Lunar Eclipse in Leo Check Point

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It feels fitting that as the Lunar Eclipse Full Moon in Leo (opposite the Sun in Aquarius) gets cracking, i am in a city being advised of a “heatwave from hell” with the power load from air-con anticipated to be so huge that it will create a blackout by dusk. Dramatic, right?  And it feels like everywhere, broadly and across all realms, people are upping the drama or attempting to infuse it/their authority into situations that do not really warrant it.

The Horoscopes have a more nuanced and sign by sign take on this but you have basically three options: (1) Roar right back – secure your sector of the Savannah/kingdom/whatever.  (2) Detach and do ultra Aquarius style objective chill – literally not there for it, not engaging, in your icy indigo tower of transcendence. Indignation or self-justification is just not your preferred fuel. (3) Recalling that this Full Moon is in aspect to Saturn, Uranus and Jupiter, you deduce the deeper clues and omens beneath the irritants or ego trippers.

Oh and a fourth option – share/vent here – how is your Full Moon Eclipse in Leo going? I am counting it is totally ON until Monday.


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169 thoughts on “Lunar Eclipse in Leo Check Point

  1. Whew, had a doozy of a night with the eclipse. Best friend has been heading down a road of delusion with heavy drinking and sleeping with people she aught not too. And last night I stood my ground more than usual and told her I wouldn’t be part of it (picking up her pieces each time she falls). She is aqua sun, leo rising and taurus moon. It did not go well. At all. With that much stubborn fixed energy (and drinking) there is no talking to her. It was definitely a mix of roaring back, then removing myself and understanding she really has a big problem. These eclipses are powerful!

  2. Lying very still on the bed under the fan in 39 degree heat…

    Eclipse was divine for me! My in-laws are going crazy in a shit storm that’s being brewing for years, but I am serene. Had a perfect balance of hard physical work on our land, ritual, space clearing and grounding of the light, and restful relaxation with excellent food, wine, salt and essential oil bath and a great night’s sleep.

    Oh! And a gorgeous young carpet python came to bless us in the light of the moon last night!

  3. Nothing has happened outwardly but I just feel empty, in limbo, a bit lost, nowhere, just feeling down today, even though the day started out on an upbeat. My mood really swung to the dark side this afternoon.
    This full moon has been more an internal process, but I think still readjusting from a lot of quick changes and rearrangements that occurred in my outer world the prior two weeks. Depression is catching up with me……feeling very lonely, invisible, useless, again… blah.

      • I’ve had some serious money problems for about the last eight years, no exaggeration, so nothing new there.

        I did make some extra money this month in renting out one of the bedrooms in my apartment and got some new clients in my private practice, so slight increase in income lately, but will probably be fleeting.

        Anyway, thanks for asking! 🙂

        • I had this issues, referred to above, & it was real scheissefest. A few days before l decided to check out what MM said about Aqua/Leo FM. So l acted on what was said and it looks like there might be some resolution; hopefully.

          I also looked on CafeAstro link MM put up about FMs and NMs and l matched some dates. The flavour of the issue matched the houses….amazingly so.

  4. Well the eclipse has finished off the Triple Toro and me. In the end it wasn’t a big fight, it was just an honest, very painful conversation. I am just not ready, I am still grieving the loss of my old life. I have tried so hard to move on and I’m not LZ’ing out or hoping to revive what’s dead. But there is no room inside me yet for other feelings. I feel so stupid saying it out loud but that’s the truth of it. In a way it’s a relief to speak the truth no matter how lame it is.

    • Doesn’t sound stupid or lame to me. Sounds like raw truth, and I think it’s something that lots of people experience after some relationships end, as you said, ‘no room inside me yet for other feelings.’ You just can’t force it, or even work around it sometimes. I went through a period of feeling that way for many years at one point in my life.
      Glad there is some relief there for you, even through a difficult situation.

      • Thanks Flowerchild. I have always appreciated your honesty about where you’re at in your posts – it encourages me to do/be the same.
        Hope you are feeling lighter, too xxx

    • sending kind thoughts Chrys – sounds a mature decision and perhaps you will look back and find its been a re-set relationship?

      Great you re-ignited by reading for fun, best thing and bodes well – and yes, I’m still struggling with the PhD and its hard with full time work too but has been sooo worth it in making me confront some of my issues, but bloody boring as well
      he he xxx

      • You know, I think it has been a bit of a re-set. I’ve never had a relationship like it, nor an ending like it either. I really like him. I wish I loved him. I’m proud of the way I have conducted myself in the relationship.
        The tedium of the PhD!! LOL. I am at the ‘enthusiastic because I have forgotten the pain’ stage xxx

    • Sometimes the mojo needs more beauty sleep than we thought it might, to have enough room for two. In the meantime, there’s chrysalis time.

    • All those feelings for the past will evaporate when you’ve found a more compatible guy. Your chances of finding that just increased exponentially by clearing your space of someone who you just weren’t that in to. Better for triple toro too.
      You must be quite relieved ? A real weight off ? And tomorrow is like the first day of your next adventure. My 5 Aries placements feel good just saying that ! 🙂

      • I’m sad, and a bit all at sea, but underneath there’s a calmness. I’m a bit light on, Aries-wise – only Vesta – so I appreciate the ‘adventure’ perspective – I truly hadn’t considered it, too busy doing Venus sq Neptune weeping at the mo 🙂 xx

  5. That was kataka. That was a cancer moon. I’m convinced I’ve slipped into sidereal surreal. That was a cancer full moon.

      • Well david, since I have Leo in the 11th house anyway I’ve folded time my whole life and didn’t even know it.

        I may be snowed in and in exile, but my mind has learned to travel so I’m at one of those beachside cafes y’all speak about. Who knows, maybe the next stranger at a table you chat with will be my antiscion doppelganger born of the coast of sa in 1973 at the same time I was.

  6. Very very relaxed currently. Life feels like it’s going the way it will and I’m in the right spot. Waiting for loads of things to slot into place, bit like universal Tetris

  7. oh my a heat wave, while we have been under siege of snow. apropos for the storm moon here anyway.

    i am utterly exhausted.

    i cycle with the moon, so there’s that. plus the LUNACY and being an empath and needing to work on shielding/grounding … i’ve been drained to the core, fell sleep before i could do ritual, and then had terror ridden fitful cold sweat inducing nightmares all night long waking more tired that when i went to sleep but unable to sleep further.

    i don’t have the cognitive function to look at my chart and transits and try and discern why all of this is as such. i feel like the walking dead. preternaturally tired. i do not feel the leonic strength of the tarot, not even a little.

    just wtf? and mommy make it stop.

  8. Therapy, salt (the cheapest kind) all around my flat, gotten rid of most of my possessions including clothes, books, flatscreen, and still working on the minimalist thing. I have a vision which is about as extreme as it gets but when I meditated on the ideal life I wanted as Marie Kondo recommended in the beginning of the process the vision I had was of a life with no more than would fit into a simple carry on bag. I saw myself not so much with a home as being someone who could clear out of any given space within 30 minutes and leave the space ready for its next occupant. So still in training re cleaning as first thing -i.e. Vacuuming whole flat and hand washing night wear one pair while silk PJ’s – hanging them to dry and making sure space is clean before doing anything else on waking.
    The vision I had was a strong futuristic but believable in this age of internet and the demomocratisation of the new economy (i.e. Air b & b vs ridiculous hotels) so never checking luggage makes total sense, having very few clothes. Getting rid of anything that won’t fit into carry on feels right. I’m single and have no kids so why anchor myself unnecessarily?
    Quit yoga and Pililates anytime class pass monthly membership as inessential and too costly. Mat, floor and barre work can happen and should happen without the soothing encouragement of a trainer. I am a trainer so I KNOW THIS.
    Even though my current gym membership is insanely cheap and conveniently located I may quit that too as hello? Body weight exercises worked for me and kept me in the best shape of anyone I’ve met until Pluto hit my first and I forgot everything as you must when Uncle Wrecking Ball comes a knock knock blasting.
    Now as he rumbles at the door of my 2nd house I’ve stopped buying toothpaste and make my own, soap, I make it myself, household cleaning products? Same deal. Salt, even cheap table salt in bags of 3 kilograms mixed with bicarbonate of soda, vinegar. Um what else?
    Yeah just kind of going into total cyborg, self sufficient, minimalist mode.
    If in doubt I ask, what would Tyler do?
    Because my first house Pluto transit would have been so much easier had I adopted this mindset earlier in The wrecking Process that is Pluto.
    It’s weird because my teeth do look yellow but I’m I learning from YouTube and practice what works and what doesn’t.
    This past two weeks have involved unblocking drains, and scrubbing floors and cleaning windows and purging of stuff, physical and strangely emotional as consequence.
    I’m wondering if anyone else has noticed that after a serious clear out the wave of emotions- often really uncomfortable that hits one?
    Then after the storm, the clarity and peaceful acceptance of it all.
    Pisces is in my 4th house which Venus is currently traveling through and I only have the Wild Pagan asteroid Pan there so emptying it out allows the magic in. Because my space has always felt cluttered and it’s had enormous emotional consequences as I’m unable to relax in a visually noisy, chaotic space. All the crazy colors and words around me which felt relevant last year are fading as I find sanding walls with salt therapeutic. It feels as if so much shit went down in this flat since I moved in and plastering over it was just masking the truth. I’m not restoring this space for anyone else – I keep getting flashbacks of moments I’d forgotten but whose ghosts remained.
    I moved in here and worked as a submission therapist who wore a lot of latex. i was basically a shaman who drew men into my space who were extremely dysfunctional and sought retribution or needed someone strong enough to transmute their darkest desires so they could go home feeling resolved and clear.
    That meant I was left surrounded by the fog that essentially is a community of vile astral entities. The men would come and go -pun intended but the ghosts would stay.
    That, plus my pattern of contorting myself into every imaginable shape in my lifelong search for reciprocal love from anyone resembling the original version of those who I needed it so desperately from but were simply incapable- not of loving, but of loving ME.
    I am scary, intimidating, addictive with Pluto square my ascendant and Jupiter rising on the Galactic Centre and my moon on the Great Attractor this life was never meant to be easy, conventional or even consistent.
    The metaphor of surfing with sharks all around me from my dream last night is perfect. Change is the only constant. Danger, always nearby because the water off the coast of Cape Town where I learned to surf and hung out deliberately as a child with my first great white (sorry mom, I know that must have been horrific for you standing there helplessly waving muted by distance and sorry to the divers who risked their lives trying to bring me back to shore who I turned away) that was where I felt at home. In deep, dark water in the company of the ancient predator.
    I have always had the mind of a shark and the heart of a lion.
    As cliche’d as ’tis it becomes more obvious why that is just the way it is and that it is okay. I have found empathy for my parents and everyone who came into my life to show me I was rejecting myself. All along, it was myself I needed to acknowledge, accept, love, nurture and believe in.
    This will take time and I’ll fail more than I’ll ever succeed but I will always find strength from my core and staying flexible and aware is the only way to be safe. Things? Lovers? A tribe?
    Not in this life sweetie…
    Chiron says HARNESS PAIN
    Set goals you can not reach, fail, fail, fail, fail, get up lose again, fail better.

    Do you want to follow paths or blaze a trail?
    When you try to succeed you mostly fail.
    And you’re gonna lose and lose and lose again.
    If you want to hold the flame you harness pain, you harness pain.*

    The Proclaimers

    • I think I get this – I have been training in therapy…there is much pain yes, (self examination, the witnessing of trauma of others) the intention I think is to surrender to the discomfort safely with an allowing attitude?

      Sometimes the more I know, deeper in I see the harder it is to pass through, yet I do persist…

      As someone once said, pain makes us stronger…

    • Invicta. Human design.
      I’ve said it before. I have to admit it was my gestalt for the whole of my life. I was told exactly who I am, what I do and why and what to stop chasing because that was never ever going to happen. It was profound acceptance, profound knowledge and ultimately profound calm. Keep going girl, you’re doing some real hard work there.

  9. Staying chilked here in tassie. Cruisn at a boat festival loads of yachties to tickle my fancy so getting into leo prowln mode. Looking at the deeoer adventurous spirit vibe amoungst the thousands of festival goers.

  10. These lions are sleepy over here! I’ve been caught up with the fuquery of news and work related stress, then a winter storm yesterday blanketed me into submission. Slept half the day, it was wonderful. Leo rising hubs has been knocking himself out on the home project even though I keep telling him to take a nice break. He fell asleep right after work of course.

    In the jungle, the mighty jungle
    The lion sleeps tonight

    Because roaring gets tiring

  11. 22 is the last deg of my 2nd. But now La Luna Leo is in my 3rd. Feeling upbeat! Counting blessings.

    Hub had it in his 6th and today 7th; he was out of character slightly moody yesterday worrying about daily economics.

    Happy Full Moon beautiful contributors and wishing you all abundance and happy reflection energy.

  12. No wonder I have been so emotional leading up to this full moon it is basically on my Venus in Leo 22 deg and directly opp my Aquarian 6th H – it’s been all about work and me wanting to escape my job situation and my 8 of Cup feelings of resignation – literally

    My boss talked me down, those zap zone urges have dissipated, the difficult person has pulled her head in (for now) and the energy has shifted back to the warm convivial atmosphere I bloom in so I can enjoy the weekend’s astral rays in a mind state of calm seclusion

    I have a sideline micro business and the effort and energy it takes to keep pushing on after knocking myself out at the day job is taking it out of me + an emotionally draining daily interaction with difficult coworker has all been a bit much and I need some space to be creative and refocus on my dreams and make them happen

  13. The sun is out today after many days of rain….feels good! Maybe we’ll get to see the full moon tonight if it stays clear!

    I have Aqua Sun at 11 degrees, Aqua Mercury at 29 degrees. I’m a bit tired today, but also have a feeling of unrest, can’t relax. Besides that, everything is ok, so far…… if it’s on until Monday, we’ll see if anything transpires over the next few days!

    • hey flowerchild – sorry to hear things have been a bit tough and that the man-friend turned out to be a dud – enjoy your bit of sun

      • Thanks for your sympathy, quintile! Much appreciated!

        One nice full moon in Leo thing I did on the eclipse day was have a nice cuddle session with a friend’s cat. I love cats so much. I think I need to look into getting a cat more than a boyfriend…

        • cat cuddling on a leo moon sounds purrrfect – oh I am so cat-deprived, even here in this hot weather I can imagine a warm furry creature in my arms…

  14. I’m exhausted, last few days have seen me holing up at home with tea, books and yoga.

    Silent + ever watchful I’m riding this one out, a lot being illuminated – sun at 21, uranus at 23, north node in Leo at 25 ZING

  15. I’m Cancer rising and often feel so overwhelmed by the energy and emotions of a full moon that I’m lucky if I leave the house. BUT this one feels like bursting, happy energy to me, after so much anxiety about world affairs. I have been invited to do readings with writers, agents, and editors at a book party tonight! The full moon is in my 3rd house, Uranus in my 11th, Saturn in my 6th, Jupiter in my 5th. I think this should be very fun. 🙂

  16. Mysticians! … would love to get your take on this….my weird eclipse moment (lilith in leo)

    Someone very dear to me who has always been there for me had his birthday celebration last night – he’s a fabulous gay man, and he decided to have the party at a strip club (… a female strip club) … – he thinks the women there are awesome but as a straight female myself I felt so awkward and didn’t end up going. Don’t get me wrong all power to the women doing their thing and feeling strong and proud but it’s the guys in those places I totally can’t stand being around.

    Anyway – I felt bad for not going, but I explained to him I’d just be the worst guest. And maybe I should have been more enlightened?? more empowered and not felt grossed out by the dudes in those places. Held my own space proud like the women etc etc. But I’ve just had so many experiences where guys act like they own you simply because you are female and I couldn’t face being around it by choice.

    Friend is an aqua so he understood of course. But still, I felt like I let him down.

    • You had a choice. Let him down or let yourself down. You chose to support you. Good choice. A good friend understands this.

        • Totally understandable and having you there feeling wrong would have possibly spoilt his time too. You did the right thing for both of you x

          • yes agree – to be honest, I think its not such a good idea if you have hetero female friends to go to a strip club for a celebration. maybe take him out on his own for a nice lunch, drink or tea?

  17. This full moon is trine my sun in the 11th + transiting uranus in the 3rd house while loosely oposing my asc and natal saturn. Thought it would manifest as some sudden love and/or hate declaration but so far all that happened was me dropping by the drugstore to get some documents and also meeting my future internship supervisor. She’s super nice, but some saleswoman I had barely greeted at the store already refered to me as ” the intern *eyeroll* “. I’m really happy I’m not supposed to report to that one, tbh.

  18. My birthday is Feb 10 so super feeling this vibe. Added to that virgo as 9 degrees.Also Uranus is conjunct my natal Saturn in the 8th house. I feel the POWER and so get on the plane to LA I was upgraded to business class!! . I am having a big meeting with publishers on Monday for work that I have been slaving at for 3 1/2 years relating to heath and physical rehab. Had started a chat with them in Sept 2016 it all seemed to come to a grinding halt but then out of the blue this meeting. I feel like I am charged into some great zietgiest

    • Oh wow, are you the same as my day /month?

      Anyway Happy Birthday!

      I’m a different year (saturn aries is earlier degrees, yet 8th too! And my north node is conjunct transiting uranus).

      Its intense as my progressed chart is aries sun too…

      I have natal asteroids at this degree…

      Happy eclipse too

  19. From my favorite Tarot deck! I love her images. I’m currently in bed fighting a sudden cold I woke with this morning. I feel like this always happens to me in these ‘power situations’ when it’s like “go out and shine!” My body is like “no, not you, you are a mess”. So I guess I’ll be doing the introspective digging deeper option, while my 5th house Leo yearns for a stage & some lights.

  20. Leo sun,ascendant, Venus and Uranus @21 (conj full moon) Im trying to imagine what will hit out of the blue with that :).

  21. Ludicrously bright almost full Leo moon was shining into my bedroom leading me to a crazy early morning. Fine Leo, You win this time

  22. I’m Aqua Sun/Merc/North Node and I’m doing #2. I’m not even leaving the house–and have barely for the last two days. I’m getting schizz done.

    I can see the moon from my bedroom window, so I’ll be watching and light a candle.

    Tomorrow a dear Aries friend comes in, whom I have not seen in 3 years, and we will tear it up, reveling in our awesome and not letting anyone bug us, even if it means a bottle of vodka underneath the bridge by the river. ;-p

  23. Whoa – synchronicity! This Wild Unknown version of Strength has been dancing around in my consciousness for the last several days, then I literally *just* consulted The Tarot and received Strength in the Rising position, and now here it is yet again!

    I say fuq the drama and go for the fun! I’m going full-on Uranian for this eclipse – leaving for a roadtrip in a few days to go geek out at a big astrology conference, so overjoyed to be in my element with so many like-minded “weirdos” even though I don’t know anyone there. Besides, I’m totally fangirling about some of the speakers at this event, LOL – it’s going to be AWESOME! At the very least, it will be nice to just be in a setting with people who speak my native language for once. The joie de vivre I feel is nothing short of wondrous – this Art is my raison d’être and my first and truest Love for sure <3

    So option #4, basically, which is none of the above – do your self-actualization shit, have a fuqing blast doing it, let your freak flag fly proudly, learn, grow, and maybe even make a few friends in the process. Who has time for drama/people’s overblown egos/spoiled brat entitlement if you’re busy just doing YOU? Not this bitch!

    Catch you on the flip side, PIABs!

  24. There are wintry floods in the eastern towns up-river from where I live. It’s supposed to be high summer. I’d never even thought about describing places as ‘up-river’ until today. It’s crazy.
    The eclipse will happen on my Asc and opposite my Dsc/Venus/Ceres. I’m doing options 2 and 3. Ice queen w work fuqwits and keeping a glacial level of composure. We have a new psychopath on board so I am keeping well out of her way.
    The eclipse being on my ascendant feels like I should be doing something incredible and amazing, I just wish I knew what. In reality I’ll be going to yoga and meeting with my supervisor to talk about finishing my doctorate. I hope that’s enough.

      • Fab Chrys – agree with Virgonator, that is well and truly enough! (BTW I still haven’t finished my PhD – in deep do do with the admin but am slowly getting there). xx

        • Oh I assumed you must have finished a while back! They are tough going, aren’t they.
          I discontinued three years ago when I just didn’t have anything left to give it. Something shifted around December – the old ‘fire’ started up. Began reading again for fun. Made up my mind before Xmas and it turns out the uni is happy to have me back. It must be the right time. The fire trine this year will ping my Uranus in 9th so seems apt. xxx

  25. I’m exhausted. Keep waking pre-dawn ding! totally awake but too tired to move. Spent the last week in hyper networking and learning mode. I think had to grow new synapses to cope with all the information and connections coming in.

    Having a roller coaster ride with my loved one. Tiger woman + monkey man no do easy. Lucky I got good friends. This eclipse is opposing my Jupiter in aqua 11th. Wow it’s full on. Everyone i talk to wants to change the world.

    Just saw a falling star. Tomorrow it’s 39 degrees (!!) in a house with no air con. I might have to start a fire to cool down. I’m sitting under the moon writing this, listening to Chinese karaoke drift down the street, trying to soak up every scrap of cool breeze. Poor furry animals. They must want to take off their coats and hang them up. I’m going to chill some watermelon for my chickens.

    • Yeah I’m out in the backyard under the moon. A cool breeze blowing off the ocean but the house inside is still like an oven that’s been on all day. Tomorrow out of the frying pan into the fire.
      6 of us in the house tonight, I should put up the tent and we can all sleep outside, cause I’m not sure any of us will get any inside tonight.

      • Yeah my old house holds the heat too. It cools down in the wee hours but by then it’s been most of a sweaty night. Camping sounds delightful!

    • my inventive (aqua) dad created a fountain with what was basically a hose spray as the fountain part. when you turned the tap right up it shot several metres into the air and became a lovely rainshower. the unexpected side benefit was that the birds around the yard would swoop through the ‘rain’ for a bath and flutter.
      Point being, and i am not a keeper of chickens so i don’t know, i wonder if the chooks might enjoy a cooling shower from a sprinkler or hose where the soft part of the spray might cover a bit of the pen so they can partake / escape as they like..

  26. I spent last night gathering my nearest people for a light art festival tonight. After dark we’ll be wandering around downtown looking at colored lights in various configurations of beauty and intent. I’m quite looking forward to it. And it seems to combine haute Leo (shiny!) with Aqua (fairly cerebral art forms, if the previews are anything to go by). The world may be going to crap, but there are still people trying to live their best lives, making beautiful things and lighting up the world. Ima go out and support them.

  27. gonna run some numbers and visit one of my fave beaches tomorrow. 11am is caffeine time.
    second house hey? money. value. Val-You. Trine Dsc and venus/aries kinda stellium
    think about potential candidacy for better paying job
    property research and send an invoice that i keep forgetting to send for some work I did.
    look at overseas / study opportunities. (sun being Leo’s ruler is in my 9th house so might as well fire up new relationships that promote my visibility and career development)
    do more meditation, loving this
    in my experience the astro kind of happens regardless of things, when it’s this mega.

    I think a friend just hit on me via a fb msg..hahaha
    that was unexpected.

  28. This full moon eclipse is conjunct my lilith in the 1st house. For the past 3 days I have been obsessed with lingerie. Im not a “sexy” person like that but Ive bought 4 pieces that are just beautiful. I put them on, I feel sexy. I dont have a SO, but just knowing I have something is very hot.

    On a professional level (I’m a police officer), Tonight was hard. Everyone I stopped was just so angry. The man I stopped who was going 20 mph over the speed limit with children in the car (who didnt have seatbelts on!) and no insurance blamed ME for all of it and when I issued him his tickets he was recording me..all the while telling me this was my fault. Um, ok. Have a good day sir.

    Its going to be an interesting full moon.

    • Wow! Have you thought about wearing these newly acquired garments under the uniform? Now that would BE TOTAL HOTNESS.

      • Actually, on my Fridays (my days off rotate) we dont wear a uniform so I always wear something nice underneath the jeans and tshirt. Makes me feel like more of a woman since my vest and duty belt do nothing for my figure.

      • There are no set fines for speeding here but a court date will set you back $246. I normally dont write traffic tickets because I hate going to traffic court but this guy was such an a**hole. All he had to do was have manners and he would have gotten away with a warning.

        • No fines? Wow. My type of country. I’ve been done 20 times. Usually 15/20kmh over; sometimes more.

          I’ve never been picked-up by woman though. When Pluto was sq mySun (teenage years) I’d outrun the cops in my VW Beetle.

            • I did it 3 times. On the day following the 3rd one the cops raided my mates place where we were working on our cars/bikes. I jumped the fence but immediately was taken out by another cop running up the next door’s driveway.

              I was charged with “failing to stop on constabulatory direction” (x2). They didn’t get my #plate on the 2nd occasion. Plus drug stuff at sametime.

  29. Well this lunar eclipse has turned out to be a bit of a dud for me so far… No love interests beckoning. Maybe it has something to do with my Leo sun and Venus in the 6th house? I’ve ended up chained to my desk all weekend (with air cond) finishing the most difficult report I have ever had to do. I’ve over promised and don’t want to under delivery.. Feeling overwhelmed but bought chocolate get through it. 🙂

  30. It’s been batshit crazy. I cannot sleep.
    It’s Full Luna in LEO in my 12th house so it’s hard – almost impossibile – to keep everything Acquarius cool.
    And yes the ego trips are big around me and also in me and so every time I write email and make them too emotional I leave them hanging and then remove 75% of the words and go very “bullet point/to do list” about them,
    Can’t wait for this to be over.
    At the same time a new unexpected work opportunity has revealed itself.
    The New Moon in Acqua was in my 5th but it moved a few hours after in the 6th and it has kind given a huber fast pace to both work and health issues. It’s kinda setting the tone for the whole month.

  31. Mine has been showing up for about a month now – serious stuff brewing. It falls on my natal 3h Mercury, and boy, has my pen/brain connection got life!!!

    Also observing it fall across moon of v. difficult person/saboteur and watching the drama play out prior to their departure….. in slo-mo, very visible, but have been joining the dots of that Uranian division-formula powder trail

  32. Well I read my Cancer book other day. The FM is in my 2nd; 5* past the cusp.17*. My Merc at 15* & Uran at 19*.

    The dept of Elucidation are chasing me for lots. The MM Cancer book said if someone is after your money make a conciliatory approach. I chased them up. They were upset with language I used in recent in times. (I was very inventive). I said when I used nice language you weren’t listening. Now you are I apologize. Anyway I made them an offer which should, I hope, be accepted.

    It is amazing this FM/NM stuff. Last month l meditated on the NM (in my 7th) & that brought fruition.

    And if you haven’t got a copy of MM’s year books for your sun/asc, you are bereft of cogency!!!

  33. I’m in seclusion cooking up a healthy and potent dose of awesome, haute libra sun/ aqua rising plans for my future

  34. Yes. Huge eruptions all around!

    I’m hunkering down in the hinterland for the weekend, communing with beloved Earth Mother, soaring in my heart with the birds, grounding, working hard on my land and keeping my mouth shut. Prayers, chants, incantations excluded.

  35. My full moon twilight trek scheduled for tomorrow evening has been cancelled due to mass flooding from this incredible amount of rain we have received in the last 24. While the east coast swelters, the West is having its coldest and wettest summer days on record. I somehow think I will be vibing on aqua this eclipse.

    • Sydney are sooks. It has the most benign weather with occassional 40* days. Ole!

      Now what have I done with my red rag.

  36. I swear if I didn’t know about the eclipse I’d be looking around saying “what the FUH is up with everyone?”. There were literally two car fires on the motorway yesterday – complete motorway closure I’m not kidding – went past FOUR more car accidents – muggles driving like they got a death wish – EVERYONE is cranky – bad news flooding in – crazy dreams last night and woke up crying – it’s like the air is electric. Other than the dream I’m vibing ultra detached (Leo rising) and so is my dear pussycat, as usual, in his element under a Leo moon and being totally smoochy.

  37. Got Saturn square Saturn exact right now and on my Dsc so my main company is being very difficult with perceived power play right now, but Saturn is going to drop, reverse over Venus Neptune and back here for the whole year so I better strap in and get used to the “evaluation period” between sources of income and heart. Eclipse in my 2nd is just giving this a stage and spotlight. Saturn square Saturn tips appreciated Mystic. A whole year of testing and absence sounds exhausting.

  38. Hah ! We are having a blizzard in Portland Maine. O heat wave going down here!!! It still non the less full moon eclipse on the rise… I am a Leo rising conjunction north node and Venus with Uranus at 27 wtf I have no idea what to believe in on or for other than hang on to my hat or better yet toss it to the wild north wind. I am in love with belief and yet afraid to look through my rose colored glasses . Fiull moons are bright with fright or full of great big magic in Leo???? Hah full of courage and smiles !!!Enjoy !!!

  39. The full moon eclipse is in my Leo 2nd house and exact opposes my natal Chiron in Aqua. says basically I may make a fool of myself or make a fool of others. On the 2nd/ 8th axis this may be about money, hmmm.

    • Some of the interps for transits are somewhat blunt. Useful tool to see your transite but getting a synthesis or understanding the key influences takes insight.

      • Yeah, especially Chiron transits. From my own research Chiron in my Aqua 8th is a major player for me and it’s cycles seem more prominent than Jupiter or Saturns in my life. Astro seem to place less weight on its effect that find or they come across a little cliched.

        • ditto – they are sour old fashioned swiss interps – I like cafeastrology for interps, much more modern and gentle.

          • is like lemons. Sourly written but they do contain Vit C.

            Most probably written with Teutonic efficiency.

            • being mercury ruled & in pisces, my thinking is that there is no one true source of info (ever, for anything) especially for something experienced as subjectively as astrology. It’s up to us to trawl around for the writers whose language and approach makes the most sense to us. After that, the pages that don’t sit as well can then click in with the foundation somewhere.

              It’s good to find astro’s who specialise in a certain kind of vibe or planet. i like that there are different approaches.

              I have had some really productive chiron research when it started to conjunct my sun and mercury (ongoing, lol). Going right into the mythology and the esoterics can be insightful.

              but ppls know that I guess.

    • hey, DL
      some thinking
      8th house being house of exchange, other people’s resources, occulted things, business transactions – the ‘deal’, the unknown

      chiron there
      limits, some kind of downfall or wounding, chiron definitely made a deal with the gods, to be made human so that he could escape the agony of being wounded in the act of peacemaking, insight about pain,

      being Aqua, and opposite Leo, i was wondering about intellectual property, being paid for your ideas, debtors or creditors, “getting credit” for your work (2nd house) / ideas (leo, aqua). Maybe concepts of being a genius, an inventor, but never receiving recognition? Or perhaps, some kind of suffering as a result/consequence of the ideas, research? south node in aries, maverick (for better or worse)?
      Not even nec this life but as a past vibe.

      • I have those placements as well, DL being 3mths older, & some of that resonates with me.

        I’ve always thought having my Chart Ruler, in Aqua, as a Bucket Handle gives rise to me as maverick (my strength/weakness as a teacher). As MM pointed out the other day the Moon has wide orbs. My Moon is 6* Aqua, in opp to my Sun (27* Kat/1H) & my Uran (15* Leo/1H); a sort of narrow yod-like aspect. So I have Mutual Triplicity Reception (Sun in Kat=Moon in Aqua=Uran in Leo). That is already zany enough and explains my obsession with Kate Bush (apart from the fact she is cute & her Venus on my Asc) (What the fuck is a Madonna?- cat amongst the pidgeons stuff- hahaha). I do like women crazy and strong (triple shot please).

        But, to the SN Aries, that adds to my maveracy? I also Chiron in Aqua 8H and that is opp my Mars/Pluto, tho intercepted.

        • i was reading elsewhere that moon in aqua is not so good at the emotions on interpersonal level but wants to tear down the system that gives rise to the emotions. most likely the emotions that cause pain and unhappiness.

          I think south node aries is about feeling more comfortable as a free agent only accountable to ourselves. the challenges for people like us is to learn to play nice with others. The whole is greater than the sum of its parts. As collaborators and teams working in harmony, we build something that no one person could accomplish alone and where everyone benefits.

          the ruler of your 8th house in Leo wants creative expression and sovereignty, and to celebrate the individual in everyone.
          Maybe you can start a school 🙂

            • Its why l like teaching timber, metal and automotive. There is little ambiguous bs like in academic subjects.

              In theory lessons l just go through the knowledge but l don’t make em do written shit…but I’m supposed to do it. And l don’t do theory lessons anywhere like I’m supposed to either.

              FFS, its a practical subject, assess it practically.

          • You are such a prescient being. I forgot you Aries SN. I do have trouble doing Libra.

            My Moon is crazy alright. The Queen of emotions, my Chart Ruler, my Bucket Handle in the sign of UnEmotionality, Aqua.

            I’ve have entertained the idea of being an ambo. I know how to shift a vehicle as demanded. I could do Aqua Moon detachment from spilled guts and cracked heads zeroing in on what needs to be done.

            Then, sometime later, go to their beds, in recovery, and do the Kat Sun/Asc empath thing with them.

            • emergency response is definitely a unique role in society. a couple of paramedics, one is a multi scorpio I am sure with some sadge (gahhh sigh) and the other is a gemini who is very earthed but she might have some kataka in her. They have nerves like steel cables, there is nothing they have not seen (of course). the scorpio’s presence actually soothes me, but i’m sure it’s not intended and also am pretty sure it’s not because of his profession as such lol.

              A large part of their job seems not to be handling the patient but dealing with often extremely moronic behaviour from others at the scene.

  40. very aquarian in this realm but i also just woke up from nocturnal adventures that involved my loved ones seeing me off, making sure i was warm enough as i stepped into the cold (i even dropped a layer of chunky kimono, lol). where did the adventure take me? ANCIENT ROME. the sun, fire, festivities, chariots amidst all that red, gold and terra cota. dream moods was quite helpful in decoding the omens, they resonated well. any further symbolisms are welcome though!

  41. Eclipse is conjunct natal Saturn and IC third house. I am working like a boss today, definitely doing Saturn. Cleaning up my act, putting amazing plans into effect, and had the most spot on tarot of all time, it was spectacular!

    An astronomy dude I know has the times up for the moons occultation (regulus) for all of OZ (except Perth weirdly) on his page today. Bless him. His starts in Alice springs at 10.23pm, last viewing is about 0158 in Hobart. Hope this is ok to post, MM and good luck everyone xx

  42. Grrrwow! Yay for Leo eclipse! Ending tomorrow for crazy stressful job where I learned so much! Mixed emotions because it got me to where I am going. Starting on Monday in the kind of place that I always though I waned to be but did not think would happen. My work is cut out for me but the opportunity is great. Thank you for the prep, difficult Saturn transits. Thank you. Natal Saturn in Aries 6th house, I won’t let you down.

  43. Aqua sun y’all! Much chill, much omen reading. Binging on Carl Jung and going all in on symbolism. I’m keeping my eye on the fray, but have managed to remain well detatched. Too much work to do! My days this week have been half dream work, half deadline crunching. Okay, kitty claws came out on Monday briefly defending Lady Gaga, lol but I kept it relaxed and familiar. Drew no blood! Also got Ubasti conjunct my Aqau Sun n Jupiter

  44. Leo rising, Aquarius moon, Taurus sun here. GOOD GOD, can this week be done now? Work chaos and subversive schemes have emerged over the last two weeks, but especially the last two days. JESUS TAKE THE WHEEL. Big meeting tomorrow to review the massive crap bomb that’s exploding everywhere and hoping I can play it cool because all I want to do is be an assertive boss lady.

  45. I love that tarot image, too. May the Leo eclipse give me the strength to forge through my doubts and fears of being able to complete the creative project I’m working on.

  46. We had an earthquake here in Adelaide an hour after the actual eclipse time. It’s the second in the space of a week. In the most severe grip of a heatwave here too. I guess the heat rises as much as it descends at this time.

  47. Wow, love that tarot card image. I’m doing ultra productive negotiation and ticking off the must-do list to clear the slate for a chilled weekend, spirited by a synchronistic offer set to propel my new brand. And I’m doing it all from bed with aircon.

  48. I already had an altercation with a colleague this week around our working schedule and our roles within them. As a new teacher, my colleague is learning the ropes. As a veteran, I feel it is my job to keep all staff in my room in a good flow for the day to get our jobs done with fairness and swiftness. I reminded her, yet again, that she’s got to stop forgetting who’s responsible for what during the day. We have a schedule for a reason. She came at me, ego tripping and unfairly attacking me with a defensiveness I’ve never seen from her before. She also rejected my concerns as something she could truly care less about, however; I deduced that tit for tat energy for the sake of our working relationship. I honestly love working with her. And we were both pretty upset after I opened my mouth. I felt she was taking advantage of my work ethic and was seeking to do less work without consequence. She felt I was nitpicking and that she doesn’t care about the schedule because I never asked her if this particular schedule would work for her. After I put her in her place. Reluctantly reminding her of my slew of years tucked under my belt, I felt bad about my initial attack on her laziness. It wasn’t pretty. I am Taurus rising Virgo after all. Not one to fuq with. She is a Cancer and I know they are just as stubborn as I am. This Leo Moon has given me the fire I needed to confront her. I bit off her head, a little, but I’m sure she knows where I stand now. She’ll be ok.

    • it is hard with younger colleagues – one can remember being their age but also that can’t cloud the need to deal with bad behaviour. I have a younger colleague who seems so hell bent on advancing her own agenda all the time, at the expense of everyone else. and if I try and give her feedback or ask for things (as is my job) she gets angry, pushes back and guilts the lily (as MM calls it) then collapses into tears if you stand your ground. exhausting and I am OVER her. Good luck with yours *smiles ruefully*

  49. I am also in the city of the “heatwave”—leo is ruled by the SUN so seems v. appropriate to have extreme drama raging over the sun.

    Am all about re-infusing life with art and FUN and not taking the bait from qi vamps.

  50. Im taking back my son this weekend from an abusive situation with his father. I feel I have the strength and courage to do this. I have custody order and will call the police if need be. I spose it is a bit dramatic. I’m fighting fire with fire. Mercury in Leo. I’m finding my voice again.

    • OMG, sending all my best to you & your son! Kids = Leo – you and your cub have lots of astrological support for this! Jupiter, Saturn, Eris, Uranus, and Saturn are all on your team – yes, get the law on your side if you have to. Uranian-flavored Moon are always great for breaking up fuqed-up family situations…it was Uranus conjunct my IC that coincided with my own tween-age flight. Here’s to liberation – strength & protection to you both!

      • Someone is at risk of abusive behaviour from a (known?) abuser and they can’t do anything.

        If I was a cop I’d get into the same trouble I do as a teacher. Because I don’t abide bureaucratic stupidity.

    • Janey! What beautifully supportive timing you’ve chosen. How are you? Is your boy okay? My mummy heart walks with you. xx

      • Thank you everyone. I did get him back but his father came up on Sunday and he wanted to go with him. It wasn’t pretty. The police came but couldn’t do anything, especially since he wanted to go with him. It got very nasty. Meeting with my solicitor tomorrow. I’m feeling strong and confident. Made a report to Docs also.

  51. I am considering this eclipse awesome. Like the tower-card in the tarot is awesome. Things are crumbling around me but i’m re-discovering my own shell of power here. But WOW what a whirlwind

  52. I am sooo chillaxed right now, but everything around me is a vortex of crazy. They think its the heat but I am feeling the raw undercurrent of awesomeness vibing through the ethers… bring it on La Luna, Sun Jupiter Saturn and Uranus and lets not forget the V&J retros. I feel like singing “welcome to the jungle…”

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