The February Monthly Horoscopes Are Posted

Honestly I think we are all getting our bearings again. Or will be once the snazzy Leo Eclipse Season sparks up any moment. The February Monthly Horoscopes are posted!   You need to be logged in to view them as they are subscriber only.

Read your Sun Sign and your Rising Sign, for best results.  Don’t know it?  If you know your time of birth, you can quickly generate a chart on Astrodienst.

Also, i opened up these posts on Astro Hacks (my astrology school) for the week to give everyone interested some fun prep for Retro Venus: The Official Soulmate Indicators and X Ray Relationships


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38 thoughts on “The February Monthly Horoscopes Are Posted

  1. Hey would you mind letting me know which web host you’re
    working with? I’ve loaded your blog in 3 completely different internet browsers
    and I muust say this blog loads a lot quicker then most.

    Can you suggest a good internet hostring provider at a honest price?
    Thanks a lot, I appreciate it!

  2. Today is my birthday and it’s been an awful day.. 🙁

    Two situations went complete about-face… home and personal life..

    Had a difficult appointment at my doctor’s office regarding chronic pain issue.

    I have a really bad cold and cough, and I’ve lost my voice!

    Feels like total chaos and I’m feeling really unloved on my ‘special day’..

  3. I love the new monthly horoscopes for Capricorn (my rising) and Aquarius (sun). I’d love to hear more about the Uranus-Jupiter-Mars business this month: the Capricorn bit, that this might be a great time to change habits smoothly and efficiently was very on point by mentioning getting up earlier as one possible way that could go – I hope so! The new semester is starting in a week and there’s an early seminar I really want to take, but as I try to reform my owlish sleep schedule, my body clock just seems to swing further towards a vampiric extreme instead of the other way around… like my inner clock is getting energy rays from Tokyo or something instead of a more early rising eastern time zone. (In general, super early class or not, improving my sleep habits and rhythms is one of my goals.)

    • vampiric extreme,
      if the seminar is super awesome maybe you’ll be excited and motivated to arrange your sleep thing accordingly. ?

  4. You’re so wise and perceptive now it’s painful #Pisces…

    Ugh this, I can’t go to any of my old defaults like smoking, alcohol chocolate, binge sleeping – par excellence. All this heightened self-awareness/intuition is grand but I miss being delusional every now and then!

    • Oh god! Binge sleeping… This is something I actually need. Chronic night owl habits clashing with money day job requirements.

      • I’m also a night owl and totally prone to rant about how we need a society that’s more inclusive to people with the full range of circadian rhythms.

        • i can’t tell you how fuqing over the judgement I am. find something else to feel superior about 😀 Besides while i was busy working away on art between 10pm and 2am, what were they doing? sleeping – SFA, that’s what lol.

          countries (cities) with less emotional / ego / protestant / (whatever) investment in neoliberalist virtue practices are better at the flexi hours thing. any place where the shops and cafes largely open “late”
          my latest opinion, anyway

  5. Genius Myst x thank you.
    I’m full of trepidation at the mention of Venus retro but your scopes alleviated the fear and gave me a glimpse of hope !

  6. triple virgo barmaid with scorpio rising.
    triple scorpio customer with mars pluto on asc.

    must be the old Crossroads Diner

    • there is a white noise generator so no one overhears conversations.
      the barmaid suffers from chronic amnesia, memory lasts long enough to make drinks but not to remember bar confessions after her shift. A shame as she used to be a psychic sleuth. After the Accident though, it was the only place she could find a steady job with her conditions.
      Although she has never met her employers, they pay her handsomely and the conditions are fine. Just goes to show things have a way of working out.

  7. So onda money. Big Shit money stuff happening. Will be looking to see how that will pan out.

    Mystic is pretty-well ok.

      • Pluto turned direct RIGHT ON my Dsc in Sept ’13 creating much havoc. A really big disrupt. In fact I thought my name must’ve been Job. Prior, it did much damage to my career. When it hit my 2* Saturn in Cap I lost my permanancy.

        It’s now opposing my Asc/Sun mid-point and I’m experiencing something very heady with someone who is turning my world upside down.

        • I reckon play this retro right and that $ issue will sort itself out. Also there is nothing like a Venus retro to uncover and propel the right lurve scenario. I really feel it’s coming at the right time for you.

          • Yes. Rxs are a thing. I’m starting to understand em better through this forum…..and in particular to Mystic.

            The money one is unusual. Venus will Rx into my 8th so that is a thing; being other people’s money yadda. And then going into the 9th which is apt considering what the Pisces is postulating about.

            I will listen to anyone, inc Pi. Lolololol.

            • Not sure if ill ever match your astro-mechanic obsession but hey.
              Want to recommend someone, Kyle Cease, on YouTube, he’s a cute third-decan Virgo Whelan converted from stand up comedy to Buddhist meditation with no loss of verbal dexterity or humorous insight.
              If youthful ish white American males aren’t your thing, no dramas, I do like his practical and genuine thing tho.

                • lol context is everything hahaha
                  also while i was zoning out today between bureaucratic pathways and the sorry legacy of years of limp management, i was thinking about the node thing . grain of salt alert, but i reckon when the south node transits over your 7th house moon this might trigger some hard-to-grasp, possibly mother-related issues for you. the node in your first is a calling to work on your self, your value in the world (the thing that DL said), your personal self work at this phase and what you learn, that is what would carry you / help you digest whatever the past is offering for you on a plate. (all these food references.)
                  I wanted to mention Rumi, the ultimate poet of love, spirituality and philosophy (and a 13th century Afghan / persian refugee too). you are big on Neptune and i think to transcend any escapist tendencies or emotional reliance on others – i am not sure if you are like this irl becuase this site is all about the soft underbelly of existence – and we’re all clinically efficient hardasses etc normally or something then haute neptune is go.

                  • The NN woulda been on my Moon about 5/6 yrs ago.

                    How I am o here is how I am. (Sun/Uran 1H). What ya see is what ya get; warts n all. I possess no airs n graces.

                    Yes, “the other” is a biggy; a plethora of placements indicate the same.

                    It’s why I’ve desired a Water partner. I need someone I can merge with. Self-worth has been a struggle. You know, Sun1H opp Moon 7H sqd by Nep 4H is classic child abuse. I realised at a very young age (6/7) that I parented by clueless fuqwits. Plus having my Cancer n Virgo placements means everybody comes before me.

                    Past 8 years one huge tour through the canyons of my mind….

              • I had a listen to him. He’s born 19/9 which is regularly occurring date amongst male friends. Ive had 3 male friends born that date.

                I’ve never actually wanted a woman to complete me. I just want to have partner. Been that way since l was 6.

        • Oh man, like the tower card. Pluto is exact opposite my sun and I feel like I’m free falling. I felt suicidal two days ago -my whole life seems to be crumbling down. I woke today though with a fresh perspective and I need to let the things that are leaving my life go. let go, let go, let go.. I thought I was all alone, but people are there and helping, uplifting me. I’m not alone.
          Do you mean pluto is in the middle of your asc and sun? Shit first house, mine is going through the 8th house and it feels RAW and painful and yuk.

          • Pluto at 17* Cap and Asc is 9* Cancer and Sun at 28* Cancer. So mid-point is about 18* Cancer – opp Pluto.

            Suicidal thoughts plagued me when Pluto sqd my Sun; esp 72-80. I acted out the worst of Uranus, Nep and Pluto- all 3 being very strong in my natal. It was like everytime i got on bike or in my car I drove like a bat out of hell. How l never killed anyone was beyond cogent comprehension. I gave the cops the slip. Them in Chev-powered Holdens me in VW Beetles. I embodied the Boss 75 song, “Born to Run”.

            In the past few years I’ve lost my wife, house, career, car, yadda. And there has been some bloody dark times for sure. I’m born the same day as Hemmingway n Williams and you know what they did.

            But ppl on here have been great and supportive. It has been a big part of me overcoming the shit of having the Pluto stuff, Nep opp ya 2H Mars/Pluto/Venus and Uran sq ya 1H. A few dark times for sure

            So I know how you feel. (What a Cancer sooky boy thing to say!)

            • Something about this post stirs my heart. I don’t post on here much. Feel intimidated by the expectation that if you aren’t particularly eloquent or verbally gifted that you aren’t as special of a member. But to the point – I also have Pluto hovering right before and about to hit my DC. For some reason my heart hurts right now. It feels like what I would imagine retro Venus would feel but it’s hitting early. I feel for your trials and tribulations. I had a rough time growing up myself and feel alone in having compassion towards myself at the moment. I’m not going to put a fake positive spin on something I don’t feel that way about. But at least I can say I wish you the best in your future endeavors PF. Hope the Universe returns what has been lost tenfold.

              • When Pluto turned direct on 20/9/13 @ 8*59′(my Dsc is 8*53′) I had the sensation of hands clawing at my stomach from the inside.

                A flirtation at work was about to implode. And I was heavily invested. It turned to shit almost to the minute of Pluto SD.

                So I know how you feel.

                And to say you don’t want to fake spin it means your Uranus and/or Pluto is strong in some aspect.

                Ich verstehen.

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