These Boots Were Made For Aries

Kristen Stewart in red boots. Aries fashion

Aries fashion tip number one: Red boots. To serve as a reminder of fierce Aries focus, best foot forward and that accelerating through tough times works.

Red energizes anything it touches. Red IS the Aries color and boots are suitably assertive.

It is a talisman for potency, to up the Aries bit of your astrological energies and rouse your Mars power.

Yes, the Warrior God has a bad rep for starting wars but we are not talking about that aspect of Mars here. This is about recovering or revving up your vim. To have focus so fierce that brain fog fuqs off in terror.

Red boots are a reminder that Aries fashion is best set off by primal ambition. Aries are competitive, face it. And, you can use red boots to rev up wherever in your birth chart you have Aries.

Red spikes Mars/Aries energy. For example. Say you have Aries 3rd House, put on the red boots (or underwear) to symbolically stimulate your scribe vibe.


Image: Vogue Paris – Kristen Stewart


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I’m a bit late on this thread, but I’m loving the new break-up video of Aries Woman Mariah Carey burning her wedding dress, then changing into a tight red number. I thought it was very funny considering the comments Mystic has made about how aries do break ups in the


I went out on a first date with someone the other night. At one point we left the club we were at because its energy was fairly intense and heavy and went for a walk around the city block. We eventually sat down and talked, really nice, no crazy kissing or anything like that, just a lovely conversation about our favourite films and books. At one point I looked down and noticed we were both wearing red shoes, which I pointed out to him. It was just one of those moments that was serendipitous, lovely and simple. He had bought… Read more »


I virtually never wear red! I have a couple flannels that have red in them and just got a buffalo check scarf earlier this winter. Maybe I should start wearing them more for my Aries Venus and see what happens. 🙂


When Venus meeting Aries- She became a guru of fashion or at least, an authentic trendsetter.
Having Venus in Libra here while watching every breakthrough of fashionistas came from Aries league. (Victoria Beckham, Gaga, Rihanna- Venus in Aries, Sarah Jessica Parker, etc)


tons of water and air in my chart, hence an abhorrence of all things red, and i wonder why i am so ungrounded. ok, i’ll ~look~ into the red show thing. maybe start small and go undercover with some nice red lingerie. should be on clearance after 2/14 too!


shoe dammit shoe, see can’t even type it!!!!!!!!!!!!!! agh


Love red shoes, I’ve had many over the years. I’ve also had some red clothes including a clingy dark red dress I still wear (a bit darker than blood red). I’ve never found a good red lipstick colour that suits me. When I wear it I go for a plum colour. I’ll get myself some sex red underwear stat but not pillar box red it’s too harsh for my garnets. Aries rising.


I had a good pair of red runners years ago, still miss them.


Venus and Moon in Aries, Mercury, Mars and Sun in Taurus. Retro = rethinking reestablishing diet. Might keep eating red fruits and veg to start off with. And natal Chiron and Saturn in 2nd House Pisces. Looking likely!


actually wearing lots of red beads today !


Every time I try to wear something red I feel uncomfortable and relieved when I take it off. (Cap sun, Taurus moon and rising. Say no more). I’m often drawn to red things though.

Lux Interior Is My Co-Pilot

I had my wardrobe feng shui-ed (thankyou Mystic and Carolyn Mccallum) and it turned out red is one of my colours…

DAMN it made a difference. I wear “fire” colours (red, pink, orange) regularly now and have more energy and feel more grounded.

I used to wear white and it scattered the crap out of me.


God I love Kristen Stewart!


Me too! Clouds of Sils Maria is one of my fave films. I think she is so awesome


I love red shoes. Not high heels, I somehow never graduated into them even tho wouldn’t be a bad idea at only 5’2.. but red flats yep. I have 3 pairs. Jupiter, Chiron, Lilith,Vesta & Eris in Aries 😉


i swear Mystic i spying on me. I have been wearing red shoes lately! *Gasp*

Anita Dudek

I am so on this! I have Venus in Aries and a very passionate Aries lover at the moment. I look great in red. I think everybody does. Blonde , brunette, and redheads can pull off red. Is it any wonder that red is the Valentine’s Color of the Day ?

I need a huge red necklace, NOW !!!!


I just got some boots in the mail that I’m going to paint tiffany blue (like the obssession to customize sneakers tiffany blue, that’s why) but hey, I could work on a pair of red ones and use a product that I can’t remember the name now, to turn any heel sole into Louboutin red!


RecRecently went Redhead for just this very reason. Felt like I needed a new charge moving into 2017. There is a noticeable difference in my vibe and how others approach me. Very fascinating how psychological hair can be.


yesss! btw, half an hour ago I jumped off the bus to look at a pair of red shoes that had caught my eye 😀 . have owned red shoes ever since I was a child. my chart has nothing to do with aries (libra with cancer rising and virgo moon), but I ADORE red, more in garments than in makeup though. and it def has uplifting powers on me: I cannot sleep in red garments or rooms, and conversely I wear it on purpose when I’m sickly or tired to pick myself up (just for the sake of it… Read more »


I’m a red lip “worker” above and below Mars in Cappy here says hello xxoox


Red lipstick! Nearly 20 years ago, as a college freshman, I used to wear a pair of big red platform Mary Janes I’d found in a futuristic Italian shoe shop. My friends loved them; they called them my Ronald McDonald shoes. I wore them all the time because they were comfortable and practical (I could walk for hours in them, through the rain, in rallies), gave me height, and made a big fat statement. Naturally my favorite song at the time was Elvis Costello’s “The Angels Wanna Wear My Red Shoes.” I never understood why I loved those shoes so… Read more »

Leo-Scorp Grrrl

Does bordeau count? It is my favorite and I feel good when I wear it. The color of red wine 🙂


I think wine red is a Scorpio rising thing. I love it too.


love red shoes.
got some awesome red 70’s style sandals i adore, for the summer.
used to have red havaiana flipflops too…mite re invest…base chakra maan,, base chakra!


Red shoes are best for quick getaways and running circles around people. Flamenco is red. It burns from the inside out (why the dancers always look so pained, why their heels strike sparks). But best of all are true red lips that pout and hiss and part.


Absolutely Red Toenail Polish!!!
No matter what situation your in,
you think of your red toenails grounding you!




That’s the only color I paint my toenails!

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