April Horoscopes Are Posted

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How good does the Gemini Moon feel after that interminable Taurus Moon Void?

And voila the April Horoscopes are posted.   With already a whiff of the new Earth synergy coming in for some signs; 2018 = Uranus in Taurus, Saturn in Capricorn, Pluto in Capricorn.

More in the Horoscopes and in my upcoming Saturn in Capricorn pep prep!


Image: Elina Kechicheva

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85 thoughts on “April Horoscopes Are Posted

  1. What a week. I found out my ex-hub has re-partnered. I’ve seen photos of them together and they seem happy. I feel completely devastated, I don’t know why. It shouldn’t bother me at all, but I am numb with grief. Plus work merde and more creative rejection. I have nothing to show for the mammoth effort I’ve put in on that project and am wondering if I will be one of those people whose work never sees the light of day.
    Can’t eat, can’t sleep. I am so sick of being rejected in multiple ways repeatedly.
    I looked at my chart. SN just past my sun-Saturn in 7th and now applying to my Dsc-Venus conjunction. The Saturn-Chiron square is obvs a factor too. I am completely out of ideas as to how to deal with all of this. I’m so damned tired.

    • Rest. Sounds like a moment to simply let yourself not deal with anything in an active way.
      Sometimes we think we’re done with a relationship but there’s sometimes a final sucker punch even if we’re miles down the “new phone who dis” avenue. This does vibe a LOT like the south node giving a kick to the Venus dsc arrangement to check if any more loose parts will fall off before it’s done. Oh wow so that means you’ve been having a south node 7th house transit along with Pluto moon, all that mars retro in Scorpio last year etc etc. Yep this is just the cleanup effort I reckon. Of course that would hurt though. Hugs. Even when I had shredded myself over the neptunian Toro, a year later I heard he was happy/ with someone (that didn’t last btw, he had not addressed his demons, the same may apply to your ex husband) and it completely undid me for a while. Naturally I eventually realised its ending was still def for the best.

      Maybe Let all these retrogrades play out, let things be as they are – I think there is a lot of ‘surrender’ in the air where Chiron is contacting our charts. Conversations with the gods and such. Xx

      • Thanks lovely xx I googled it apparently it’s quite common for ex-spouses to feel like this. Pretty bloody horrible though.
        I made soup and went for a walk in the sunshine. And ordered a Phoenix consult the nanosecond the email arrived in my inbox lol – have got to come to grips with Pluto and Neptune right now. Transiting Chiron is now on my 8th house Psyche. Talk about a dredging operation. xxx

  2. Fwiw I am finding that just in the last 24 hours I am seeing various patterns – situations, habits, things-objects, as ‘relationships’. Everything has suddenly become filtered through a relationship format – a bit like a sieve, or converting info into Binary, that kind of sorting/simplifying/unifying concept. Anyway so suddenly I am seeing this sudden caffeine aversion as the end of a kind of relationship. A particular way of behaving: an unhealthy relationship. Possessions or arrays of things I live around: yet another relationship. What I am finding is that this is helping me to approach, understand and manage it. This wasn’t even a conscious process, it sort of just formed. Freaky! But different enough to make me pay attention to the different feels and viewpoint this offers. Like.

    Reading a short bio of a musician/poet, and noticed that I wasn’t thinking “sigh I wish that was me why can’t that be me” but more “oh right, people do this! They don’t need to agonise or question their choice, they just do the things they are good at/like, creativity is a valid life path, and there are lots of ways to enact that” etc
    Also ‘suddenly’ (as suddenly as an overnight success story), starting to see real possibilities of a life-structure that is quite different from current. One image in my mind is walking into dark room or garage, and realising as I wander through and take the dust covers off things, that each thing is just what I was needing next. This is kind of existential – real inner-resources stuff, but also real-world skills and starting to understand how the scaffolding of self-belief is key, how that works when it can do its job properly…

  3. “there is a strong awareness and perhaps some object lessons around couple-dynamics, gender roles, baked on sexism and power issues”.

    I couldn’t have come up with better words. And I live surrounded by the situations described above. I want to break free from all the smug new couples/smug marrieds!

  4. First time without teens- in ages/ever my home is me, fur angels and Leo spouse. Havingg dates with myself, my home, my car and work. 12th H crowd is happy! Sleeping more, journalling dreams. Listening to my music instead of teens’ Bach, Stevie Ray and Kate Bush.

    Dishwashwer motor and dryer teamed up and got glitchy- Mercury opp Neptune. Survived 2nd Saturn Return wisdom tooth odyssey. Suffered with inept-greedy dentists but saved by gorgeous oral surgeon.

    Saturn is on the 27 Sagg Galactic Center so downloading helpful cosmic input. NN-SN squaring Mars and Pluto health -align core motivations, actions and worldly presence.

    Quite sensitive to Bacchus quaffs ATM so avoiding. Reading up on French elections- in French. Now RT has faux polls picking Fillon?! Surveying what next but continuing peeling away crap stuff and vibes. Loving order not chaos.

    Biggest challenge analog-digital, paper-digital. Sigh!!

    Have tamed memorabilia to occupy mere drawers or shelves- not entire walls and rooms. Still culling.

    Mini Orchid bloomed again! Thanks Kataka Moon!!

  5. Venus went gliding over my 8th house Aries moon and mercury on the weekend. Had a little hiccup (verbalised a Mercury in Aries brain fart) in my communication on Saturday, but weirdly, I was the only one upset by it! The recipient of said hiccup knew exactly what I meant and wasn’t offended at all, but I was very distressed and anxious to clear up this thing, which was actually only a *thing* for me. They told me at the time that there was nothing to explain, but I felt awful about it for the whole weekend.

    I’ve been contemplating my Leo ascendant, which is conjunct my Saturn in Leo, 1st house. (Thank you Pi, for initiating my investigation of that in your earlier comment). Could that have something to do with my anxiety about how I appear to others? That in spite of the evidence that everything is just fine, I sometimes freak out a little bit. My inner critic is quite a meanie.

    I have a loaded 8th house and stong Neptune influences, so I’m attuned to undercurrents of energies and situations but sometimes it can make me a bit paranoid.

    Venus retro is hovering close to my 8th house Pisces sun now. I’m gearing up for that ride. Reading a lot of Brene Brown! And a bit of Red Hot & Holy to stir things up…

    • Saturn being a restrictive planet in a sign of mega self expression and esp your first house / asc sounds like it would be something to think about for sure. And Pisces Sun, Aries moon but both in the 8tj house! It vibes like a lot of ” GO!! No wait don’t go. Nnggh you hafta go! But what about the Thing and the other thing? ” …

  6. I wish I could paint the imagery I saw in my head when I imagined being the Aries captain of the “Goodship Super Star Virgo”

  7. As the pines grew old and the clouds idled. He found boundless contentment within himself. Babo of Rinzai. Becoming-mystic tends toward less sweat the balance of salts, water and magik.

  8. For those who have followed Mystic Medusa since not having to pour over the Australian Weekend Magazine and could actually write to her via the blog….
    STAND BACK and don’t gulp at my news, btw where is David aka Methusala of an Arian ilk?

    BUTCH HAS contacted me for a definite meet, after 8 years!
    We are both Centaurs. I haven’t had a lover since him.He said same.So my inner nasty gal thinks she ruined him for other women, but my reply was ‘life’s too short not to keep arrangements’, since he often cancelled dates set. He replied ‘that was then-this is now’. As a Kung Fu-ing M A Sheriff that practised meditation, lived alone,, he was my wet dream.
    At the time i was a Tantriki (who didn’t HAVE sex), Yogic Breath & Bodyworker and Theology inquirer who loved to dance. WE described ourselves: him bottle blonde with green eyes. me summer blonde with green eyes. Him 90 kilos me 53..
    Yes it took 3 months to meet after a 200 texts!!
    It’s a syndrome. Tinder’s fault.
    Remember this is 12 years ago.

    We met by mistaken number text.His mistake not mine as if i hadn’t been beer o’ clocking with neighbour, wouldn’t have replied. I did and the texts went back and forth for 3 months before we did a face to face. Never calls only texts.The after we met he Ghosted me for 3 months.After a dozen or so hook ups-Hunky Door Stopping but by arrangement.
    Hope you are reading this Myst 🙂 we both did a slow fade.
    Problem was the ghosting after meet, threw me back to when i was 14 years of age and my Father was killed. A there one minute and gone the next.
    A total flip out and it was the amazingly erudite wise women here that were also having man probs big time, that had me realise i was not alone with err difficult lovers. Cliched ‘woman want men like their fathers’. Only had 5 visits with my father in 14 years, so at 14 decided time to know him, meet him and talk w/o the mother there.When i called him, was told he was killed in an accident. So i experienced the tearing rip again when i was ghosted. So the expression is apt. Got ghosted!
    Rarely do i mention this my real life. this Sagg is the silent type except when she’s not and this Venus Rx happening and Saturn has been in Sagg for both of us so maybe the lessons ARE learnt.
    At first Return Saturn said to me ‘go back and do it again and again till you get it right’.
    The second i met the Centaur.
    Penny Drop. This is seriously Karmic.
    Can feel old worn out habits dropping away.
    Love you all.

        • We met high in the Dolomites, a cabin staging haus of old, a drank the proceeds and entertained the locals with antipodean exploits.

          Seriously, where is he?
          Und Ankh 8.0?

    • Well howdy.
      I was sorry to hear about your dad history. That’s sad 🙁 thank you for sharing xx

      But hey! Señor Butch in town 😉

      I too was wondering about DL. I thought maybe Eris got him. More practically I was wondering if his family ppl were ok. It’s been a tough couple of months out there.

    • Must be a Saggo trait to cancel dates. A Saggo I was crazy about stood me up twice Disappointing, to say the least.

      So your first Saturn Return someone told you to go back and do it again and again until you get it right??
      Doesn’t add up Pegs. Your first Saturn return couldn’t have been 12 yrs ago.

      So what are ya gonna do. See him?

    • Pegs, the Saggo guy I had a thing with is karmic too. He’s a mutli- Saggo (Rising, jupiter and Uranus). So all those planets ping my Saggo South node!! Hello!! And his Venus conjunct Saturn in Scorp (12th house) smack bang on my Sun. We’re both sun conj Neptune outer planets peeps and both each others fantasy but it’s just not going to work in reality.

      Told him to get stuffed last year during the Saturn / Neptune illusion / delusion transit. Scorps can’t be casual or just friends when they’re crazy about someone.

      He’s been around since…. OMG – 12 years too.
      Maybe it has to do with our Cap rising… I dunno.

  9. Listened to the Aphrodite meditation last night – was waiting for the right internal moment after a thing recently. So good. After a really personally profound breakthru in a heart-meridian yoga class recently, and further contemplating the Heart generally, this was right on. Thank you Jessica Snow and MM.

    Also I woke up yesterday with almost no desire for coffee. This never happens. Same again today.

  10. The Ubasti-Venus conjunction for tomorrow coincides with being invited to the local Cat Café by Egyptophile neighbour – where he’s thinking of adopting one of the cats there. That means all of the apartments in this block will have at least one feline resident. This, in a city teeming with hipsters and their short legged canines is somehow reassuring. An oasis of Isis. A bastion of Bast.

    “If you see pieces of cat litter, cat hair in your chair, a cat with inappropriate behaviour please let the Club staff know. We will address the issue immediately to make your stay in the Club as nice as possible.”
    (At the bottom of the rules page of the Cat Café)

    If i were the owner it would read : ….We will address the issue immediately by showing you the door.

    • Fuq that. I’ve loved dogs all my life and have been converted to cats, as well, these past 15 years.

      But eating food in the presence of kitty litter and cat hair? No way. (1st decan Virgo cluster trin Sat in Cap)

      • Yeah, i love dogs too (Sirius-Sun native here) – but not in an apartment or city.

        So – i’ve just been to said cat caff – & not a kitty litter in sight – not even a whiff – so your Virgo cluster would not have taken offence (nor did my Libra Rising nose).

        My neighbour adopted a young frisky ginger tabby (he has a penchant for redheads) & i was seduced by a long, thin exotic silver spotted male with freakishly long ears and snout – like a spotted batcat. He slunk over from his purple cushion and adoring fan base and began serenading me with his bass oboe voice – bearing faint traces of dune breezes on faluka sails. We flirted for a while before he jumped on to my lap & proceeded to lie back & clean his bottom – at which point a café staff member came up and told me he was not for adoption – in case i was falling for him. Which is just as well, because by this stage i was already feeling guilty about breaking my promise to my partner of not bringing home another feline. Plus i don’t think that the current monarch of the flat – a sleek black she-cat, would have been too happy…. and you know the saying – “Happy cat, happy flat”

        Anyway – it was interesting that this feline experience occurred as VenusRx & Ubasti conjuncted in my 5th House.

        • I was converted by a Burmese with a rapier repartee. Joke telling and AFL ‘speccies’ were other party tricks this cat had.

  11. been hitting the refresh button hysterically to get them!
    I am very curious about the 15/19 “Vortex Premonition for Future Love”.
    I’ll be watching the reveals and omen.
    I have something to look forward to!

  12. Saggi moon happy to see a ‘superfly’ transit headed my way in the Scorpy rising scope. It’s gotta be better than this current teeth grinding, neck pain stressorama crap.

    • You too? I think I’ve been clenching my jaws at night when something is off recently. Bring on the superfly

  13. As a Taurus sun with Libra moon and Capricorn rising I am guessing next year is going to be transformational in many ways.
    I would love to know more, especially about Uranus in Taurus.

  14. Love those books! Also Gem Moon inspired journaling with sipping Moon Water- for insights.

    So hints of Merc mayhem- misfired texts between siblings. One with Uranus-Moon in Libra.

    Airline changed plane tix for Mergirl-put her cruise group on flight 4 hrs earlier. Surprise at day before check in! 6am trip to airport- see under Toro Moon sleep debt repair hygiene–

    Skipped mad errands on no sleep- visited elder BIL in rehab. He always held and walked babes when I was a young mum. Gave us his spare car. Saturn from Chiron square- Am I the only one who extends self for these visits? MIL visited too. Most of family says they are too busy.

    Uranus on SN in Aries 6th wants to comment but haute Libra NN says hold fire. Virgo MIL happy for chatter on hygiene, etc of rehab joint. She rocked her Uranus return at 84- now 88, drives, eats well, active and happy to be single. Elder husband almost took her in her grave when he went.

    Libra Tr Jupiter on Sun/NN has ramped up order, routine, time, being in charge of moi “Senior in my space” Cinderella is on sabbatical.

    Severed contact extended fam Olympian narcissist- a Toro with zero boundaries. I was only one who had much rapport with her. Woke up mid convo and stopped martyr act. Total 180. Cannot do faux anymore- Uranus on my SN and opp Sun-NN.

    Revelling in can-do Prog Cap Asc!! Years of Neptune Tr in Cap 3rd. Ruthless purges- somber but kind assessments of tchochkes papers etc.

    Pluto squaring Sun- seeing power plays but not allowing bonsai cuts. Favoring black boots and swirly jackets.

    Fav Hallmark card-

    Wonder Woman says- That wasn’t a stunt double- That was me.

  15. uranus in taurus……cannae wait yayyyyy already want it to be 2018, bring it on lol!
    (although i’ll settle for oct this yr, jupes into scorp wheee)

    • Woohoo!! Me too. Jupes will be in my 10th house.
      Working my arse off so Jupes delivers. Although I’m thinking it might be next year.

      Also looking forward to Saturn on my Asc and Pars of Fortune in 1st.
      And Uranus in Toro. Yeeehaaah. Trining all my earth planets. Better than Aries which squared everything. Gonna be nice… I’ve had enough growth thank you Universe 🙂

      • ooh it will b in my seventh!
        not sure what uranus will b aspecting..havent looked yet!
        i m toro rising so hoping it will b beneficial

  16. also i love! the coral snake on the black chiffon. and the snakepants in previous post. i want to say kundalini but all i know about it really is the word itself. for now i guess. wisdom, anyway.. it’s a sssssign? x

      • Pi and scorpiodawn, the snakes overload comes courtesy of gucci (fashion brand of the moment, super copied). this particular red, black and white snake on the black chiffon gucci dress is to be found practically allover the place (on bags and shoes too) because the art director (alessandro michele) loves it. he even had a buckle for a bag style called ‘dyonisus’ made in the shape of the ourorobos. I know because I work for them during the production of the fashion shows. he likes to mess with obscure, occult-inspired themes & symbols (he even had a glass pyramid built for the latest show), but it’s a form of visual infatuation. he himself is very cultured and has a fond love of nature, but is not personally into anything esoteric (at least for now). fyi he’s a sag with a moon in leo.

        • Thank you isa!

          I’m not following fash too closely atm (busy I guess) so am happy to be enlightened 🙂

          Nice to know Gucci is still copied as hell lol.

            • no worries Pi, I’m very curious myself and I thought a bit of astro-insight in the mind of the person ‘responsible’ for all these snakes might be interesting for other people too. cool = not really, depends on the point of view. high-pressure = definitely :(((((. thanks god it’s just one week. also because they’re all at least 10 yrs younger than me, so with much more energy & more passionate about fashion than me (I just do it for the money). re fashion: I don’t believe you’re missing out on anything at all 😀 :D. better keep on focusing on things that really matter. but all these embroidered patches with roses, feline heads, flowers, letters & numbers (waaaay easier to sell than snakes) that you see around are also courtesy of gucci, so yeah, they’re stiil being massively copied.

        • I love this response. Personally i LOVE it when these ancient occult and high vibe symbols turn up in combo with high end design. I loved the Balmain Ankh jeans likewise.

          Once of the most profound dreams of my life EVER featured two snakes. I can’t remember if i have shared it here but i believe it was magic. The two snakes are wound about the staff of Mercury http://www.icollector.com/SM187-Magnificent-Bronze-Sculpture-Mercury-Caduceus_i10653656
          And of course there is the association of the snake to kundalini vibe in the Hindu tradition

          • sort of like the shamanic / mystic realm is paying a visit via contemporary (western) neptunian portals (fashion/dreams, film, etc)?

  17. So much going on at the moment, tectonic shifts. SN just past my sun and now within orb of my Venus-Dsc conjunction. Have dropped an entire lifetime’s worth of relationship baggage in the last week or so by understanding various patterns, neediness, guilt, self-worth issues etc etc. Seriously massive. Not even trying – mostly in the mornings, realisations wafting up through the vortex as I dry my hair. (Leo rising, NN in 1st house lol – hair care IS a spiritual practice).
    Mars is on my 10th house Jupe and what with Pluto on my Cap moon, my grand earth trine is absolutely exploding. My Pluto-Uranus 1st house is doing the Dr Who regeneration rumbling thing. This morning I have literally walked away from one lifestyle in prep for another. Said a final goodbye to the Triple Toro – of course the first breakup didn’t take and it has taken a few weeks for me to accept and understand what my feelings are (and aren’t). Drove home, sipped some ACV, went to yoga. Already my time with him is beginning to feel like a dream. There is so much to do.

  18. I always love your monthly (ok all) scopes so much MM. You must have fun writing them. a nice long-view to check the forecast for the coming weeks.

    Since January it’s been so intense and I haven’t quite marked as many things off my creative-professional-personal (vs $) to do list like sort out my public image type things and make creative headway as much as i wanted to. Leveraging all my 10th house transits would be good. But I just felt fried. Dealing with really wierd cube farm politics isn’t helping but i think a stronger sleep and health regime and a really clear focus on non-office goals will help
    (The old two-job creative existence, for now)
    Maybe that mercury retrograde (all in 10th and re-visiting venus uranus SN conjunction) and venus out of shadow just as she contacts my MC might help me act on these things that have been swirling around in an eddy current in my mind at the moment. Mercury trine node transit, now in my 8th house sector of pisces, could be good to get the scoop net out and harvest a select number of them. Still dealing with saturn in Leo creative faith blocks. the confidence comes and goes – realised I am having to filter strange psychic static (as well as my own messages to self) from beige cube farm types and the general atmosphere there. Strange people. there is one intuitive and self aware scorpio who i like, we have a nice vibe and he is repectful of personal energy/space. Some of the others are a bit much for me. but hey. what’s life if we’re not negotiating ppl who are Not Like Us.

    • That’s a lot going on in your 10th Pi. Saturn in Leo will help. Habits will get you through and help you produce creative work when faith in abilities might wax and wane. xx

      • I bought the Artist’s Way recently to read for the first time. Even one chapter in, it’s hitting a few marks. I’m putting it in the same self-awareness category as Clarissa Pinkola Estes’ women who run with the wolves, tapping deep veins of stuff where i thought i had it more or less sussed.

        • I love the Artist’s Way books. I have most of them and dip in and out. They help me find my centre. I’ve recently started up some of her practices again. Grounding and magic, a fab balance for us Pisean/Cap combo types xx

          • It’s a thing. I can’t remember the link to the S in L podcast (Pandora?) But the emphasis on the path to ‘wholeness’ or a kind of integration is to engage with creative leadership and self-leadership. Leo is trusting the core self, fiery heart-centred intuition, the image of the seeing-heart or the religious iconography of the heart aflame (I interpret as a kind of pure, sacred passion), massive self belief stuff. I had it pretty bad tho with the vibe repeated through my chart so it’s lifepath stuff too. The astrologer is a kind of Saturn-specialist … Essential research if that’s what’s got you by the tail

            • Clarissa has a velvet voice that drips honey.
              The Artist’s Way should be de riguer in schools.

            • Nice. I haven’t heard her speak but that would not surprise me. She writes with that density that so many Latin writers do, dense narratives but every word is important, you kind of get hypnotized into reading.
              Artists way, could you just imagine the open minds this would generate…. <3

            • Well, I was assuming she is I might have just made a massive wrong assumption about CPE’s background but have not checked! Oops

  19. Myst’s line in Sagg i had to write it in diary:
    Things get worst from avoidance.
    How they impinge on the psyche, always there taking up precious space when you don’t tackle it head on.
    Must banish my fear of upsetting peoples if told how i really feel about some of their actions or lack of them, words or whatevs, Then i counter it with ‘well, no one has to live up to my expectations ideals desires’. As long as live up to my own.
    Saturn square Chiron. Will explore that if i’m not intuitively doing so already :-).

    • love you pegs. so wise <3 we can be fair and honest towards others without being cruel. mediating the Middle Path of communications. Maybe jupiter and full moon in Libra upcoming can help with intuiting the right balance for you 🙂 XX

        • Pi have fear of passive-aggressiveness by sugar coating my displeasure.
          Balance for sure as wondered if it was my Libran Moon that creates the indecisiveness of telling it as it see-feel it.
          Bless ya cotton sox Pi x

          • You could practice being frank with thick skinned Aries types, and then use that boundary-busting position to work back to a place that’s everyday comfortable for you 😀

            • Right Pi it was the Aries friend i was wanting to have a talk to!

  20. Gemmy Moon feels awesome! I’m a gemmy moon though 😀

    In my dream last night the Moon and Sun were conjunct, they were massive and right in front of me. It was amazing!

    Thanks for the scopes MM!

      • I’m tuned it Pi! (Thanks to MM advice of using a dream journal.) Also Pisces Rising and Neptune conjunct MC

        I recently had a dream I was in a Ferrari with Beyonce, I had no idea what to say to her, and so I said nothing.

        I think we both have Leo True Node in the 5th house, perhaps it had something to do with that… 😉

        • Swoon. Whatta node placement. Can we swap 😉 mine looks like some kind of nigella / yummy mummy / home-cosmetics-reviews / home decor specialist. Kind of a crowded market but hey famous buxom hedonist could be fun I guess.

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