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1999 – the subject of a Prince song, the year that the Euro was established, Columbine, John Kennedy Jr going and so much more. It’s super resonant now, via a variety of astral cues – the Nodes again in Leo/Aquarius, Lilith back in Sagittarius, an echo in Eclipse Season even.Β  Here are some images from then to help prompt possibly useful psychic-nostalgia-flashes on a Dark Moon in Aquarius…and the Moon hovering around the point Uranus was at mid-1999.Β  GROK THE OMEN FLOW.


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76 thoughts on “1999

    • I looked up my progressed chart for Sept 98 when the nodes were here, my progressed moon was at 8 pisces. Perfect.

      Mercury joined chiron then.
      Yep.yes.and yes. Makes sense

      Tried lumosity today.

      Scored a whopping 29% of people my age. Because 1999. But I’m wise. I’m wise.im wise.

  1. I remember 1999 — when on the 1st of January 2000 the world was going to end, all computers would malfunction, planes fall from the sky, etc. etc.

    I was 35 and skeptical. It was an anti-climax, nothing happened. Except the tech people who prepped companies for ‘2K’ made a lot of money.

    I had apocalyptic warnings growing up in the 80s as well. WW3 was imminent… nuclear holocaust! there have been end of the world predictions for ever. Nostradamus — evangical christians, etc.

  2. At that time i DID party like it was 1999.
    I think it was the last time i totally DID get shitfaced on champagne, the other times were just practise.

    ******sigh******’if i could turn back time…….:-)

    The magnificent house of light i lived in had 800 clear glass & quite large squares in the open living area. Had a clear glass large table that when it was a clear night, the moon shone directly onto the glass and reflected. At a dinner gathering would change chairs (not musical ones, dammit) so as each person had the moon on their positions.
    It faced east-west, now i’m north-south and the light is only in those areas. Still miss that magical house after 10 years as felt connected to the sun stars and moon. Charming neighbours each side who were a delight vis a vis the Demented Virgo Neighbour, the DVN, who is after 10 years actually courteous toward me! The reason? Well let’s just say his absolute nastiness had a chemical cause that was recently unveiled due to him becoming very chatty with me and being the gossip he is gave me TMI.
    It explains why there is dead silence for days followed by mass activity. Induced Bi-Polar extremes.
    Aging Gay Man Interrupted. No not me, lol, my arrows are straight just my mind gender fluid.

    Love love love bodysuits as long as there are press studs between the legs.Ooops that sounds suss. Putting your arms and legs in one garment then zipping up is a breeze. Lingerie as well, one piece instead of two, says someone who is happiest in swimsuit and pareo or cozzie and sarong as we say in Oz and an arm loads of bracelets holding a bottle of tiare or sandalwood monoi. With a bunch of ylang ylang behind my ear seeping basil in virgin olive oil.
    The last sun eclipse i witnessed was Feb 1991 in the South Pacific whilst in a lagoon at 3pm. It was very strange as unexpected. No news papers or astrology sites to prep for the event as the day turned to a twilight at 3pm. A M A Z I N G experience.
    Vanity Fair is very readable with quality journalism, maybe not as good as The New Yorker but more relevant as i made my material wish list for my next life from VF.
    Shallow Saggo.

    • you’re not shallow <3 you're wholly and uncomplicated-ly connected to the joy of physical experience of the natural world around you and knowing that it's simply another language of the mystic cosmos. XO

    • That eclipse experience unfiltered …dream-like! How fabulous.
      The other day I saw a house that had a glass strip all the way up the walls and the roof so you have uninterrupted sky views 24/7, it seems the ultimate luxury to be warm and able to stargaze.
      There is a time to reap and time to sow,
      A time to party like it’s 1999
      And a time to rest like it’s …the dark moon the night before the eclipse ? πŸ™‚

  3. Rang it in dancing on Koh Pan Gang (or something) in a bamboo club on the beach, fireworks and Prince on tape! Old Soul at the Full Moon cafe and Lion Rock in the bungalow with new friends ahhh happy days!

  4. I fell in big, big love. And then I ran away from it and I have been wrestling with it ever since. Almost two decades later and he and I are still oceans apart.

  5. It was a devasting year for me, I came to the realisation that my life wasn’t going to go according to plan. The man I had loved and stayed with for eight years moved in some younger version of me with huge breasts who he had seeing on the sly. Took me a while to get over that. She got pregnant within the year and he married her years later.

  6. A very painful year – not feeling a resonance with now, and not looking to.

    Not one of my better years either Kym.

    The best I can say for is that I survived, I didn’t quit on those things/people (I felt) that it was important not to quit on. I do sometimes wonder what would have happened to us all if I had cut and run…

  7. Hmmm! June 1999 was when I left the dude I was married to, moved from Chicago to Arizona and bought a topless jeep, and got the job that gives me an easy, viable career (except for that whole dot com bust thing). I was 26.

    Pluto was conjunct my IC and Neptune. Lilith exact opposite my Sun/Moon. Ooo, which means that’s where she is now!!

    I’ve been in deep nesting mode, but if this is the kind of shake up vibe that’s out there, I’m so up for it, and curious to see how in shows up this time around!

    • This time around being Eclipse and Neptune conjunct my DC, and Uranus and Mars conjunct my Venus in opposition to my Uranus. Feels like total identity dissolution – in a really good way.

  8. O_o o_O

    Not even kidding: This morning at yoga my teacher had some tech issues so had to resort to using Ye Olde CD. The album? Moby’s “Play”, from – you guessed it – 1999.

    *cue Twilight Zone music*

    The Nodes were also in these signs from 2008-2009 as well, albeit flipped with the NN in Aquarius & SN in Leo.

  9. My memory of that was a time when nothing felt quite right and I felt clunky and out of place, as though I was meant to be somewhere else the whole time. Confused and awkward, also a bit lonely I think. Just like now lol except I seem to have even fewer friends. Oh wow. Can this please not be a repeat of those years (unless I can have my dewy skin back too).

    • Oh Pi, you know i insist you HAVE FUN.
      And look how fabulous you are now, it was just making you…. you.
      To be so compassionate as you are, i think you have to be at something’s mercy for a while to gain empathy or experience the dark night of the soul, even if it occurs again and again as it is want to do if you think deeply and feel the difference between those states of mind and being in a contented place.Happiness is fleeting contentment lasts.
      Same a ‘pretty’ is doesn’t last but ‘handsome’ does.
      There is everything available now to stay youthful.
      I have one Pisces friend who is a brilliant technical musician-wizard with multi-media.He is non-social. Has 3 friends never goes anywhere at all but is a total darling.He is now gaining a following after 30 years of creativity. A late bloomer as he has reached 60 at least.
      SOmetimes tho’ it can be a buzz to put on the tights and spikes, invent a persona and go to an upscale bar or casino, to make yourself do it.
      Think i’m preaching to myself.
      My experience is the less you socialise the less you want to and being selective is necessary for your psyche’s protection, especially for Pisces, Baby Girl.
      My petals are only good for potpourri now not flower vase, but they still smell sweet as πŸ™‚
      Dewy skin? Small amount of moisturise OVER your base fluid is a trick. And don’t forget your aloe vera juice for moisture externally.
      Alone but not lonely x

      • Never preaching to yourself..Sag types are good mates for a bloody good reason. That would be truth.

        Sorry, love heart, that you went through and r still resonating with that cruelty.

        Just keep remebering and n9ting how many peeps there are here, whose stories r not yet fully shared, but who draw sustenance from your sweet and directly-questioning-or-responsive comments.

        I’m a ahem Piscean myself, so i can say you reflect me while also being very much a Gem which is the opp5soite of my Ascendant.

        You’re concise where im prolix, so forgive me where i do not reply, but i love reading how you draw response. I always find i think about the idea you seeded, and also felt through a memory or circumstance you described.

        It’s electronic here, so it’s best not always following my old school protocols, and if you’ll forgive and 7nderstand a Capricorn ruling an Aqua 3rd house with hello Venus Aqua in there, then you’ll get my love for you.

        You’re a stalwart darling of the blog, Pi, and not least because you show your skin, but because even a Piscean here would show their skin. A rare treat and a rare space, offered by a Piscean, no less. Im totally in awe.

    • oh my god you ladies, that was really unexpected. your sage wisdom is always so appreciated..!
      Re-reading MM’s obviously apt post and trying to snap out of this mindset, I think it’s a matter of you know Choose Life, just making the decision, at this point, to vibe up (to use MM term) look on the bright side because regardless of the outcome at least i’ll be wearing a smile & feeling just fine about things? or something. pegs i think you said that.
      Mille i can’t forgive my gemini rising sometimes but maybe i can collate my comments here somehow and publish a 5-million word novel. Title: The Pi Stripped Bare By Her Bachelors, Even
      lol X

      i was just thinking jesus Pi it can’t have been freakin’ all misery guts, and then i remembered on new year morning 2000 I was sitting on a headland watching the sun come up with friends, and many others, and um in the arms of a really spunky electrician LOL who had been partying with us in the pub. Another pisces less shy than me summoned him “HEY stripey shirt”) as we all made the trek up the hill to keep celebrating until the break of dawn. ha ha ha ha. ok so that was fun πŸ™‚

  10. This was the year that tried to finish me off. My partner and i had been on the road for 2 yrs travelling through Asia & I had just turned 40 on a beautiful S E Asian island.

    Little did i know then that Neptune was on my IC opp my Moon, Jupe was on my DC, & Mars on my AC – all colluding to bring on a swift & dark psychic melt down. After recovering from that bleak episode i suffered a nasty accident on a train in the middle of a jungle & which almost left me without my left hand. Weeks of pain & angst followed. End of journey.

    Arrived back to London on 31st December – just in time to watch the beginning of the Millennium in front of Big Ben with our friends and a gazillion other people. When the last stroke ended, there was a collective silence followed by much jubilation when it was clear that the computers were in fact handling the zeros.
    Someone next to me had a banner that read “The end of the world is nought”.

  11. OH Yes! Girl Interrupted was so the jam then. I was 22, living/working as a paid artist in a community setting and go-go dancing for fun back then. So much more liberated then. Maybe it was the era, maybe the astro, or a bit of astrocartography affect. Definitely would like some of that vim + vigor back, without the hangover of course. Maybe this New Moon Eclipse will help?

    • Omg yes! The year of the Matrix! I was obsessed with it and went to the cinema in Alice Springs three times to watch it. Alice was even more alien than the concept of living in a hologram, but yes, my favourite Keanu and Wachovski sibling movie.

  12. Big year for me and my family. We moved permanently to London, Nov 1999. This post has taken me down memory lane for sure.

  13. The year I dumped my life – my boyfriend, clothes, address book and left to another city with my wallet and passport.

    Had a completely new life with charismatic Latin boy within 6 months and was backpacking around Asia.

    Pivotal time and I question the pivots looking back, but I wasn’t as strong then.

    • See Sphinx Leo is COURAGE and the Hearth Fire like a Vestal everybody needs.
      They say Aries is the grass fire that is fast and furious and Sagg the electrical fire that jumps from tree to tree.
      Awards for Bravery.x

      • Well, THIS, bcause love just made you do it, without fear of fetishising or any other political dynamic.

        When we r older and more settled down, should our sense of exploration change, to let in the fears and resistance of the loved one who can so easily label me/us other or exotic?

        Should that dynamic be accepted in a past (not really so long ago) context, without a fully aware realisation of what that actually shows both parties about race dynamics, usually not a salient issue until it happens to them?

        *Asking for a so-called mixed race friend brought up white, privileged and educated up the jacksie but seen as less white than they actually are because of their skin*

        I mean your young love and escape stories are one thing but your delineation of race and country is another altogether. It totally fits with the time, for you and for them. But i just ask…do those terms fit now?

        I ask Sphinx and Pegasus only because i truly ask questions of these Dames, and will welcome your wisdom (though i know you feel yourselves learners in the grand scheme, i think that is what a true teacher should be, for a sensual woman?)

        • Hello Millie x
          Should our sense of exploration change?
          It becomes more of an inner exploration as the physical is less easy.
          It’s the old ‘toss on a Tee & The Right Jeans and footwear, brush the hair & out the door doesn’t cut the cake.
          For me it’s a military operation to go further than to the local village! Mind too full of what could go wrong, what do i need instead of the thrill of destination, as i say ‘it took courage to do some of the things i wish i hadn’t’ but that may not apply to Sphinx.
          Breaking up with lovers was flight out of the country, now you have to wear it or repair it. My roots are buried deep now, can;t even get it together for a road trip to Melbourne. Millie the mind is the greatest time traveller. My Moon &n Neptune conjunct has me buried in movies and books. Life is quite different after menopause, The Change is The Change and besides no-one wants to carry your luggage when you are not hot anymore…lol. Don’t get the best seat and it’s a cattle train are airports now compared to the total event you dressed for.
          Imagine packing now how vigilant you need to be so no alarms trill!
          Now all the other countries come to us, don’t have to travel for exotica, it’s here.
          LOve the stories of women going to middle east in the early 1900’s, how exciting.
          I look back and wonder how i was welcomed into Kashmir and Bangladesh in the 70’s. Would youth and beauty have anything to do with that.
          Wayne Dyer had some interesting things to say about the changes we go thro’ each decade and i think now i’m in my 8th that preparing for my departure from EARTH is more important than departing for fabulous destinations and just hope the last transition will be the most mind blowing.
          You FLY Millie, you ARE fly Millie.

          • Completely amazed, Pegasus. It’s strange to hear you say you’re in place. I think you travel far and wide still. This idea of your Departure seriously has me in awe. Such a cool and gracious way of thinking of it!

            Mind too full of what could go wrong happens to me now sometimes, though. I really hate that mind, but perhaps it is just safety precautions gone too fearfully far.

            I really need to make some changes, Pegasus. You’re very much reminding me. Thank you xx

        • I hesitated writing Latin, but he is after all, the product of a space, time and culture as am I. He objectified me to an extent while I was prepared to accept him in every way as a unique creature. He disappointed me culturally acceptable to him fashions. Also he stopped growing and projected his hatred of the elite onto me. Eg you are white and therefore you don’t understand me and my country’s suffering at the hands of the man, with your white privilege etc. I was innocent and willing to learn about myself and the world.
          He shut down.
          If we can see others are innocent and willing to learn then we can both do whatever the hell we feel like without race/cultural divides interfering I guess. But if you see that the other person is stuck in their fear, not growing and not willing to be more than a race, culture, time or location, then fly like the wind you essentially are…

          Fwiw, my partner is ‘mixed’ race now and from my home city and we just don’t have these issues crop up much. I mean occasionally we get triggered but we are always beyond that point of ‘other’, always connected to the spiritual dynamic before all else. Does that make sense? Is that what you were asking?

          • Yes. Thank you for sharing it. Sometimes i want to know what’s in the minds of people i have known ages, but they seem uncomfortable. I can see them looking at me with certain eyes when it comes up. I just want to know.

            I love asking you both, Sphinx and Pegasus, because you respond thoughtfully and generously. It feels like two womanly voices xxxx

        • A humble thank you to the three of you, for your rich contributions. You never fail to take me deeper into my learning. xox

  14. The year I graduated college. Pluto went right up to one degree of my moon and then went retrograde. Uranus crossed my IC. Inner tension, rebel forces, throwing away the map. But when Pluto came back later to devour my moon, it all changed again.

  15. 13, 7th grade, the year I got my period for the first time lol. I was starting to tap into some witchy stuff, I remember doing some thing to try to make the boy I liked dream about me, lol! Love seeing these images from then, poor JFK Jr., I remember that well, my Mom and Grammie talking about it… Also, Brad Pitt was lookin’ fine.

    • Read this when i first woke up, and am finding the menarche and my memory of it has intertwined with other eclipse forged past thinking, as well as my reading of what has turned out to be feminist blogs.

      Will check Lilith again but for the moment I’ll just thank you.

      It’s an intriguing journey with that in the wrap. I haven’t even discretely included first witcherel, but through this zone of thought web, i see how it’s always been there. Also with my very femme family, even the dad, who of course is Libra. Both so-called genders. And so much the man, though so hilariously femme sensual, despite the Merc in Scorp style and the cricket acca dacca love…well he married an Aqua Aqua Aries so , you know, they’re flipping cute and remain weird after all these years. Me, im an Aqua Venus trine Uranus in Libra 4th and 11th, so im realising how my own folks have influenced my love style and expectations. Just consolidating that today, anyway, because of a few Aquas. I’m not sorry at all, im grateful, tho remain an independent and single Piscean, for whom love is possibly the driving force, tho would fain admit it (if i were not such a Sag Aries Leo in the relating houses/planets…1st 5th and 10th. Oh if Libra is 11th then there too. Aqua goes from 3rd to 4th, as the mthfqr is wont.)

  16. Sort of missed it. I’d had my daughter husband had left and I was mid crisis I suppose. I was with my to be next husband but it’s a blur of house moves and new relationships and step kids and ex partners! It’s a blur. But it seems nothing like now. I’m just waiting now for a few things to simply shift then I can start a fresh… again.

  17. The stock market at record highs, just before the collapse of the dot.com bubble in March 2000. Yeah, sounds familiar.

      • LOL – yes, millennial fever was rife. We were on the road then and met a lot of freaked out hippies – mainly from the US all heading back home to stock up & prepare to bunker down for the end of the world.

  18. 1999 was such a pivotal year for me! I was 17 and in year 12. HSC is never easy but I had sense back then about my limits – studying only four subject areas, picking a degree I liked rather than a prestigious one with a higher entrance score, having heaps of fun being in two school bands and at my dancing classes. Getting my licence and the freedom that means in country Australia. Counting down the months til uni and leaving home (I started in year 11 lol). Getting a scholarship and a place in uni.

    • Me too. I was ten years old, very confident and popular at school, won a bunch of awards at the end of year. Was about to start Intermediate school and had SUCH high hopes. The next year, in fact, I was bullied badly and spiralled into severe depression and anxiety. 1999 was probably the last time I felt truly happy and care-free.

  19. I was doing my daughters’ natal charts (6/1999 and 7/1996) and mixed up the years. However was born on the 1/7/1999 has an amazing chart.

    • Or realised our basic math was up sh* creek. Maybe that was 2000. I knew my arithmetic was shit before that, and still make my clients do sums with me to check my figures. I’m not supposed to, probably, but i am supposed to be accountable, so ftw.

      I naively trusted that programmers had more refined math understanding than i did, and still do. Now i also realise that data peeps need context even tho they don’t like it, so i do that smiling battle with them. It’s SOOOOO FRQN HARD but its a soft skill (thanks Mars square everything).

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