Ask Mystic: Violet Hair During Venus Retrograde?

Venus Retrograde effects

Venus Retrograde effects vary from the sudden desire to reconnect with an ex to urgent-feeling beauty and fashion reforms. But should you indulge?

Dear amazing Mystic,

I have a somewhat frivolous, non-life-threatening-but-still-important-to-me question regarding Venus retrograde. All my life I wanted to have violet hair. I own violet wigs and tried purple extensions which looked nice, but always felt fake somehow. I want the real deal, but its all no use- since I’m a rather dark brunette.

At some point, I was looking forward to old age, when my hair would be naturally white, and I could finally be the real me- with stunning violet or maybe pink hair.

But do I have to wait? I am a Sagittarius Sun exactly conjunct Uranus (so waiting doesn’t come easy) and Scorpio AC with Pluto rising, and I think it could suit me so well. Plus I just kicked the cheating Boyfriend to the curb and am totally up for anything fresh and new and different.

Today I talked with my very talented hairdresser, and he said he could turn my hair into a dark shade of violet and that he thinks it would look beautiful. I’m totally up for it.

BUT: The hovering Venus Retrograde scares me. Should I go for it? Should I hurry and pick the next Libra Moon in February before Venus goes retro? Or is this an idiotic idea, given the fact that Venus is already in her pre-shadow phase? Should or shouldn’t I go for it?!

Please help me by shedding some light on this!

A big hug and thank you so much for the fantastic work you do. I can’t even start to tell you how much I love your site and how much your totally on point horoscopes help me every single day.

The (still) Boring Brunette

Dear (still) Boring Brunette*,

Honestly, with the news flow of late, I think we would all love some frivolity.  Let’s do this.  And damn right a Sagittarius Sun conjunct Uranus should not have to stuff around waiting for anything.  And Pluto Rising?  Done. If I need someone to help bend the rules of Time & Space, you’re it. Hired.

So the classic Retro Venus rule is not to do anything sudden/impulse that would be hard to change back. The main thing here being Venusian style surgery.  I heard of someone recently wondering about labia surgery to win back her cheating husband. That was a resounding NO. Spend that $$$ on therapy.

But you HAVE ousted cheating boyfriend, have Talented Hairdresser onside and are considering a change that you have thought about for ages. It’s not some gin-soaked impulse hair cut and dye bender in your bathroom while listening to Bring Me To Life.

Also, I love how you are feeling the new Leo Eclipse/North Node in Leo Meta-Cosmic-Trend incoming. It is THE ultimate time to flip off at mediocrity and make drastic gestures to highlight your individuation and apparent refusal to tolerate disrespect. So far as Venus Retrograde effects go, this revolution would be particularly stylish.

What does everyone else think?

*I do not feel brunettes are boring.

Image:  Barbara Palvin – Instagram

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Siofra Lamb

DO IT GIRL you’ll feel amazing!! And even if it’s not a forever thing it’ll give you the blast you need to transcend out of that shitty ex BF’s vibes, feel reborn and show you how free you are!! I’m Sagittarius Sun conjunct Mars and Scorpio AC with Pluto Rising…. this will make you feel fresh I promise!!


Do it!! I loved doing colour and have had blue, pink, blonde etc but I lack the interest in maintenance so now am embracing wabi sabi hair (ie 5% of it is white and simple chop).
Also I am increasingly allergic to bleach and can’t do the bleach migraine. You never know what’s around the corner, be it allergies or whatever. Go purple and do let us know if you love it!



NN moving towards Leo has got my hair game on point, loving it

*I have this natally, am looking forward to seeing how things unfold


When you make that change don’t love to see I’m alright


How long is Venus retro? I’m thinking of getting another tattoo. I have been thinking about it for a couple of years though, so it’s not impulsive.

I got my first dragon tattoo when I was 40 and had wanted one since I was 18. I don’t rush into anything with a Toro stellium 😀

Lux Interior Is My Co-Pilot

On the subject of the violet hair—could this be a CROWN CHAKRA thing? 🙂

I say go for it. It’s not that hard to change back….like a tattoo or cosmetic surgery.

Lux Interior Is My Co-Pilot

I find citrus oils, burnt or sprayed around the room work wonders.

Palo santo…it’s great, but citrus has really been working for me lately. I have a lemon, grapefruit and lime oil mix.


Another three emails
All musicians
All single
Open declarations of feelings

I have to clean my flat.
Going offline
This is madness

I’m not even remotely interested in dating ANYONE


What you’re writing here is a v similar sentiment to how I’m realising I feel about all the blah I’m feeding myself about low-confidence, fears, ugly stuff, like I’m breaking up with my own bullshit. Breaking up with myself. Decluttering my psyche. It’s ongoing bit finally I’m actually seeing it as separate from me. Kondo-ing my psyche? Anyway
Been listenijg to heaps of (kinda) Buddhist talks by a former stand up comedian so all the little things help to add up I guess.


Oh wow I adore stand up comediennes and feel they are practically shamanic. Even more so than musicians because the artist writes their material and then faces a room of people. It is literally the transmutation of anger (because usually the best comedy is written about what makes the person angry) and then in sharing what are usually painful true experiences the audience laughs in recognition as catharsis occurs. They go, oh yeah, me too, ha ha. It’s funny because it’s true. My ultimate heroine is Whitney Cummings ATM but I’ll watch any female stand up comedienne rather than do… Read more »


Ah well, I enjoy a ramble!
Re the flat do you feel like you are rooted in London in your energy? You know when people emigrate sometimes they leave their energy roots in their home country and don’t connect deeply to the new land? And some do it with ease. Maybe that isn’t you at all, but I always feel your energy is spread further afield..which it really is of course for us all. Good luck fending off the attention of the gorgeous men, lol.


Thank you Sphinx Honestly no, I don’t feel in any way aligned with London at all. Not even England to be brutally honest. I do not see myself moving back to Cape Town and although my kinesiology and wholistic rehabilitation exercise coach and one of the women I admire and adore and respect most in the whole world lives in California and ten years ago was on my case to get my ass there and I DID feel so pulled, particularly to San Francisco and just anywhere but England, I ended up breaking up with the super wealthy Buddhist grillionaire… Read more »


That’s how I bat in cricket. I don’t care how many balls hit me. As long as they don’t hit my stumps or get me lbw.


Interesting, so London is where you bottomed out? Is your romance with London like dating a second rate guy? Can imagine you being in the US quite happily being it is such a dynamic place like you. Being authentic and loyal to you in terms of location what would your ideal location be? San Francisco is meant to be awesome from expat friends who lived there. Anyways, I agree with Pi, Kondo your way to a new place and make conscious, energetic roots in the nearest excellent vibe, clean earthed place near your new home. I think it will help… Read more »

Lotus A

Have you considered writing a book? Not being rude. I’m serious. This kind of stuff isn’t funny when your the one it’s happening to and I sincerely hope things get better, but this is very entertaining and the whole potpouri,carpet burning, chucking out stuff in the middle of the night stuff is very funny.


Forget the salt, it just sounds like you need an exit strategy. Straight up Saturn. Slow and steady increments, seek wise counsel. July is closer than you think. Xx

Dark side

I second Pi’s advice.

Don’t spend a cent more on a place you’re leaving behind except for basically keeping place clean.

Focus on saving Kondo & $ resources for new place, maybe somewhere more in lign with your newfound personal energy, talent and spirit of healthy friendly community.

You are amazing for shutting out all the low-rent ex beaus. Here’s to massive leaps of personal growth. Kudos & curtesies to you! xx


Thank you Dark Side
That is wise advice and I will heed it.
Thank you.


Wise counsel.
Thanks Pi
I will seek it.


Kondo method is serious magic. Salt everywhere right now and doing MAJOR purge. Incredible who contacts you and how you react. Yikes. I’ve only STARTED and ex super hunky musician boy called me yesterday- just as ONE example. After serious consideration and seeing my self shaved Mohawk pic on WhatsApp asks if we can could start dating- properly this time, not casually like before. . He used twords like commitment and monogamy?” I was like huh? And he’s just one of many exes currently pestering me. But one I seriously fancied but ..didn’t feel he wanted what I’d want with… Read more »


Oh I love this 😀
More because of your incredulousness at yourself haha x
You don’t have progressed moon in Capricorn by any chance do you


No Progressed moon in Leo in the ninth house Progressed Aqua rising and progressed sun in Scorpio Natal Sag moon in the 12th, not far from Neptune in 12 too, but prior to the Saggo I have my both Lilith’s in Scorpio 12th house just one degree apart in And my Neptune trines my Venus in Leo the 8th Sag rising – no kidding:)) and On the galactic Centre or maybe one degree off it. I noticed that my Jupiter ascendant is at 29 degrees Sag – the moon is like 27 I think… It’s weird cuz my Virgo sun,… Read more »

dark star

Whoa. I need to kondo more asap


I’d rather Lisbeth Salander than effete Kate.


I know
Me too
But she’d never TOUCH prince William:-)

Lux Interior Is My Co-Pilot

Sounds like classic venus in shadow of her retro to me. All the exes or people form the past come a knocking…

Libra Moon Conjunct Pluto

I got the email that cues us on Venus Retrograde. Thanks for the very wise words, MM!! It was expressed with elegance and clarity!! Its transit will oppose some very sensitive points in my chart, so I guess I can anticipate some pointers on what may need to be revisited in terms of my creativity and love life!!


I didn’t think anything could make me smile after the dreams I’ve had in the nanoseconds of sleep I’ve managed to get but your query and Mystic’s response made my day. And I agree. Especially since you have a trusted hairdresser willing to help. Nothing beats post break up blues like a fabulous hair change you’ve always wanted in a revenge makeover terms. Instant gratification and considering your Astro, frankly I applaud your patience.
Go for it! Xxx


Funny, I had a similar question – although it was about getting dreadlocks!! Feeling fierce and free, but also wanted to schedule it right w Venus. Thanks for the dates, Mystic!

12th House Virgo

You can always dye it back.


Nothing has colour in the dark.


Well presuming I am right and Venus was retrograde in 2015 in around Aug/Sept (can’t remember exact dates), I died mine bright red after a lifetime of being a natural blonde. I did it before the retrograde started and only lost interest in it about a month after it ended. And it was HELL FUN being a redhead for a while. So I say go for it. Definitely. Speaking of which, during the last Venus retro (presuming I’m not high and the dates above do pertain to the last one) I met a man I was convinced was a twin… Read more »


the truth is we are all going to die and you should do all the shit youve been wanting to do for ages. Just do it properly and not out of repression weird leaking or meandering


Agreed not all style urges are considered impulses or to wait until after venus retro. Violet hair is wonderful the real question is can you afford to maintain it. If yes then do it. Not surgery like Mystic says or drunken fuck I need botox to get X to shag me plan. We still need to get our hair cut

I however have to wait as I am slowly pining for tattooed eyebrows. Saturn skills have me saving on a separate account for permenant beauty urges. Money and meticulous research first.


Your post made me long for my violet hair i used to have for ages, up until the great illness of 2015 which forced me into henna and now transitioning to grey, And why would you think brunettes are boring? Nope. Plus getting violet hair won’t make you interesting if you aren’t already. It sounds like you are with uranus conj sun. :). Uranus conj my sun as well and even though violet hair doesnt naturally grow on anyone’s head i have been told by others that it somehow looked “natural” on me. I think you’ll really love it though.… Read more »


Go for it. You have been wanting this for a long time. It’s a transformation that is big but not permanent, not surgery related, not ill advised and it’s also something you can always change in the future so, by all means go! 🙂


My daughter went platinum blonde and I discovered that violet shampoo stuff she uses in the bathroom. I swear my grey is sparkly silver and I’m getting compliments on my silver sheen 😉


Very cute x

Calli G


Nike Vk

My lil sis just went violet and it looks amazing.

Doesn’t sound like an impulse! I’d say go for it. Is it a Chanel quote about “a woman who changed her hair is getting ready to change her life?”

Nike Vk


cosmic fleece

That is a great quote, writing down now. Thank you !


Oh goodness, yes! I just did this (went from bright red to a darrrrrrk violet blue purple).it just feels right for right now. As for myself, sun in Pisces in the 9th opposite moon in virgo in the 3rd with a massive stellium of Mars, Saturn, uranus, and neptune in Capricorn in the 6th house. 🙂


How serendipitous… I was at BART tonight and saw a woman on the platform who had electric blue hair that was cut in a bob (was not a wig) and thought to myself how great her hair looked. Briefly wondered if I might be able to achieve this hair for myself, and then realized right now I probably shouldn’t, due to the type of work/career I have. But, I thought, someday…. Maybe I’m feeling the inkling of the coming Leo NN/Aqua SN thing? I’m Aqua Sun, 8th house, so Leo NN will be opposing from my 2nd. MM, you mentioned… Read more »


Well if your hairdresser can achieve anything like the photo Mystic has posted then absolutely yes.. how beautiful! But always have a back up plan.. all hairdressers get it wrong due to lots of variables. sun leo


Having hair coloured on a Leo Moon day is not bad but I wouldn’t do it on a full moon, the colour won’t be absorbed well and the bleaching would do a lot of damage, do it on an Earth Moon day, Taurus Moon is the best because it’s ruled by Venus or on a Capricorn Moon day, it will be long lasting

Dark side

Hi ‘Boring’ Brunette! Wait! I completely get where you’re coming from BUT BUT BUT as someone currently in the second year of growing out ash blonde highlights to revel in my natural brown hair colour (shiny! undamaged!), I feel there are alternative options for you than going all purple on entire head. What about doing very few fine highlights (via balyage) only on some strands towards the ENDS (leaving roots intact) of hair, and using violet toner on lighter bits? In fact, have a look at De Lorenzo’s Nova Fusion range here (there’s a beautiful purple one called ‘Violet’):… Read more »


Yes! and +1 for the wanting to know how it turns out, sounds absolutely wonderful. The owner of a nearby art shop had bubblegum pink hair. She was maybe in her fifties. She looked totally awesome and it made me smile every time I saw her.


Re hair: Y
Re that song…Flashback City


DO IT (and post pics)!

dark star

Go for the violet hair! Sounds amazing. Phoenix hair.

For some reason I’ve always wanted dark hair even though I like my dirty blonde/ light brown. Pluto/Scorpio asc


it’s funny isn’t it. I think darker hair on me brings out my draconic scorpio rising. well, who knows.


There are so many famous blonde Scorps, Grace Kelly, Di Caprio etc there should be a dye called Plutonic Blonde!

dark star

Good point. Grace Kelly in To Catch a Thief or Rear Window is Scorpio hair magic


I met a Scorp with strong strawberry blonde hair. I usually like brunettes.

I guessed she was Scorp. I then boldened the Crab decan. Bingo. I said “Not the 13th?”. She said yes. Too bad she is taken. One of the 3 dates that freak me out.

So occasionally a non-brunette gets me.


awesome! I am so inspired!!!


– by both the violet hair and the fact that this is the “ultimate time to flip off at mediocrity” – Saturn finally cleared all my Sagg planets a couple of weeks ago and I’ve been feeling the urge to bust out some madcap sign of life – “I’m still here!! I’m still standing!”. Purple hair sounds delish!


Lucky! Saturn has cleared mine too but now is opposing my Gemini planets. I’m holding out.


hang in there! before it hit Sagg where I have sun /3 planets/innumerable asteroids, it was opposing all my biz in Taurus, and before that it was stomping on my Libra moon/Uranus/lilith conjunction – I am completely unrecognisable from who I was prior to 2010 – in a good way (I think!) but boy am I ready to lighten up and have a little fun! 😀


I’m glad I’m not the only brunette who was thinking of waiting until old age to make my hair a startling range of colours. But if you can do it now – do it! In fact you’ve inspired me. Uh oh does this count as impulse? Maybe if I plan it for a week?


Don’t do it!

Calli G

No, you’re not the only one. I’ve been welcoming every white hair while planing various anime colors myself. I’m going to be doing various US political things in the near future, and want to be able to fake “conservative middle aged lady” so my various representatives might let me get close enough to scold them for their actions, so fun colors are off the table for me for now. My friends with white hair tell me it takes dye oddly, so there will probably be some experimentation involved once I reach that point.


I always wanted blue. My daughter went fluro red and that sh*t was everywhere, ceiling in the shower, towels etc but hey wished it was me


Where is that tube of blue?


Hi, Does any members have available the Mystic Medusa’s Yearly Horoscope books from 2015 and/or Daily Mystic emails sent out last year during the week of July 19-25.. THANK YOU!!!

Kataka on Fire

As long as it doesn’t involve lifting your base colour too much with bleach I’d just go for it!! Bleach wrecks your hair. Full stop (whatever they want to call it its bleach)

Warning though it WILL be high maintenance to keep it like you want it fresh and vibrant. I have bright red and get roots done every three week bang on and even refresh it in between that to keep it looking good. Otherwise washed
Out orangutan! Reds and purples are notorious for fading.
However good the hairdresser is you are about to become a more regular customer…


As someone who constantly doubts and second-guesses her own desires and passions and thereby changes little* , I say JUST DO IT
if you don’t like the results you go back to brunette or cut it off and either way bam you have crossed a threshold. Your Pluto Needs You. You never know where this seemingly basic aesthetic choice will take you.

*working on it

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