Lady Gaga Does Saturn

Saturn Return in the 6th house just done for the fuq you professionalism, health discipline, core stability and tough work lessons, Uranus on Venus for the alien love interests and transcendence of turgidity, Saturn on natal Uranus for the making of millions of lucre units out of progressive values and VIBE, Saturn opposite the Ascendant for the (possibly) more pro new management, Full Moon Eclipse in Leo impending to blow open the Yang-Fire astral energies and extra cosmic juju in the choreographer, dancers and costuming genius  – VOILA – Lady Gaga demonstrating how Aries types do Saturn.

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I knew it..evenso she’s an arian but she has a core pragmatism hence her Capricorn Mars. *strong etiquette.


Anyone else find it weird how similar The Simpsons predicted her outfit to be 5 years ago?


Given that its writers also predicted trump would be president, no 🙂


maybe Lady Gaga copied The Simpsons?


So who are the real artists here…..

If you said, say in the 70s, that a singer would copy a cartoon you would’ve been laughed out of the room.

Maybe she’s an artune.


Hey, never underestimate The Simpsons. My favorite line, Homer to Maggie: “The Internet?! Is that thing still around?”


Oh right sport event ok lol. Well, Aries makes sense. Do they always feature fire signs? Beyonce etc.


Beyoncé is a Virgo. ?


Oh. I was thinking Leo for some reason. Thanks for the info 🙂

Lux Interior Is My Co-Pilot

Feeling this.


Best half-time show ever! Best Super Bowl ever!


Whoa, we have some astro similarities, wasn’t expecting that! (Well… Lol)
Shall study.

em price

You are Secret Gaga!


I love her and so glad she gave it her all and gave us her best! Every performance i see her in she just gives it her all. And it was a marathon and her voice still sounded great!


Jumping out of frame at the start and end of her performance – I lol’d in delight. Sheer Uranus-Venus unpredictability, charm, humor!

Virgo Ellie

She was phenomenal!!!!! Respectful, talented and American!! Good Job Last Gaga. You just sent a positive trend for music in the world!!

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