Moon Day Morning

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Monday (Moon Day) with the Moon in Sagittarius and Eclipse Energy hissing about like cosmic live wires snaking all over the pavement is one thing.  Restlessness? It’s existential and nobody wants to sit down for too long. “Too long” being for more than five minutes in this case. The Sun on the South Node in Pisces is another thing – the surreal dreams, the guided flashbacks, the illumination of one’s past as in in a movie montage. BUT…

probably the key vibe of the moment is Mars moving to meet Uranus and square Pluto. Tread delicately and stay nimble. And no matter how snazzy, fast or agile you are, don’t provoke anything/anyone bigger than you or with more clout this week.  It’s primal out there. You can, of course, tap this vibe to evolve your own game forward at warp speed.

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49 thoughts on “Moon Day Morning

  1. So on da money. I’ve just gone into a new job where no-one except the boss is qualified. The boss and 2IC are looking at me unrelentingly. I can do the work on my ear (Mars / Pluto tr Sat in Cap in Earth houses) & having Merc/Uran cj I want to ‘funny them up’ but, like the lions above, I’ll bide my time and bite my tongue.

    Plus court case/money scheisse.

    But Pisces n me are, metaphorically, living in an Octopuses Garden.

  2. Woke up like a body with a routine but no head. Stopped myself from putting the French press full of warm coffee in the fridge and from pouring the cream in the French press, rather than the coffee cup. It was foggy here this morning. As within, so without.

    • Haha. I admit a few times I’ve put the coffee grounds directly into my cup (instead of the press) – poured hot water in – looked at it and realised I missed an important step…

  3. Yep, dreams of trying to speak but no sound coming out, to the point last night of being woken by my own strange tortured moans that are trying to form into words. Sleeping very lightly, waking up every couple of hours and wandering around the house. Like a ghost, haunting. I’m feeling good but slightly anxious like an impending event, the nature of the event ? No idea ? Pretty sure it’s mars in Aries about to conjunct my sun ? Ready for a battle but peace reigns?

      • new moon on boundary-less neptune, and uranus in the sign of the quest for individual/identity, opposing jupiter, expansion (and pisces trad ruler) in the sign of relationships,
        and .. mercury, thought/ideas/connection in the house of the Communal and technology. the People. disposited thru uranus in aries.
        anyway, it was a thoght i had

      • or, maybe when uranus gets into Gemini. we will have done wierd things with bodies by then (Taurus) and gemini is the intelligence, uranus is the artificial. Maybe It’ll go down over a couple of key Mars cycles. Hey, in 14 years (uranus in late gem), saturn will be in Gemini too. pluto will be in Aqua and neptune miight be nearing the end of pisces? zero aries? not looked at ephemeris.
        and jupiter in sadge!

        soo, theories, i have them

  4. I’ve been relatively immune to the crap at work since December. Until now.

    And keeping away from provoking superiors is going to be hard. I seem to be doing that by merely turning up lately.

    The most inane comment has provoked some serious reactions.

  5. Ran away from home. Taken kids to the beach instead of school (last chances to use my Nana’s house before settlement).

    Aries friend just told her work she is doing 3 days a week, not more – they accepted & she came with.

    The weather is wild, cleansing and purifying. Storming then sunshine, incredible for photography!

    But yes I feel agitated and like I might get sick, so I am glad to be hiding from schools & stressed people.Taking Nana Naps. 😉
    Moon on my NN today.

    • Sounds really good Andy x Beach instead of school is never wrong.
      Steal every minute you can. These are the good old days, enjoy every moment.

      • Yes! I feel guilty, but I am so enjoying my 9 year old’s sudden development into a witty, cordial and openly affectionate boy. He is really working his Sun/Venus conjunction and Moon in Libra lately.
        Holds open doors for older couples passing who exclaim at his politeness and obvious excellent parents for ‘raising him so well’ (I resent this as I am not responsible for his charm any more than my Capricorn son’s telling all & sundry to ‘go away’). Also hugs and tender kisses for friends and family, literally making the old girls cry.
        After reading the Iliad we are on to the Odyssey and he makes remarks loudly in the super like, “my team won today after I helped kick a goal. I think the Gods must have been with us..”. 😀
        Just feel like it’s so easy to miss this time & I can see he will likely find it easy and enjoyable to navigate the world later on his own..

    • Aries can normally do 5 days work in 3. Let’s face it we all could but most of us still have to live by that goddammed Christian work ethic nonsense and work the long hours to prove how committed we are. What a load of bollocks !

    • We all need these days. They’re lost in this modern day of work work work. Your son sounds gorgeous. And the setting perfect. It’s strange how nature and its wildness can be calming while people… well, their intensity is a LOT to take in, especially lately.

  6. One thing I really noticed a lot at work today was so much more GOSSIP (bitchy whispering) than normal. Yuck. I was listening carefully to it all and realising what an ugly habit it is (it breeds unease). Wondering if this relates to this current astrology??

      • Thanks for the link, this is interesting and it validates my feelings. I can sense when people are speaking negatively of me and it makes me feel dirty when I hear it of others. Think I might begin exercising a strict no-bitching rule for myself. It goes against my core morals. Wish I didn’t have to hear it from others though.

        • yes!!!!! i hate it !!!!!! it’s mean and nasty!!!!!! i feel really strongly about this!!!!! clearly!!!!! if i ever unkind things about someone behind their back i feel ashamed. so i do my very best to avoid it. i think it’s ok to vent, when stuff is going down, but actual slander and character assassination, and slagging off to random audience who does not know full story, not cool!!!! also having been bullied at school and on receiving end of wierd bitchy behaviour into adulthood, i mean, just no.

          • im prone to complaining about behaviour. It’s something I have to work on. But I’ve never understood blatant name calling or hatred filled venom directed at someone. ive seen schoolground worthy side taking on epic scale in the adult world.

      • This is cool. I recently realised I have been manifesting mistrust and not being mouth kind with some in my life lately. Since I tried to stop with it some relationships are healthier.

  7. Maybe it”s the fire strong connotation of the current transits but I can’t sleep.
    And obsessive Pluto opposing my Natal Mars isn’t helping. I feel like I have lost trace of who I am and I am drowning in a see of chaotic thoughts and restless nights.
    I need some calmness.

  8. The Muggle (work colleague) sitting next to me just said I don’t have a good feeling about this week. “I dunno, the energy is just plain weird and it’s like I am waiting for a hammer to fall”. Wow!!

    • Yeah – it’s called the Sword of Damocles and it sure makes one aware of the interdependence and preciousness of every situation. We are alive and FEELING stuff.

      Bring it on.

    • Ah. The “hammer about to fall” feeling sounds familiar. I’m waiting for some surprise news not unlike the Tower in the tarot. Hoping no bad zappy news coming?

  9. Hi, it was such a strange route to getting to this link – starting from searching my email account for 6th-house reasons (my most-recently-sent resume – mysteriously not saved on my laptop) and my email account bringing up the most bizarrely unrelated but INCREDIBLY RELEVANT emails from, like, 6-7 years ago. Including the email that had this link that I had to google because she changed her website name since then but I knew there was gold in the link.. anyway if you need some help to get through to another mindset, try this too

  10. I’m going bats with my current job. Signed a contract to work from home and it turned out I need to be onsite with potential working from home option. 7 months later… nothing. Now facing issues with the manager I report to. March is technically my end date but I am struggling…They mentioned extending my contract… but I want to go home… but I will miss the money. I just wish things would work out for everyone.

    I am tired!

  11. Well…I feel like I’m made of electricity and I can’t
    sleep. Does that sound about right?

    My lovelife is either about to be amazing or the biggest letdown ever.

    For the first time in my life a nurse said I had high blood pressure when it’s always been low.

    I feel a change a comin’ but I hate the uncertainty!!! Hate it!!

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