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Every month the Moon cycles through all the signs of the Zodiac, every relevant constellation. But there are three super pertinent conjunctions that the Moon makes: Moon to Neptune, Moon to Pluto and Moon to Uranus. Each has different characters and lasts for only a few hours. I call them Lunar Portals and always try to align with them for good use.

Now these are on the Scheduler (the year ahead astrological calendar, for planning onsite) but until now they have not had the exact time. The thinking behind that was that you could work with these Lunar Portals/Moon conjunctions to the Outer Planets within a vague time frame. But now, after much experimentation, that is changing.

From this next New Moon on, the times for each Lunar Portal/Moon-Neptune, Moon-Pluto and Moon-Uranus conjunction will be in the Scheduler for L.A., New York, London, Dubai, Hong Kong and Sydney.  Where-ever you live, you should be able to adjust from there to get your exact time.

So obviously you don’t get UP for one of these if it is occurring at 04.10am in your zone but if you’re awake, you can work these to maximum advantage.  The immediacy and intimacy of the fast moving Moon allows us to connect with Outer Planet energies that are usually only able to be understood in retrospect.

So i am not adding these in to the Scheduler lightly – it’s extra fiddly work – but after months of noting these and their zone of efficacy. It really is down to an hour each side but they’re quality.  Below are my thoughts on how they may manifest but obviously they are even more potent if you are having a transit of that planet or you’re one of the signs affected.  Neptune is in Pisces until 2027,  Pluto is in Capricorn until 2024 and Uranus is in Aries until 2018.  These are big epochal planetary heavy-hitters, but its like every month a Lunar Portal opens that helps you access this higher level astral vibe.

Lunar Portal – Moon/Neptune:  Pure raw “medium” energy – super impressionistic and dangerous if you’re in a synthetic environment like a mall or intense office scenario – beautiful for Tantra, divination, yoga, meditation, Tarot and connecting with Spirit, animals, anything clairvoyant. Brilliant for being by the beach if you can.

Lunar Portal – Moon/Pluto:  Very sexy, dark indigo, primal vibe…perfect for receiving/transmitting sensual vibe. Also rad for commerce and deep money machinations. Moon/Pluto is always a flashpoint for anything repressed as emotions come up regardless of how composed you are. It’s instinct-driven as opposed to the more gentle intuitive flow of Moon/Neptune.  Perfect for seduction, money and power moves. Or for manifesting resolve to make epic changes.

Lunar Portal – Moon/Uranus:  Revenge of the Ultra-Weird. This is the zone of strange coincidence and events, messages or omens that feel like the Trickster is playing some personal cosmic joke on you. It’s fantastic for sudden surges of inspiration and liberating insights. You get with this one when you want to shake off the soggy tribe vibe and reawaken inner genius. It’s a total re-zing.

The exact times for these will be up on the Scheduler from after the New Moon on Jan 27/28 – come back and share how accurate or useful you find them. The horoscopes obviously always take them into account but as i said, my own personal experimentation has found that these Lunar Portals really do deserve a more narrow, laser-in focus.



Image:  No Jay Art – Invent The Future To Forget The Past

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Empress8MM Member

I don’t know why I haven’t been using the Scheduler in general until now! Brilliant–thanks!

AngelicVCaliMM Member

Thank you. This is helpful.

Wasn’t there a lunar portal Moon/Uranus today? 1/26 LA Time?

Unexpected craziness, strange events…


Massive thanks for this.

Leo-Scorp Grrrl
Leo-Scorp Grrrl

I’ve GOT to start tracking! The weekend Pluto-Mercury vibe was so on in hindsight I was near nauseated at the Uncle Pluto info I gained by accident. (cheating confirmed in black and white) It was so fine while it lasted I almost don’t regret the prat. Venus in Leo square Neptune again. I will definitely track and journal those monthly moon times. Moon in fire makes me feisty.

sphinxMM Member

Wow, this is so very cool!

I don’t always have time to focus on my connection to Spirit via the stars.
Having a reminder in the scheduler is a lovely way to lock in to my personal power and our universal bridge via star energies. Beautiful work Mystic – as always!

Lux Interior Is My Co-PilotMM Member
Lux Interior Is My Co-Pilot

This is incredible. Thankyou!

I am SO excited about this!

I love the scheduler and have transcribed everything from it into my hard-copy business diary.

Crystallised futureMM Member
Crystallised future

Fabulous Mystic. Do the vibes of lunar portals work twice each month-ie; once in the chart of the current sky and once again when tracking our natal chart? Thanks again aye.

RubentMM Member

Is this just for moon connecting to transit planets? Or can this be applied when moon transits these planets in their natal positions?

StarlushMM Member

You’re the best Mystic xxoox

Year of the Phoenix
Year of the Phoenix

Native Moon conj Neptune and yep, pretty much! Think the current Neptune back in the hood vibes atm suit my dna.

Read a post on another unnamed Astro blog and someone indicated Moon in Scorpio was all jealous backstabby behaviour with a side of bitch – why the hate?

Even when I knew bugger all about astrology I really liked the Scorpio (women only for some reason) I knew – mine is in the 3rd house so might be a communication thing. Always impressed with the knowingness, unshockability and DEPTH

ElectroMM Member

I agree, totally unfair to bash one planetary placement like that. I often hear smack about Gemini Mars and Venus conjunct Jupiter and I have both placements.

Seems as though someone had a bad run-in with a low Scorpio moon and has now written them all off. Tbh, I’ve had (having) an issue with a low Scorpio moon and this person is capable of power grabs through manipulation and so on but it would be foolish for me to say her moon is to blame. Low any sign can be textbook awful.

Calli GMM Member
Calli G

Thank you for adding this to you to-do list. I’m looking forward to incorporating the timing into my witchy plans.

JokermanMM Member

Being very Outre-Planetoid (all 3) with a Cancer Sun & Asc & Bucket Handle Moon I feel these pings quite strongly. But don’t take my word for it. Having Moon & Uranus strong in ya makes for beinf fuqn nutcase.? (meant to be rotflmfao)

PiMM Member

Nutcase is judgement term applied by others not like us. Saying this as I recently realised I limit and diminish my abilities as I was seeing myself too strongly from the eyes of others who don’t actually see me (I’m a flake, I’m weird, I’m whatever, these are mean words made up by people who got merit awards for sitting up straight in kindy and that don’t acknowledge the good parts) Sure fine do the “reality check” whatever that is these days but maybe reframe the nutcase etc part, it feels good to do that. Ya know?

JokermanMM Member

Dunno. Wherever I work, socialise and play I’m the maverick fruitcake in the setting. It has always been thus. I struggle with my persona and how I come a across. But I can’t fight my Sun wider-than-cj Uranus 1H which is a narrow yod to my 7H Moon. That with all my Nep and Pluto action.

Walks like a duck,
Waddles like a duck,
Paddles like a duck,
Is a duck!

I know ppl say its talking yaself down and maybe its echoes of a loveless mother, feckless father and the neurotic abuser but l can’t help being honest.

JacquiMM Member

Thank you Mystic. I often pick up on moods and feelings, self aware or sensitive, and then read or reread your blog and say Yes! What is above, is below. Looking forward to tuning into these vibes. Thank you for the fab artworks too! XxXx

MissDeeMM Member

Wowza thanx Mystic.
Love the Scheduler and especially this new “appointment” to look at and see how we react.
Had no idea of the existance of the Lunar Portal: love the concept!

tw:leoMM Member

yowza, thank you, mm!


Ive been pretty much living the lunar portal the last year and a half with neptune exact on my moon..pure madness/some genius or is it pure genius/some madness.. we will see

PiMM Member

P.s. love that image and its title.

PiMM Member

Thank you for your hard work and experimentation! I’m going to check it out.