many Gem rising friends, not all are chatty per say. All project as very bright, curious (your letter, interestingly, has a very natural, conversational tone, too! so maybe that’s an example of your projecting that way?) but a few have been more selective in terms of with whom they speak. Gem rising talks more when their interest is piqued (this is just observational, so of course I’m sure not universally true, but…) but I do think there’s some mystery there, so universally friendly isn’t exactly the vibe. Also, and I hope this doesn’t add confusion, but a bunch of my Gem rising friends have played with gender interesting ways. They’re not pinned into their assigned gender essentially. It was more literal in their cases, but just something to think about, perhaps there is some other dual or more multi-expressing part of you that can be seen through you (possible) Gem Rising?

  6. Is your sun in the 1st house or 12th house?
    1st is an aries/mars house, but 12th is a pisces/neptune house….

    HUGE Difference.
    My moon in leo is in 12th and I am so pisces/neptune and not leo(except lots of hair).

  7. For years i couldn’t relate to/didn’t feel at all like my Virgo ascendant. Until I did. Then it was like whole parts of me that didn’t fit the multi-Pisces of the rest of my chart finally made sense. Embracing the rising sign I ignored for years made a huge impact on my sense of self and feeling more whole. Give it time, you might find that you fall in love with your Gemini side once you get your mind around it.

  8. I commented to my husband whilst looking in my wardrobe, “I guess I prefer black, grey and white clothes!” and obviously the tactile texture and comfort…… Dress your ascendant? Aquarius rising, Taurus BINGO

  9. Really interesting. I am a Gemini sun with a Scorpio moon and Gemini rising. I thought too, that my rising was in Cancer, although a lot of people pick the Scorpio part of me. When I found out my rising was actually in Gemini I was concerned at what seemed to be a mercurial overload. But tbh, the Gem sun and rising do conspire together to make you young, and as I age, I really appreciate that vitality and youthful outlook (and the occasional ‘you are how old?––no way!’ comments, vain as I am ;). I write and teach writing, and whilst outgoing, I love my down time and solitude (12th house Sun/Mercury Gem you see) so crowds and going out don’t tend to drive the ship. But the mind never sleeps here, hence the need for silence. A Gemini thinks and processes information at warp speed so when that energy lies as a 12th house and rising energy the cave is the everything. I hope yours is well turned out Surely I can’t …

  10. Is important to remember that Mercury is a trickster God. Shape shifting is part of that. As a Gem rising (and loosely Mercury rising), I can see that my chart ruler plays all sorts of “tricks” with who I seem to be. What you are describing re pinning down your Asc sounds like just the kind of thing my chart ruler does 🙂

    Since the Asc determines House arrangements, as Mystic said, a good way of testing whether your Asc is correct is to check big/outer transits to the Houses. You can check when the planet would have arrived and departed under the competing Asc scenarios. Does one match? (You can also do it in reverse – big event/transition in your life in a particular House/domain – when did it occur and where were the planets – does one Asc match?) For eg I’m finding Saturn in my 7th and Neptune moving back and forth across my MC pretty unmissable right now. Maybe you too?

  11. I don’t think Gem suns or Gem risings are necessarily loud and extroverted. I’m Gem sun, Taurus moon, Aries rising, with a LOT of earth and water in my chart. I can be talkative when I get on a rant (something I feel angry or passionate about) and I will argue and try to convince you of my views if I think you’re wrong.

    Alternatively I’ll chill and observe and not say much. I used to be extremely shy as a child and young woman and got embarassed to speak in front of a group (e.g. in the classroom) and blush. Basically I had low self esteem and wasn’t confident to express myself for a long time.

    Really hate small talk and find a lot of people and their conversations boring, so I’ll tune out or leave… I love smart people and eccentrics, people who are not conservative sheep.

    I do love to read and write. Some of my best friends are books 🙂

    • p.s. I’m an introvert but also have my party side… love to find out about other people’s feelings and motivations… keep up with current affairs and pop culture… my sister describes me as a middle aged teenager because I get on so well with my teen nieces and nephews and I’m interested in their obsessions / tv shows / music / culture

  12. Like Evolutionary astrologers might say, not that I’m one, that it’s not only your chart but your consciousness. Possibly you talk more with people of your own “state of mind”. That’s what I do and I’m a Gemini rising. In certain milieu’s I’m a total chatterbox while in most others I’m quiet – nothing to say. Also with certain people.

    Another thing to take into consideration is relocation. I was born Germini rising and then moved to another location where I grew up Scorpio rising so there’s that influence. I think and can talk a lot but not about surface things – just very deep esoteric stuff most people aren’t interested in. Introvert and extrovert can be very context dependent.

    Yes, love the photo. That strikes me as totally Germini rising in it’s own peculiar way! Why just do one thing or think one thing?

  13. Oh I love this! Thank you for writing in / Mystic for sharing this – you’re not alone! My partner is quadruple Pisces plus Scorpio Moon and my dear friend and I tried everything possible to see if we got Gemini Rising wrong because he doesn’t fit it! He fits Pisces – Tall, dark, thin, classical looks, a haunted, austere thousand mile state, loves heavy metal, the sense he’s from another planet – his dreamland reality is very real. But he does take everything in and – ok, he doesn’t necessarily write it out. But he’s a muso – so if playing guitar constantly and for like five hours a day counts then I guess he is very ‘talkative’?

    • But you really know him! I think the asc comes off as first impression, shallow acquaintance. Cos yes that description sounds sun-Neptune/ Piscean as all get out.

  14. Taurus sun, Gemini Rising – I talk a lot when I’m with people that I feel comfortable around, otherwise I just watch quietly and take it all in. I do love to write and read – Mercury as a guide has really helped me to accept + love my ascendant.

    And yes, Saturn has been glaring down on me since 2014, and yes so much more resilient for it ?.

    • I’m Taurus sun, Mercury in Gemini, and Sag rising, and I am the same. I’m introverted but not to the point of being painfully shy. I can’t seem to shut up when I’m with my friends and family, but put me into a crowded room with strangers, and I’m looking for the next sky hook to get me out of there.

      • I’d rather just play wallflower in unfamiliar environments or around people I don’t know. There are times that something will click with a stranger, and I talk to them as if they were my long-lost, new best friend. It’s rare for that happen, and I can never quite explain it when it does.

        Having Saturn opposite my sun and then in my sac really did a number on me in 2014, but that’s a whole other “Ask Mystic”…

  15. Omg I feel you!!!! Same thing happened to me a few weeks ago. So convinced my big thick curly hair and big personality was for sure Leo rising…turns out I’m 24 degrees Cancer AC. Besides my tatas 😉 I am having a hard time relating. I don’t know if it’s because I’m on the brink of Leo (24• cancer) or if I have 100% taken on my progressed chart rising sign.

  16. I think the Astro is wonderous in it’s complexity and simplicity.

    People’s charts can have so much texture, colour, shape and space. The differences most likely dwarf the variety offered by the snowflake. I understand the confusion. Most know I’m Kat Sun n Asc and I am. Aber, until I knew about the Astro I couldn’t figure out why people picked me as an Aqua or a Scorp. (Having those two energies strong in your chart is like a bag of snakes, cats n rats.).

    Why people think I’m an Aqua is bcos my bucket handle / chart ruler is Aqua opp it’s ruler- Uran which is conjunct Mercury. Uran is also in the 1st with my Sun. I can do unEmotionality better than just about any Crab I know.

    Why people think I’m Scorp is bcos of my chart tone (Scorp), Scorp’s 2 rulers, Mars / Pluto conjunct and amplified by an exact trine to Sat. A Sun / Pluto parallel declination of 0.5*. This reinforced by my Sun trine a SD Jup in Scorp and my Asc trine a SD Neptune also in Scorp. SD or SRx are very strong positions natally. They are also my Focals in my 2 T-Squares. And they live in Cancer’s haus. I am very intense and tribally so and see the world in black n white.

  17. I am Gemini Rising (hello, my name) and half of the time i’m extrovert, the other half im locked up in my room pretending not to be there. A good foolproof to se if you are Gemini rising (besides the ones mystic have mentioned) would be Wifi. If there’s not Wifi there’s no Gemini, so how’s your relationship with Wifi? Can you live without it? Is it more important than air? Just as important?

  18. I a Gemini rising and I talk constantly, but I have a friend who is Gemini sun+like, half her chart and a Sag rising (also traditionally extroverted) who basically doesn’t speak. Like, ever. She writes, and sometimes if she’s comfortable she’ll get a sentence out verbally here or there. Weirdly (to me at least) she has a bajillion friends and can show up at any party, say nothing, and leave with the most attractive guy there. She misses basically nothing and thinks at one thousand miles per hour. But still – not many words except typed/written.

  19. Gem Asc + Venus + Merc, Cancer Sun, Scorpio Moon.
    The description of the quiet listener Gem Asc is SO ME. (Friends have even poked fun at my “shifty eyes”!) I would describe myself as mostly introverted (default is silence), but I also find I’m energized by talking/communicating with people. Love information.
    I am also curious what you think of the “Style Your Ascendant” series. Like, my Cancer/Scorp loves the idea of lace and dresses and leather, but in reality I can’t abide anything too fussy that gets in the way and I tend towards quirky (Merc opp Uranus) slightly sporty casual clothes. I have a large wardrobe to accommodate the mood I want to express (Gem and Cancer?).

  20. I am part of the rather large Gemini Asc tribe on here and I am sure everyone responds to this energy very differently so you have landed a good question here.

    I honestly think you have to take the whole chart into account, obviously you have other things in the chart dominating like you say. Your main astro signatures are going to determine a lot more of how you channel your Asc.
    For example: I am a Scorpio with mercury in scoprio almost exactly conjunct in the 5th house conjuncting uranus. I am a very late degree of Gemini Asc which means almost all of the Gemini is 12th house giving me a mostly 1st house in Cancer. Distantly I am somewhat typical, long slender hands that gesture my meaning. I type a million miles an hour because its annoying slow but I choose my words in conversation. I talk a lot in company I trust, I say nothing and disengage when I feel otherwise. Small talk puts me to sleep and I am only interested in knowing people I want to connect with, however I adore manners in public and my eyes register everything. I like to be visible in my community and writing helps me formulate my constant running ideas. There is always more thought than speak- It´s a definite blend of my signatures and given your water signature I am sure it will be for you too.

    Ive noticed that some people just respond to Gemini Asc with nerves and social anxiety that sometimes displays as talkative when really its just nerves. The same as shifting on a chair and feeling really awkward, fidgeting etc or a lack of desire to express anything not meaningful if you have a very deep water signature. That will turn you off small talk for sure. But like Mystic says, communication and information are not always talking to your neighbours and telling your barista all about your tinder dates. You have to look at the relationships TO the Asc and see what they are saying, how strong the degree is. Maybe you have 1 aspect 7degrees apart to the Asc and 8 to your moon in Scorpio much closer.

    Also I have a double gemini friend with moon in scorpio and I picked the moon in scorpio almost immediately. there is a look he throws when he is testing what you said or something he doesnt like. its instinctual, hes not talkative only when he really trusts you, he is very well dressed in a relaxed style way and has no interest in dealing with any BS at all. But polite. He is full of ideas and makes decisions very quickly and its never still then disappears for periods of time when he needs his moon withdrawl time. People have their own way, not everyone is a gossiping loudmouth who is extroverted.

  21. Argh I so relate! I was thinking I was Leo Sun, Sagg Moon and gave myself an Aries Asc as it was close to the CoMPLEtELY wrong time my parents gave.

    Turned out to be Scorpio Moon & Gem Asc too.
    Maybe we are just fated to have identity crisis?!
    I also have Mercury in Cancer.

    I found it took me a longer while than I care to admit to adjusting.

    Now I see it like my Pluto Moon accounts for the more introverted side of me.

    The Gemini Asc is more about the axis of my chart being mutable – making me more fluid and flexible about things than my fixed bits could otherwise allow?

    As to being ‘chatty’, well I am shacked up with a quiet guy. He is very sober, gentle, thoughtful and loyal: just your average guy with Sun, Mercury,Venus, and Saturn in Gemini…

    What house is your Chiron btw?

    • Hey Sphinx. Can you do voices?
      My middle granddaughter (of 3) is a Sun, Asc, Merc & Venus Crab with Scorp Moon. Her n me connect well. My daughter says I get things out of her that most can’t. I say I have an unfair advantage.

      Anyway she can do amazing mimicry / voices of people she hears. She did Dubya then Trump after hearing a news item. It blew me away. And she can do salient truths with searing accuracy.

      • Ha, she sounds cool, love it. I didn’t know you had three grandkids, how lovely 🙂

        Gem partner is good with ‘voices’ but I am good with accents. People often thought my language skills were better than they were as my ear is quite good.

  22. Gemini rising here, and the one key element about the chattiness is a comfortable channel for the information inside to be exchanged with the information outside. Let me ask you this. What is the first impulse for you when you wake up, usually…if you log onto the computer to see what jewels of information await you then you sound like one of the gemini rising sisterhood.

    Other helpful questions for yourself…What’s your library look like? Is it easy for you to determine what your favorite subject is? Or do you have many many many “the world is such a fascinating place how could I ever choose? xo

  23. Well “overthinking” is tres Gemini rising, as well as anxiety in general. I think the idea that your moon in Scorpio is amped up is accurate, and you could chalk that up to having your chart ruler, Mercury, in Cancer, which is ruled by the moon and ALL the feelings. So you “think” like a Cancer, and that puts you in more of a Cancer mode, hence the sense that you feel like a Cancer. But Mystic is right, you don’t have to be an extrovert to earn your Gemini wings. You can be introverted and use your mental faculties in a very Cancerian style and think/feel like a Cancer or a water sign in general and it still counts as Gemini. Think more in the sense of “mutable” and “nimble” and you may get the feel of Gemini rising more.

    I personally have Saggitarius rising, but my Jupiter is in Scorpio and my moon is in Cancer, out of bounds, in the 8th house, and in very tight aspect to both Pluto (which is conjunct Sun in the 9th/MC) and Neptune in the 12th. Do I feel like a Sagg? Nope. But I embrace the mutability (I’m a mutant! We are mutants!) and the willingness to treat all this as a grand adventure and then it fits. See?

    • Yes I agree with this train of thought. Chart ruler in Cancer and moon is in Scorpio…Also Mercury in Cancer …they like to hide right? So that can totally disguise the “chatty Gemini” or perhaps your are chatty when you feel comfortable and safe… or in the places your feel safe, like in your own mind fortress.
      I love Geminis. I just found out that I apparently have my Venus Star in Gemini which makes total sense as I attract them like moths to a flame BUT my natal Venus is in Scorpio… so they is always much to discover with this astrology. I would totally try out Mystics School if you haven’t already. It’s free during this Venus Retro and would totally feed that Sexy Scorpio moon as well as the Gemini Rising. Xoxox

      • YES to “they like to hide” and “chatty when comfortable and safe”. Kataka Sun and Merc here, Venus in Gemini, Aqua rising. I am shy and silent in a group I have never met, but when I settle in with a group I know, I become extremely chatty. Writing and internet posting is usually uncomfortable, but I have my days where I’m bolder and compelled to write out into the ether. Could never be a regular commenter/poster as the moods don’t warrant it. I really see my Gemini Venus in my ability to read everything under the sun and know a little about a lot, and thus have good spontaneous convos with strangers when the other person seems open and engaging. The water signs have precious knowledge and understanding that may be difficult to communicate in words 😉

  24. “There is a variety of Gemini Rising that shuts up all the time but they absorb everything.” As a Gemini Rising I can fully attest to this. I swing between the twins of communication – extremely talkative and extremely absorptive. My mom likes to say that I was a very quiet baby until I turned five and then bam, nonstop chatter-er.

    • Yes. I was an outgoing child, a very introverted shy & lonely adolescent (who found the description of Gemini totally alienating), & have grown into my regal & fabulously confusing Gemini sun/ Leo rising combo as an adult. I’m a self-described ‘shy performer’ – I love to perform, but I’m only ‘on’ when I want to be.

    • Haha! I second this. Being a Gemini Rising as well. We’re not all talkative but my brain sometimes won’t shut up and I have to write it all out.

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