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Since that Solar Eclipse on March 20 2015, the Eclipses have been basically in Virgo or Pisces.  The mysterious Moon’s North Node has been in Virgo and the South Node in Pisces, with Doctor Chiron and/or Shamanic Neptune also in Pisces providing quite the pull back into the past.

This starts to shift from February with the last of this series of Virgo-Pisces Eclipses and the beginning of a string of Eclipses in Leo or Aquarius. Then, in April, the Node shifts to Leo and August is a Total Solar Eclipse in Leo.  It’s @28 Leo and in sync to Uranus. (yes, it is on Donald Trump’s ascendant – more to the point, it is on Marine Le Pen’s Venus and she is Libra Rising…Venus ruled.)

So, obviously this is going to be back grounding your Horoscopes as we move into this new era. There will also be an Astro Hack lesson on it in the Astro-School in the next few weeks and more info/special articles via the Daily Mystic email.  But for now, see the Nodes and recent Eclipses across the Virgo-Pisces axis as a detour into some sort of of swamp/lagoon of your past – with so many events and attractions serving as a surreal prompt to Hero/Heroine Journey style trips. That was (broadly) the last two years.

And honestly, who has not somehow trekked through their own version of a swamp from the past (complete with tentacles reaching out, dances with Qi Vampires, addiction surrender and/or or lurid flashbacks) since March 2015?  Or just willed themselves to move towards the more orderly North Node in Virgo?  One Major Lesson: The pattern recognition and respect for shit-together regimes that goes with Virgo does not hinder the magic of Pisces – it enhances it. The Saturn-Neptune square that was in play over the same era was yet another factor in this.

So THAT era (from March 2015 until Feb-April 2017) is now coming to an end. The new terrain is definitely weirder but more snazzy and overt. It’s got a better soundtrack and good hair + an excellent sci-fi sub-tone.  I am looking forward to delineating this more in the Horoscopes!


Image: Andy Kehoe

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52 thoughts on “Snazzier Terrain

  1. Looking back on the era of March 2015 – now, I think I’ve done an adequate job. Moved to a better-paying gig – a transition that started with that March eclipse. Realized I wanted more than money, started working for myself & I’m still here, in the game. It has not been easy, though. I feel in some ways like I’ve been steering a raft through stormy waters. Accomplishments = avoiding big waves, holding on for dear life, calculating the direction of shore, catching my own fish, refusing to give up.

    Looking forward to a better soundtrack, better hair, Leo sunshine, and maybe some financial success with eclipses in my 2nd & 8th houses!?

  2. “And honestly, who has not somehow trekked through their own version of a swamp from the past (complete with tentacles reaching out, dances with Qi Vampires, addiction surrender and/or or lurid flashbacks) since March 2015?”

    i began and ended my last Love Zombie relationship in the spring of 2015. the worst one of my life. (and i am old.) he was/is a MAJOR qi vamp/narcissist, and while the journey was painful, it was productive. it installed a back-flow valve. the revelations were profound, and i will NEVER be able to return to such a hot mess of a relationship again. i ran across another potential one in spring of 2016 and quickly saw it for what it was, and backed away. full block mode. salt everywhere.

    in the summer of 2015 i entered a 12-step recovery program, and began draining the swamp of its fetid, putrescent waters. it’s been a harrowing adventure. painful. heart-rending, pushing me to the brink of insanity. but so amazing and profound … paradigm shifting, growth enhancing. i can’t say i won’t be glad to see a shift, and have this phase end. while i am grateful for its lessons and growth, and the positive effect it’s had on my life, it’s been exhausting.

    and who doesn’t want more good hair days!?

    • Okay I get you probably didn’t want a full on discussion and were just sharing a link, but my reading of that film is different to what might be immediately apparent. I’d say he is likening love to drugs/booze (true, dead true). And even once one is a non-practicing addict/alcoholic there is a big discrepancy between being dry (still yearning, still addicted though non-practicing) and being sober. The former is always just one moment away from falling off the wagon (dreams of falling off the wagon). The latter is a different human being altogether. So my take would be that he fell in love and knows that he will never not be in love with her. He will always be ‘high’ on her, even if just on her memory. Always be thinking of her. He will never be sober. Ever. Need to get back to work. But give me your take – I love comparing interpretations. Because there are always a zillion of them. x

      • This guy has a lot of people talking about his work. There is a trail that connects all his video releases and reading a little about it, it’s clear that he gets people thinking. To me a great song can’t be interpreted with words. It’s about the way it makes you feel. It makes me sad and happy, he’s high in more ways than one but which way ? He’s charming and creepy at the same time. All I know is when he sings, “now I’m so high”, it makes me high x

        • Fab. I agree, it makes me high too. But then I have a theory that we are just always seeking highs in one way or another. Be it yoga, love, sex, ideas, food, booze, drugs, thought, whatever. So maybe none of us are ever really sober, not for a moment… I’ve had too much coffee. x

          • Helloooo Neptune 5th house here 😉
            I seek out bliss in every moment.
            I first experienced it after months of meditation, I was sitting in the bush by myself and it started to come on like I’d popped some pure MDMA. What brought it on was a sudden and silent realization of oneness with all sentient beings. I finally knew what I’d been looking for and how it felt and why I felt it.
            I would never seek sobriety again.
            The only other times I’ve experienced something close was through elevating my sexual practice but even that is better described as pleasure. Bliss is one step higher.

  3. That’s super interesting and accurate: I started writing my first novel in late March 2015 (now with publishers so fingers crossed), got sober in October 2015 and totally rebranded. Bring on the next phase…exciting.

  4. Wow, all this shizz is happening on my SOUTH NODE (1 VIR) – nodal opposition time for me. And a total solar eclipse there (28 Leo is close enough) just as the node shifts? Gah. OK, time to let go, right? And if I don’t by the total solar eclipse I reckon I will be getting a good push. And Venus will be retro during this time too, non?

      • Well since I’m already experiencing a nodal opposition (transit North Node conjunct natal South Node), having a solar eclipse in the same zone will be an additional zap – in my case, it will be a recognition of what old/past things in my life are still weighing me down and need to go, stat. The eclipse will probably initiate the process in an abrupt way, if it hasn’t been set in motion already. Not sure what degree of Virgo your North Node is at – you may have already had your nodal return – but you will be experiencing/have recently experienced your nodal return, when the transiting North Node returns to its natal position. I think this is kind of a check-in point too, but unlike the nodal opposition is a more “are we on the right track” kind of time so you can realize any adjustments you need to make in order to be in alignment with your North Node, your destiny.

  5. So much action in Pisces tenth house plus I natal sun Pisces opposite moon Virgo and the nodes are sitting on them now, while Pluto, Merc and Saturn are all in 8th house.

    The last Pisces eclipse is conj natal Venus while retro Venus is on natal Venus on wedding anniversary. I couldn’t plan this – we chose our wedding date because it was the anniversary of our chance meeting. I met Mr Cap while pluto was at zero cap (scandalously cancelling the wedding to Mr Sagg that was scheduled for two months later) so it turns out this was always Pluto anyway haha (natal Pluto in libra, just had Jupiter transit) Venus is my chart ruler.

    Then the next two Leo eclipses are conj natal Saturn.

    It’s just one big sky party being played out in some major ways I don’t yet comprehend. Neptune also on natal Venus, everything so fuzzy.

  6. Bang on my Leo Mercury 10th house. I also have a Gemini 8th house stellium and my chart ruler Pluto is in the 3rd. Sounds interesting. Maybe I’ll start speaking in tongues from atop a mountain.

  7. Have t admit though I’m not sure how to feel about the south node on my 8th house mars (neutral, I suppose, and be attentive to debt frenzy) Slow moving transits to my mars are always kinda out-there. If anything is the ghost of lovers past, THAT will be.

    I think these new house positions will definitely make/help/push me to get my money consciousness (omg and self esteem craps) sorted. North node on Saturn could be one to watch…
    At the same time as Saturn transits my 7th house and will conjunct Pluto (not to mention a passing mars and Venus AND mercury transit on that at some point, 0_0 )

    As a closing manoeuvre as the nodes leave those signs in 2018 or whenever, they’ll ping my progressed Leo asc and natal moon. That will be a clean sweep really. Hopefully none of that “hey you forgot this” on my way out.
    If I’d have known I’d be torturing myself over the Capricorn for over a year I’d have gone and smashed it into/ or out of existence back in 2015… Well howzat for a node lesson, speak now or forever hold your peace.
    Oh my god

    • Phone autocorrect is on some kind of “modesty amnesia” setting and keeps deleting my saved swear words, including “crap”, but hey it keeps fuqomg useless proprietary names in there like forever, any android developers reading this can you please sort that out, none ever cared enough about brands to need to make them the first word choice in a phone dictionary or perhaps any choice, we could even write them and save them ourselves, amazing

  8. Thank god for that. The last two years have definitely been about escaping the swamp of past mistakes and endless circular habits. Now I’m climbing onto the shore and I want to go explore dry land!

  9. I’m glad its leaving the V/P axis, with my Virgo stellium being dirged, and going to the L/A axis with all the Uraniacal energy it contains in my natal. Apart from my Sq Nep, maybe, being zinged.

  10. Oh my gosh, a new era—how exciting.

    Saturn square neptune REALLY made this virgo w. fish rising get her shizz together—-regimes and then some. But yeah, its been a trudge and lots of battling ye olde demons–if this new era involves eclipses in Aquarius and Leo—YAY!

    Good hair, more fun, genius detachment amiright????

  11. I’ll have sort of loathed this pull back to the past. It has been very Qi Vampire-vibe. Bring on the Leo-Aqua eclipses!

  12. Thank goodness that era is coming to a close! It has been as uncomfortable as Saturn in Scorpio and Pluto directly on my moon in 2012-2013. Discomfort in different yet similar ways. Good happended, too. There has been a lot of hard work and lessons on personal power. I hope I’ve done the work and growth properly. My tolerance for shit at work is much lower and I am seriouly in transition Phoenix mode. Taking steps, courswork etc. My New Years resolution was to take better care of ME. I am a quad Leo (with Midhaven) who had not had a professional haircut for about 2 years. (WTF happened?) On to green drinks and cutting out sweets since December. Been GF for health reasons since 2009. But I believe that I CAN have a desk job I love (that’s the plan) and get back to the skinny pants. Yes. It. Will. Happen. Looking foward to return of the Leo vibe!
    PS: I secretly enjoyed most of the last long Mercury Retro even though crap was stirred up. Is that normal or just good coaching from Mystic?

  13. March 2015 … ah, yes. Almost as much of a monster kegger as April 2014.

    My mother was ill for a month – almost died – & I took care of her, 2 households, including my special needs, teenage son. Someone slit our dog’s throat, left him for dead on our front porch. Ended a year long feud with a pugilistic, chauvinistic tax attorney in fantastic, full battle fashion. Former employer deleted my email account without notice, even though they had given me 72 hours to migrate it. Lost an enormous amount of irreplaceable data (worked for them for 10 years).

    Hellish nightmare ride, wish I could forget it. But hey – I’m still here.

  14. In March of 2015 I finally landed my current job after nine months of unemployment. I’ve been working the Virgo section of my chart ever since. Here’s hoping the transition will keep pushing my career forward.

  15. Yes, THAT eclipse was a game changer. I didn’t catch-on to the truth at the time…waking up is tough even for a…you know–PIAB–lol!!!

  16. ALL of it, and thank gawd this era is almost past! Tired of dealing with the past and sticky vibes, people, situations that pull me into it.. I have learned A LOT from it, though very painfully, and I’m operating as a better, stronger version of myself now. I didn’t think I would make it through, for a lot of 2015. I was preparing to call it quits on life.

    I have Moon, Mars/MC, Chiron in Pisces, opposite Jupiter, IC/Pluto, Uranus, in Virgo, so that axis is significant in my chart.

    I’m Aqua Sun, so I hope the new set of eclipses and having NN/SN in Leo/Aqua doesn’t kick my a$$ as hard as this last set did. I really can’t take much more..

    • Hi there, you have a similar natal picture to me. Yet my aqua sun/ vesta/ pholus + other asteroids are lodged in the 6th…work – routine – health related. I commence training with a non for profit institution, revolving around health, treatment…

      My virgo rising is conjunct a 12th house jupiter by a degree, the north node is there now…I’ve wandered into post grad research that will land me in public institutions…

      Strange yet I haven’t worked in years, and I have been volunteering on and off over the last two…for non for profit, etc. Perhaps I obtain a paid role?

      Noticing also how solitary I am. My 5th house occupied by pluto conjunct my natal venus at present…I am partnered yet its slowly transforming…uranus square this and on my north node has brough me more freedom, as I move away from libran south node themes, piscean service and duties to family and a partner…

      Are you experiencing similar? I think uranus in this context, especially in the 8th for me, requires I rely less on my partner to support me, and I look to other creative and innovative resources self generated.

      I think this is an important clue as we are both aquarian sun and both saturn and uranus are sextile to this, so discipline and innovation, independence assist new work ventures.

      Leo occupies my 12th; I understand, as my progressed jupiter is in late degrees of leo, that change here will be huge. Creativity and joy in hopefully helping others in genuine need?

      I hope you can visualise your preferred outcome and wish you well with your journey

      • Thanks for your good wishes! I wish you well, too! 🙂

        “discipline and innovation, independence assist new work ventures” …..yes, and what I need most right now! Yet it hasn’t really kicked in, no job forthcoming, have only seen a slight increase in private clients, everything slow as molasses. I’m not in the right head space, maybe, but I’m slipping lower and lower, losing traction, losing faith, feeling defeated, at a time when the astro should be supporting me. Maybe it’s the last of the Pisces/Virgo axis sludge that is keeping me down….

        I have 8th house Sun, NN in the 10th in Aries, so Uranus is transiting in my 10th, within 2 degrees of my NN. Crab rising, and Pluto is transiting my 7th, and my personal and professional life has been increasing barren of people. It has been lonely.
        I’m not partnered but have relied a bit on family and, frankly, on state assistance these past couple years. I don’t have any kids, either, so ostensibly I should be able to just do ‘me’ and my career but, again, nothing…

        • Have you considered volunteering for non for profit – a quality established organisation? I am assisting at two institutions after an absence from my past career. I actually am much happier, and I’ve met some interesting people who restored my hope. It’s been beneficial for the capricorn career too. I do wish you all the best for this, pluto transit has been very intense for me too and I understand the transformation is challenging

          • Lol, my intended career is maybe slightly capricorn! However the pluto transit has blasted away people I did associate with – professionally and also some peers…it’s tested relationships. You rebuild while the dismantling is slowly happening…

  17. As a Pisces who has been doing some dumb blast from the past BS lately, I’m really excited to put that tentative foot forward.

  18. The message that arrived to set me on the Very New path to further creative development and a big fat 9th house trip came just before the March 2015 eclipse. (Also I think related to Uranus crossing my midheaven.) That path also included the um landscape feature of the Capricorn.
    A recent quiz with Oracle and an answer that popped up twice was the next solar eclipse would be important. I checked and it is the last eclipse in Pisces. I don’t know if what’s next is a development or a conclusion. Sometimes I wonder if I failed my north node transit in 3rd house developmental duty of “communicating”. At the same time, the Capricorn precipitated an enormous amount of self awareness about my deepest and ugliest fears and self beliefs when it comes to love and relationships. Oh. Idea.. maybe his Uranus is actually conjunct my Pluto IC. Because that would support the massive shake-up…

  19. I feel like that’s the era of my current job. I really got into the hang of it around March 2015, went through major upheaval and lots of growth followed by a huge disappointment. Now I’m looking to leave. It’s like I went through everything I bailed on during previous jobs but this one I stuck through the whole cycle.

    One thing I remember is that I keep feeling unappreciated at work. Especially demoralising since I have Leo in 10th on my South Node. If my efforts are in vain, I’m out of there. Hopefully not rashly as I approach my Saturn Return. Guh.

  20. On a personal level, definitely experienced the swamp of the last few years, but am a stronger and more developed person for it.

    I’ve been thinking a lot about DJT recently, and it struck me that with the inauguration coinciding loosely with Aquarius Season, that haute Aqua energy is going to become even more crucial over the next few years. The humanitarianism, the care for others– even those distant and different from you, the understanding of the inner workings of the systems of power in order to subvert them and stand for true justice and equality. Perhaps this series of eclipses will help reinforce that at a global level.

  21. The night before last I dreamt of the upcoming August Total Solar Eclipse, so this post is right on cue.

    I have not experienced the “swamp” personally, though my disdain for the Land of Confusion it created on a geopolitical level certainly is palpable. Your mention of DJT is uncanny given I just wrote a piece about him and his ties to Orcus energy. Which brings me to last night’s dream…

    I was at a beach house and there was a large floating pier off the back that was partially submerged in a few feet of water; ostensibly because there was some kind of an issue with the pontoons that kept it afloat. It was sunny and I followed the wooden trail down to the pier, wading into the water and noticing as I did so that there were large rectangular holes cut into the pier for some reason, leaving these large “windows” down into the beautiful blue open ocean. Suddenly there was a flurry of activity in the waters around me – a small pod of Orcas had converged around my location! I wasn’t afraid – I thought it was amazing and their energy seemed friendly. The Orcas splashed and spouted around and below me, and the tide somehow came in over the pier to submerge it just enough so the Orcas could swim right next to me! I remember reaching a hand out to one and feeling how soft, smooth, and slick its tuxedoed skin felt… I was absolutely delighted!

    I awoke with a strong certainty of the connection between my working with the Orcus archetype in my waking hours and receiving Orca Medicine in my dream. Not coincidentally, I have a major Sun/Nodes/Orcus alignment in my Pr. chart and have been doing my damnedest to make sure my own expression of this energy is kept spiritualized and Hi-Fi; DJT for me serving as a rather cautionary example (IMO) of the Lo-Fi side of the Orcus vibe. Will take the appearance of Orca Medicine in my life as a good sign!

  22. I’m ready 🙂 That March 2015 eclipse was 5 days after my birthday and life has felt like it’s been on high-speed since then. Interesting to reflect on, I was yet another totally different person then. Accessing the Virgo/Saturn vibe has been so necessary, still more to do in that regard (isn’t there always!).

    Leo/Aqua sounds like a breath of fresh air to me. Don’t know how much more of the psych-murky-lagoon I can take at the moment, every time I think I’ve gotten my head out of it I get back in!

  23. Haven’t felt or experienced the Eclipses at all. Or maybe I cannot recognize the signs?
    September 1st Eclipse was on my Virgo rising so it was supposed to be important. Also I remember you @Mystic saying that you have to observe eclipses months after they have taken place. But so far I don’t know what to look for.
    Too bad these eclipses were in my 1st and 7th cusps and didn’t get that much relationship wise. Maybe they played a more personal role I fail to see.
    I feel I have gained a lot more depth – and pain, loads of pain – from the Nept/Sat square. That was big, like the biggest soap bubble in ages and when it popped, I realized I had been seeing things yes, but that I am also way better at not falling, at all, for the low Nept swamp vibe.

  24. So, since I’m a Leo sun/moon/Mercury AND Libra Rising, that August eclipse is going to hit like a sledgehammer. Good to know.

  25. Beyond excited for this. I remember that week of March 2015 like it was yesterday: that was the week I got entangled and dance-dance-danced with a major Qi vampire. I spent the better part of the last two years in disentanglement mode. Last week’s Full Moon in Cancer – conjunct my North Node AND his natal Moon – was a nice bit of psychic closure to the whole thing. HERE at last for the snazzier terrain, with a new pair of shades and wings on my feet.

    • Yes, we share a NN (my Venus is there as well)…yes, disentanglement mode for too long–exhausting. Psychic closure is what I’m finally feeling and I like it. 🙂

  26. Not thrilled to learn I have the same degree of Leo ascendant as Trump!
    I already feel the new incoming vibe and it agrees with me. My 2017 work mantra is ‘lioness’. After a horror six months I am stepping back into my power with no explanation or apology. Hair on point every day; it is my superpower.
    As for love life and friends – let’s just say the swamp has been drained, the car bodies removed and the earnest-faced eco-warriors are now trooping in with seedlings and shovels. I’ve dealt with some pretty hard truths the last few weeks and I think I’ve finally reached a place where I can begin where I am.

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