March Monthly Horoscopes Are Posted

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The Monthly Horoscopes for March are posted and guess who’s back in town for a god time?  (That was meant to be “good” but the typo is apt and so it stays.


Image: Hiro Isono

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39 thoughts on “March Monthly Horoscopes Are Posted

    • “Well, I dreamed I saw the silver
      Space ships flying
      In the yellow haze of the sun,
      There were children crying
      And colors flying
      All around the chosen ones.
      All in a dream, all in a dream
      The loading had begun.
      They were flying Mother Nature’s
      Silver seed to a new home in the sun.
      Flying Mother Nature’s
      Silver seed to a new home.”

      (N Young. “After the Goldrush”)

      It looks like that “new home in the Sun”

  1. There is a lot happening in my chart and I think tjisbyear is a very big 4th-10th house push.

    I have Venus stationing just short of my MC and going direct later within a degree or two of my sun. I feel like this phase is where I retreat to really get my public image sorted out, even though Venus is still so close to my mc, and then as she crosses exact Then I can turn the lights up so to speak.
    Likewise Jupiter stations just short of my 4 th house north node and crosses late this year.
    Uranus and Saturn are dancing together on natal Venus and DSC all year.. Chiron is conjunct my sun, all year. I think basically whatever urge I have to develop and change is basically supported in every direction
    But if anyone has specific thoughts about these positions, I’d love to hear.

    • Most of these involve squares to my sun and moon, too, so… Growth challenges I guess. Intelligent solutions and big-girl pants on…

  2. Can MM or one of the cleverer subscribers please clarify:
    (March Aqua: “March 9 to 11 is your foretell of Uranus into Taurus from next May,”)
    does Uranus into Taurus commence in May 2017, or will it occur in May 2018?

  3. BArf. This Libra can’t take anymore.

    I feel like the last six years have been trying to say, “The answer is always ‘no’.”

    The business never stops. (Zap Zone is aspecting my 2nd and 5th houses)

    I long for a home (Neptune and Chiron transiting 4th)

    and the boy I thought I was falling for is dating multiple people (he thinks he’s poly but he’s lying to himself) and now I have to leave him because it hurts too much (I guess thats mars/uranus).

    How big and mature do I have to be? How strong?

    Does self development ever have a real “pay off” or is it just a way to stay sane?

    So confused :_(

    • Hi I have lots to say ofc but phone hands so will say this
      2-5houses … These are tough, strengthening our belief in our Selves is a big part of it I think

      I think self dev has a very slow payoff but it happens brick by brick and you’re in a stronger position for challenging times, and the clarity about Who We Are really helps for direction setting, and sorting wheat from chaff in many aspects of Life

      One of the things that has helped me when I have been ffeeling Like omfg the work is never done is to actually down (existential) tools and go Buddhist Zen. Not dropping out, but speakers like Tara brach and in a less formal but v accessible way (if is your taste) that Virgo I mentioned, um what’s his name Kyle Cease . Their talks kind of remind us to chhiiillllll allow release – has been huge for me at least. Xx

      • Thank you! Sometimes I feel like its all hard lessons without any plateu of joy to make it worth it. Perhaps my strength will bring me to a better place one day

    • and AKAPluto, this: How big and mature do I have to be? How strong?

      I hear you SO much with this question. Like if you dig any deeper just to get through one more thing, you might find yourself falling through the other side of Earth.

    • I am going to cover Retrogrades in depth in the Astro School this month but short version – up to you, obviously but i would say no if it is something totally new to you but if merely biz as usual, should be fine. If it is something you decide to do on a whim during Retro Venus, that is usually a bit dodgy.

      Venus Retro is a good time to let your maintenance and beauty/grooming “field’ lie fallow, strip back and rethink everything…if you can. During the last Venus Retro, i decided i would not inject anything but get cosmetic acupuncture and work on my gut health – the results so far have been really good…!

      • Thank you. As always the perfect answer – I get these jabs regularly so its ok I think!
        Yes i’ll let Venus slide back and do her thing – I shall contemplate all the shit relationship decisions I made – Libra sun so made me a few of those these past few years –
        Much love to the genius that is MM xxx

  4. thank you mystic and i love this artwork 🙂

    hostile muggles, wow i think i actually know one now?! my boss hahahahaha . the DM yes… insights galore

    he was talking to me about an ongoing arrangement which i had mentioned was an issue for certain reasons. i was feeling pressure to agree with what he was saying so I bought more time, and as the conversation was ending the clock was exactly 3.33pm. I know one can be a little too enthusiastic about signs,and we must first always go with Actual Info and what we actually want. but i’m not often drawn to 333 so .. if anyone has interesting stories about the number I’d love if someone had some shamanic style insight, 😀

    i think he is going Full Administrator Toro on me and takes my piscean-ness as evidence that i am an incompetent fool (it’s always possible, who knows), i think this is the exact dynamic that various scopes have warned about.
    The astute and intuitive Scorpio boss was omg so much better fuq I fuqing love scorpios.

      • True emg, i am into scorp men generally 😉 …but he also had much better people skills and managed to keep us all on side, more approachable. When Scorpios are acting human they’re quite lovely hahahah

        Crab people are the best too 🙂 i struggle with cardinal water but I think there because I find it a bit…overwhelming?

        • Yeah we can be a bit full on. I’m pretty pushy really as in have to keep things moving on but I’m a grand trine in water so rise in Pisces, I can be very off planet and Neptune in scorp my 8th so that is deeply off planet and my mash up of four planets in cancer. Really it’s like living with hyped up intense hooch juice addict. Tee hee.

  5. I feel very scared about money (Virgo Rising here) as I have lost a bit control of it. But I know the time to readjust is coming.
    On the other hand:
    My employee wants to transfer our “end of relationship” money (something you get if you resign from you job to go to another or before you retired) to a bank fund as he doesn’t want to manage it anymore.
    I actually want this and it’s not some ill thought, off the top of his head idea, since he’s been pondering – and sharing his thouhts about this with us for quite some time.
    And the fund is not an hazard/unsafe one, it’s actually safer than leaving my money to him.
    Shall I take this agreement @Mystic? It’ll come during Venus retro + Jup opposing Uranus and or squaring Pluto (theorically some time “during spring”) but it’s actually gonna be good. I cannot say no to this as he’s not willing to manage our retirement money anymore.

    • MissDee, I have to say, I’ve kind of been stalking you, as I think we have similar charts (Virgo Rising, Gemini Sun?, Neptune conj IC, can’t remember moon, but mine is Taurus.)

      Anyway, I’ve been hands off about money for the past year or so, and now I’m totally feeling very scared and aware that I haven’t been doing my due diligence. Just wanted to chime in with that, hope all turns out well.

  6. Anyone out there to help, please do!
    I have a Cancer Sun, which is THE only water element in my whole chart. Aries Moon + Mercury/Venus/Mars/Jupiter ALL in Leo! So I feel more lit up than washed out, you know? Anyway, the question is…should I be reading Leo horoscope more so than Cancer?
    Thanks so much, I would love to have some clarification and insight. Xo

      • I only read my rising sign horoscopes, as they are clearly written by sector/houses.I have tried and reading Sun Sign or Moon Sign but the rising are the only one that are scary accurate.

        • Virgo Rising here, as well. Thank you both for your responses. I’ll have fun experimenting. Still feeling a VERY strong Leo pull.

          • I’d say has to be rising first, then your sun. The sun is the general spin your world is in whereas the rising is pinpoint accurate as to your reality in the moment.

    • I have Cancer rising at 27 degrees. When I read these types of horoscopes I read Leo mostly. It’s usually more accurate. I reckon if your rising is 20 degrees or later you’re better off reading the following sign.

      • I do the same thing. I have Sag rising at 25, and I read both that and Cap, as my first house holds almost all the Cap in my chart, save for half a degree. It’s usually a marriage of the two energies, but the house placement is more accurate with the Cap.

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