Ask Mystic: Is Venus In Taurus Stuck In Shallow Waters?

Dear Mystic,

Is Venus in Taurus stuck in shallow waters?

Over the past year, I’ve had 4 brief (Neptune in 7th) affairs. Actually, the last guy, a Scorp,  bookended the infatuations. After our first few interactions were recounted to my best friend, we both agreed that he felt way too much like my first love and that I should immediately stop, drop, and roll off that runaway train. I did this successfully. The past few months brought us closer though and somehow, I’m now dealing with the aftermath of our decision to sleep together despite his long term relationship. The foundation of the friendship we were slowly building is rubble. He’s aloof and skittish. He’s also a functioning alcoholic on a road to nowhere. Him, I still want. Him, I’m pulling up synastry charts for and interrogating the Tarot about (all 5s and pentacles R). For him, my Mars in Aries is full speed ahead trying to strategize. Classic love zombie, and trust me, this kind of feeling characterizes every one of the aforementioned affairs.

Enter Capricorn with his everything in my 7th house. The quintessential Southern Gentleman. He came to the door to pick me up, and when he dropped me off at home, he pulled me close and started naming the constellations. Swoon. We have the same taste in books and movies. He’s interesting, charming, accomplished, ambitious. So far he’s said all the right things, effortlessly, soundly distinguishing himself from the majority of men of my generation, by making me feel appreciated and special. And it feels so great to be the one pursued for once. I’m not scared he’s suddenly going to disappear.

There’s like zip going on though, sexually. My brain is turned on but I’m just fine staying on the opposite side of the table at dinner. Usually I can’t get close enough and I want to make a home in their chest cavity. He’s a little heavier than I go for, and I wouldn’t say I always go for the pretty boy, though it happens often enough that it’s a trend. With the Scorpio though, my best friend saw him for the first time and called him “Gas Station Z”. He’s got this absurd long hair that he wears half up and fanned out like a peacock. God awful. I’m obsessed with him. At first I didn’t even think I wanted to be Mrs. Peacock; I thought it could just be sex but I think I was just trying to fend off the hurt from the zombie bite. Cap dressed to the 9s for our date. He’s clean cut like I usually like ’em. When he asked if he could kiss me, I said “I think we should wait.” And wait… And wait…

Both chivalrous Cap and Gas Station Z have their Venus squaring my Mars. My Venus trines Cap’s mars. Could that be the reason there’s nothing going on for me? Or, is it just as simple as admitting that Venus in Taurus makes me Shallow Hal, and if that’s the case, is there even a point in continuing to date him while hoping something develops? And if I move on, with Uranus and Neptune in 7th in Cap, and Venus in Taurus, is it even possible to attract something pretty enough to satisfy me that’s still breathing and isn’t going to vanish? Or should I resign myself to undead gas stations with out-of-order pumps? I’m almost on empty.

Sincerely, Ms Venusian Taurus

Dear Ms Venusian Taurus,

My first vibe on this was never mind Venus in Taurus, it’s some hard-wired programming where you’re drawn to the ‘bad’ dude sexually and are unable to warm up to the guy who treats you right. Paging Dr Freud here, obviously.  Okay so most of us know the drill here. It’s like the Madonna-Whore complex but applied to males. If a care-giver in early life treats someone with respect than voila, crushes/affection tends to trend toward similar characters and dynamics in adult life. If Daddy was a gambler/addict/chaos merchant than voila your type.

So you KNOW damn well i am going to be barracking for Capricorn here – you had me at “he knows the constellations.” Also, i don’t care if Uranus and Neptune park in your garage, you have to have standards/protective barriers about whom you let into your life. Nothing about the Scorpio is suggesting that you devote even a nano-unit of your brain to figuring out what he is about. There are so many red flags here i am amazed you have not been pulled into the pit stop by a team of crack mechanics. And i bet you get the Devil card coming up all the time in Tarot. Five of pentacles my arse.

SO you cannot date someone in “a long term relationship” with someone else or who is “a functioning alcoholic.” If your Venus trines the Mars of Capricorn, that’s great.  God, give him a go. Use Retro-Venus to break some old unhealthy patterns. Gas Station Z guys will always be around.  I think you treat the Scorpio as a shitty food or addiction that you HAVE to give up. One day at a time and trust that abstaining from contact with him or misusing your energies trying to predict his low level thought patterns or bullshit operating methods will start to feel good very quickly.

Consider also what rebel urges/hotness of your own you’re projecting onto Scorpio – a cheat and an addict does not seem like someone you would knowingly go for-  could therapy be appropriate?  Uranus is heading for Taurus and by the time the planet of rad connects with  your Venus, you would want to have reset your expectations, right?  Venus in Taurus is dignified – Venus RULES Taurus – Venus here is tactile, sensual and grounded.  I say leave aside the gas station metaphors and think more grassy high mountain field, with flowers, fresh air and respect (with healthy lust) from a person who is clearly into you enough to invest some of himself into you.

What does every one else think? I have Saturn square MY Venus at the moment – am I being too Saturnine about this? Is their room for hot lunatic addict-cheat men in a healthy person’s love life? Or is a version of the Madonna-Whore complex and super unhelpful? Is there a phrase to describe the M.W.C. when it is applying to a man?

Lets do this!

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72 thoughts on “Ask Mystic: Is Venus In Taurus Stuck In Shallow Waters?

  1. Great advice here!! Here’s some things that come to my mind as I often find that I need a certain zing with the opposite sex in order to be into them at all as well. If you aren’t feeling the zing with Cap (and I agree with everyone above – focus on the Cap or none at all for now), then YOU initiate something that zings you – talk about sex, talk about sensual things, embody sensuality, try to turn him on politely (yes, that’s possible). He is a gentleman so he won’t initiate this, but that doesn’t mean you can’t. Capricorns are usually pretty lusty in the sack and often like powerful women. Why not go femme fatale on him? You might blow his mind and open up a whole new dimension of this thing and then you may totally feel like kissing him! Don’t “fall in love” – rise in love. Stand up and tell him what you want and how you would like it. I guarantee you he will appreciate it, and so will you!

  2. If you’re drawn to ‘rebel’ types, I say unleash your inner rebel….learn some crazy shit—motorcycling, surfing mental waves, scuba diving, start some crazy band or art performance group, open a saloon—ya know? (you might already do these things)….anyway, channel your own rebel and you’ll probs meet heaps of interesting people and be beating them offf with a stick.

    • “To get what you want, become what you want.” Rob Breszny in a Pisces horoscope that I cut out and kept over 10 years ago (MM i also remember and quote your inspired turns of phrase xx)

  3. We need some good lit on this issue – any books to recco? I have this issue bigtime – my relationship with my father was worst case scenario – he just past …. so I see the pattern but that doesn’t solve it

    • Book recco – “Come as you are” by Emily Nagoski. She’s brilliant – evidence based, cool, helpful. She explores this issue from the viewpoint of neuropsychology and attachment theory and has suggestions about how to address personally. Her website is great and has lots of free info on this and other related topics. Don’t know her Astro but I have Venus in Taurus (and Sun/Rising in Gem in case it doesn’t show 🙂

      • Seconding ‘Come As You Are’ – a great exploration of the complexities of desire, arousal, love & lust, minus any essentialist nonsense.

  4. Hmmm, I’m Venus in Taurus and it’s like you got it around the wrong way ?
    When I was a young man it didn’t take me long to learn that the girl wearing the most outrageous ‘I’m so hot’ pink hot pants and ‘come fuq me body language’ was the least likely to be capable or have anywhere near the stamina needed to quench my Venus in Taurus appetites.
    While the ‘quiet girl’ wearing a cardigan and sensible shoes was more likely hiding the secret volcano within 🙂
    Looking like a sexpot is usually a sign that people aren’t. My guess is that Cap boy is already far advanced on Scorp boy
    in these matters or is willing to learn. Venus in Taurus has its appetites, and are serious about finding the right source so that there is a steady flow. Cap boy may deliver that, Scorp boy ? Never !
    Venus in Taurus is not interested in shiny things, it needs substance and quality.

  5. Love is the drug.

    Pheromones are driving all of us on a reptilian level.

    One day you wake up and there’s no more oestrogen and you say to yourself “WTF was that all about? I must have been crazy?”

    So knock yourself out Ms.Gas Station Z

    Hopefully no one gets hurt!

  6. Sounds like you may have some codependency issues (I do too). Do addiction issues run in your family? I would be looking into therapists instead of astrology charts. I say this with love, as someone who has this issue too. If all of these affairs are actual affairs – i.e. these guys are taken, then that is something to look at. Are you scared of having a real relationship with someone who is availabe and can be your equal? Do you like all this drama? (Hey, it can make life feel exciting for a while, until the rose-tinted glasses fall off.) A relationship should be a bonus in life, a “nice to have” – not something needed to make life feel complete or full. Maybe it would be good for you to be single for a while, while you see a therapist to work through these issues.

  7. As someone who had an eerily similar situation last Venus retro (complete with overly anxious, grasping LZ episodes over a Scorp guy who represented ideals and not reality and being pursued by a Cap guy who was every bit the gentleman), let me tell you, go with the Cap guy.

    I viewed the Scorp v Cap dilemma as a challenge to see what you think you want in a relationship v what you need. In reflection the emotions and thoughts the Scorp guy brought up in me were awful – being in LZ mode is debilitating, time-consuming and stressful. You get to realise that that isn’t what you want in a relationship. You want, as one friend put it to me during the period of indecision, straight-down-the-line-love. Give old mate Cap a chance, he might surprise you (especially in the boudoir).

  8. On a slightly non Astrological vein I believe “attached” is too rigid. Love always trumps attached and is not wrong. Im a Cancer guy and I love George Michael’s song “Freedom”. No idea if this has anything to do with being a Cancer guy but I dont believe anyone is anyone else’s possession but if we are true to our feelings we eventually thrive. The ride might be bumpy and others may be offended or hurt but knowing that the safe option is not always the right option is so important.

    • But in the context of this blog what I ask is if you have feelings for someone does it matter whether or not they are attached? Does it matter if they have an addiction?

      • This is a really good point.. It’s one thing to feel a certain way, but another thing to then judge or categorise those feelings in a way that diminishes or cuts-off our full experience. In some dharma talks I was listening to recently this is called the ‘second arrow’. (“you shouldn’t feel this way, I shouldn’t be thinking that, “etc), so we re-experience from a place of judgement or doubt.. hmm
        Maybe Venus in Toro needs an experience with the scorpio to get to some other understanding.
        thanks, cancerian ricky

      • Yes it matters if someone has an addiction that is not being treated. It is possible you can end up a side casualty of the addiction. Ex: my father was an alcoholic and my mom let it kind of slide until the day he drove drunk with my sis and I in the car and was busted by military police before leaving base. He almost lost his job. We almost lost our lives.

        Even smaller addictions end up being unwanted 3rd parties in your relationship, the other wo/man sucking up time and cash so to speak.ex: aqua ex dealing with smoking addiction. For starters he stinks…Can’t stand ciggy smoke. But when we were trying to save $ he never had any cos he was spending it all on smokes. I was always lending him a couple of bucks.

        • I understand, (and agree, I can’t date committed smokers) and there was a comment I ended up not posting about the addiction being the other man/woman in the relationship, and they will always always come first. I learnt this doing some psychotherapy work when things were going to shit with the chronic gambling neptunian Toro, who many years later I now understand would have been suffering anxiety and untreated ptsd from some major life stuff. Living through the abject pain of his not loving me the way I wanted was, and I can’t believe I’m saying this, experientially the missing link to sorting out my father-issues. BUT yes then again, I could have experienced that transit a different way, not sure how though, I was unconscious to it all, so to speak, and not owning (or recognising) my needs fears and expectations, my contribution simply by being a part of it. Through him, I came to realise that it was not about him at all! I was grasping at figments, swinging hard at what I thought was the problem and only striking thin air, boxing with my own shadow.

    • You can have feelings for someone who is attached, and they may have them for you too. However, I think the attached person should be an adult and end their relationship before starting something with the other person. Or, stay in the relationship but keep it in your pants and no fooling around with the other person, which may mean limiting your contact. No one owns anyone but it is about common decency and being a grown up. If they have an addiction and aren’t sober – who wants to invite that chaos into their lives? Don’t think it will be a very healthy relationship.

  9. Loving this thread. Just wanted to add that just as the Madonna/Whore stereotype erases the complexity of most women’s capacity for eroticism, the Nice guy/ Bad boy stereotype is also a crock. Kind, polite, respectful people of all genders can be very hot & pervy & playful in bed. Yes, the chemistry needs to be there, but Mr Gas Station could be a damp squib in the bed department & Mr Cap could be an incarnation of the god Pan once he knows his attentions are welcomed.

    • I also have to agree about the nice guy/bad boy stereotype being total crap as well. For one thing it reduces men to 1-D heroes and villains when we all know that isn’t true in real life. Stuff is always complicated.

      But if we are going to use that model….
      there is a reason why most women don’t go for the so called Mr.nice. it is because he isn’t actually nice.he is passive agressive but still the same entitled asshole as Mr. Bad but with no balls to do anything but whine, look sad, and play manipulative social games that will try to wreck your reputation. I’m dealing with a Toro one right now even though I am happy with the low drama and very loving AND stable Gem. Also life is short, why should you date someone you have to make love to in the dark or with eyes closed? Sure we all get old but there are still standards. Not taking care of your body as many Mr. Nice s often do because they concentrate on their a-hem personality but you find that the same will NOT apply to you. I may be talking out of my ass but I find Mr. Nice to be the creepy stepford flip side of Mr. Bad esp if you have been attracting a lot of Baddies recently to give you the illusion of choice. That way you can beat yourself up when you don’t choose him. Hah! Nope. The key is stop punching your own self in the face.

      The more you dig the more you find. And better to find out than be disappointed later on down when you are hitched.

      • Yes! the whole whiny nice guys finish last trope perpetuated by rather mean, superficially ‘polite’ and respectful white guys truly does suck. ‘I’ve been so lovely to her but she’s friend-zoned me’ boo hoo.

        Mate, you’re not a nice guy. You’re an arsehole

  10. I have Venus in Taurus too… and it trines the Mars in Capricorn of the extremely gentlemanly Capricorn Sun I’ve been seeing for about a month. He also asked if he could kiss me. ! I answered yes, though.

    I managed a detox/deep healing between him and my last LZ target, though.
    Got out of a five year long abusive relationship a year and a few months ago, and met the LZ target not too long after. I have gone no contact with them both. I actually got a text from LZ guy last week and felt nothing but slight dread. (Weird weird, same night, I got an email from an oldddd LZ target, like from 2013… I had no reaction to it, whereas a couple years ago I rode that fucking high for a couple days…)

    From the author of Baggage Reclaim… one of her books, Mystic recommended it, the Dreamer and the Fantasy Relationship? Was a turning point with the LZ– about how we “mix up” our gut signals as “love pangs” but it’s actually our body’s warning signals. And I realized I dreaded contact with him.

    Between abusive ex and LZ target I’ve questioned what the hell is going on with current Cappy – it’s so fucking calm and I’ve felt longing for the LZ target. Occasional resentment toward Cappy for being… so patient? THEN I realize that that’s literally a symptom of self-loathing, then I go into that and process and release whatever I need to.

    My recent dreams have been of literally cleaning up garbage, sometimes from the house I grew up in.

    My advice — get some therapy, flower essences, *whatever* because from the perspective of someone who is walking a maybe similar path, the attraction to Gas Station Z is your own shitty self-esteem manifesting. Dig and dig, unconditional self-love is key (and this can be so fucking hard but so easy too). When you love yourself you want others around that love you as well. When you hate yourself, you throw yourself at human train wrecks.

    Also from experience it’s easy to hate someone who shows you love and respect, when you do not love yourself. That could be the repulsion you feel. I would not have gone for this Cappy a year ago.

    …And sex with Venus in Taurus trine Mars in Capricorn is *phenomenal*…

    • Right on, and so was everyone, really (who am I to suggest gentleman Cap, or not?) – I would also add to healing modalities worthy of exploration, as someone who did not find the apt to be *transformative*, classical homeopathy – I’ve had a very similar situation going on, with a Scorp no less, and within a couple of weeks I’ve become literally allergic to this person I was addicted to for years! Yes, it can happen! Saved me so much time I would’ve spent in that miserable chasm between what can be insighted / articulated and what is actually *happening*, and $$$, too. Got my schedule all freed up to have quality romance with my Cap asc self, I’m way more interested in learning what She’s all about!

  11. I must agree with the others about this guy. You dont need astrology to figure out what a mess Scorp guy is. Just walk away. Trust me when i say you dont want to be dating a guy with an alcohol problem who isnt even bothering to fix it.

    As far as Cap goes, ditch him. You can’t fake chemistry. The nose knows. If a man does not smell “good” to me literally then i go no further with him. Go date someone else. You sound young so you prob have a lot of choices! 4 guys in a year? Wow. Also who wants to feel like they scored second best? I’ll take the consolation prize in love……said NO ONE…except maybe desperate people. Find someone you really resonate with and he with you who isn’t dysfunctional in a major way.

  12. Sweet and respectful Cap, a little on the heavy side and knows the constellations? Send him my way if you don’t want him.

  13. are 5’s bad? how do we know if cards are reversed e.g. if we only use say the MM card-orithm? i thought it would be swords if bad, not coins? I am so bad at tarot 🙁

  14. Him. I still want. Him. It’s like saying Doughnuts. I still want. Doughnuts (insert poison of choice). Run away fast from the addictive, draining, flaky Mr Peacock. Then whether you should or shouldn’t kiss S. Gentleman will become clear. If the Tarot cards repeat Pentacles and 5s, it’s going to cost more than your self respect. I bet Mr P. hasn’t got a penny to his name either.

  15. Great analysis by Mystic and comments above. I’ll just add, in defense of Mr. Capricorn, that I think sometimes love and attraction can be a slow burn and that that’s actually often a real marker of a mature slow steady love as opposed to the head over heels unhealthy infatuation that’s based on instant physical chemistry. I’ve definitely had to learn that: I owe some of my most unhappy unhealthy romantic things to some inevitable feeling sharp physical attraction to someone who was really not at all intellectually/spiritually up to snuff or compatible in any way.

    It’s one of the poignant things as our emotions and ambitions become more complex — That the super visceral pheromonal side of things doesn’t necessarily serve our deeper intellectual and spiritual needs, the deeper kinds of romantic love and connection that really nourish us.

    This is not to say Force yourself if you’re seriously not feeling into it – but do be open to slowly opening to and being open hearted to more physical warmth and synergy with the cap, to letting your feelings and connection with him stoke the physical part instead of the other way round.

    • This reminds me of a meme I just saw on Baggage Reclaim’s fb- “healthy chemistry in a loving relationship leaves you feeling calm.”

      • seawitchmermaid I love this. You are right. It’s a bit like “love should make you smile, not worry”, but I like the chemistry image, is a lot more powerful and you kinda feel it in you while you read it.

    • Yes! Definitely and I am aware that there is some scientific evidence to back this idea, ie, those intense instant connections are less likely to lead to enduring love than the slow burn situations. I like the idea of reversing which elements inspire each other. I am currently trying to master this. Virgo Sun, Taurus Rising with Mars on the horizon. I have two attractions, one a super intense and the other a slow burner. Both are Taureans, as have been most of my significant attractions and relationships. I am trying to be patient with the slow burn, rather than be distracted by the glitzy sensations of the instantly intense scenario.
      What I have found is that those very acute and intense vibes DO mean something. Of course we tend to think that it was “meant to happen”. Well now I say, “Yes, it was meant to happen but the question is, why?” Sometimes those connections are potentially profound in teaching us something, some lesson about ourselves, rather than being the genuine article.

  16. Mystic already nailed this one. All I can add is either therapy or give Al-Anon a try. They need to figure out what is inside of them that makes unavailable people push their want buttons.

  17. Neither. Your energies need to be channeled elsewhere. When you are super busy learning a language (Saturn in Sag), brushing up on your fire eating (Mars in Aries) & dishing up 5 course sumptuous feasts (Taurus anything) for your girlfriends, Mr Sexy will turn up, available & smitten, but you’ll be too busy to love zombie him.
    I promise. Money back guarantee 😛

    • Oh I love this SO MUCH
      Just need to work out how that rolls for my own chart, so I can forget certain people and the magic can bring itself for a change hahaha

    • I totally agree with this. When you’re comfortable and busy on your own, it’s a lot easier to make healthy choices about who to let into your life. It’s like choosing dessert after a nice, nutritious meal–you’re much more likely to grab a piece of fruit or perhaps some port and cheese. If you’re starving you’re more likely to get some high-sugar deal and eat three times as much of it as you should.

    • To me this is kinda of true. At least it’s not true that “mr sexy will turn up”.
      It’s more like that you get to choose if he’s right also based on the quality of peeps you usually hang around.
      Ever since I experience what true love is from a girl-friend I have realized that what I mistook for love was what @Mystic defined above: just “shitty food or addiction that you HAVE to give up. You might learn languages, do something funny and prepare food for friends, but until you know what “good” is in a relationship no english class or food class will be as tempting – and unfortunately sort of as fulfilling – as a Gas Station Person that you think is love or good for you.

    • I agree with SilkCharm’s advice: energies need to be directed elsewhere. In fact, I would go as far to suggest having some energy work done. I had an acupuncture treatment several years ago for back pain, and one of the positive and unintended side-effects is I’ve not felt the need to be drunk ever since.

  18. Mystic already nailed this, and I agree with the other comments here:
    – astro or not astro, self respect is THE way to go. You don’t throw yourself at a functioning alcoholist. Ever. I did that for a few months and ever since then I have kept far far away from those guys
    – If you want to keep it in the astro realm, if I had my Venus trine some guy Mars I would DEFINITELY give him a try.
    – Neptune and Uranus in the 7th can make it a little hard for you to have a grounded relationship but if the Cap has planets there you must be insane not to give him a chance. Also, those planets there can be played haute vibe, with the first giving you the ideal love vibe (Scorpio sounds a lot like LOW LOW LOW vibe) and Uranus making you somewhat unconventional and seeking self expression in relationships.

    So please, for all that is good in your life: RUN away from Gas Station whatever and give a chance to nice Cap.
    And if you are not that into him fine, consider – yes, I am about to tell you the obvious – some time on your own and with a therapist support.
    The Scorpio has “wrong” and “unhealthy” flags all over him and no healthy person would ever consider him an option

    • I am sorry it came out very harsh but I have Saturn in my 4th about to oppose my Mercury so it’s hard for me to be diplomatic.
      I agree with Mystic again: if the Cap is a no go then bye bye, but focus on eliminating the Scorpio a.s.a.p.

  19. I would suggest giving a kiss with the Cap a go. It’s not a lifetime commitment, and you never know… it has happened, that a kiss convinced me when I thought there was no chemistry.

      • I have never, ever, been able to do this. Like, ever. Ok once when young and high. I think it must be my moon square venus.
        There must be two schools of thinking on this.

        • Totally agree with you!! I can’t do it either. I have to be completely and utterly crazy about them for me to want to kiss them.
          Also like you l have been able to do it in the past when I’ve had a bit to drink, so there is the beer googles effect. But I still fancied them in some way.

          Love a good pash. It’s all in the kiss. My first date with the Crab guy from years ago was the worst first kiss EVER and never got any better.
          Did you know we swap DNA when we French kiss? Sounds so gross.
          Probably why I never fell for him. Every cell in my body was saying Nooo!!.
          ‘The Science of Kissing’ Fascinatong book!

          My Saggo moon sextiles Venus Libra and Venus square Cap Asc. So, hmm, dunno about the Astro of it

    • I completely agree. I originally friend zoned the Triple Toro based on how comfortable I felt with him – felt like we’d known each other for years etc etc. We ended up hanging out again, it was obvs how he felt about me so I thought, ok I’m ruling this in or out and pashed him – a fact-finding mission. OMG – off the scale. The bedwork has been consistently outstanding. (His Toro moon is on my Jupe Toro.) It’s a completely different kind of chemistry to what I have recognised in the past.

  20. And actually, i would just like to add that even if there is no chemistry with the Capricorn and it’s a non-starter, i think the key thing here is to clear that dysfunctional Scorpio off the terrain.

    And yes some epic thoughts above.

  21. Based purely on my experience, I would not force myself to date the Capricorn if he was thinking it was going somewhere while you’re not feeling the heat. (I am a bit protective of caps but I know that’s not really necessary lol. Sigh.) Anyway he sounds like a gorgeous soul to have as a friend, if you’re able to be sincere about how you’re feeling about your own position, and I am sure as an earth Sun he will appreciate your honesty (if not have his pride momentarily dented). AND, given a bit of time outside the pink hexagonal arena of Romance, who knows what vibe or connection may develop in its own time.

    I’m really into mystics para about the upcoming Uranian contact to your own Venus, a shake up (or shakedown) of some kind.

    Externalising damaged love or lz-ing out about trashpants types *can indeed be fun* in a fuqed up way , I know a sadge with scorp moon who is basically designed to shag sensitive artistes, and she has the moon to cope with it, they’re like psychology projects for her. But I mean you have to know what’s your thing. Your type. And why. Always go back to the vibe of the thing, not the person , the person is just the carrier for the idea you need / are externalising in your life. I mean that’s a bit detatched, love does exist, and at the same time even that plugs into some vibe or another. Mainly it’s how the thing makes US feel. Do you *want* to be loved on equal footing with someone else? Is monogamy or something less conventional your thing? What does your ideal thing look like? Do you just want hot sexytimes for now? What colour are your socks? Etc. 😀
    Ps this is also therapy for me. Thank you 🙂

  22. That was really good advice: sensible and thoughtful. Your ideas have given me food for thought!! Thank you. It’s important to understand and define what is acceptable in our life.

  23. You know how this ends with Gas Station Z.. so cut off any strings of attachment and all communications with the hot mess. You can’t see things clearly until you break from this spell.

  24. Oh Mystic! You nailed it with this one… I think your Saturn square Venus is coming through as tough love, but hard truth teller is what is needed here… I hope you give the nice guy a go… 🙂

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