The Optimal Astrology Hotel

Lady Gaga in red dress on art deco bed

The just-opened Astrology Hotel in Sydney’s inner suburb of Ultimo is a brilliant idea but I am not sure it goes far enough.

From the moment you step in the door, it’s all about your star sign — your room key will have a quote from a celebrity who shares your zodiac, daily horoscopes with your newspapers, slippers in matching zodiac designs — even the ‘Do not Disturb’ signs are tailored to one of the twelve options.

The hotel isn’t about gaudy stereotypes though — general manager Scott Hartley said great care was taken to draw on the 6,000-year-old philosophy.

“It’s not about making rooms cheesy and in your face, the research that went into this was for the idea to increase personalised experiences,” Mr Harley said.

Once the front-of-house staff discover a visitors star sign, recommendations of places to visit and things to do around the area are made — tailored to the traits of that person’s zodiac.

“It’s a unique experience, and it’s been really exciting when a guest comes in because if you come in and you’re a Taurus we might recommend you go and have a great pub meal and the Duck Inn because one of their traits is being more relaxed,” Mr Hartley said.

An Aura Cleanse & Quick Transit Read At Check-In

Yes, very nice. But we can go further. Here, respectfully, are some suggestions.

Each element would have a separate wing and it would be elementally harmonized. So Earth signs would have Air rooms for balance and so on. Too bad if you can’t sleep with your companion.

You would get your aura-cleansed at check-in, along with a quick transit read. People doing Pluto transits would get Shiatsu beds of nails. Sagittarius guests could use firemen poles instead of lifts and there would be extra mirrors in the Leo rooms.

There could even be sections for visitors to the hotel having a Saturn transit, with giant hologram number crunching pie charts and automatic cold-showers only.

Thoughts? How would you design your Astrology Hotel?



American Horror Story – Hotel – Lady Gaga

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April Morning Star

Nobody has asked the obvious question ….. If you’re with a partner with a different sign, which room do you choose? Plus, I’m a 12th house Aries sun, Venus rising in Taurus and Aqua moon – I’d need a different room for each day haha!!

Damian Rocks

At least you could say that at reception and they would be sympathetic! lol..

And as far as couples go.. The hotel would graciously do their best to accomodate you both

April Morning Star

Thanks Damian! Two cardinal signs would have to toss a coin I suspect but luckily my partner is an Aquarian and will be fascinated I’m sure. I’ll definitely take a look next time I’m in the city!

Damian Rocks

Great ideas Mystic – as always you have the most fabulous astro-insights 🙂 Just a note for those of you concerned about the integrity of this project.. The people behind the hotel have taken a big leap of faith in trying to combine a really progressive concept with the fact that they cater to the general public – and not everyone loves astrology like we do.. So kudos for that…. And yes they took considerable care to consult with an experienced astrologer before putting astro-traits to paper.. Of course there is room for growth but hey- its a start! What… Read more »

Damian Rocks

hahaha… you have unknowingly stumbled on a very relevant topic re Feng Shui… why am I not surprised? ?
as for your innovations – superb – I will put them forward for consideration


Go you!! I think it is awesome!! Congratulations on the enterprise, I will try to stay there sometime for sure. 🙂


If I want a personalized experience, why not just stay home? (Cancer rising, btw)

My strongest aspect is my sun / mars conjunction in Capricorn, but I think my aqua moon squaring my Scorpio Venus is my daily vibe.


Oh, this could be such an awesome concept! Agreed they don’t appear to have taken it nearly far enough, though – a shame to see it half-assed. :-/ I’d be tempted to rock up to the hotel manager and straight-up grill them to see if they actually knew anything substantive at all about astrology to confirm if it’s just the kitschy marketing ploy we suspect it to be. On a related hotel + astrology note, at the astro conference about 300 astrologers all converged on the same hotel and it did cross my mind that it might be a cool… Read more »


We’re not all alcoholics 🙂


I stayed at the Grand Hyatt in Melbourne last chrissie, I chose it literally because all Gym facilities were thrown in including all the classes and free coffee and saunas and tonnes of towels. Aries Sun (fitness) Cappo Moon (bargains/tightarse) Eclectic art and dining (Aqua rising). Gem/Cap rising/Pisces moon daught loved it too for the down time and isolation of the spartan room and trying new things and the cleaners. All very different from our arty messy reno home.


What a cool idea. And (ahem) a bargain! Change of scenery is good for recalibratinf the vibes and ideas for new ways to do things..


I think it should be your dominant planet…or at least one of them.

In the end I think it will do a diservice to the astro.


Yes – & spoken like a true Uranian.


hope it’s all Feng Shui’d to the max


It really has to be your moon sign for a hotel room. I once stayed back to back in a very minimalist ultra chic modern room within a beautiful italianate mansion, where even the bedroom fire was lit with a brick thing that flamed but left no ash or debris. I sort of slept rigid so as not to crease the sheets or fluster the razor sharp curtains. Following night was in a baronial scottish mansion house just down the road with each room stuffed with huge wing back chairs and rugs to curl your toes in and cushions to… Read more »


Ah but you see the capricorns (assuming that was first vibe) know one is at liberty to fling the curtains open, crumple and kick the bedsheets around… One is the master of one’s domain, etc..

But I’m really struggling with a progressed cancer moon lately. Those photos of Tracey emins bed or Courtney love’s room? THIS IS ME RIGHT NOW omg.


Oh that bed !!
The first vibe was clinical Virgo/Capricorn There wasn’t enough zany wired stuff to be aqua! It just felt worse than hospital, although every time I’ve been in hospital I’m usually comatose and beyond caring but that’s my Neptune in Scorpio my 8th
And yes my controlling General of a cappi daughter would have made it hers alright. I don’t have a neutrino of Capricorn in me, I’m sooo mushy !!


Lowers the Astrological Science vibe.
Damn having my Saturn as chart ruler much more suited to Uranus.
Sadly it doesn’t even appeal to my Sagg sense of fun & frolicking. Besides authentic chakra cleansers are not easy to find, so rare are they that it’s something you have to do yourself, like bathing and brushing your teeth.
And as Caroline Myss says ‘a 3 star hotel in LA with a sign ‘readings from archangel michael only $50’ on their frontage. Right. Not.
Grumpy Pegasus not seeing the far side upside or evey which way but loose 🙂

Lux Interior Is My Co-Pilot

YEs! tackyyyyy!


As a Gemini with Leo ascendant and Saggo moon… I want my hotel with a salon quality hairdryer (not kidding. I bought one like they use at the salon. Worth every $$$ for the turbo wattage and smooth finish), gaudy gold accents, views, expensive soaps et al. I’m with the argument that holidays should cater to the ascendant…


Pity they didn’t consult you Mystic!!
I think you would have to know what flavour of transit you are under and book in.

Hey how about we hold our subscriber party there?


I mean book in the Scorpio Room for a Pluto transit, Saggi for a Jupiter experience etc. maybe I need to book in under Aries, I don’t have enough there.


And it def needs an in-house Zodiac Restaurant with the wheel painted in the roof like the Dendera Zodiac!


And they could cook zodiac specific meals for people à la the zodiac cookbook that I found in an opshop recently. Spartan, functional dishes for the Capricorn, artfully presented, highly refined degustations for the Libran.


Yes! And what room for the Pluto transit?!


actually yes I reckon hotel rooms by Moon sign might be better. Capricorn gets either the sparsely furnished log cabin, or, the austere corner suite with horizon-views (surveil the peasantry), marble everything, plush bed linen, city noise eliminated by triple glazing, a separate suite for meetings, utmost discretion assured, and free slippers…obviously lol

Unicorn Sparkles

Yeah, sun sign room assignment would not feel right. If we dress for our rising sign and buy for our moon sign… which sign should we holiday in?


For Scorpio: sex dungeon or massage parlor
For Aquarius: cryotherapy chamber


The quotes by celebrities of each star sign sounds cheesy as!



Lux Interior Is My Co-Pilot

They need you as their advisor–stat.

Star sign? Pfffffffffffft. They should be doing your CHART.


Yes Lux! Exactly what I was thinking.. (MM as consultant)


I’d book a flight tomorrow!


Am a Sag Sun but would prefer a room based on my Libra Moon.


Taurus with Sun Mercury Mars and a Lilith bags the Penthouse and a nice outdoor garden area X PS and a big fridge full of organic goodies


Rising Aquarius – so I don’t care what anyone else thinks


So what do you tell them, your sun or rising sign? ?


omg, bed of shiatsu nails is actually just what I need right now.

Pisces are allowed to have the late-late checkout option (7pm).




Shouldn’t the Sagittarian rooms be outdoors?


They also need a clothing optional section!

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