When Eris Met Uranus

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WHAT, we were wondering in this post from April 2015, could the lengthy conjunction of Eris with Uranus in Aries indicate?  Well now we know. It’s not that surprising, given that Uranus is at heart a utopian, equalizer, revolutionary rabble rouser and Eris would seem to (like Lilith) have an overtly feminist-fierceness.

Voila a rad revival of rebel heart.  And Jupiter in Libra opposite Uranus-Eris is a catalyst for sure. Saturn in big-mouth Sagittarius is supporting and suggests that this is a restructure.  Jupiter-Uranus, Jupiter square Pluto and Saturn in sync to Sagittarius are all repeating aspects over 2017.

Interestingly, Uranus is exact on Eris in early March, and Jupiter is going to be also in exact aspect. Lilith will have just gone into Sagittarius. So the spirit of this weekend is going to be HUGE in early March.  Venus will be turning Retro in Aries then also. So whatever your politics or activist settings, early March is this times 1000.

So i was not at any of the protests but ALL weekend I had conversations with amazing women that underscored what you could more or less class as feminist themes: how whether you were right, left, globalist or protectionist, the antics of Trump as a male in power stirred all manner of turgid old issues (not to mention awkward explanations to daughters as to why someone was “allowed” to talk like that), about women and money or financial independence…or about sticking up for oneself and not sliding into a cliche role on cue.

So what are YOUR thoughts re all this?  (For more on Eris/Uranus -go here)



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217 thoughts on “When Eris Met Uranus

    • Seriously Ampersand, you are reading too much into this. This stuff is as alt-right as it comes, and it’s not healthy.

  1. Lewis Hyde wrote it, trickster makes the world, we just never knew it would be Gemini Donald Trump, trolling the planet

  2. what I’m really enjoying is writing heaps of words and then saying to myself, “oh fuq it” and then hitting ‘cancel reply’

  3. Going forward after the marches, the points brought up in this article seem like a practical take on how or if we can keep things going, and some history on effective and not effective protests and marches: Really good food for thought…..

    “Without a path from protest to power, the Women’s March will end up like Occupy”

    ….and this is NOT to say, don’t bother marching, I fully believe it is worth marching! This article is about what it takes to follow through afterward and keep at it, in order to create actual change.

    • It is so frustrating to be told to focus on the local community when I am in a blue bubble and have no impact on nominees to the cabinet or supreme court. But, yes, we’ll keep marching…

      • “Start where you are, use what you have, do what you can” That’s all we can do.
        One of the great things about these marches is it helps people meet each other and create broader community and networks beyond the local, so in that way, it helps people to get out of their local bubble, and that can continue through staying connected online with these folks even after the march.

        I certainly live in a blue bubble…..it’s called the entire State of California. But look at what far reaching power this local bubble, this bastion of blue, has. That didn’t happen spontaneously. The vigilant activism, over many decades, at least in the Bay Area, is fierce!
        And the influence does go beyond our local area, I mean, for one thing, we’d probably always have a Republican president if it weren’t for our 55 electoral votes.
        Anyway, I’m saying that local work can gain momentum and reach beyond the local area. It’s like that slogan, think globally, act locally.

        • …..and, p.s. There is power in keeping the focus on friendship, true fellowship, as that’s what keeps the powers that be from dividing and conquering. You mentioned it above by recommending to others to get offline and go into the real world and make connections and community.

  4. I’m honestly a bit bemused by all the marching.

    Trump is a toad but so is Obama. He was bombing every single day of his 8 years. Drop the US dollar and your country is toast. Syria, Libya, Iraq, all did this, all had their countries overthrown for oil and gold.

    When I ask my female friends what they have to say about this they are silent, but they post memes all the time of Obama crying and how sad they are to see him go. I don’t get it. Perhaps it’s my own Eris experience (at 22 Aries she is right opposite my 22 degree sun and Uranus), I don’t feel I have anything in common with the people marching, or any of my friends.

    I think the global elite that choose our leaders (both sides) are laughing because we are all being manipulated by them. The world is not run by politicians. The left is as bad as the right, but it’s easier to project on to a republican and that’s what happening now.

    Leaders of both sides are corrupt. Tony Blair was plotting the Iraq war with Bush a year before it happened, and I never voted Labour again, despite being a dyed in the wool socialist up until that point.

    It’s hard to be truthful with what I feel because it’s like holding up a banner saying “Ostracise Me”. I don’t know who they are protesting TO. I think they’d be better off using the time they’ve spent marching on going round to any old lady’s house and weeding the garden.

    • The way I see it, as I see it personally as well as globally:

      If a narcissist calls you names, you don’t react. You ignore. You avoid. What Trump has done is thrown down the glove and people have reacted by picking it up and playing into his hands. It is a game. I’m not playing it anymore, I’ve stopped voting.

      • Yeah, ignoring works real well when the narcissist in question is busy grabbing your rights and smothering the press within the first two days of office. Great advice.

          • The press is already smothered and it has been for decades, way before Trump arrived. Look at Pizzagate, for example. It involves all the democrats you can wish for. What about that?

            • Pizzagate is insanity. It is. You need a secret code to read the emails? Do you think someone could be sending you on a false mission? There are so many issues and causes you could dedicate yourself to. And here you dedicate yourself to hate and fear.

              The only cure for this I find is to get off line. That is what the march helped me with – to realize the vast, overwhelming majority people are not horrible monsters in real life. And you’ve reminded me, I owe Comet Ping Pong a visit – they are one of my favorite local small businesses and a very family friendly place.

                • The code words you refer to are acknowledged by the FBI to be code words used by paedophiles. How do you think paedophiles communicate? Check out the remarkable resemblance between John and Tony Podesta and the police efit of two suspects in the madeleine McCann disappearance. Both brothers were in Praia de Luz staying with paedophile Clement Freud. Go look it up, really, before going to Comet Pizza. They serve a good Kool Aid there though.

                • I have been to Comet Pizza many times.

                  Why don’t you meet and help real victims of sexual trafficking and abuse instead of creating victims where there are none? Its a real problem and you are wasting your time of some troll’s fantasy.

            • I think it’s more than Democrat/Republican or, in Australia, Labor/Liberals. Whatever party gets elected, we need to make them accountable. We need to show them we’re paying attention, and when a major figurehead (i.e. President) is actually saying racist nazi things, and hate speech towards women, and black people, and Mexicans, we need to stand up and say, ENOUGH.

              If you think we just opt out, not vote, and that is somehow going to change anything or make anything better, you’re deluded or lazy.

              WAKE UP and do what you can, in your own local community. Talk to people. Protest.

              Never doubt that a small group of committed thoughtful people can change the world. In fact it’s the only thing that ever has. — Margaret Mead

          • We were protesting to government and Trump. 2.5 million women in the U.S. and 600 marches around the world definitely sends a message that we won’t make things easy for him. it also sends a huge message to the congressmen and senators that we are organized.

          • It kind of is, unless you’re changing our whole society from democracy i.e. corporate capitalism to ‘anarchy’.

            Which I don’t think is possible.

            • Agreed, I don’t think it helps anything to *not* vote.
              I think the only way it would even make a mark, or a statement, is if absolutely NO ONE voted, like, ZERO voter turnout. And that’s never going to happen, so……

            • Why isn’t it possible? The only thing keeping us in thrall to the 1% is us playing the game of voting. I’m terribly sorry, but if you’re asking me to choose which psychopath to vote for, because they all are, then I choose none.

          • I considered myself an anarchist once and I didn’t vote for that reason. I can tell you that that personal choice made not one iota’s difference to the world around me.

            • I could say the same about voting. Having abstained from voting at could at least look into the mirror and say “I did not vote in that war criminal Tony Blair for a second term”. Voting means you are part of the problem.

              • So vote for someone else! It revolts me that a hard won right can be thrown away because of cynicism. And it’s not like you can’t vote plus go weed someone’s garden. They aren’t mutually exclusive.

              • I think you need to step away from the keyboard and youtube wormholes, Ampersand. Not for anyone but yourself.

              • That’s just passing the buck…

                You can’t have it both ways. If you don’t vote or participate in some way, then you can’t stand on the side and criticize, either.
                It’s not an either/or thing, as well. There are more choices and solutions than the big two party candidates. I think the growing numbers of people not voting at all has a hand in keeping our system just a two party system. Perhaps we could have more than two strong parties if more people got involved in the democratic process. The democratic process requires participation and attention from everyone. If people turn away from the process, it is just left to those with power hungry personalities.

      • I can’t see how not voting helps anything. Vote for the people you believe in – independents, smaller parties, or get in the game yourself – but not voting at all is what got America Trump. And did Obama gut funding for environmental science, domestic violence and reinstate the global gag order on abortion? Did he talk about women and other nationalities disrespecfully, stoking division and hate crimes? If anyone could start a nuclear war its that yellow haired buffoon. They are not the same and voting does matter.

        • No, he just bombed 7 different countries for every day he was in office, but they are other people’s children and women, so I guess you know, wtf.

          • I’m talking about the difference between them. Do you honestly think Trump isn’t going to go to war? His ego won’t let him back down from anything.

            • Like I said in my original post, Trump is a toad. They are all psychopaths, and the reason that there is no third party system is because the third parties never get any airtime on the mainstream media, just look at the Green Party in the UK. The two party system is constructed by th elite, the ones who own all the wealth. Politics is puppets in the hand of puppet masters. I’m not voting because I see right through them, and they are all war monger if psychopaths, not because I am lazy, stupid, not into politics and a racist. Don’t you perceive the difference?

                • From a link I posted below; “I suggest you read up on the fifth column theories — which are essentially the existence of a shadow government.

                  A fifth column is any group of people who undermine a larger group—such as a nation or a besieged city—from within, usually in favor of an enemy group or nation. The activities of a fifth column can be overt or clandestine. Forces gathered in secret can mobilize openly to assist an external attack. This term is also extended to organized actions by military personnel. Clandestine fifth column activities can involve acts of sabotage, disinformation, or espionage executed within defense lines by secret sympathizers with an external force”.

                  There are so many books by insiders written on this topic, maybe Ampersand can help you source material but I am sure if you google ye shall find.

                • Thanks Sphinx, I’ll check it out, but I’m worried that belief in conspiracy is being used to encourage a sense of disenfranchisement from democracy. In fact, here’s my conspiracy theory. People like Trump exploit the general disillusionment with ‘authority’ and the confusion caused by a multiplicity of information sources to destabilise belief in anything. ‘Fake news’, ‘fifth column’ etc. There’s always someone in the shadows, so there’s no point in trying to engage with politics – ‘its all rigged’. How many people were swayed by that do you think? Enough to change the outcome of the election? I tend to think that all the monsters are out in the open. Yes there are hidden lines of communication and power, but they are based in real people with real flaws and who are subject to whims of the masses. And I honestly believe they don’t want us to vote.

                • The Rothschild Family, who own trillions. They are the puppet masters, if you don’t know who they are you should. They bailed Trump out of bankruptcy, why would they do that…..

                • What are your sources? All I can find is an article in the Spotlight, 1978 (anti-semitic, not the most credible) stating that a Rothschild had shares in a company that Trump later bought the controlling interest in in the 80’s, and when it almost went bottom-up, a Rothschild argued that Trump’s name would keep it afloat – which it did. This doesn’t sound like a conspiracy unless you read it with a paranoid frame of mind. To me, it just sounds like business. Relatedly, a Rothschild mocked the idea that Trump would push for an anti-corruption commission quite publicly in the lead up to the election (tweet), which would work against his interests. However, let’s just say they do ‘own’ him. How does that impact on voting for representatives that mean something to you? The Rothchilds have only been around for a few hundred years. That’s a blink in the eye of humanity and democracy is a long game.

    • So agree with this! Obama is so suave and says all the right things, but has killed so many. I can’t understand how people can’t see how much damage he has done, are they so blindsided by his charm? I thank voters for not letting Clinton in at least, who should be charged with selling political influence and treason via her foundation.

      Of course I want and pray for women to stand up and take power back, to fight for freedom and rights over our bodies. But the timing comes across as being “I don’t like Trump”, which is so banal to attach to such a powerful message.
      But perhaps something more positive and powerful will grow from this, it seems so many were pleased with meeting others who were like minded and it inspired deeply.

      • Thanks Sphinx. They are all the same, every last single one of them. And people would have me vote for this rubbish?

        It only takes the smallest dig through wikileaks to figure out Hillary is a psychopath child trafficker and yet many of these women marching wanted to vote her in. And I’m the one whose submitting? Haha.

        • Can you direct me to the part of wikileaks that shows this, because I just looked and couldn’t find anything.

      • So, when is the right time? Seriously. Too late now? Too early? We should protest for our rights only when they are taken away? Or we should protest for others only and let others protest for us?

        I have tried to get out of my liberal bubble since the election. And the one criticism I agree with from the “Other” side is that progressive cannibalize their own causes.

        • Sorry 12thHV but I suppose being very fixed astrologically, I really appreciate more clarity with power. One of the signs at the protest was “Trump wears poorly tailored suits”.
          Of course I understand that is NOT what it was about for many, but the haute vibe that goes with standing up for rights and protesting for what IS right was mixed in to these protests with some binary nonsense yet also a kind of vagueness in intent.

          However, I don’t meant to be a total downer, Eris-Uranus is nothing to sniff at.
          And I know the power of the crowd from talking to an older friend from Poland. His descriptions of taking back the power are important to me and give me a lot of hope and some fear. There were important responses from government to people marching in Poland (as he described it, nothing can stop that many people on the move, they crush everything in their path and sadly some who fell never stood up again).

          And I think there is also a lot going on in the background beyond the soundbites, eg. CIA meddling in affairs foreign and local beyond their mandate (as also impacted Poland’s riots) whom apparently Trump has threatened. There are political chess games all over the world with huge stakes being played, like europe setting up against russia (why?!) and wanting the US on board with that.. etc. Who funds what and why?

          Anyway those marches in Poland absolutely reinvigorated political activity in their country and we need to demand politicians serve the greater good again. Sadly we humans are also brought to extremes by certain situations, the nature of yang in war, the nature of yin in the grass roots that entangle themselves to the extent they never rise up.

          Purity of intent and love mixed in with these people gathering, mass meditation I think these also effect change, I hope we see more of this.
          Anyway, I love your positive, get out there & really see and be involved message! More power to you 12thHV!

        • It may seem that way – but It’s Big Media which hunt, cull and tear apart any causes that are detrimental to the 1%. Best not to listen to all the bullshit and continue to ACT in a progressive way always.

          • Big Media and what they don’t report and report are certainly not educating people.
            Acting in a positive way that effects healthy change is key.
            But to say that the external is to blame, or that Big Media tears apart causes, that the destruction never comes from the inside would be really untrue. Sadly.

            • No one is saying that destruction “never” comes from the inside. Humans do destruction really well from all angles – it’s a gift we have. However, having control over the media, as the 1% have, means that any form of protest against the status quo will (most of the time) be razed, controlled or discredited by anti-news before it even takes off.

              All we have left is the power to take action. Which is all we have ever had – and what the 1% most fear.

              • Ok, it’s hard to bring the conversation into soundbites, there is a lot going on with this scene, isn’t there!
                I suppose I am just saying that I need clarity on intent, that we all need something more behind ‘action’ or it dissolves into petty arguments and the energy is lost.
                My polish friend saw a million march and crush police and people who stumbled alike. It’s good to march with intent for something, partly I think as it can be dangerous in ways we don’t expect.
                Personally I don’t watch the news and use the drudge report, wikileaks, anything other than the media that is owned and edited by those that would control us. And I hope those 1 percenters fear us, they should!

                • “it can be dangerous in ways we don’t expect.”

                  That’s life for you. Or maybe a Uranus-Eris thing?

    • I completely agree with this. Obama is / was a puppet. Gives a big smile and goes ahead and does the opposite of what he says. I don’t understand how people worship him and give him a pass on virtually everything.
      You are completely right re all the bombs, droning and wars started and extended during his presidency.

      And PizzaGate is real. Those who think it isn’t are completely deluding themselves. I’m very sorry to say that there are many within the ‘elite’ whether ‘left’ or ‘right’ who are luciferians and do terrible things.

      I see these protestors as being completely manipulated by very sophisticated techniques. They don’t even know what exactly they are protesting. The Clintons and their team are pure evil. The Bushes are too. Obama has almost no emotional body left, very empty, which people unfortunately misinterpret as ‘clean’.
      The US has already had the most corrupt individuals on the planet as leaders.

      What Trump represents is a genuine effort to stop interfering in other countries and to rebuild the infrastructure of the US. The military-industrial complex doesn’t like that, so they are pulling out all stops to de-legitimize his presidency. They don’t want peace, and they certainly don’t want to stop provoking Russia.

      • If Trump can prevent war I will consider him relatively successful.

        Remember this?

        “We’re going to take out seven countries in 5 years, starting with Iraq, and then Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and, finishing off, Iran” –

        General Wesley Clark. Retired 4-star U.S. Army general, Supreme Allied Commander of NATO during the 1999 War on Yugoslavia.

        Trump recently called NATO obsolete. They didn’t like it. I don’t like war, so I am curious to see if Trump can manage this.

        • Where do you stand on pizzagate, Sphinx? I must say, its heartbreaking the bullshit that is thrown around in the “Obama is worshiped” narrative. Pure insanity. Comet Ping Pong is my favorite local business and people in the community have really rallied behind them because they all know what a community center that place is. There are people who really believe the Illuminati are running pedophila rings through a busy local pizza place, which makes no sense on so many levels. Its maddening.

          I still hold the all-or-nothing attitude regarding government is absolutely toxic and is ripping democracy apart. I never said anything about loving Obama or agreeing with drones. I was independent, which unfortunately meant I missed a chance to vote for Bernie in the primary.

          All of that is neither here nor there.

          When you are online in a wormhole of like minded thoughts and compelling conspiracies, the world is absolutely horrific.

          When you step outside and join with like minds and hearts, its healing. More healing than anything I can write here.

          • You are asking me? I don’t know enough about pizzagate to judge and certainly not specifically enough to comment on a particular establishment.

            However as you are asking, my personal narrative includes being witness to a paedophile ring in operation (not a witness to the acts though) at my local catholic church so nothing on this topic surprises me. I met some very likeable, kindly old paedophiles and some emotionally vacant predators. They were real people, with real complex challenges and histories; so to me a lot of this stuff is just ‘the world’.
            It is toxic, but it doesn’t mean it’s not true because it is hard to imagine.
            My bro is dead because of these people. They are organised, they protect each other, they swap psychological warfare tactics used and they are very, very dangerous. And there are more of them than you would believe.
            They are also protected by the police, the church, people in power and funded so they can live and not blow any whistles. Which means they keep on doing it. They select children based on the family dynamic and target the vulnerable, often in the third world.

            I am sorry that the idea upsets you, but this is my real life experience and we can’t judge others by our own standards on this topic. These people exist. Maybe not all of pizzagate is true, or maybe some of it is true but the problem exists nonetheless and I don’t doubt that.

            Separately I don’t believe we live in a democracy, it’s barely even a representative democracy. Having said that there are some amazing and intelligent people in the most odd of places, including sometimes in politics!

            All in all I think the biggest problem we have in communicating about this topic is people don’t want to believe how bad, how greedy, how petty and cruel life at the top is.
            This depressing situation hurts so bad, some prefer to label paranoia and dump it out there where they don’t even have to consider it. It’s feeling-based opinions a lot of the time and little time spent reading the stories insiders tell. Twitter brain?

            HOWEVER, it is fantastic you have found healing with others and joined with hearts and minds that inspire! I am so happy for you. We need hope and we need love and healing most desperately. This is why I think that stepping back and acting at a local level and loving level is more important than anything. We never know whom we might inspire and what will happen as a result or we ourselves will end up!
            Power and light to you 12thHV!!

            • Saying pedophilia exists is… I don’t know. Obvious?

              Let me tell you about Comet Ping Pong. After my divorce, I was depressed. It was the one place I could go with my kid and we could both have fun. It was one place where ex-punks could go with kids and not feel like a sellout. It was the first local-ingredient pizza place in town. Supports local artists. Hosts punk rock shows at night. All ages passes, which is a DC punk rock tradition. I could go on and on.

              Slate wrote a good article about it: Its a haven for weirdos, which makes it a great target: http://www.slate.com/blogs/outward/2016/12/06/comet_ping_pong_is_a_haven_for_weirdos_and_now_a_target.html

              So, when the kind of vitrol, fear, and hate and “Well, I don’t know but maybe” leads to a well-intentioned young man driving up from NC to free the children from a child-friendly business by shooting his gun off looking for the secret dungeon of sex slaves only to find nothing – to say he found nothing, and then the same community that inspired him denounces him as a troll…a paid actor…a false flag…

              We are hypnotized by the spin. Its sick. I look at my own images taken there with my daughter, friends, and their kids. All playing ping pong. One I captioned “Kyle taking on the laides” as he played two of the girls at ping pong at once. And I think “is this sick?” My own experience!! Because they way things are edited online turns us all mad.

              So, I wrote a lot. I hope you can consider the precedent pizzagate sets of targeting weirdos and the consequences of “well, pedophilia happens” attitude toward accusation. Its chilling.

              And the words matter none in the end. Its the hate and fear that win when the good are apathetic. And I need more than that.

              • Thank you for sharing your experience, that is interesting.

                My point in sharing my personal story is really to demonstrate that we all bring our own experience to the table which impacts how we receive information.

                Many people denied what was going on at the church because it was too unlikely! How uncomfortable!
                While it may seem obvious, some people project their issues/history/experience onto others.

                Like you want to discuss this, so you are projecting your concerns onto me.
                You say you hope I can “consider the precedent pizza gate sets of targeing weirdos (not really new, but not good)
                and the consequences of “well paedophilia happens” attitude (not really sure what this means)

                I just told you I don’t know much about pizzagate to engage with you on the topic in detail.

                Certainly not enough to defend, deny or discuss the topic! And yes, I am a logical person, of course I would consider the impact of false accusations on a business.

                Seeing lots of ‘good people’ doing nothing, then other ‘good people’ projecting their personal anger on to whatever and whomever floats by is getting tiring. It leads nowhere as people aren’t really listening. They are responding to their own inner conversations.

                Slander is an excellent tool used to divide us in the media war for people’s opinions. Small slanders, big slanders, yes it all concerns me. I am here to learn.

            • Odd as it seems to you know, the time may come when everything you have ever said or done is taken out of context and rewritten so as to make it clear you are part of a pedophilia ring. Why pedophilia? Because EVERYONE hates pedophiles.

              It could happen to you, your family or anyone else you know. And that should concern you.

              • From Zerohedge: “Contrary to reports in the media, the crowd sourced investigation labeled by some as “Pizzagate” did not begin with internet sleuths digging through the Wikileaks Podesta Files releases looking for pizza parlors and encoded language discussing human trafficking. It began with the shocking discovery that Hillary and Bill Clinton provided assistance to convicted child trafficker, Laura Silsby, resulting in a reduced sentence for child trafficking”. This was more the angle I had on it fwiw.

      • I don’t think Trump represents a ‘genuine’ effort toward anything sound…. just last week a bill was submitted by the new administration to have the USA leave the UN. Why now? I don’t think it’s because they want to focus on rebuilding America. We can ‘rebuild’, (whatever that word really means to them) and have global presence at the same time. Leaving the UN would be provoking Russia…….to bully Europe. I can’t see that being a positive or productive thing.

          • There’s always a story behind the story and a hidden hand of power behind any visible leader, but on the ground in tangible every day life I think it’s going to make a big difference, and not in a particularly positive way, for the US to leave, particularly the UN. Domestically they have already slackened the ties on environmental policies, that will have direct impact on our land, forests, animals, water, and climate change…… but perhaps climate change is just another conspiracy theory to you?

            • Yes climate change is one of the issues I have a bone to pick purely on a ‘follow the money/power’ basis of who stands to benefit from the laws they will create around the topic. Far more erudite people than myself can be found who speak on this topic.
              Also I am very much for a green revolution, for caring for nature, for living in harmony and balance with our earth mother too.

              There is always a story behind the story as you say, politicians and 1%-ers using safari parks to arm militias that support their economic interests and green belts to further elite interests are nothing new of course.
              If it were all so simple we wouldn’t be talking about it, 😉 perhaps you have seen this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EkpS-yBj7gY

          • Although it’s true that nothing is what it seems, I can almost assure you that Russia is indeed the bully it is depicted as. Mark my words, they’re pouncing on one of the Baltic states soon, and then all hell is going to break loose.

            • But they might pounce on the wrong one…..military incompetence.
              Like you know, blowing up a civilian passenger jet.

              I despair at what passes for leadership. Why is it so fuqn stupid? I dont get political and business leaders working to feather their own nests whilst a large number can’t get clean water to drink. It just shitz me.

              • Although you could say it’s human nature, I think it’s more accurate to say that it’s Russian history in action.

                • I don’t doubt their militaristic intentions but they are good at mistakes. Military endeavours are also prone to mistakes. I can’t believe Putin has no remorse in the shooting down of that Malaysian jet

            • Yes, let’s not underestimate Russia. They’re not exactly a ‘benign’ entity….

              Here is a report on Russia from the US ambassador to the UN regarding Russia:

              But, I guess, you know, some people on here will just dismiss what she’s said because she’s part of the ‘establishment’ and she’s just a ‘shill’, right? *roll eyes*
              I’m going to state directly that I’m not into the paranoid conspiracy theory stance on things…

              • Why is it paranoid to understand that many people in government are serving their own interests? The Clinton Foundation is a great example of selling political influence for profit – at the expense of the nation.
                Political influence is bought and sold in various ways.

                I think we all need to work a bit harder. Look at who is talking, their history, their political alliances, how they live and how they make their money. The money trail doesn’t lie. People do.
                Perhaps more information is needed before naming a stance or a person paranoid and a conspiracy theorist? That label is a quick fix and ultimately I think we all need to study our own narrative before eye rolling.

        • I don’t understand how leaving the UN would be provoking Russia, but perhaps I am ignorant here ??
          Besides, does the UN really work that well?
          So many institutions have been completely co-opted and literally do the opposite of what they are proclaimed to do.

          I’m sure they will stay in it, but surely it is good to finally have someone in the public domain actually asking questions. Asking, is this really working?
          Whatever one thinks of Trump, people are finally starting to take notice rather than just sleepwalking into complacency. If Hillary had won it would have been more of the same old same old, and everyone would have tuned it out, the way they did before.

          Russia is completely surrounded by Nato bases on its borders, which breaks the Warsaw pact. There are numerous videos on youtube where Putin talks about the aggression of Nato towards Russia.
          Trump signalling that Nato is obsolete (which is true, or again should at least be debated rather than taken as a self-evident truth), plus that he is prepared to talk to Putin is a massive shift.

          I have been shown that if, and when, Russia and the USA come together world peace will slowly come about. Not everyone wants that. Hence the constant warmongering against Russia.

          I completely understand how Trump comes across, I’m not blind, but deep down he is very sincere. I know many will completely dismiss that, and fair enough, each to their own reading of it all.
          Whether the establishment around him will let him succeed is a whole other thing.
          There is a reason, I’m sure, that his first meeting was with the CIA. Doesn’t want his head blown off a la JFK.

          • So if the UN doesn’t work that well, is the solution just burning it to the ground, or can it be modified and all the countries in it stay in diplomatic ties?
            Also, if we leave the UN, that means we leave the WHO. I think that would result in some actual on-the-ground problems for places that need US funds for their health care personnel and for things like disease crisis management. How is that progress?

            How do you know for sure that deep down Trump is sincere? What are your sources? What do you think he is sincere about..?
            He does seem sincerely racist and misogynist…..or is that just an act? No one is ever going to trust him if he suddenly says, oh I was just kidding about all that! …and he also didn’t pay a lot of his contractors who helped build all his buildings….or is that all lies?

        • I am tired of conspiracy ‘theory’ trope. Most of the theories I didn’t dare believe in turned out to be true. Wikileaks talks verifiable facts, this is a mess of conjecture.

          • There are plenty of conspiracies hiding in plain sight these days while people hunt shadows.

            Many actually believe a corporate take over of our government will be a good thing.

            • Hasn’t corporate power already taken over governments, at least 20 years ago?

              I know in Australia our government is basically ‘run’ by Rupert Murdoch’s media, for big business interests, mainly coal and other mining.

              Our only hope is to get Greens and Independents into our parliament

              • I have worked in government under other transitions between president. His behavior is not normal. Getting us to lose all faith in our democracy is what put him in power. He actually proves that anyone can become president, no matter the qualifications. So democracy works. And that’s the saddest part. The corporate take over is happening because people believe either 1) all business is good business or 2) its already is a business so…let’s get better at it (not my fault, just how it is). Neither is the truth. Government exists to administer services to people. For the people. And if it fails at that, it fails at that.

                • “He (Trump) actually proves that anyone can become president, no matter the qualifications. So democracy works.”

                  For sure – but only if you’re part of the elite/ super-zillionaire club – not to mention a super-pscho patriarch.

                • Yes – made out of gold logs, I believe….. well in his dreams.

                  Jeezus, from Lincoln to Trump – that’s a real jump.

    • You do realize how utterly naive this is, right?
      Obama was a puppet.
      Bush was a puppet.
      Clinton was a puppet.
      Bush was a puppet.
      Reagan was a puppet.
      (Carter I’m not sure.)
      Ford was a puppet.
      Nixon was a puppet.
      and on and on back 200 years.
      Trump is the 45th puppet.
      I’m sorry, but anyone who believes otherwise is either willfully deluded or an idiot.
      As for not voting because anarchy, have you divested 100% from the Western imperialist enterprise? Growing/sharing/dumpster diving all your food? Squatting? Part of the Black Bloc? Or is it a way to justify passivity while perpetuating predatory capitalism?
      I have activist friends who, now that it’s gone mainstream, are denouncing protest as ineffective and not ideologically pure enough. I’m sorry, but if you abandon the movement when it takes off, you weren’t really in it for anything but your ego and identity anyway. In the words of our current puppet, “Sad!!”
      All mention of climate change is gone. The global gag rule on abortion just got reinstated. DAPL and fucking Keystone are happening again. We have the least educated, least qualified, most blatantly oligarchic cabinet in history. So please, take your bemusement and myopia and go plant them in that old lady’s garden where they can be transmuted into something worthwhile.

      • I think we are all suffering from the political situation and bemusement is a natural state to be in in these times. Yes these people are puppets, yes the media have been spreading all kinds of misinformation and they are very skilled at it. It is not paranoid to be aware of this, nor is it paranoid to be looking at the bigger picture, surely? Still, if we are lead to the idea of being local in our efforts that too is beautiful I think and if it breeds hopefulness in a person it is profound.
        I don’t think anyone would argue that Trump is far from ideal, he wasnt part of the establishment was about the best that could be said of him. His lack of filter also sets him apart from the suave liars. The TPP is gone but yes there are a huge amount of problems as you mention that I really hope Eris-Uranus will send to oblivion with the help of a focused and united effort from all. Whatever the US does Oz follows mostly, we are in this together sadly.

      • I don’t understand your argument. On the one hand you are saying that virtually all the U.S. presidents have been or are puppets – but then you get angry at Ampersand for her anti voting stance. If these presidents are all puppets – why the hell vote? Why hold elections – or are they a form of theater to keep citizens happy thinking that we have a say in politics by ticking a box once every 4 years? Who’s the naive one I wonder. Not voting is as much a part of the “democratic process” (eyeroll) as voting is. There are other ways of making a difference in our societies which are more effective than voting for some puppet. They are however more time consuming & require more effort than simply ticking a meaningless box.

        • Two things:
          – Being politically engaged on an everyday level, and voting aren’t mutually exclusive. You can do both. But voting gives you a line of influence on the meta-changes that everyday actions can rarely influence. Your voice gets added to the many. You don’t like the candidates – then run for office yourself.

          – Did it ever occur to you that there’s a reason why some groups of people are actively discouraged from voting? Some states in the US still ban any felons from voting for their entire life, and many extend bans for varying lengths of time. The prisons are full of African-Americans. Add that to gerrymandering to weaken the power of racial minorites, and the long hard haul to get indigenous participation. Think of countries that are still fighting to have democratic processes. It is weak thinking to submit to paranoid conspiracies that detract you from being an active – on all levels – democratic citizen of the country you live in. Democracy is ongoing work and it isn’t ever going to be perfect, but it gets poorer when people opt out and it results in leaders like Trump. He exploited everyone’s cynicism and despair, and was virtually eye-rolled into the white house.

          I’m not even American and he scares me. There is a black tide of right-wing knee-jerk politics washing over our world and we need everyone to fight it. Giving up on democracy is exactly the wrong way to do it.

            • I really don’t think the Pope – as the leader of the biggest patriarchal institution where women are STILL second rate servants – is the appropriate person to be listening to. Him bleating on about the obvious is not going to change my mind.

              Whoever controls the media wins the vote.

          • There is a courageous old woman in my neighborhood who has never voted. In short, she claims that the system is rigged in favor of the elite, and since the media is owned by the elite as well – then there’s no hope – especially since the two party system it favours, is really just working for itself – not the people. Yet she is a big activist, doesn’t miss a march and is one of the most involved people in town when it comes to volunteering her legal services to the down and out. She’s made a positive difference to many people’s lives – a lot more than most people I know who righteously vote once every 4 years.

            I have struggled with the vote/not vote argument for a long time. Aren’t we keeping this system alive by participating in it? Every time I vote I feel like a fraud for maintaining it – not unlike someone who is in an abusive relationship but is too scared to leave it. Every time I don’t vote I still feel guilty because it has been ingrained in us (brainwashed?) that we live in a democratic country and that my vote is important… But important to whom, I wonder? I muddle along helping where I can make a tangible difference in the community and have gone on many a march, signed thousands of petitions and try to be as subversive to the Patriarchy as I possibly can. Sometimes I vote and sometimes I don’t – but more and more I believe that the whole damned thing is so rotten that I am no longer going to prop it up by voting in this fraudulent system which people still shamelessly call a democracy.

            Well anyway, that is how I feel now. ….Uranus-Eris = grrrrrrrrrrrr.. lets blow this popsicle stand!!!
            But I would also like to ask the zealot voters here to not be so quick to judge or condemn those that have chosen not to participate in the voting game. Some of us have participated for a long time and making a decision not to participate is neither a light or easy one. It’s not cynicism as some of you think – it’s just that – it. does. not. make. any. sense…. for so many reasons.
            The answer? It’s blowing in the wind.

            • I get that. I think it’s vitally important to be politically active beyond voting and I think everyone on this site is or we wouldn’t be having this conversation. But I think opting out helps prop up a corrupt system. I think it relies on certain people – people with a social conscience or just minorities in general – not voting. This is why I so desperately want the people who feel disengaged from the system to engage with it. It’s the only way it will change.

                • Yah – but he really blew it…er, or not.

                  Here’s one for the conspiracy hunters: some say that it was an inside job (England’s 9/11) to try and stir up hatred against the Catholic Church. 0_0 !!

                • I love that hunter s Thompson ran for sheriff on the platform of ‘freak power’

        • You can vote third party. If enough people voted their consciences, it would make a difference. Not voting, unless you’ve withdrawn from the system completely, is blind submission to the will of the majority (or erroneously triumphant minority, as it happened.). I grew up in a red state. It is my duty to fight against those people. Trump may be a puppet, but the Trump voter value system is very real. If voting makes .00000000000000000000001% of a difference in its rejection, it’s worth it. Get out of the binary and think bigger, long term.
          Other effective ways of making a difference, of course, without question. Just do something, anything, but sit behind a computer and criticize people for trying, for caring. Apathy is very much not in this season.

  5. That post! Blast from the past,so good to reread that.
    It made me remember what I’ve been thinking for other myths. Eris tossed an apple. But Zeus brought in a human to make the decision.

    It’s ALWAYS ZEUS. Step aside punk.

    And I had always said the white cis female feminism was broken, but that’s the thing about an uprisin, it percolates up.

    the call has been put out for white women to get intersections and now we have to, so it’d be true to the truth if we centered everyone but us going forward.

    I saw my liberal catholic sister go to her first March ever though and the thought of her doing that even a year ago is beautifully mindblowing. On the streets is where we meet and learn. I just wish it hadn’t taken this. Acceleration is happening. What was true even a month ago isn’t. That’s Uranus yes?

    I’ll probably contradict myself tomortow,but I’m hopeful today and, “very well I contradict myself”

    Witches unite.

    • And the seizures and the migraines? They’re like energy trapped by fear and medications and chemicals. When you let it out it feels just like the holy ghost.

  6. I’ve been having a Uranus / Eris / Sun conjunction for months now.
    It’s nearly impossible to describe how that has impacted. A whole new paradigm that even after all these months has yet to coalesce into anything I could call constructive.
    Reading the worlds news makes it a little easier to get clues.

    Imagine being shot out of a canon. After the initial impact you find yourself flying into an empty dark atmosphere and then just as you regain some equilibrium another explosion. Every atom in your body is sent flying in different directions spreading through the empty space. You are still conscious but now separated from your body and the world. Floating in a vacuum. Looking for a point of return. But where is the return point ? When will my dust settle and coalesce into a new body In a new world ? What will that world look like ?
    The uncertainty of the worlds political and social structure is reaching a new high point. Explosion after explosion and the dust is filling the atmosphere. When will the dust settle, We can all view the world but who can truly change it ? Who will fill the vacuum of leadership needed to make a new world that is better than the one that is currently exploding around us ?
    When the legitimacy of the position of ‘leader of the free world’ has become a bizarre circus and a vacuum of leadership talent, we can be sure that that is what the western system has become.
    A few more explosions and we could see a collapse of sorts. It may be inevitable ?

    Uranus in Taurus is looking more to me like a physical restructuring after the explosions of the Aries transit, the dust settles and a new form appears. I must say I’m worried about how that may look ?

    • the stars, planets, asteroids have gravity
      you are pulled apart every second
      you come crashing back into the same shape

    • Part of me welcomes the collapse. Structure built on matchsticks as they say. I wonder how else to stop the madness on the planet without drying up the money funneled into the war machine. No human is going to stop taking free money voluntarily. What is the quote about people being convinced of their immortality vs. their livelihood?

    • We must have the same birthday, or at least within a day of each other, because this has been hitting my sun hard as well. I’m getting ready to move (it’s all happening in my fourth house) for the first time in seven years, no thanks in part to this transit. My Qi Vamp roommate and I had a major blow-up because I refused to play her mind games any longer. The rest of my life has been upended as well. I am hoping it will settle a bit once I relocate, like a cosmic re-set of sorts. And all the drama in the outside world isn’t helping much, either. I look forward to some grounding energy myself. Best of luck to you 🙂

  7. I hate to break up all this serious socio-political gender focused anthropological discussion with something as trivial as ..Hey people, is anyone else just LOVING this moon in Sagittarius???????
    Kon Marie has FINALLY deigned to have her work sold as an audiobook and I’m whizzing around listening to it for the THIRD TIME.
    It has made me realise so much, not least of which is that I have hundreds of books which, honestly I am probably NEVER going to read. I have always struggled massively with reading, not just because I’m visually impaired and see flat planes (2D) whereas everyone else manages not to bumb into things and expects me to actually CATCH a bunch of keys rather than move out of the way lol but the dyslexia and yeah, maybe I don’t enjoy sitting still too but OMG audiobooks rule. I’ve gotten rid of so much and I’m surprised at what sparks joy. Not what I’d expected AT ALL.
    I’m painting the walls more neutral colours and removing things that no longer feel relevant and hey, what can I say?
    I was wrong.
    She’s so profoundly sane and appeals to both of my feuding inner selves.
    Saggo loves the – GET RID OF IT IF YOU DON’T TOTALLY LOVE IT vibe
    And Virgo adores the results.
    The march was epic.
    Glad I showed up but now have Kondo Fever
    Gotta go xx

  8. I love the signs that people came up with. So wonderfully creative, funny and cutting! I have Eris almost on my AC in my 12th so events like this are a dream come true. I’m a little sad it didn’t come together in my hometown and if I’d realised how big it was going to be across the world I may have tried to get it up and running.

    I have a theory that Trump is like a psychic colonic – everything is coming out into the open. I know it’s dangerous (as in nuclear not to mention on a personal level for everyone who isn’t a swm) but if responses like this keep happening we might end up in a better place a further down the road.

    I’m pleasantly excited! 🙂

    • I’m not an USAean and I’m a swm AND I think we’ve a spoilt brat as potus. He’s is an embarrassment. I think his arrogance to women and to ppl from outside the wasp groupings will help bring him undone, if not down.

      But his financial bravado, read stupidity / naivete, and his ‘foreign’ foreign policies will be equally in deficit. He will have to fight a ‘who’s who’ of opposition.

      How did you guys end up with someone worse than Dubya?

      • I did not think it would happen, either. Never say never, I suppose.

        Can you imagine how gleeful he must be at this presidency? “Hey, mom, dad, I’m no longer the worst president ever!!!”

          • So just to lighten it up, this gave me the perfect opportunity to break it off with someone I was not wild about. He made it clear that he thought the March was about whiners and I told him I don’t sleep with the enemy. Done deal after a few back and forth comments with him trying to backpacker and explain his latent feminism. Feel great! No comments please Lindsey. Not interested in your take.

    • Haha! I think it *is* like a psychic colonic! Good term for it!

      How did we get someone worse than Dubya? …..because everyone has been asleep, and we also have a lot of people here not capable of critical thinking, and we have a lot of people who don’t vote at all –apparently 47% of eligible voters, and it has been studied that people who don’t vote would most likely vote democratically if they did– and, we have the electoral college (cheetoh did not win the popular vote). I’m sure there are other reasons, too, it’s not just one thing…..

      • Yeah to me that electoral vote must be open to corruption when such a small group vote for who wins…

      • As I understand it, it is who gets the most electoral college votes wins power. A bit like in tennis where you can win the games count but lose the set count.

        Eg: 6-4, 0-6, 7-5, 1-6 & 6-4. The person wins 3-2 but lost the game count 20-25. The 98 federal election in Aust had the same type of outcome. Beazley won the ‘raw’ vote but Howard won more seats.

        Rules should reflect reality.

      • A friend was telling me about republican gerrymandering too, which sounds like it should be illegal but it isn’t. I guess there’s a whole host of reasons for him. One couldn’t be enough!

    • Oooh, thanks, great article! 🙂

      And to anyone who thinks feminism is a ‘hobby’, I say….. Hobby THIS!!! *middle finger*

      That said, you do know about the Ladies Sewing Circle & Terrorist Society, right?! They’ve been around a long time:
      “Well behaved women rarely make history”

      Women know how to create community, we’re good at this! We can build solidarity and help women who have internalized misogyny, too. And thank you to all the male allies who came to the marches to support, too!

      • YES! in Australia we have KNOT — the Knitting Nannas of Toolangi (an area that has old growth forests they are ‘knitting’ to raise awareness about — and save.

        Those women are not white, middle class ‘ladies’!! <3

  9. How amazing was that!! All the footage and following social media of the millions of people, it was incredible! It struck something deep within that’s for sure!

    So many great placards – “If it wasn’t for Hermoine, Harry would have been dead in book one”, “Melania, blink twice if you want us to save you”, “Same shit different century”, “To all the little girls watching right now: You are valuable & powerful & deserving of every chance in the world”. So many more.

    We were listening to Madonna sing Express Yourself & then we pulled up her album and starting going… Oh Yeah! She has so many empowering songs!

    What blew me away was watching this, I’ve watched it a few times now and I’m like HELL YEAH!

  10. I distrust all politicians, but yeah….it’s interesting that’s for sure. More female empowerment!


    Eris on Uranus in Aries (and, personally, on my NN) ……so powerful!

    This is gonna be good….

    One of my favorite signs I saw online said “I would NOT wanna be the guy who pissed off ALL these women!” Hahahahahaha! SO good!

  12. Remember, remember the 8th of November; the government treason and plot. I know of no reason why the government treason should ever be forgot…

  13. I went to DC + it was fucking amazing.

    Women of all colors, ages, sizes holding and supporting one another

    Today I rest, tomorrow I travel

    And then I get to work.

  14. I am so sick of the haters. If I stayed online I would have no hope. Can’t wait to see you all in person at the next march! I know one is coming up for climate change. I am happy to host people who want to travel to DC to attend. ??

    • Seriously, whoa! These comments are making me sad. I marched in SF with my daughters and the energy was amazing. Solidarity and love and progress and hope. 80% of us didn’t vote for cheetoh and we finally found a way to counter the conservative middle America as majority (they’re not) narrative. We also found each other. <3

      • I’m surprised at some of the comments here, too. Perhaps MM’s site is being trolled..?

        Anyway……those folks can’t hold back the power and flow of what took place yesterday. Power to the people! 🙂

      • There are so many trolls online it’s hard to know when someone is being real or being paid. That said – some of the women here I have been communicating with for years now. So, while I obviously wouldn’t open my house to anyone online, I do feel I know some women here, would love to meet them, and do live close to DC. I won’t name them all because I won’t remember them all. But I know you all but feeling. <3

    • Yes. the saddest thing is women who denigrate feminism and other women who act politically or resist.

      But the weekend and the media, facebook, etc. I’ve read and heard have been overwhelming positive.

      Haters gonna hate. Ignore them.

      ‘When they go low, we go high’ <3 <3

  15. Well said. How the left ignored the human atrocities inflicted up women in some of the countries under the prior political regime in the US sickens me. To not label the extremists as such, to not denounce horrible practices. and to turn the blind eye for fear of offending someone of the same gentle version of that culture is itself a crime.

    • So – what’a your point? We should shut up and take it now? Will that help women around the world? This level of reasoning is why a fascist is taking over our media. I am not perfect but I choose love. Try it. Try rephrasing your complaint as something you can lovingly take action on. We need to be united.

  16. I dunno. How about marching for women all over the world who are oppressed at all times in all ways by regimes and religions? How about that? How about standing up for the ones cowed by strictures and norms and patriarchy and punishment and torture and death? Wha….? No takers? Hmmmmmmmmm.

          • Hi People! I don’t have an issue with dissent but the tone of the SkorpThis comment is a bit pass agg. The tight-lipped “hmmm”

            My thoughts on this are purely pragmatic. Would it be feasible for hundreds of thousands of women to jet into Saudi, Tehran or Kabul to march for the rights of women there? Probably not.

            Would there be a single women who marched on the weekend who would NOT want equal rights and reproductive rights available for all women, regardless of culture or religion?
            I doubt it.

            Do women identifying as feminist vary broadly in their views on sex, money, power and religion? Obviously. They were taking a stand – a grass roots one at that – in the country they live in, dealing directly with a media and an administration that they could conceivably influence.

            But there is an official platform for that march and i believe it includes a statement about women broadly everywhere. It is important for me that commenters here can talk about big themes of the moment/the Zeitgeist without snippiness or snarky virtue signalling.

            • Hell yes: epic reply.

              I know that your posts on current events often ft these kind of comments, but I love them and they make me feel connected to the overall rad community here and the zeitgeist. Love.

            • A lot of women all over the world marched as well. While this may have started in America in response to the presidency, many women that were there DO support equal rights for women all over the world. Every movement has it’s beginning somewhere, and as long as we stay committed and mobilized, we can change anything, anywhere!

            • Brava MM. I’d only add, in a manner to reply to something said earlier, that it was a stand against Trump in so much as he is currently – regardless of whether we like it or not – a figurehead for a very ugly, divisive side of humanity.

              One that is rearing its big, ugly head once again *sigh* to appease the 1%’s greed. And that tweeting is sooo Gemini.

  17. All the pictures are so beautiful. Had a nice cry yesterday when I realized how huge and global this event was. Such positive energy supporting the feminine. And all those pussy cat hats! Can you imagine the energy stirring all that knitting roused up?

    I was so gung ho about going to DC for this, and could have easily reserved a bus seat leaving locally. But then something stopped me and it turns out I wouldn’t have been able to go anyway due to being sick. Eris is natally a few degrees from my south node in the 6th house and I’m feeling this from Kimmy’s excerpt in the linked Eris Uranus post:

    “The inner life of the psyche has its way of being felt, for better or for worse. One way an uninvited element of the unconscious may manifest in life is through dis-ease (strife) of a physical or emotional nature. This can be experienced as a synchronicity, especially if the illness prevents forward movement, changing a job, relationship or location and forces one into self-reflection. Synchronicities may come at times when inner reflection is most needed.”

    We are just at the beginning, it will be interesting to see what happens next.

  18. Trump is the catalysts for the rise in equality and respect in all people . I hope that we are over 51 percent in consciousness uniting for Truth . That is when Love will be the new policy .

  19. I dunno – I’m more inclined to avoid making judgements until the record is in. Besides I truly believe the time for protest was against Billy and his very long history of abuse while Hillary sat by, enabling him for her own benefit. Not that I think Trump is spotless, he isn’t. Few, if any, are. But nothing is going to change the election results. So rather than looking backwards, my attention is on the future and seeing what Trump actually does. I’ve worked within sr. government circles of both persuasions long enough to know that words spoken during campaigns are just that. It’s what happens or doesn’t happen afterwards that counts. Marching is easy. The tougher thing to do is to govern.

    • No one marched to dispute his presidency. That would have happened before the inauguration. They marched to say they wil not give up their right to a legal and safe abortion, to equal treatment under the law, to safety for immigrant children, to access to health care and other human rights issues Trump has said he is against and has already started to take action against. This wasn’t about Trump personally. Or him cheating on his wives. Trump lost the popular vote. These are voters expressing their concerns. Government is for the people. This was just the first march. We aren’t going anywhere.

    • This wasn’t an anti Trump march, although I’m sure the sentiment was present. This was about calling attention to rights and beliefs. It is about moving forward and showing solidarity.

    • Yeah, this wasn’t about the election results or the popular vote dispute.

      We’ve already seen some of what Trump plans to do, and is doing currently, such as dismantling the ACA, with no good replacement plan, doing away with the endangered species act, and continuing to rev up the attack on women’s reproductive rights, just to name a few diabolical things…. what else are you waiting to see? Isn’t this enough to show his and the GOP leaders around him character, mindset, and intent?

    • Nah, fuck him. Fuck him, fuck his racist self serving agenda. Remember when someone shows you who they are, believe them. Times were good under Bill Clinton. They aren’t there anymore and when Donnie Dump kills us all you can’t blame Hilary for it

  20. On the one hand, i am happy people are taking a stand. I am proud of my friends going and the signs they made.
    But again, it is mostly mainstream sanitized white woman feminism that is being highlighted, so i am kinda disappointed, but you can’t have everything. Like how sex workers were un-invited to join unless they considered themselves exploited. So …not all women were invited..ugh….

    • Also i would like to reccomend the movie “Hidden Figures” if it is in your area. It is just a lil Disney, but overall a touching story of 3 women who worked for NASA during the 60’s and their struggle.

    • Why do you say that? I saw all sorts of women and all sorts of signs including one that said “sex work is work”. No one was invited that I know of. I wasn’t invited. I showed up.

      • yep, all the women i know who went went of their own free will, no invitation, no matter where they marched, washington, NYC, local rallies. it was an organic upspringing, grass roots at it’s finest as far as i am aware. but maybe i missed something.

        • I put the link one comment above. Basically Big Feminism supports you if you have been exploited for sex or if you are pro-choice, but leave out support for sex workers who don’t feel exploited (unless in Canada or other select cities that amended the statement) and if you happen to dislike Trump AND be pro-Life then they def don’t want you at the march.

          • I call bullshit. I have not read Big Feminism article because I am sick of finding ways to rip us apart. Anyone with any message or gender or political affiliation was free to attend. As for abortion, no pro-choice woman is going to make a pro-life woman have an abortion. Taken the other way, someone will loose. This isn’t about satisfying every scenario – it’s about fighting for our human rights and the integrity of our media. If I stayed home and just read shit like this online I would have no hope, which is why I am so glad I attended. It should be white women marching. Women of color have done so much already. And so many of them were working as metro or police keeping us safe and smiling. I finally felt the love our society has for each other again.

            • See I love how all pro-life women are lumped into the same category. But have you considered that some pro-life women actually are closer to pro-choice? Not all are the same. Can the feminist movement really afford to alienate possible allies? They sure act like they do. I myself am pro-life in that I would never personally abort even if I was raped because I consider having a baby to be a privilege, a privilege I was never afforded and will soon be too old to do. But does that mean I want to keep other women from having access? Fuck no. I do believe tax payer $ is best spent giving women that option if they want.

              Welp consider mostly white women voted for Trump, I guess you have a point about showing up for the March.

              • ‘Possible’ allies?


                If you don’t believe in a woman’s autonomy over her own body, there is no common ground and there never can be.

      • I think it is OK to criticize a movement one may be a part of or like. Keeps it honest instead of just letting things slide.

        • Only if you are offering a better alternative in my opinion. If you are sitting at home criticizing a March involving 2.5 million people that was totally non-violent and international with no better options, it’s really just negativity.

    • Um…..that wasn’t true of the marches in San Francisco and Oakland. Everyone was welcome, and it wasn’t a white woman feminism vibe.. Just sayin’….

    • Re the pro life contingent- http://nymag.com/thecut/2017/01/pro-choice-and-pro-life-feminists-at-the-womens-march.html

      Re the sex work statement- https://www.google.com.au/amp/s/m.mic.com/articles/amp/165768/sex-workers-womens-march-on-washington-solidarity

      Sorry marsbar, i don’t agree. It’s unreasonable to think that one event could get everything ‘right’ all the time for everybody but they did a pretty good job. It seems like they’ve responded quickly and maintained open lines of communication in what must have been a terrifyingly huge undertaking. And that includes taking on early criticisms about white feminists leading the event with the choice of co-chairs.

  21. I saw one photo, placards against a statue, I tend to avoid actual politics for all sorts of reasons but this image set me on fire .. I swear I must have been some kind of warlord in the past for the energy it inspires in me (not the carnage in itself but the righteous anger and furious vengeance), yes the eris on a chart angle etc , for a Gemini like trump who knows, maybe all those real live people made a dent (my fave placard, “Melania – Are you OK?”)

  22. “When Eris met Uranus”

    “Ill have some of what she’s having”

    I didn’t like HRC but l like The Orange Ruffy even less. Him being power will almost certainly mean the Dems will regain power next time and possibly sooner than we think. I see him as the “Black Knight” in the “Holy Grail”; defending nothing for no reason.

    . Worse still he has emboldened Right-Wingers throughout the West. I think the ‘machine’ eats the well-intentioned as well as the corrupt.

  23. I was in such grief 1/20/17. Yesterday gave me hope and excitement back. The World was politely in the Orange one’s face telling him we are not going to take this. Thank you to every person throughout the World that made an effort to say NO yesterday. Absolutely adored Ashley Judd’s “Nasty Woman” poem written by a 19 y/o Nina Donovan. That gave me goosebumps.

    Rise up for decency, kindness and the good.

  24. errrrr i’ve never looked at eris before. i’ve got eris natal in aries in the 7th, only 10 degrees, but there’s been a radical shift in relationship energy for me since, holy crap, 2015, total awakening, complete emancipation from codependency on those who have taken me for granted due to a heretofore inherent love zombie addictive tendency on my part. long story short, me no longer willing to be a doormat. as much as i hate being single i’ve come to a place where i’d rather be single than settle for less than. i’ve tried and i.just.can’t.do.it. this is wild. and this is just the microcosm. the implications for the macrocosm are beyond exciting!

  25. I went to the march in DC. It was amazing. Such a spirit of support. It felt so good to be with so many like minds and hearts after the darkness of Friday. There is hope! to be continued…

  26. i think that all the weird reactionary politics re-awakens the spirit of protest……two steps forward and one step back,,don’t forget we ARE going forward,just gotta keep pushing (swimming!??)

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