The Universal One Year

There are some strange parallels between numerology and astrology. But the core numerology cycles run for nine years, rather than astrology’s seven years. Numerology comes, like a third or maybe even a fourth down on my list of preferred “magic” modalities. I put astrology first – obviously – and then geomancy/feng shui is an equal tie with cultivating instincts and dream/astral vibe.

But numerology IS kind of fascinating. In the olden days, the numbers were seen as divine, deities in their own right.  There are phases in one’s life when numbers recur via the most intense synchronicity. Various intense occult interpretations of numbers feature hugely in both Christian and Ancient Chinese/Indian mysticism.  Tarot also has strange and hidden connections between numbers.  And yes, i am aware of the so-called “angel numbers” of 11.11.

In fact, i say i don’t “do” numerology but whenever a number turns up in my life – even on a receipt or seeming to be recurring, I always analyze it.  And i have always been fascinated by the Triple Goddess 666 theory mentioned in the Friday 13 post.  And now, i am fairly sure i will have an intense numbers dream.

In Feng Shui, for example, we are now in the Age of Eight.  Plato said “number symbolism” was the highest form of knowledge and the mathematician Pythagoras believed numbers had souls. If you are at all on an esoteric track, at some point you will wow out at the Fibonacci Numbers and the Golden Mean.

In classic numerology, the numbers are linked to vaguely planetary vibes. You can deduce “your number” by adding up your birth date digits and/or the numbers attached to each letter in your name. This is Kabbalah linked, no? Your “soul number” is said to be just the vowels in your name and there are other variations.

Weirdly, my birth date & name numbers – Mystic Medusa – both add up to 44 – which is (the numerologists reading can clarify this) – Saturn? And my most significant relationships seem always to have been with “4” men.

The main way numerology is applied is via the “year numbers.”  So 2017 is a universal year one as it adds up to – yes – one. So it has the characteristics of new beginnings and all.  Astrologically though, it is  2018 – with Chiron into Aries and Uranus into Taurus that is vibing like way more of a reset year.

To get your personal current year number, you just add up the number of your birth day and of the month to the number of the universal year.  So for example, Edward Snowdon, born 21 June 1983 – would add 2 + 1 + 6 to the 1 of the universal year number – so voila, he IS at year one in the nine year cycle.

It is bizarre that universal nine years – like 2016 – do seem to coincide with dramatic endings and start-overs. This would make sense if “9” is – as some say – aligned with our friend Uncle Pluto.

So…thoughts. Do you find numerology and the universal year concept relevant? Any magical number stories?


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I’m a 44/8 – I was once told that’s a master number. I’m not sure what that means but I’ll look back through this forum and see if anyone has any insights. Lately I’ve been seeing 44 everywhere, especially 441 and 144. It’s followed on from starting to see that good ole 11.11 and variations of 1s all over a year or so back. It’s kindof spooky and kindof comforting – and it’s way more than me just noticing that number, the stuff that happens, so weird. Anyway, thanks for the blog post Mystic, very interesting. 🙂


I think i get more of a vibe from numbers kinda like a synesthesia thing, more than connecting with numerology of dates. Maybe it’s because dates are pretty arbitrary, not set by the universe but by humans, and I tend not to trust in many human things




I used Jan 1st as a test — would I feel a 180* change? I too went from a 9 year to a 1. The answer is yes, yes, so much yes. The energy that has been coming through is clear, clean, fresh… I feel like a newborn babe, which is more uncomfortable in the “who AM I?!?!” way than I had anticipated. It’s good though, the ancient animosities fallen away in that excruciating 9 year, the year I learned to cry. Numerology is crazy accurate. I do notice that the month energy changes a few days before the new… Read more »


I always see 12:12, but given it’s my birthday I figure I’m just subconsciously programmed…does anyone know where this idea of double -double digits being “angel” numbers comes from?


I changed my first name and when I did my name number it still comes out the same. I guess I didn’t change anything. LOL


Ooh, my personal year is a 1 this year, like Snowden. Good- I’m ready for some fresh energy. My birth number is 7. Yes, this was also my favorite number as a child- it seemed so benevolent (I had synesthesia, so all letters and numbers had personalities). It’s taken me a long time to come to terms with that number’s meaning in my life, though- it’s the spiritual seeker, and with an Aries NN, it’s kind of a lonely road. I always shuddered at the Hermit when younger, because of my sense of isolation, and fear of it. Now, I’m… Read more »


2016 did really feel like a ‘9’ year to me, ‘9’ being a year of completion. Numerology does resonate for me but in a more ethereal way and by way of synchronicity. I’m also interested in sacred geometry.. Astrology is more useful to me in a broader and deeper variety of ways, more tangible ways, in a sense, that I can apply to my day to day life. I have been seeing 11:11 since about 2006, and I always say ‘thank you’ when I do and pay attention to what’s going on in the moment. I started seeing those numbers… Read more »


I really really love numerology and have studied it along with astrology for a number of years. When I look at a chart, I look at the numbers involved. Last year being a 9 really seemed to symbolise a lot of that number’s inherent energies, and as a rule, most people don’t like 9s because they can be so confronting in terms of loss and grief. I like using numerology too in readings, especially when you get into the karmic and master numbers, and also in analysing the person’s name in the chart––have a look at expression and soul numbers… Read more »


thank you for the prompt, mystic. i had a look at my personal year – this year is a 9 for me. This adds weight and actually a kind of spiritual motivation / support for making some difficult decisions. Difficult in the context of addressing unhelpful emotional ties to material ideas of place, personal history and possessions. I am innately quite materialist, in that I like nice things, (I don’t buy the notion that we should all be breatharians dressed in saffron robes living on tithes) so this is a chance to address some fears and ideas I have around… Read more »


jupiter transiting my 4th house for the next year is fundamental to this. Oh how I look forward to it. It’s all part of the process. Exploring and discarding, feeling and freeing.


tithes, given that in order to live on the charity of others, others must have the means to provide the charity. so you know. that’s a duality as well.


I am in a 9 year too. March 14 .


Have fun, escapist!


Attachment, is what I am working on. I’ve got the heart thing maybe a little more untangled. But the identity that I have tied up in other things, this is what I need to lovingly examine.

This progressed cancer moon is really doing its best to help my fish sun, haha.


Attachment is the chain that binds me to regret. God, am I so tired of that . I feel like I am suffocating sometimes. Turning 56 soon. Second Saturn return not too far off ….
Of course I am in a 9 year

Catfish moon

I love numbers and was very into numerology when I was young….20 years ago…
My connection is with 3. My birthdate adds up to 3.

Using the universal number, 2017 is a 9 year for me.
2009 was an Epic year 1 for me…divorce, left homestead after 14 years, entered bad relationship. Geez…

11:11. Saw it tons along with other repeating numbers the first 6 months after my niece died. Insane amounts! Now not so much. Usually I see repeating 3s.


Hey, I’m in a 9 year in 2017 too. And 2009 was massive for reasons too huge to explain here. But if you really want to go further than just the personal year prediction, you can do your ‘letters of transit’ chart, which shows so much more. That was the only way i could figure out how and why 2009 was so intense, for me. The Numerology book by Sandor Konraad is excellent at explaining the letters of transit. It also uses Tarot and astrology to illustrate certain traits etc.
I love numerology.

Lux Interior Is My Co-Pilot

It’s a bit complex for me, but I’m not one to discount it.


2016 was a 1 year for me and as you know it was pretty intense – I believe that yes the 9 year holds the massive change or even pre change like reality check but THEN the 1 yr in a way is the difficult one as it requires the work – or maybe this yr politically the resistance… then the 2 yr in 2018 like you say may show up the results.
I’m glad to go into my 2 year anyway!

Unicorn Sparkles

Recently read an article about how sussan ley added the extra s in her first name because she had read that in order to be a successful true self her birthdate and first name had to numerologicaly match. It worked for a while I guess.

I’ve always been curious about childhood favourite number choices. I picked mine aged 5… and it has consistently come up at significant times. More than “this is my lucky number so I’ll be fine”… usually “this turned out well even tho it was going to be a disaster and there is my #”


My old college principal used to take astrology and numerology into account when finding his next intake of students. He took me because I’m a 9 but a number of years later he was at a conference and speaking after dinner about numerology. He asked for birth dates so I gave him my daughter.
She is simply 1. He worked it through then again and the room gasped. She’s a 1 pure and simple. Very much so.


I teach and treat my kids according to their astro. Its amazing to see their responses. I use key words to extend validation to their efforts.


Oh I’ve been absolute with my ‘general’ of a daughter. Really positive about her traits and my gods are they there. She’s got a tough young life but should head up amnesty later. I said this to my NCT pals when she was six months. When in sixth form she refused to have a face to face chat with a tutor as she knew she’d tear him off a strip. So instead she writes emails and does not hold back. Her words can be toe curling but she refuses not to stand by them. She’s a force of nature


the dusty bunker books on numerology are good.
not joking!


Yes! I just bought the Divine Triangle one. His name is hilarious. I also ADORE the Juno Jordan books. She didn’t become a numerologist until she was in her 70s!


yes…the way they interweave the tarot into numerology is cool…i’ll check out juno jordan…

Secret Sagg

I used to be a Telemarketer, and during one quiet shift, got talking to an elderly man who had a Gift, and told me I was powerful bc my date of birth was full of Master Numbers – 11/11/1971 adds up to 22. I’ve done some homework but I’ve yet to gain any insight on how to work with these numbers.

Secret Sagg

It wasn’t the first time I’d been told that, either. Years ago a lady told me I had The Master Number and I should work with plants. But I keep killing them lol.


So this is timely! In the past, numerology hasn’t done much for me – it was not a divination method that really “spoke” to me personally until last year’s conjunction of an Rx Mercury and Pluto in Capricorn (January). One day my brain just suddenly re-wired itself totally unbidden to start seeing repeating numbers EVERYWHERE and it hasn’t stopped since. Mercury was stationing, which makes sense because while we tend to associate this planet with the written word, it’s also numbers, stats, and data. I have no idea what happened or why, but I love synchronicity in any form and… Read more »

12th house virgo

I can remember a time when numerology – not sure it would be called that – was used for everything. We were trading in new crops and very nervous about introducing the wrong plants for the environment. We would study the leaves of plants to predict how they would grow (just googled to learn this is called Phyllotaxis). We’d grow plants with 3 and 5 leaf patterns which would equal 8 together, which is 2 4s, or the earth number – stable. Its a strange thing to remember. I don’t recall ever reading it and apparently the mechanisms of leaf… Read more »


Culpepper was using leaf numbers to relate plants to planets orbits and energies in the middle ages. Great herbalist

12th house Virgo

Thanks! I’ll google him

Suddenly Leo

My 9 year was the year I got a divorce; I’ve also heard that people you meet in your 9 years, you know forever.


Actually now I ponder that I DO have some weird magic number coincidence thingys that I’ve found fascinating but never told anyone because I already come over as such a kook. The number of the house I lived in as kid seemed to be a reflection of the letters that made up the street name but also was the same number as both my parents birthdays day and month (they are both 22 of the 4th and we lived at no 22 ) and as a kid I thought whoa how weird to have two parents born on the identical… Read more »


The house I grew up in was 2612. My birthday is 26, my brother’s is the 12th. My parents bought the house before children and I’m the oldest.


I totally get that


In tantric numerology I guess 2017 is more accurately a 10 year (which reduces down to 1) meaning it’s actually a year of mastery. We are to ignore our weaknesses & move from our manifold inherent strengths


Not sure how I feel about the various interpretations of the angel numbers 11.11 but they do appear to me almost daily for the last 13 years. I’ve found that whatever is on my mind, whether I’m mulling something over, making a decision or having a sudden idea, 11.11 is like a confirmation that I’m on the right track. And like tarot and other divination forms I’ve tried, the reason I believe the universe is in fact answering me is because of the incredible sense of humour involved in the reply. 11.11 and divinations are constantly relayed with an irony… Read more »


I don’t have a clear sense of numbers that I instinctively trust (self doubt possibly) but the olfactory thing is off the charts. At different times in my life I have physically smelt people, specifically male sexual predators in a way that made me feel almost violently ill. Like how you might see colors flashing in a film for instance. I’ve met people who evoked no conscious awareness in me of their weird intentions at the time beyond a mild nausea at the pit of my stomach but then later when they became stalkers, and it’s happened a lot actually,… Read more »

aqua kat

This 11 thing happened to me the other day! For the record, I see 11:11, 1:11, 11:22, 11:33, 1:33, 2:22 a lot. Exactly at 11:11 I found a job posting that seemed to fit some of my criteria, however I was still hesitant as it’s totally jumping industries. After some deliberation I decided to apply because what the heck, I probably won’t get it, it’s a very sought after company. I consulted a family member, wrote the cover letter, and as soon as I hit the submit button, I noticed it was 1:11. It seemed to be what you say,… Read more »


Yes, this is how it works for me too. A confirmation that whatever thought I’m having is truth and can be acted upon and trusted. I do also see 10:10, 12:12, 1:11 fairly often and occasionally 3:33 and 4:44.

Another odd phenomenon is that often when I am thinking negatively about myself or someone else or engaging in something that isn’t aligned with my better nature, I’ll glance up and notice it’s 11:12. This I have taken as definite confirmation that I’m in the wrong and need to shift my thoughts or actions.


Was OBSESSED with the Fibonacci sequence and the golden mean as a kid. OBSESSED. Actually got kicked out of math class permanently after patiently explaining to my teacher and class why after two years of keeping shtum I was morally bound to show them how they were just wrong. I was aghast that they refused to listen having absorbed this nonsense of theirs for so long and genuinely shocked by this blind adherence to what I clearly understood to be wrong. It was that simple. They weren’t seeing the truth and creating needless confusion. I’d hoped they’d at least listen… Read more »


So my birthday is the fifteenth of September
But 15 becomes 6 and when I add 6 to 9 I see 1 and 5 again which becomes 6 and then obviously my urge is to add a 6 because hey it makes more sense somehow.
Yeah, math was never my strong suit but I love the way those numbers play out with their own rhythm and create images in motion.


My daughter is 15/9 too


Wow, cool


Ok so am completely lost as to how 2017 adds up to one. I’m clearly missing something here 🙂 I did just grab a calculator out of interest and add my birthday date no to the month no and then add them together and the number 6 appeared so my method is wonky but The Result is The Same. Weird 1 + 5 = 6 6 + 9 = 15 Then I press = again on the calculator and it gives me 24 which to me adds up to 6 Hence 666 being not only my favourite number but my… Read more »


Omg so I this is going to expose me as an utter flake but I don’t care. Just hit = after that and every number that came up looked like a 6. Because I only took two years of maths class I have no theory to work with here but in my uneducated opinion it goes 1+ 5 = 6 6 + 9 = 15 Press = I get 24 (which to me reads as 6 Press = again and get = 33 which to me equals six Press equals again 42 which again, added together makes 6 Press =… Read more »



They try to break numbers down to 1-9.


Omg thanks Marsbar!!!!

12th house virgo

I can so related to this. Fibonacci was so comforting to read about. Never learned about it in school. Seemed like all studies should focus on the golden mean, which is a proportion, not a whole number, and therefore the highest (imho) mystery.

born September 13


Comforting is exactly how it felt to find out about Fibonacci and the golden mean. I’m quite content with knowing I’ll never truly understand it but thrilled that it is an actual thing and that others find it as compelling and important. That comforts my soul


i love NatureMaths. everything builds on the thing before it. What I am most entranced by however is the going from Zero to One. that’s where the magic happens


You mean like binary code?
I refused to accept fractions or long division on the basis that binary code did not require us to think in those terms and binary code was so obviously the way of the future.
It was as obvious to me as reading Aristotle’s “Everything is either A or ont A.”
I think at age eight things either are or they aren’t.
Plenty of time for nuance in your 40’s but certainty in children ought to be celebrated. Especially when that certainty is an awareness of something internal and original that refuses to be silenced.


After I finally broke free from the narcissist/serial cheater during the intense GCC in April 2014, I went thru a lengthy period of brokenness, drunkenness, & feeling like a lost loser. It took me 2 years to heal from the emotional damage he inflicted. The last 6 months or so, I have been seeing his BD (9/24), my BD (9/26) & 925, all over the place: clocks, house numbers, receipts, etc. Our composite chart reflected a Saturn-Pluto-Venus trine. I loved him very much. When I realized he was lying to me, faking his emotions, all the while cheating on me,… Read more »


Explanation needed ? What I would like to know is what is the bullshit regarding that only your legal birth name carries your true number? what if you had multiple legal birth names in different languages that don’t directly map to English? Also if only legal birth name matters why go through trouble to change your name if marrying? Wouldn’t that also change your fate or whatever? Sorry I had a huge beef with a numerologist type who kept insisting on legal birth name as if the u.s. govt is the only entity that matters… Facebook and every other ‘legal… Read more »


idk, my mentor said that the birth name was the energy you came in with, and that changing your name, changes your number and your energy. when i got divorced i kept my married surname because it felt right, and the number associated with that name definitely resonated with how my life unfolded since that time of the change … further they typo’d on my birth certificate and my mentor said that the intent of the spelling by my parents is what mattered more. i personally have issue with people as dogmatic as the ones you described. “my way or… Read more »


That makes sense. I have a huge typo on mine too.


changing name = yes in numerology is thought to affect.
legal western birth name, imho is simply a reminder that by using this process we are buying into a system that uses this lettering / alphabet system and this numbering system, and it makes it easier to step out of one kind of divination or at least recognising the multiplicity of options that are available to us. for example the culture of origin of a non-western name might have its own or related avenues of inquiry. Mutableness says There Is Always Another Way.


Interesting point! I am not sure i 100% buy in but yeah! I have always felt my legal birth name never felt right since a small child learning to write my name. It felt ‘wrong’ and I had no explanation as to why other children loved their names. When strangers meet me under that name they thoroughly question it thinking it is fake even though it is a common name. Then one day my dad got drunk and told me that my name was not supposed to be that at all but it was too hard to change the mistake.


I never gelled with the idea of naming a child before they were born. With both my kids, I had a narrowed down list but refused to finish the process until I met them.


Yeah! Definitely.

‘There are phases in one’s life when numbers recur via the most intense synchronicity.”

That statement couldn’t be truer. For the past like three years I have seen 8s, 11s, and 13s.

It seemed like in October whenever I met my current and strangely Neptune-Venus-Plutoish partner that I started seeing 9s and 12s repeatedly and intensely. I still see these numbers like crazy.


Would 9 Star Ki be considered numerology?


i’ve just recently taken to studying numerology. hmmm i’m in a 5 year. phuq. Goddess help me Kali Ma. Much like the Tarot 5’s we’re at the climax of the story here kids. it’s goodness, and major changes, and everything is going to fall into place after, but it’s going to be intense.

“Fasten your seatbelts, it’s going to be a bumpy night.”

The past 4 years have lined up perfectly with personal year forecasts, so i have no reason to doubt this system. it’s crazy to reflect back and see just HOW perfectly. holy crap.


yes find it very interesting..the sum of the vowels is the soul number, the sum of the consonants the physical number…the birthdate number was described to me as “the place in the orchestra”..I am an even (its always reduced to a single number apart from 11, and 12. ) 44 will be an eight, the magicians eternity symbol, the body for the spider, eternity..writers and weavers. I was taught by a Hindu lady, so I am sure there are other systems out there

Fire and Ice

It has been a long time since I have posted anything on this site. 2008, I believe would be the last post. It was a number 5 personal year. A few weeks go, after making a commitment to stand fast and no longer listen to an outside authority, I received a message nudging me towards numerology again. Hello, mystic long time no speak.

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