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Shinji Turner?Yamamoto, Constellaria #13, 2017. Ca. 450-million-year-old Ordovician fossil dust and shale, ca. 440-million-year-old Silurian volcanic ash, cultured crystals grown on Ordovician fossil fragments, 24kt gold and silver leaf, gesso, clay bole, animal glue, dragon’s blood, natural resin, mixtion, raw linen canvas, wood panel | 72 x 71 x 7 cm (on view at SAPAR CONTEMPORARY)


When the Full Moon is an Eclipse in Leo, consciousness can be raised at warp speed.  And not by opting out but by opting In. Choose what you consume with wisdom. Finesse your everything. If everything was a giant cosmic stock exchange – and maybe it is – this would be the time to go short on “normal.”

For me, my current art crush is the above, Shinji Turner Yamamoto – vision and perspective plus, the food is figs + I.V. antioxidants and sound track = Brian Eno – Apollo. Film: The Neon Demon, about vampire models in L.A., described by many critics as “ridiculous and puerile” – but, imho, amazing.  I saw shadows of Bunuel & Helmut Newton through it – Lee Miller even.

So it’s a Full Moon Eclipse in LEO with Uranus involved – we are allowed to get off on haute art and micro-adjusting our sensibilities.  In fact, fuq permission. What are your Full Moon Eclipse in Leo art-style-trend-film-food-whatever recommendations.

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89 thoughts on “Eclipse Tuning Your Art, Fashion, Food etc

  1. Synchronicity is magic! I just watched Neon Demon for the first time on the eclipse. The competition can really “eat you up” if you’re too innocent, right? My husband opted not to watch it with me, after reading the cover description, his comment was, “Lame.” After watching it, he asked if I thought he would like it and I said, “No, it’s about women.” Too complicated! Beauty…art…suffering for the beauty and art…artificial vs natural…what’s a girl to do?

  2. My recommendation are related to beauty: luscious argan oli based face mosturizer, hair trim, legs waxing (well one has to do it) and a more healthy but yummy food.
    I lost 2 kilos and it looks like I have lost 5: I got very unexpected compliments on how my legs are slim but I look very fit and if feels like what I started with the NM in Acqua at the end of January now has a meaning.
    It feels very lonely though: Full Moon illuminates everything, right? And mine is in the 12th house.

    • Yeah it’s felt lonely for me too.
      Strange because until now I’d always thought I was perfectly content in solitary but starting to genuinely crave human connections now and aware of a sadness that I’ve spent so long just struggling along on my own. I suppose the upside is knowing I actually DO have that craving vs being in denial re needs. Also doing the home cleaning and body / face / hair stuff myself these days using only natural products. It’s bizarre how long silly advertisements have convinced me I needed ridiculous chemicals and nasty nonsense that I just don’t. Again it’s better than not knowing I guess. Very skinny too. Not terribly thrilled about it but will start building myself up from a more secure foundation this time Core stuff. Body weight. Etc. X

  3. Entire floor of flat covered in salt. Got rid of almost everything in the flat, either donated or just chucked out. Minor regrets over on or two items and the crazy Black, white or grey ethic only but on the whole kind of okay.
    Finally finished a 500 piece of fiction in the autobiographical style, based exactly on the prompt ie fictionalising an actual event, which tbh I found quite difficult to get my head around and really struggled with. It’s one thing when I write spontaneously but to write and submit and admit I have finished – at least for now- a piece and feel I’ve done it to the best of my ability is challenging. I wrote so many versions that were powerful but not specific or honest ENOUGH and missed the deadline but just carried on explothe theme regardless. It’s done now and it’s good. Enough. I can move on with the next exercise although it appears I’m no longer on the course as such – they have set up a one to private tutor mentoring thing for me. I guess because of my dyslexia and ADHD and this thing I do of digging too deep and trying too hard so the exercises take me much longer. But it just isn’t enough for me to skim the surface and read two pages, it felt like I’d be cheating myself and skimming along, speeding through things rather than being relentlessly authentic. So not had feedback on the piece I submitted yet but I am happy with it and need to move on to something lighter now.
    In many ways and on every level. The switch moment at the eclipse was intense for me. I went from crying and watching Maleficent Loses her wings clips on YouTube to flinging more salt around and dancing barefoot in the salt to Gloria Gaynor’s I Am What I Am as if a switch had been flipped inside me. Glad I hung in there and didn’t numb out with a substance like even my head telling me that I should take cold & flu OTC because I was “coming down with something ” which I am not. I did eventually take half the recommended dose but around 3.30 am when I was clearly not able to sleep and was aware I’d ridden out the storm and needed to gather myself and sleep for as long as possible so I could wake up feeling stable and grounded which I’m beginning to do only now, a good 12 hours later. Overall I think I’m doing okay. Let’s see. Looking forwards to examining much lighter literature than Shanteram and Intimacy now, I’ve never dipped a finger into Harry Potter but think JK Rowling is amazing as a person so I’ve just been a bit of a snob I guess. I always assume if something is popular I will hate it or that it won’t apply to me. I often fall on thing long after people have lost interest and are like soooo five years ago as I did with the MIlenuim Trillogy and go apeshit over it and people are like “well, duh”.
    Lol so yeah hmmm

    • Yes loving HP.
      Fabulous writing and so just what I need right now!
      Laughing at the muggle references I’d not known were from there. What a gorgeous story it is. Why on earth was I so sure I’d not enjoy it?
      Silly girl.
      It’s delightful.

  4. I just finished watching The Neon Demon. I could definitely see the Helmut Newton influence but found the suggested sexual violence toward a minor troubling. I think the director also suggests that people are chosen by others based on chemistry alone and all rationalizing is irrelevant. The editorial photographer showed interest in the “washed-up” older model only after devouring the lead character, he reacted to the change in the vampire model’s chemistry after the she had ingested a person he was drawn to. Or how the makeup artist was able to easily eliminate her (coincidentally as moon blood flow) where the other 2 visibly struggled. That placed in contrast with how the others were rejected. And how the main character is totally ruled by the moon and the film focuses mostly on female characters.

    • You’ll laugh at this food comment but I made Nutella from scratch last night, I subbed the palm oil with walnut and the cocoa is organic from Peru.

    • So add to the highly subjective chemistry-between-people element, beauty and youth are the only currency, corresponding with the very short career of your average model. The main character modeled until the point that she learned to revel in her own power -she didn’t even develop a successful career out of it.

  5. Love the Uranian art up there MM! I’m being a homebody because there’s all sorts of weird full moon eclipse violence going on in my city atm, but my Tumblr is like a giant art gallery that never fails me. I’m doing a mix of haute and low snacks. Haute “lotus pops” aka “gorgon nuts” (Gorgon!) that are crunchy and seasoned and supposedly full of antioxidants. And the low, but ever tasty, gummy bears, but they were a gift and they come in 11! flavors. I recently was trying to make “healthy gummies” with gelatin and kombucha and fruit juice, but they tasted meh. For music I’m listening to somafm (online free streaming radio stations!), generally the “Deep Space One” channel if I want to chill, be productive, really anything, those sounds are on my wavelength. Oh Brian Eno, how I love thee. And, fitting for the week of the Leo eclipse, I just began a creativity coaching training so I’m writing up my homework for that and thinking about my art and how I can support others’ creative endeavors. Not watching anything because I have been binging so hard on reading, both philosophy and academic for my daytime activities and metaphysical and magic for my own nurturance. And…my 12-card Tarot for this eclipse was so inspiring! Heading into a new kataquan era.

    • And since we are talking Leo here…I discovered a lifesaving hair product, a dry shampoo texturizing paste that is mostly natural ingredients. More texturizer than dry shampoo, and so much volume, as one reviewer described it, “Texas hair”. I don’t achieve those heights but I do reach a new personal best for my mane.

  6. My contribution to the artistic well being of the planet was to show my 2 oldest granddaughters (8 & 5) “The 3 Amigos”.

    The 5yo (Cancer Sun/Asc/Merc & Venus & Scorp Moon) cacked herself over the crossing the salt lake. And mimicked all the comedic highlights.

      • “Anyvun else with a comment………..friends of mine vill be coming around. I hope you show them more courtesy than you have shown me. They are not as kind-hearted”

        • “In a way, all of us has an El Guapo to face…”

          My sister’s family nickname is Wapy. Embarrassing, but it evolved from El Guapo.

          • Not because she’s an El Guapo! She’s great…just one of those things that became explicably woven into the family tapestry.

            My mum tried to sell The 3 Amigos to my stepdad but he never bought it!

            An acquired taste.

  7. Have always loved Brian Eno’s Apollo. I used to listen to it every night as I feel asleep…
    I’ve had some nice realistic dreams of being out in space, some that I’ve never forgotten even years later.

    I’m too low energy and depressed right now to get all haute and avant garde with art. I can’t keep up with my own lame life, much less have my finger on the pulse of anything new and cool. I’ve never been the cool girl..
    Leo-related stuff: I’m so sick of my hair. It is so ‘meh’ right now. It’s a dull shade of highlighted blonde. Why bother to highlight if it’s going to come out dull?! Haircut is bordering on ‘soccer mom’, too……I need a real change!
    Full moon eclipse was in my 2nd house opposite my 8th house Aqua Sun.

  8. Eclipse in my seventh house opposite my Aquarius moon-mercury conjunction. Film = Notorious, with Cary Grant and Ingrid Bergman, Hitchcock’s Uber smart, sexy suspense film about sex, and betrayal.

  9. Planning my trip to Japan in March/April. Went to farmers market yesterday and baking blackberry tart for dessert tonight. I make the shortcrust pastry from scratch with plenty of butter, and serve it with thick cream.

    Also finishing a freelance editing job, a report about funding for homelessness. Reading a book (but mainly looking at the illustrations ) on designer illustrator Erte.

  10. I’ve been obsessing over William Gibson’s short story “The Gernsback Continuum.” Free PDF online if you’re interested in reading about the consequences of toxic nostalgia as demonstrated by deco-futurist architecture from the 50s:

    Partner and I have been getting stoned and eating dark chocolate brownies I made on Thurs with vanilla ice cream. We’re watching The L Word and can’t get over how rude everyone is.

    Too distracted by politics to take in much else right now, tbh.

  11. My art has been redecoration of the house and altering furniture in rooms, improving the feng shui.
    Fashion is dresses. Finding a dress can do everything and I feel genuinely goddess with feist.
    And I’m eating vast amounts of veggies, going no sugar but have indulged in the figs !! Bliss.

  12. Dragged two very reluctant teens to the movie LION -my second viewing in a week, and profoundly more heart-wrenching this time around..provoked deep empathy from both ( ha it worked it’s magic!!) My scorp/leo rising/nn leo son was even more quiet than usual this evening.

  13. Retro-everything and Vintage obsession going on with me now. Lots of 1940s mystery movies and old time radio broadcasts (i got an app). Bought my first vintage costume jewelry piece (a 1950s Ciner rhinestone and red cabouchon bracelet) and now looking at 1930’s ring and art deco bracelet to continue collecting.. Realizing that old school luxury really nourishes me and looking at my home and how it needs some TLC to spruce it up. (Paint, carpet cleaning, and more Art on the walls.).

    Last week did a Helios ritual to the sun, and now consciously “drinking” the sun with juicing again. What a difference!

    The days are edging longer…it hit the upper 40s Fahrenheit yesterday (no snow whoop whoop) in Minnesota. Shorts weather 🙂 Gratitude for the upcoming Spring. No drama.over this eclipse (hit in my 7th house). My mom turned 92 on the 9th. She looks great and has her mind and hearing intact. Everything seems poised to go forward with pleasure in the next few months. So yay!

      • Literally at the Play Store “old time radio app” they have mysteries, detective stories, comedies…free. i get to listen to my phone …audio books etc at work so listening to the radio helps me get through the tedium. Rigjt now its Vincent Price as The Saint. He’s great!

  14. Been starting off my mornings with Flo Morrisey’s take on “Look at What the Light Did Now” followed by Tash Sultana (thx Baristagem!). Realized I was listening to way too much Leonard Cohen and the National’s Boxer album. I mean, is it healthy to listen to “Fake Empire” and “Dress Rehearsal Rag” too many times? Switched to Bjork and other upbeat lady music thankfully.

    At the last few drops of my lemon, cedar, and sage spray. Time for a new scent I suppose. Food? Can’t do much with a partial kitchen but I’ve been drinking strawberry & raw honey mixed in raw milk keifer to get my gut back into shape after being on nasty antibiotics.

    I don’t watch much screen other than the internet so the last thing I watched was a tarot video for the new moon. Found out that a local art museum has all these member benefits like all kinds of events throughout the year, so I plan to join.

    Happy new vibes, everyone!

  15. Sound: Going to see a concert tonight that blends elements of classical music with gypsy and indian flair.
    Food: Hawaiian poke
    Scent: jojoba infused with coffee bean
    Sight: the trailer for the Batman Lego movie. When is this shit coming out? I need some comic relief.

  16. Had ice-cream for the first time in ages. Salted caramel type one with yum vanilla base.
    I ate a bag of Cobbs popcorn for lunch. A big bag 🙂

    Dinner was every veggie in the fridge with turmeric, lime and chilli

    Was listening to a podcast on branding and blogging and some affirmations while walking
    Watched When Harry Met Sally because it was on TV (interspersed with The People vs Larry Flint on the commercial breaks)

    So not as cool as you all 🙂

  17. The Emporer’s New Groove, lol! I’ve seen it a million times and I still laugh every time. It’s about royalty so it’s totally Leo-appropriate 😉

  18. Drinking rosé with ice.
    Just made a face/body oil with jasmin grandiflorum eo. It smells like Brisbane summer nights minus the sweat.
    Trying to figure out how to get to the David Hockney exhibition at the NVG before it finishes.

    • Go to the John Olsen ‘You beaut country’ at NGV Australia at Fed Square — last day today (12 Feb).

      I cannot say enough good things about it.

      I liked David Hockney exhibit too, but nothing comes close to John Olsen’s magic. OUT OF THIS WORLD how talented he is (turning 89 or 90 this year — an art legend in league of his own). xx

  19. Art gallery of NSW has a major exhibition on the ‘nude’. Some of the most iconic nude paintings sculpture and photography. All accompanied by dancers from the Sydney Dance Company performing nude. Audience nude. We went to a non nude audience evening but I imagine the nude audience nights would be quite interesting.The exhibition is stunning !

  20. Newly tweaked silver hair, red lipstick, red socks, Neil gaimans American gods to read. Making huge altar/installation with red tulips and mimosa. Collaging old copies of national geographic, studying the writing of the king James bible and how some had some pretty bad typos and were written by a motley crew of academics. But the poetry of the words has such power even to this pagan coyote. Making a feast all vegan for 60 people with a couple of friends celebrating 70 years of our very unusual community on our estate, lots of poets artists performers activists crackpots musicians computer geeks. My Gemini south node loves it . This eclipse conjunct Pluto on my midheaven so anything could happen!

  21. Today I bought a vintage 70s black silk blouse covered in gold sequins forming the image of a butterfly front and back. A triple Earth sign’s interpretation of appropriate attire for a lunar eclipse in Leo. I’d post a photo if I could work out how.

  22. Today I decorated my kitchen area with fairylights. For festive feelings all year round and lights to guide me to the fridge for midnight snacking. It’s showy-Leo yes but a bit more kitschy Libra I think? Leo rising and Jupiter currently in my second, so.

  23. So this is about consumption, the eclipse is in my second house so you know, there’s some leeway there,
    I bought a podcast that is all about saturn in Leo. Lots of Leo and fire work.
    New exercise gear – I tend to run in my most shredded clothing, this is fine, but I can’t resist the neon-wear and for survival purposes do actually need proper loose singlets made for running in what is actually a sauna right now.
    Lemongrass oil, for aromatic purposes, so clear and zingy and fresh
    Also an art book.

    It’s easier to mood-boost my way out of the badlands lately, but the state of mind does need careful tending for best results..

  24. At work atm i dont know what’s on the menu…I’d like a men menu tho….o ha ha. Love Roberto Ferri and Cam Rackham and funky Dope Lemon tunes.
    Happy Full Moon?

  25. I just got back from a Cuban Orishas/Hip Hop dance concert and it was amazing. The Orishas (perhaps you know) are African divinities that traveled into parts of America with the slaves. This concert combines traditional Cuban dances and stories of Ochun, especially (think Aphrodite) and her conquests, with street dance from the U.S. (She also seduced Xango in a salsa scene, which was pretty cool.)

    Seeing three young men in baggy jeans come out and *embody* Xango was just amazing. Chills and goosebumps everywhere.

  26. Ella Fitzgerald singing the Cole Porter songbook, book is Weapon of Math Destruction,. Iced tea using tea bags and salads with roast veggies.

  27. Solo raspberry chip hot fudge sundae. Driving around lake and musing. Kill Bill soundtrack on radio. Cozy apt bone broth simmering, editing photos, singing Talking Heads, long shower, reading Fitzgerald

    • Loved the Yamamoto art by the way, esp the Irish fossil studies on Artsy. Gorgeous and thought provoking.
      Lucio Fontana is totally Leo eclipse vibe- 60s futurist /space /abstract so very aqua yet channeling Leo Italian beauty passion and violence through slashed and poked canvas

    • Love it!
      OMG That movie made my LIFE as a tween!
      There are some lush moments of brassy Lilith that I found so gloriously Leonine and Marilyn Monroe meets Cindi Lauper or something- like the air con moment and all the FU bubblegum fun of her at her most unparalleled screw being appropriate of normal or conservative- a bit like Julia in what was a hideously unfeminist rather misogynistic film on the whole but she shone so brightly in a similarly inappropriate but gorgeous and thoroughly entertaining and endearing way that it didn’t matter at the time. I loved Mad in that film. It was so Unapologetic and so Leo Lilith x
      And yes on the coconut hair mask – i did seven nights of that with scalp massage in a row. Apparently if you do in once a month for a week your hair grows much healthier- lol who knows or cares ?

      • Yes! She is just so REAL in it! Embodying the Lillith vibe and creating a new archetype for post fem tweens of the 80s + fab vintage hot chick looks!

        Re the coconut oil x 7days will give tragics shot cheers Invi

  28. Fun! You are so much classier than me Mystic, lol. Art: Hunting for African and Aboriginal fabric on Etsy to stretch over a canvas as I can’t afford real art.
    Watching: Graham Hancock (Aries) talking with Joe Rogan (Leo Merc, Leo Sun conj. Jupiter, Moon in Scorp 😉 ) on YouTube.
    Soundtrack: Gemini man is playing Flamenco (out of tune and constantly retuning due to new strings). Food: raw veg, dip, baguette and tea (ok a bit of vanilla slice found its way to my plate).

    Loving this Moon as much as I loath a Scorpio Moon (as I have Scorpio Moon ’tis conjunct – no offence to Scorpalicious types).

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