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Leos now versus Leos soon.  Yes you heard this correctly – – – –

Upcoming: A Leo Eclipse Season and the North Node in Leo for nearly two years. Many a take-anywhere, placid pussy cat of a Leo is plotting their return to full Jungle Ruler status.

Don’t bother bribing them with catnip, goo-goo or cheap affirmations.  It is your full allegiance or, well, they lost your number….you know how it is out there in the mean streets/jungle/ever expanding realm.


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85 thoughts on “Leo Impending

  1. I am impending? I am versus myself? This explains so much! Leo Sun at 4 degrees.

    Saturn has been on my North Node in Saggi last year and Pluto opposite my Cancer stellium for waaaay too long.

    Frankly I’d love my stars to align with more ease.

    • Sphynx! I didn’t realize our Suns were so close! I’m a 3 Leo. And I feel your pain, Saturn on my Moon Neptune all last year and now Saturn opposed my Venus Jupiter all this year!

      I need a good roar!

    • Saturn on moon is nasty. Had that last year. But wouldn’t Saturn on NN be a good thing – like Saturn rewarding hard work / manifesting destiny type thing? I guess it depends on house placement?

      • I had Scorpio Saturn on my moon for ages around the previous year – and eclipses and horrors all around 23 degrees Scorpio – exactly my moon! I empathise – it was incredibly bad. My Scorpio mum even tried to top herself…
        Saturn on the NN is in my 7th. I had to let go of my bestie and it was like losing a love partner, exhausting emotionally.
        But I have had a home bought which I can work from (eventually, small kids and renovation yet) during this transit. (Jup transit to 4th).
        Perhaps some Leo golden sunlight will ripen this Saturn fruit?

        • Haha! Yeah the sun’s gotta make a sultana outta Saturn :).
          I do recall you posting about your friend. Sometimes it’s harder to lose a friend than a lover.

          Congrats on the home though. No small feat! I have natal Jupes Toro in 4th house, so have been pretty lucky in that dept.

          • That is a VERY enviable Jupiter placement. Mine is in the 9th House, in Pisces… Not complaining, it pumps up my Neptune influence, it’s really other realm-y, I lived in a lot of sea-sprayed, palm huts in my youth, lol.

            By one degree my 4th is ruled by Virgo (unless nurse got my birth time wrong, you do wonder when all your houses are committed by one degree and the rest of the house is completely another sign) and contains Mars.

  2. As an Aquarius Sun with my NN in Leo, I’m wondering which node of the axis is going to win out in the upcoming conjunctions to my Sun and Venus over the next two years.

    I hope it’s the 9th House Leo NN, as I could use some positive forward motion after a hell of a ride these last few years.

    • As an Aqua with NN in Aqua, I too wonder what this means. Sough Node in Leo makes me….move backwards? NN helps me dredge stuff up from the South Node to use on my NN travels?

  3. Leo sun and Pluto, both in the 6th house. Pisces rising . No idea how this will affect me, but looking forward to any change . Good or not, as long as it’s different.

  4. I can’t wait for this!!!Leo Sun/Mercury. I feel like all of my plotting, planning and strategising needs a big oomph of Leo. Bring it!

  5. F- yah! I feel it coming. Leo Sun- Venus-Merc-Mars-Midhaven. I am already in transition and questioning loyalties. Cheap affirmations will not do. I can move on w/o looking and have no time for games. And my is age too mature to risk a frown for the undeserving. I worked my tail off the last 5 years and ain’t no one gonna bring me down.

  6. Really? Wow !!! For real? Banishing the ungrateful from our court ?? Haha wow yes I have. Wow I am so relieved to know it wasn’t just me ! I love astrology it puts everything in to perspective. And the queen of the court is our Mystic thank you for sharing ! Love on you MM

  7. I hope this gets my leo ass moving. Gives me motivation, inspiration … any ation (leo sun,ascendant,Venus, and Uranus.)

  8. Omg that first cat <3
    Leos don't lose your whimsical / theatrical spontaneity amidst the finally-clawing-down the construction dust curtains
    Love progressed Leo asc and Saturn in Leo Pi who has major Leo lessons to absorb like the sponge I am xxx

  9. Already happening. Leo stellium including Mars Mercury. I did a bunch of neurofeedback (highly recommend) and now my edit function is gone, I think this relates. Looking forward to this.

  10. Didn’t get anything from the NN in Virgo, nor from the Eclipses in Virgo/Pisces (1st/7th house).
    Literally the most quiet years ever on the relationship level.
    Maybe I don’t know how to work this vibes.

  11. Haha, that explains a lot! Sun/moon/mercury in Leo and my North Node return. I have been feeling the rumblings and conviction. Thanks MM, I love your work.

  12. All you proud Leo suns, tell us the house it lives in, I think that’s key to a NN transit. E.g. Leo is my 2nd house so money, self value …south node will be in my 8th. Other people’s money, values that die etc. So knowing the house will give you an insight into what’s leaving (SN) and what’s coming (NN).

        • Well I’m going with it.
          She said she had issues to sort out and that she had trohble telling me (mutables, hey).

          I just gotta go with the sky. About 5 major things in Cap/Aqua 7th supported by Mars Venus trining my Sun. I just think she is wonderful.

          • As you are my friend. The more you can see those attributes in yourself the more others will see. Personally, there is nothing more attractive in a woman or man than humble acceptance of their own beauty and value.

    • That’s really helpful thanks davidl. I’m only just getting the hang of reading charts thanks to 99 hacks. Yay 🙂

      • I’m very house focused with my Astro. It’s why I think knowing your exact time of birth is a huge advantage in obtaining and understanding the whole picture. A 12th house Leo sun is a different creature to a 1st house Leo sun, even though a 2 hour birth time plus or minus can be that difference.
        Another example is say my Saturn return. Having Saturn in Cap in my 7th house means that it’s relationships that will most probably be the focus of my return as it will be for my second return in 2018. That will be the epicenter so to speak.
        I’m an Aries sun 10th house, and yes I’m very Aries in biz and career but at home in my libra 4th , peace, beauty and stability reign. I’m a libra at home and an Aries at work. I think this helps a lot with understanding what will work and what will make me happy in all the areas of my life and can be a simple method of giving focus and translating both natal positions and transits to natal positions.

    • Leo Sun, midheaven, Saturn, Mercury, Vesta in the 10th.

      I think this is going to play out primarily through the conjunct to my Mercury. Rather than a career focus, I think this one is going to affect the way I communicate with the outer world, in a ‘social status’ kind of way. My 3rd/Gemini house currently has Pluto transiting AND squaring my natal NN and SN. Eighth house/Scorpio is ruled by Gemini. Venus may also have something on this ripple effect since Saturn is opposing my Venus while there is a transiting link between Venus and Saturn.

      Transit SN is in my 4th, so movement away from home and elements of origin. Inherited trouble with my voice, perhaps. Also doing a major house project, so leaving behind old energy and aesthetics. Literally rewiring, repiping, and putting up new structures.

    • My Leo Sun is in the 2nd, so I will take yr reading thanks! NN on my Sun should be interesting – Destiny meets consciousness and light.

  13. This cat got lost in the forest w/ all the wacky fairytale characters. It has taken years 2 find my way outta that bubble and yep, gettin thee back 2 the jungle asap…totally on point, MM!

  14. I texted my Leo sun cousin and Leo rising friend about this impending Leo power up forecast, hopefully it works well for them 🙂 excited to see 10 h Leo power vibez myself

  15. My partner has natal moon at 19 deg Leo, 3rd house, conjunct his IC.

    His mom has been sick for a few years and has taken a serious and sudden turn for the worse, just transferred from hospital to hospice….

    I’m looking at that leo lunar eclipse which is right around that degree. Things are going to change fast.

    The other night he told me he’ll inherit her house, and what do I think about moving to this other city?

    I guess this is eclipse at IC conjunct natal moon…

    I see what the next few years will bring…

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