Shallow Oscar Observations

Up for some shallow Oscars astrology observations? For some reason that is no doubt to do with tradition, the Academy Awards are always held in Pisces Season – befitting an industry that is the epitome of Neptune Vibe.  And an Oscars held right on a Solar Eclipse held more potential for surreal drama than usual.  Enter the envelope stuff-up, apparently the fault of monolithic accounting firm Price Waterhouse Coopers.

Oh and also Virgo Of Fashion Karl Lagerfeld sniping at Leo Rising/Cancer Sun Meryl Streep, of all people.

But what i noticed was the Leo Vibe of the evening; Viola Davis and Casey Affleck are both Leos and Emma Stone have Leo Rising.  And then, of course, the woman who should be the winner of some sort of epic Leo Hair Award, Halle Berry, bringing it with some major statement.


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Cora L. Sanchez

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I love Halle Berry’s hair. in fact since I don’t have hair like that, some time ago I bought a wig that looks just like that. I’m a double Leo sun/moon too! I was so surprised to see her hairdo and had to giggle because it’s like my wig that I love wearing.


Disturbing and upsetting that Casey Affleck got a gong 🙁
Disrespect towards women is being awarded at the moment.

Lux Interior Is My Co-Pilot

I LOVE a good shallow Oscar observation.

Well isn’t it a new wardrobe moon for pisces and wardrobe/hair=leo?

That’s what my astro book said.


All this Leo energy is like the prelude to the NN entering Leo later this year.


But in Casy Affleck and Donald Trumps case [mars Leo cnj Asc] its the worst most entitled side of Leo.
Although in Caseys case Im also looking at the Scorpio planets and most especially Mars in Taurus, imv one of the most problematic placements bar none, especially when it comes to womens rights.

Aside from that there was a Leo President for 8 years during Libra/Virgo nodes.


A lot of dresses seemed to be old hollywood glamour style too. Golds, flapper-esq, beaded dresses. And the stage was very art-deco. Leo/Pisces for sure!

Year of the Phoenix



Yes, I had a chuckle about one film being eclipsed by another, especially with the Neptune involvement. And maybe the Jupiter opp Uranus/Mars added a touch of graciousness and class to the chaotic, surprising ‘upset’ handover.


I did not watch, but it is year of the Fire Rooster, and it is all about flamboyance!


I dunno what all the fuss is about the wrong film being awarded is about. I mean I lost all of my small interest for this stuff when they gave Gwyneth Paltrow the gong for some lightweight shit instead of it going to the meaty performance that Cate Blanchett delivered.

I’d rather drive a truck.


i’d rather rake muck


Yes – that was another 1999 event – and one of the most squirm inducing acceptance speeches ever by Gwyneth.

For more Oscars trivia – also 1999 (i’m nailing 2 posts in one – i’m not wasting this power-astro surge going on atm) – I quite enjoyed Roberto Benigni’s acceptance speech. I think he was living out T Jupiter square his Chiron moment (i did check) when he said:

“This is too much . . . I would like to be Jupiter and kidnap everybody and lie down in the firmament making love to everybody.”…..niiiiiice.


And has since relatively disappeared.


I LOVED! his excitement, I remember that speech, announced by none other than Sophia Loren 😀


Didn’t watch, but heard about the best picture SNAFU and laughed while knowing that Mercury just dipped into the sign of its detriment (Pisces) & is ON the Nodes – there was bound to be a flub somewhere with this Neptune-ruled eclipse in the mix …best picture literally got “eclipsed”!


I want to know if someone got fired over that. How did they NOT put a Virgo in charge. I mean, assuming there wasnt..


Maybe all that Pisces pull esp Neptune and Chiron blurred the lens?


Never say, Fool-proof, perfect, etc. Tempts the trickster-


love the trickster.


SO true… Trixter sez o rly?


my new hair guru. You could lose your phone in those tresses: perfect.
I’m basically looking to Scorpio / Leo / Cancerian combinations as a way to study my draconic chart (double Leo, Scorpio rising, cancer moon) and also my natal chart ongoing Operation Leo… These stars are a great start 🙂


My Draconic has Pisces-Aries crowd and Mars in Scorp. My geo-natal SN is same degree as Draconic Aries Rising- NN is Draconic 7th Cusp- Very inspiring!!


Aquas do hair without any evidence.


The Virgos should have been handling the envelopes.


Yes with a Virgo/Cap proof reading!


Lol – that would be this Virgo/Cap! Long career as an editor. It’s my superpower.


Where were the Virgos?!

12th House Virgo

Feeling very bitchy and hiding at their lair cleaning or snipping at people in public – or was that just me and Karl? 🙂


You, KL & me.


When KL dies it’ll be revealed he was the star of a movie which lasted 68,264 hours.


Best comment you’ve ever made 😀


The envelope blunder reminds me of a phrase i heard ages ago from a Pisces barista: “it is symptomatic of a declining quality in reality” – very handy phrase for recent times.

Halle Berry (Leo Sun/Moon/Mercury) – what i would give for that hair!!


Oh my god! I want to marry that barista.


Totally agree! I saw Halle Berry and thought her hair was full on Leo. Also, the majority of the gowns were strong colours and huge, and one must particularly single out Jessica Biehl’s golden dress. That there was Leo Leo!

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