For When You Want A Massive Inspiration Jolt

Are you Aquarius and seeking a new role model? Look no further than the Bessie Coleman astrology. She was a double Aquarius who defied convention to do precisely as she wanted.

” If I can create the minimum of my plans and desires, there shall be no regrets. I decided blacks should not have to experience the difficulties I had faced, so I decided to open a flying school and teach other black women to fly. The air is the only place free from prejudice.”

This New Moon (a conjunction of the Sun + Moon in Aquarius) is close to the Sun degree of  Bessie Coleman.

She was a pioneering African-American aviator, overcoming multiple obstacles and literally refusing to take ‘no’ for an answer. She defied the then convention of no blacks/no women in aviation and after she became famous, refused to perform for racially segregated audiences.

When the only flying school that would accept her was in France, she worked as a nail technician (which she was brilliant at) and a bar manager to save money and fund French lessons.

So, she was Aquarius – Sun conjunct Venus – with Moon + Mars in Sagittarius.   Her Aquarius Sun/Venus squared Uranus (convention buster right there) and was in a supportive trine with Neptune/Pluto in Gemini.

Thoughts on the Bessie Coleman astrology?


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Yes, I’d never heard of her but her story is amazing: love to hear about fierce, intelligent aquas.

Happy New Moon, all.

Lux Interior Is My Co-Pilot

Let’s hear it for Bessie! What a legend!


She IS inspiring! I never knew her story until now…

As a sister Aquarian, I bow in respect, and aspire to be this strong and determined!


That pose, and it’s not really a pose, displays a love of machinery.
A vehicle no less.

How Moon in Sagg
How Mars in Ssgg
How Moon/Mars.

If she was into bikes, I’d ask her out.


Thanks for the write-up! What an amazing lady! Aqua to the core for sure!


It is a massive inspiration jolt. x


Good. I love her. Look at that resolute set of Aqua jaw. You think she will take no for an answer, joke’s on you.


Growing up with an older aqua sister I know that look too, lol. You might as well be arguing with a 10×10 fencepost. No dice.


Haha it’s all my buddies’ birthdays nowadays. No way would an Aqua change their will focus. Don’t expect them to, and laugh when they don’t, despite my blowhard sag opinions. Which i feel freer to give knowing they won’t be of influence. Love that freedom!


@milleunanotte I’m trying to let a double-Sag I’m into know that I want us to be more-than-mates, but he seems spooked by anything more than casual. I’m envious of Bess and her convention-busteration. I am Sun conj. Asc Aquarius, so I know I could be just like her….but my Saturn conj. Asc always seems to have other ideas. I don’t know yet how to deal with Saturn and get him on my side, to not let him hold me back… It was my Golden birthday a little less than a week ago, and I cried because I didn’t want to… Read more »


Your envy is your answer. Aqua must be a rough gig. My mates are older and only just starting to feel socially ok tho couldnt ever help but b who they are, so the bravado later gave way to the guilty-guilt Saturn old ruler of aqua. I’m guessing you’re young enough not to have fully tested your own waters of individuation, but experienced enough to know who you are and what you want, quite apart from a clamouring crowd. This one is going to appreciate your beautiful Aqua sensitivities, but also your space. In that space he can be himself… Read more »


Thank you from the base of my soul for your thought-provoking, kind answer. Your honesty is a better gift than your empathy, and both are worth their weight. My best wishes go out to you and yours this New Year also, and however you pray may my Goddesses protect you in your ventures through your Saturn journey. It sounds like you’ve got quite a story to tell! (Do you write for a living? You’re very good.) I fully agree as you say that change is a matter of conviction and choice – deciding to be different and actually following through… Read more »


Thank you so much! Just a thought: lilith might not be dragged back by her hair, but rising up out of a structured dreamlife. Then again i do imagine Saturn must b tough in your collective conscious dreaming world. But as Mystic always reminds us, provides traction. I’ve no doubt you will prevail with deep strength. Also zero degrees is always a powerful point. …you know I’m not Sag Sun? Im Sag 12th house neptune jupiter moon conjunct Sag ascendant, each three degrees apart, with moon ascendant less than a degree apart. In case u thought u were asking a… Read more »


And that sadge energy. It’s like catnip to me (Eros, Neptune, dsc in Sagittarius).


Pi, we have the same Eros & Psyche 🙂

dark star

lol just like my aqua sun rising sagg dad stubborn af. It’s funny both of us are way more stubborn then the rest of my fam, brother sister mom all Taurus.


happy solar return to my wonderful , quirky aqua son x x

dark star

What a fantastic lady! Wondering where her Lilith was…


Thank you for this Mystic! I am Aqua Sun/Venus, Sag Moon/Mars too (and a lover of manicures) and you have shown me another fab lady to aspire to. So sad she died so young, imagine what else she would have achieved xx


No wonder she took to the Air.


*sigh* on so many levels! How amazing Neptune Pluto trine Sun Venus… she is beautiful.


Love that Pluto in Airy Gemini. Plumbing the depths by plumbing society’s reaction to your soaring the heights of free sky. And facing bodily your own fear by witness.

Not because you mean to provoke, but because when you obey fully your own natural laws that is Uranus square Sun in Uranian Aqua, that is the corollary.

This earth-bound Virgoan Pluto a bit jelly! This Aqua Venus IC bows her head. This dreamer smiles skywards.

Thank you for sharing Myst, so i can share it onward xx


You poet! Yes, she has the Astrology of an eagle. Born to fly above peope’s expectations and pettiness.
Gem Pluto plumbing the heights as you say, seems divinely inverse and Uranian.


Flying like a boss with perfect nails! Where’s the screenplay? Ruth Negga in the title role!

Year of the Phoenix

Yes! My pick would be Janelle Mornay – amazing multi talent and so Urainian seeming…. Looking forward to checking out Hidden Figures and her acting chops

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