The Spiritual Benefits Of Eating With Your Hands

There are apparently spiritual benefits of eating with your hands. Forgive me as i am about to cite information without the source. I am blaming Mercury Retrograde. So, i literally cannot recall this article i read someplace – the New Yorker? the Daily Mail? The Ashakic Records? –  that said eating with your hands was the only cosmic way to consume food so that its life force was not upset.

It said that tiny baby enzymes on your fingers connected with the lips/tongue and that this provoked some sort of quantum mega enzyme (i am paraphrasing obviously) that enabled whatever you were eating to more fully merge with all layers of your being. I don’t think they meant potato crisps. More like bonding with the spirit of Carrot. Or Turmeric.

The Apparent Benefits Of Eating With Your Hands Includes Enzymes and Chakra Alignment

This also makes me think of how cutlery can be a social minefield – less so in this contemporary era, obviously – but who recalls those excruciating scenes in novels where someone trying to infiltrate a so-called upper class comes a cropper with cutlery “rules.” And how unnatural cutlery looks and feels to a toddler learning to feed itself.

Somewhere i read that Abbey-Lee, the Australian/Gemini model/actor, eats only with her hands as an “energy thing.” But then again that could just be to make it easier to transition to smoking between bites. Perhaps it is linked to this thing I once heard a yoga teacher say: chewing 144 times aligns your top chakras. And of course, culling cutlery makes utter sense from a minimalist point of view. Could cutlery be too 20th Century?  Or is it time to create a magical range of cutlery? Does anyone think there are unique health or spiritual benefits of eating with your hands? Thoughts?


Image: Salvador Dali’s Cutlery Set- he had natal Mercury Retrograde

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I’m going to add to the disgruntled virgo vibe here. O.K if it’s a sandwich but cmon!

I am a bone handled antique silver lover, get a little repulsed by shabby cutlery, and make my own porcelain spoons. I am also huge on handmade crockery, I totally support the slowing down and ritualising of the meal.


The concept of not disturbing the energy of the food doesn’t make much sense. Seems quite illogical and silly actually. Cutlery is metal. Metal is generally a conductor. As a Virgo rising, I have a huge issue eating with hands. It is actually quite shocking when you notice how many people have dirt under eath their fingernails. This is my ultimate bugbear. Eating with hands is just wrong and to cite energetic reasons is laughably stupid..


Love the spoon on the left.

I prefer eating by myself. “Doing lunch” is a like a sacrifice. Watching others eat is anything but sexy.

12th house virgo

I had a beautiful Moroccan silver wash pot that could be used to wash people’s hands at the table by pouring water over their hands and capturing it in the bowl. I got rid of it in a fit of feng shui that I regret to this day. Warm towels soaked in rose water work too but lack the artisans touch. You can make hand washing a part of the eating ritual. I adore that but it makes most sense when you are eating in a tent in the desert.


Love these, have you seen those aquamaniles in lion and griffin shapes? I want to make some! Bring back the ritual in dining.


I was not borne into the upper classes but I don’t believe that is a prerequisite for good table manners. In my part of the world and in the wider Judeo-Christian world, it is a sign of respect for the food, the effort in its preparation, in the communal act of eating with others and respect for the host/hostess to maintain good manners at table. When with others who seem to disregard these basics I am displeased and sometimes quite horrified. Cultural norms have their place for a reason. When they are broken, consequences follow. What is wrong with cutlery?… Read more »


In other cultures, though, it’s beautiful food laid out on the floor and other rules, like where to sit and how to stand and which hand to use to eat. And how to lick or not lick your fingers after.

But in my own culture, yes, cutlery. Especially in other people’s homes. My mother in law does three course meals with all the different size forks and plates and I love it.


When I lived in Tajikistan sometimes we’d all eat with our hands (well, right only obvs) out of a communal bowl. When my mom and aunt visited they were disgusted, but I adjusted decently. My biggest problem was I’d be so busy putting my right hand over my heart to say thank you that I’d sometimes accept tea or something with my left hand and offend everyone at the table and we’d have to throw out whatever they’d given me. Right hand over heart for thanks *most* of the time. Left hand over heart when accepting food with your *right*… Read more »


I like chopsticks a lot though. I was all down with throwing out cutlery entirely but then I thought of chopsticks and I just love them. No awful metal scraping sounds. So precise. Chopsticks are the best.


Argh, the scraping! The sound of hell, I’m sure of it! My father scrapes his plate like that and it hits a nerve so deep I can’t eat a bite until he stops.


Thinking initially that I should be all down with eating with my hands…I guess I am more than most, but I also like my tools. And then I realized – yes – tools! I am definitely a tool person as an artist & designer. So they all work.

However, potato chips (which sound nicer as ‘crisps’ by the way) pretty much *must be eaten by hand. I actually think the melding cosmic enzyme unity is perfectly applicable there.


I love the asparagus scene in ‘The Cook, the Thief…’. But I also love the cutlery in the pic. You’d eat food very deliberately with them.
Chopsticks are fun too. Actually I’m amazed we don’t have more implements beyond the fork, knife, spoon, sticks, and of course, the spork. Surely there’s something else?


I’ve spent a lot of time living in various places where eating with your hand is the norm, and I completely get it. At the same time, some methods really gross me out (mushing rice into a ball and shoving it in your mouth) and having to share a huge platter with lots of people eating like this still tests my resolve. I like chopsticks, I think they are the most elegant way to eat ever- it’s hard to stuff yourself like a piglet with chopsticks involved- which is good for natural-born piglets like myself. But also, I really really… Read more »


Yes to all of this! Amazing cutlery and Japanese eating style for the win.


I am hands-on person with food. Cutlery Is good for specialized foods like serving pie slices or absinthe slotted spoon…

I used to freak out the Virgo I was once engaged to by eating rice with my hands. Ain’t nothing wrong with doing so with clean hands. Of course he was that guy that tried to stab me with a butter knife when I tried to break up.

dark star

Ate couscous / most things with my hands for 6 months studying in Morocco. It’s fun! I actually rly like this idea of a fuller sensory experience/ some kind of enzyme process.


Sometimes when I’m eating I get the feeling that it’s wrong to eat it with cutlery. It can be a divine pleasure sort of thing or a who are you fooling silly human. Licking your fingers can be fun and sexy too if you do it right. Speaking of things we cannot cite, I remember seeing this outrageously cool copper make-up contraption set that someone made for a thesis or something and I wanted to post it here but I couldn’t find the link again. So that exists somewhere out there. I want to say it was for cooking up… Read more »


Its interesting that native Americans were horrified that people used metal pots and cutlery and it caused many problems in hospital etc as elders refused to eat food prepared this way and also to eat with cutlery. I specialise in creating feasts and often theme them from round the world. One of the most memorable was a beautiful Asian meal with everyone sitting on the floor and eating with our hands. So sensual. But I am taurean . As for hygeine in my Roma heritage you use one hand for toiletry purposes and the other to eat food. Simple. I… Read more »

Nike Vk

What about soup?


Slurp it up drinking the side like a cup!


Or use bread to sop it up.


Well I have no idea why the spork never took off? I inherited a lovely set of 70’s retro sporks about 15yrs ago. Only use them because they are so practical and versatile. Really believe these are a 21st century cutlery utensil. Otherwise, in complete agreement with the touching and handling our food whilst eating. For me It’s about being familiar with what we are putting in our bodies being able to touch smell and feel it’s been prepared In a safe manner before throwing it down the hatch. I even remember as a child I hated feeling forced to… Read more »


Sporks have been around for a long time. Apparently they come and go. I had a set of silverplate Deco sporks. Was told they were used for ice cream.


One of the reasons I love Ethiopian food is the whole eating with your hands thing. That and injera. Sometimes when I make whole fish, I prefer eating it with my hands, as it’s easier to pick out the bones that way, as well as being more sensual. It just feels right. And of course, I love the (US) east coast ritual of feasting on blue crabs with naught but newspaper underneath and Old Bay spice as seasoning. In general though, in public I prefer cutlery. I just get so turned off by some people’s eating habits in general (I… Read more »


That’s a really interesting concept! I enjoy both, and think a balance is nice. I would miss cutlery less than I’d miss eating with my hands if it had to be all or nothing though.


also i love the photo mystic, i think that’s what reminded me of the art-cutlery. omg: shamanic cutlery. commune with the food spirits. (maybe different from hands? or hands better? still like the implements as objects..)

em price

The first time I ate with my hands (post-toddler and non-snack) was when a Burmese professor invited me for a meal in his home. He explained to us that eating with our hands included the sensation of touch in the experience of eating, making a more complete experience, and that he and his family had always eaten with their hands in Burma. I have to say, I was 16 at the time and it kinda rocked my world somehow to eat this lovely meal with a professor and his wife with my hands! I do still enjoy this with the… Read more »


I like to eat with my hands and will eat in a messy, sensual fashion, and even lick the plate (!)….if I’m eating alone. I enjoy the food better that way. I also don’t like having sticky dirty fingers so I wash my hands right after, so I’m a bit of a dichotomy there.. I have Crab rising (can be messy?), Pisces moon and Mars, Lilith in Taurus….Aqua Sun in the 8th…. I don’t know the reasons…. but then I’ve got Venus in Cap and a bunch of stuff in Virgo, so I’m sure that’s why I like to wash… Read more »


The right hand but not the left, so trying it for dinner tonight. Curry? Nachos? Pies ps Taurus


Was thinking about this recently.
Heavily into the tactile experience of food. Multidimensional, also my Jupiter in Taurus.
For some reason I’ve been having unco moments with cutlery lately. I had been wondering if it’s because at least half of what I eat is with chopsticks now! Found myself chasing the last of a dinner around the plate thinking “if I had chopsticks this wouldn’t be happening.” Hahaha
Also the roti canai bread thing with curries, so good. Just need to wash our hands before, that’s all!


So basically as a westerner I’m into non-clunky versions of eating implements and I’d be happy to subscribe to the ‘food communicates through our fingertips’ theory..
Saw a gorgeous collection of art-spoons recently. Concept cutlery. Fell in love with the ideas.


Sometimes there’s nothing better than twirling lovely spaghetti around a fork though : D


Thoughts? Just one: Not hygienic! Nope, sorry – gonna go hang out with the Virgos on this one, LOL! My Sun/Hygiea combo is tweaking just thinking about the people who don’t wash their hands after using the loo or considering all the dirty doorknob germs that might be on said hands! *shudders* Besides, my Libra placements quite like the civility (and aesthetics) of silverware. If one is *that* concerned about bonding with the spirit of carrot or whatever, I highly recommend they do what I do and put in the hard labor of growing an edible garden. There’s no stronger… Read more »


What doesn’t kill ya makes you stronger.

Lux Interior Is My Co-Pilot

An indian friend showed me how she eats with her hands–you should of course make sure they are clean first. You need a sort of scooping bread but you can also just eat little pinches of curry and rice.

It’s cool, because you’ll never burn your tongue again

And also get an appreciation for the feel of the food

But you can’t eat soups/lhaksa/broth with your hands–though I guess you could drink them out of the bowl.

It does sound a bit far fetched to me though. I don’t mind cutlery.


I tried doing this in India and it’s an art form! Everyone was taking little birdlike grabs of food and neatly depositing it in their mouths while I had the motor control of a two year old. I’ll never underestimate a person who can eat curry with their hands again.

12th house virgo

It is an art form!! In Morocco only the most able of people can ball up their couscous just so.


This would bring new meaning to double dipping. I read once a study done of nut bowls supplied in London clubs at the bar. They found in one bowl urine traces of 24 people. Yum.


People doing testes on nuts; you takin the piss?


Haha! Yuck.



12th house virgo

There are rules about double dipping. For example, in Morocco you use pieces of bread to scoop up food. You only eat from your section of the plate. You only use your right hand. (Left hand is for the urine). So many rules. Had I not been married to a Moroccan for so long I would have never known I could be scorned for the way I eat with my hands AND with cutlery.


I love eating with my hands. That’s what pincers are for. Food is tactile. Hand to the heart.

Redlipstick Virgo

Some foods I love eating with my fingers – but yes am Virgo and love a well set table and cutlery.


Soup? Ice cream? sorry, leave me with my chopsticks and spoons. Life is messy enough without smearing my hands with my food. and yes, I am a virgo.

Year of the Phoenix


Leo on the Rise

Haha Dear sweet clean tidy Virgo – a finger food buffet I know is a vision of hell for you 🙂


I love eating handheld food…but in a strange way I also love the proper cutting and placing of forks/knives etc between bites. Eating is sexy either way (unless you have misophonia))


I’m with you. Whatever allows you to have a right relationship with the your nourishment ;Sexy, pleasurable, satisfied and gracious. Taurus Moon here Hello


My initial thought was … well what about sex? Some people use vibrators, toys etc to get the deed done. We don’t really need them but they can be fun, ackward, deemed unnecessary and obsolete for some , not for others! As per the science bit, there are acupuncture points around the mouth that get activated more with hand held eating, sucking etc like a mother feeds her child. If we for some reason did not receive this connection of nourishment from mama via the breast, or initial feedings then there may be a type of restlessness that occurs when… Read more »

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