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Some Full Moons glide by and unless they are pinging off some vital point in your own personal astrology, you get to be all like “oh look what a beautiful Full Moon” about it.

Others will – one way or another – throw you a situation where you have realize something, shift some heavy emotion through and out before probably smudging your entire Power Lair and lining a row of salt across the door.

The Full Moon exact a few hours ago was about 1000 x more likely be one of the latter, due to its amplification by the Jupiter-Uranus opposition, it being in the emotion-intense sign of Cancer and even in strange aspect with Saturn.

It’s been the theme of the Horoscopes/Daily Mystic all week for obvious reasons but now that it is ebbing away,  what was your cognizance?  What are your (psychic) clean-up plans?  And given that the Jupiter-Uranus vibe ongoing all year is a liberation, what do you now feel more free of/from all of a sudden?

(If you still feel strung-out or like your energy channels are blocked, fling some salt around – do the sage smudging – shift Qi with music and cleaning – scrub with salt – etc)

Image: The Witches Of Eastwick

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106 thoughts on “Apres That Full Moon

  1. Saggo sun, Cancer rising & moon…..I have felt like the last week since about Tuesday the 10th has been progressively more & more fuqed in a Mercury retrograde feeling way. Glitches, lost packages, long hold times, lies, , missed meetings and appointments, feisty muggles everywhere…WTF?? Was this all the full moon??? I guess with it basically zapping my rising & natal moon, and squaring Uranus, amped by my ruling planet, yes. Good holy hellions.

    I was and have been enjoying simultaneously a masterful groove of no drinking no cigarettes and steady work groove…steady like I usually am not so much. So there was that. But it got so screwy outside my skin that it penetrated and popped open my head last night so that I went & drank wine & smoked cigarettes like it was a pill to pop. And I dont even have regrets today. Back on track.

    I do hope a year-long buzz of Jupiter-Uranus will not include this kind of fuqery throughout. Please say it aint so.

  2. Cancer FM fell in my 8th house sextile my sun and moon in Virgo. This FM I’m feeling so peaceful and not hooking into bad habits of the past. Last month’s FM in my 7th resulted in my needing freedom and breaking away from my relationship. Wondering if I’m getting a karmic break this month, or if something unexpected could still rattle my cage before the weekend is over ?

  3. I’ll say this for Bathroom Floor Moments, my floors have never been cleaner.
    Who knew scrubbing the floors was such an epic anxiety & depression antidote?

  4. Very emo 48 hours. Grit, explosions, funerals. Usual Pluto Schizz Fest.

    F/M void squared Nodes so nowhere feels like home. Feeling très cog-like chez work.

    Trying to see blessings but feeling more doomed.

  5. Oh just check, FM was opposite my NN and Sun is actually transiting NN as I type. Okay, yes, that makes sense then.

  6. Saturn Square Sun and conjunnct moon + Chiron opp Sun and Square Mars + Venus+ PARTY
    Just kidding
    Emotional eight pack anyone?
    Psychological buns of steel?

    I seriously hope so.
    Weird is the new Pro
    Brave as Fuq the new status symbol

  7. I ended up get getting emotional reading about a Nicole Kidman film called Lion. About a international adoption, mother love blah blah. Since I was a kid I never wanted to be pregnant and always wanted to adopt. For a while there I flirted with the idea of pregnancy but only because it seemed like it’s what I ‘should’ do. With adoption I have this idea that there’s a kid out there waiting for me to find him/her. My husband doesn’t want to adopt. He says it will ‘take too long’ but I think it’s something else. Anyway I was sobbing for a hour but I’m not sure how much if it was the moon and being premenstrual af and how much of it means I need to act on this. I’m going to let it sit for now and see what comes.

  8. Nothing much to report. Thought about doing the drawing down the moon ritual, but basically business as usual for me. Kataka Venus, and Chiron return.

  9. Uranus was exactly conjunct my Chiron in this whole full moon, cardinal cross nonsense that went on this week. I literally could not get enough sleep, work efficiently, or pump myself up in any way. I slogged through the week, still bitter from Xmas when my hag sisters (leo and cancer) acted like assholes over mementos of my dead father that they promised to send my 8 year old daughter two years ago when he died and just haven’t gotten around to doing. But it’s my fault for telling her that they were mailing the things, not their fault for not sticking them in a shoebox and tossing it in a mailbox. I think I have permanently written them off in my mind over it.

  10. With my Chiron in Cancer and my Moon in Cap, this was OBVS a sticky one and when one day before a situation with a good-hearted-yet-SEXUAL-PREDATOR like male-about happened i meditated and breathed my way through it until full moon abound he genuinely said sorry and I actually forgave him (or someone, for once!) rather than hanging them up on a hook of emotional guilt about it for the rest of eternity via death stares, snarky comments and a large serving of silent treatment!
    Dont want to jump the gun and say I dont do hang ups any more, but it did feel HUGE to step away from a situation and feel like whats done is done and Im not taking any of this baggage around with me anymore.

    Now to get rid of my 47 other suitcases back here…

  11. I honestly don’t know what I missed. I feel like I am a blindfolded blunderbuss and everyone is waving signs and i am not seeing them? the evening was very peaceful and humid, i went for a walk as the moon went full. (timeanddate.com tracks the moon phase in real time, its really cool 🙂 ) and contemplated the Capricorn a bit more. This os something i definitely have to Actively Manage so as not to disappear in zombie land at a time when I am feeling good about picking up progress elsewhere in my life. He’s basically been spiritual acupuncture for me. some kind of soul-surgery, an existential poultice operating from a distance. Not that I want to load him with my ‘stuff’, but every time I think of this thing, more of my inner heart sloughs away and it keeps paring back to more and more Inner Pi. It’s so freaking spiritual. I get that this is a received experience, I wish I could know what chart contacts we have. I am very clear (these days) not to project my hopes and fears onto him, to make this guy who in truth I hardly know, my Everything. so, again, I reel back my roaming imagination into some kind of dharma practice, non-attachment, unconditionally wishing him well, ok and every now and then sending showers of sunshine and sweet-smelling etheric roses to the space between us just because I can… 😉 🙂

    • and gratitude. lots of gratitude. I did have a really good conversation with a sadge rising cancerian girlfriend, who was vanquishing her own troubles last year. Who better to talk to than a sparky and high-consciousness moon girl on a day like that.

    • I feel a bit ick about saying poultice lol, not kind to the vibes there. can we scratch that from the record please universe? hehe

    • “I honestly don’t know what I missed. I feel like I am a blindfolded blunderbuss and everyone is waving signs and i am not seeing them? the evening was very peaceful”

      This is how I felt, Pi, until I invited the one of the Unlikely Mr. Darcy’s to come visit. Then I was like, ohhhhh, maybe I should have stayed off the fuqing phone.

  12. Ugh the FM was conj my south node. 🙁 Insomnia plus bad dreams. I dreamed of the wayward Aries and woke up crying in my sleep. Note to self: *I* am the one that got away not him. Then tonite dreamed of ex-bf from LTR. We were in a pool. Kissing happened. Of course back in real life the Gem is away on travel. I miss him terribly. Then carbs happened. Ate vegan ice cream, The End.

  13. I have had the weirdest dream in a very long time.
    I had this partner/boyfriend and we were together and my sister was telling me “we have to be at peace with each other” and then vanishing to the lower flow but through the floor, like a ghost.
    So the bf was saying “what did she mean, why can she go through the floor” and I said “we both do this”.

      • Yes it felt ok. I also thing that “we have to be a peace” with each other is a message. I’ll have Pluto trining my Moon for half of the year so the relationship with women + me as a woman will have the chance to get healed and flourish.

  14. i’m exhausted.

    idk wtf just happened. i slept like ass, had crazy angry nightmares, but then after only 4 hours of sleep was wide awake and just had to get up and make some tea.

    i’ve been sick for over a week. it’s like the demons were wrestling within last night over who would take my soul in the final battle. too sick to attend monthly ritual. came home figuring to rest, but instead got this shitefest.

    merc sq mars / venus conj neptune / mars sextile pluto / jupiter sextile saturn

    i guess i’ll have to let you know tomorrow. i’m already looking forward to going back to bed.

      • ok, i lied. i apparently also have natal venus conj neptune. so when the transit = the natal does that mean the aspect intensifies? is this why i’ve been like a lifetime movie daydreaming about having a new boyfriend all the time???

          • i love your brevity. i always strive for succinct, never manage it. i’m sure that’s in my chart somewhere too.

            thank you.

            i can’t wait until this transit is over … aggghhh

            • My whole life has been one long yearning. Even as a kid. I dreamed Sally Field was going to marry me when l got old enough.

            • Well when you are super-ultra Neptunian, majorly Plutonic and pizzazdly Uranian ya can’t help being a crazy intense skytripper.

  15. well wt? I swear that was an aries moon as I naively took myself off to my first bikram yoga class using a towel names Gina. I swear its true. wrote a little story about it here goes..

    Oh, and did I mention there are gale force winds predicted in about 6 hours as well. I deliberately researched like zilch and just turned up me in my dags and a new towel (from Vinnies), I discovered (when I got there) was monogrammed with ‘Gina’. Well GF here goes into the 40-degree room with 3 lines on the floor and a full mirror to ‘align yourself’. OMG, I was meant to look at myself while pouring with sweat, with hair limp and a soaking top and shorts! Poor old Gina was a complete sopping mess within 10 minutes too. I don’t mind a bit of mirror work but this was ridiculous. its a leo gals worst nightmare.

    It wasn’t strenuous, quite mild actually, but the heat was doing my head in. I wanted to run out the door but I kept on going. I pushed myself through the discomfort hoping my throbbing head would stop and I wouldn’t be having nightmares later on. The teacher kept up a running commentary the whole class. Where was the hippy drippy music and the word ‘breathe’ said so many times its soporific? Noooo words like ‘push’ and ‘pull and hit and ‘lock your knees’ was like a foreign language to my ears.
    Well I made it to the end with lots of encouragement from the teacher. But not sure I’ll be back. My head is throbbing right now but I’m sure I’ll sleep right through the coming gale and tomorrow chide myself for yet another silly adventure in Tasmania.

    • HI LG, I actually think Bikram, ie. doing strenuous yoga in a hot room, is dangerous. Just my opinion, but be cautious and trust your instincts.

  16. I”ve been waking for anywhere between two to four hours in the middle of the night for the past week, sobbing with grief… all my griefs seem to have come up to the surface all at once. It has been gruelling. I can’t believe I am still so sad about so many of the old hurts. And some of the new ones. It has led to some fuquing difficult realisations about my life. Probably necessary but still very painful. ?

    • We are all WiPs. Realisations are personal markers to improvement. I know you know this. That’s why a lot of us are here.

      • Yep.
        Saturn sq Chiron is brutal right now for me. Mars is helping me slash and burn. It feels like what the movies call the ‘bathroom floor’ moment.

        • Oh wow Chrysalis hon that made my heart jump. In empathy. I am so there too and there is no more apt description I can think of than “bathroom floor moment”
          Also have Saturn square Chiron and Saturn on moon and Chiron opp Sun and just a list of the most hardcore Chiron, Saturn, type gnarly transits going on right now.

          This FM has been so full on and intense after weeks and months of full on and intense dredgery. I thought I had reached rock bottom and was stoically okay with it until the wormhole opened beneath me and I fell.

          • The thought of dragging myself to a yoga class even feels too daunting and has done for months. I hate it.
            Not yoga, being authentic, in therapy and trying to write. Shallowness is massively underrated and I miss being comfortably ensconced in it’s layers of soothing bulshit. Seriously.
            what is so fuqin great about reality?
            Reluctantly resets internal barometer of “normal” to so far below freezing it makes the Inuit shudder at me.

            • Thanks Chrys
              Yeah, I actually have a bunch more but whenever I check my transits I kind of get horrified by all the Chiron, Square, Saturn, Square, Mars, Square Pluto, Square Venus, Square, Sun, Opposing Sun, Moon Conjunction Saturn, square Chiron opposition Pluto Square your whole fuqin future beatch..I don’t even want to seriously list them because “LUXURY! We used to DREAM of living in a corridor!”
              You know?
              He he

          • Ouch those are some hard core transits xx
            I described it to someone today as if I have spent years putting currency – time, effort, emotions – into all the banks and every single one of them crashed and left me penniless.
            Now I am thinking very carefully about where to invest, if at all. For now I am keeping most of it under the mattress. If none of my ponzi schemes paid off then fuq it, I’m just going to do what makes me happy.

  17. Full moon exact on natal Mars in 2nd, trine Uranus and square Pluto. With Lilith.

    So much. Just so much.

    I’m quite amped up – have had two (coherent and possibly constructive?) rants today but wisely sent apology to meeting with Qi vamp, that was not going to go well.

    Can’t fight the seether!

  18. Intense craving for red wine for days before I randomly read in a astro journal of mine that the full moon was ON my natal asteroid Dionysus conjunct my ascendant

    Sun in my 7th, pluto transit, merc direct–Jupiter on Lilith in libra in the 4th–uranus on Pallas–so yeah, relationship stuff–a bit of a explosion release that felt good when it was all said and done…is still somewhat unresolved though.

    I did a tarot reading and a card flew out of the deck and literally slipped through cracks in the floor–had to extract it with super compact titanium tweezers. The card: “king of cups”–and the phrase I kept hearing was “what’s in your water?”

  19. I’ve never had realisations before like this. An issue that I’ve deeply grappled with since I was about 7 (I’m nearly 37) on body image suddenly shifted into a new place and fell away. I think it’s that to really have an impact on something, one needs to stop thinking about it incessantly day and night. Change can’t happen while you’re so attached, watching for change. It happens when you finally let go and accept things as they are. So freakn obvious but to spontaneously feel it in my heart was phenomenal. And it can now be applied to all issues!

  20. Crab rising, here.

    I carb-loaded yesterday. It’s not usually something I do, so I figured it was the full moon. Plus it’s cold and rainy here right now, which is not what we’re used to most of the year (see California floods in the news). I get cold easily and burn up my calories fast, so I notice I eat a lot more, and want more carbs in winter, it’s natural. I’m quite thin, and don’t tend to gain weight, so I don’t worry about it.

    I was pretty much ok through this moon, but may have a delayed reaction at some point, as I tend to delayed reactions.

    I have a chronic pain issue, though, which has been bad lately. I was given a medicine that has a few things in it, including 5mg of Valium and I took one in the middle of the night last night and…..man, was I out of it today, plus slept in until noon. Feels like a wasted day, didn’t get much done, kind of upset about that but too tired to fully freak out about it. I don’t like drugs, too disorienting. I’ve got Neptune transiting my Pisces moon, too…..doesn’t help.

    One icky thing we woke up to today in the USA is the Republicans voting to dismantle Obamacare. I might lose my healthcare insurance coverage because of this. Interesting how they voted on this overnight because the full moon was at about midnight on our East coast.

    • Oh, that’s really interesting timing, when you think that Kataka= nurturing, and being part of that grand cross and all…

      • Yeah, and the USA’s Sun sign is Kataka…..you know, July 4th…. so the whole country is having a Pluto opposition transit as well as just had that square to Uranus and Jupiter…

  21. Full Moon conjunct my Sun exactly, Uranus on my Moon in Aries (which it has been zapping for some time), Jupiter smack on my Mars and close to my Pluto in Libra. Was awake with anxiety in the early morning, probably right around the time the Full Moon was perfecting. Ran some errands in the morning and was pleasantly surprised when 2 of the 3 parking meeters had remaining time from the last person so I only needed to feed one of the meters for a 10 minute trip into the post office. That felt like some needed good luck. Otherwise the revolutions have all been internal. I think I have finally let go of a bunch of expectations and unrealistic (?) ideals that have been holding me back. I want to dream, I need to dream, and aim high…but I also need to be realistic, whatever that means. When you’re trying to manifest and clear negative beliefs how in the heck do you know what is realistic and what is just a Neptunian fantasy? So I have been praying for clarity and contentment…and more magic, because that sustains it all. I think this burst of Full Moon energy is helping me to clear out the remaining emotional cobwebs and take the leap of the Fool into the unknown.

  22. My food issues came back with a roar. I have had a full on binge for the last 3 days. I have been battling this for most of my life. It seems there is still much to do.

  23. Xmas and until the full moon I was like an emotional version of the hulk as he’s changing into his green self. I was angry, strung out, lashing out, crying, getting worked up over stupid minutiae… all at family of origin with a side dose of snark for my partner.
    Now. I’m all out. Nothing left to say. No emotional explosions. Empty. Calm. Not engaging in Qi draining, no passive aggressive outbursts…
    I’m hoping this is the new state of things.

    • Oh me too!!! Which house is your moon in? I was a bitch from hell during that period alternating with a fairy of lightness. I didn’t know who the hell i was!

      • In 2nd… which boils it down to self esteem/values/self worth? So clearly I felt my security being challenged.

  24. Full Moon in the am was intensely Cancerian in action as well as theme.

    As it passed over my Saturn and Venus there were Family issues being discussed and banking done with Kataka and Aqua sisters.
    Challenging emotional undercurrents..
    Like when Eris is not invited to the wedding and throws the apple of ego amongst the goddesses who all vie for it. My eldest sister can be Hera, the power mongerer, the Aqua can be Athene for her airiness and enjoyment of single hood and I will take Venus (because why not). Draining.
    The moon passed over my Mercury too, Mercury rules siblings.

    Come evening I felt inspired to drag out my crystals (a couple washing baskets full) and moonlight-launder them on the grass.
    I stuck incense around the garden and cleansed the space first.

    The moon rose beautifully and the garden was alive with the light of a crowd of energies. I felt ushered back into the house and didn’t hang about to witness their fractal dance.

    This morning after some light rain (and an hour or so of polishing) my crystals are glowing and sparkling beautifully!

    (Of course a couple are slightly chipped now from Cappy boy being inspired to clunk them together.. But anyway, they look so happy.)

    The full moon was in my 2nd House.

  25. Well, my vertebrae are out of alignment for no good reason. I woke up this way. Must have been the joy of swimming in super clear blue waters in my dream-time that hurt me.

  26. Actual FM day was fine. Extreme weather forced remote working which may have been a blessing. Still worrying about work stuff as usual when I should be sleeping. Volume office, I work in and some days I handle it better than others. Focusing energy and actions to move on when appropriate opportunity arises.

    But Tuesday after Chiropractic appointment (recovering from a dumb Mercury retro to Saturn- Pluto December injury) I was so fuzzy and emotional. I had to cry on the way back to work for no particular reason. A release was needed. At least this doctor gets it. He said I could cry but I ran for the car to be on my own instead.

  27. I crossed paths , uranian wtf are you doing here style, with a Virgo who I thought had blacklisted me. She seemed fine? Hmm

  28. I resigned from my soul killing retail job on the void moon before it hit. Afterwards, a powerhouse of emotion has moved through me. I couldn’t hold it together in the food court and had to retreat to a cemetery and ugly cry. So much stuff came pouring out and I feel lighter today. Got my period too (synced up to the full moon!) finally letting some stuff go.

    • OMFG, your avatar is a lorikeet!!! The love of my life is a rainbow lorikeet <3

      Lorikeet is a powerful totem for communication, joy, and also for color therapy – perhaps fenging up your wardrobe a bit could help to lift your mood? Lorikeets are also nectar eaters; a great reminder to look for and nourish ourselves with the sweetness in life. Maybe on a – literal level – something sweet and fruity might help as a pick-me-up? Rainbow sorbet? A tropical fruit smoothie? We DID just have that Cancer Full Moon, om nom nom! <3

  29. Don’t forget Venus Retro, guys! I invited one of the Crazy Virgos (the one I’m actually speaking to), who has Cancer Moon/Venus AND Mars) to visit me for the weekend. Should I line the door with salt and see if he’s repelled by it? It’s only for a few days. Thwack!

      • I wish…though, speaking of our Van’s low-functioning traits, The Irish has ’em down. Pissy, prickly, brooding, can go exactly from having a dandy time to being pissed out of his gourd (in either sense) at the drop of his imaginary microphone. So an adventure tour of Glesga should be fun! Let’s hope I don’t get arrested.

  30. FM conjunct ASC in Leo … yup it’s been a full week of pure, unadulterated Phoenixing and it’s been incredible, literally feel reborn like Fawkes. The (good) stress was so severe I was flattened by fatigue all week as traumas stored in muscles and ligaments worked their way through and out and just as I’m feeling a bit recovered today, my hair’s just fallen out in fistfuls on the shower floor this morning. Literally liberating much? Hair = Leo = Old hair = Old times, old identity much? LOL

    Oh and FM was also opposing Mars, trine Uranus and square Pluto and Lilith… Yes it was badass and will have badass repercussions reverberating through all layers of my life, and yes it was revolutionary. Completely knocked everything I thought I knew myself arse over tip and chased out no small amount of old ghosts too. Spring cleaning and rebirth at once.

  31. Horrible collision of events this week, my twins fighting cancer and is not too good, my partner suffered extreme heat stroke and so we spent the night in emergency with him all packed with ice, temp of 40 degrees, with him twitching out for hours, and I wasn’t sure why cause it’s not like they tell you anything. Oh and my cats overheated. Oh and my mother and my mother in law are both lunatics who seem to enjoy illness and drama cause it props up their own egos- oh and I’m never having children because I can’t afford the air conditioning to keep myself and my partner from death by heat. Has anyone else had a full moon like a car crash? I feel more like Valium than smudging and salting but I’ll try that first.

    • This sounds awful. Have you considered moving to a place with a climate that is more sympathetic to your, you know… constitution? Being serious. (Sounds like you might benefit from the distances from The Mothers as well?)

      • Re reading it sounds like if air con is our of reach then I guess relocating is a bit tricky too. I guess the point I was trying to make is that there is always a way to do something.. in your case, stay cool.

    • I have Shannon. The full moon, Jupiter and Uranus were aligned exact on my sun in Pisces/8th house and 2 degrees off my moon in cancer/1st house.

      In the lead up the love of my life and I broke up over something so silly it’s embarrassing – the behaviour of both of us. We got back together yesterday but he looked like he’d been hit by a truck and I was so distraught on Thursday I could not finish a sentence…..I’d stop mid-word and not be able to finish. The full moon was in alignment with his Venus in Cancer and opposite his moon in Capricorn/8th house though I didn’t think the degree difference would be close enough to send him on a full moon trip.

      Ive also had a contract of sale on my property go to shit because of solicitor fuck-ups on BOTH sides and settlement due yesteday has had to be delayed until next week. This is a marital property division so it’s been stressful enough anyway.

      I’m exhausted.

  32. I have a pretty badass immune system but I have felt really off for a few weeks. I kept saying I felt like something was wrong with me. Had a couple emotional breakdowns and then I got so sick I slept for almost two days straight. Crazy. Decided I was pushing too hard and I needed to just back off because you do what you can but you can’t ignore yourself even for the worthiest of causes. Well not repeatedly anyway. Things will get done, direction will be found, leaks will be mended. But you can’t forget to breathe.

    Also got a mysterious crack on my phone screen, no clue how it got there. FM 9th house, Pluto 3rd…

    • I’m just recovering myself. Blah week or so and pretty emotional particularly last Friday and then bam, Saturday I’ve got an infection but recovering now. Surprised it seemed emotionally led with no physical signs tbh as this isn’t my way and in the main I’m very resilient.

    • I think us Moon-Neps never know when to give up. And being a Crab Sun & Asc doubly so on the tenacity.

      Is the Big O a Neptunian?

      Do Aquas / Uranians love fruit?

      • I just read something about ayurvedic diets and it seems fairly divided along sign. Seeing as how I’m super Uranian, I thought it was interesting that it recommended only like, soft stone fruits. How did it know? Previously, I have theorized that straight men do not like pitted fruits because it reminds them too much of eating p*ssy. Never have been able to prove that one way or the other…but maybe this means Uranian/Aqua men SHOULD be into the pitted fruits and by the transitive property…

      • I often think of uranians particularly the aquarians as fruit loving particularly tropical ones … Sugary to fuel their busy brains. They as well as Gems also seem to really like their food stimulants like coffee.

        • I mistyped above: The ayurvedic seems divided along element: So air signs generally should be into soft fruits–esp. the pitteds. It also said we should eat cooked veggies not raw–and I thought this was interesting as, esp. in the winter, I have a REAL problem eating cold food generally–not so much fruit salads but definitely salads. I can offer anecdotal evidence in support of your Aqua/Tropical theory. I have even puzzled at my propensity for them (mango/papaya/banana/kiwi), as I never lived anywhere tropical–so eating them is always NOT local, which screws with my food politics. ;-p

          • Hah! I’m seeing my Ayurvedic health guy tomorrow but he doesn’t know much about the astro.
            I truly do love stone fruit; my fave. But l love all fruit….except custard apples….I o’ded on em once.

          • tropical fruits are generally considered yin and cooling so the sort of people who would do best with tropical fruits are people who overheat and are drier in nature. Think skinny person who is hot all the time with dry crispy thin hair and dry skin.

          • In wintertime (all year actually), I buy dried papaya, pineapple, and mango. All unsulfured. Perfect for that fruity fix anytime 🙂

  33. FM in 12th (conj natal mercury) …had my hair done and my stylist showed me how to download music for free on my phone from my amazon music prime…lol Im waiting for the ‘secret’ of the 12th to make itself known (or was it as simple as merc=techno??)

  34. FM opposite natal ~ had the sleep you have when you’re not sure that you really are as it still feels conscious in the earlier part and the sleep you have where you were gone and don’t know where you’ve been in the latter.

    • Had a dream last night that all the piabs were in Oz together but no one said their names/handles you had to guess. PF you were so obvs.

      • Well I did leave my bod for some of it so… maybe Electro 😉

        But now that you mention it, in the earlier part of the eve there was a moment when it’s more of a peek beyond than dream and there were a bunch of people all tightly bundled together and therefore indistinguishable in what looked like some sort of a whirlpool. I was studying it trying to make out what was happening, whether I was in it, who all those people were and why I was being shown this image.

        • Oooh, that is so interesting! The whirlpool was not part of my dream, but all the colors, lights, and energies from people here were definitely there. The clues to the names, like solving a riddle that you already knew.

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