Venus In Aqua Is The Antidote

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Too much gravity and weight being loaded onto something – art, relationship, fashion, love, sex – that IS technically still supposed to be a leisure activity? Or indeed actual agonies over mate/date limitations and frustrations?  Well…


You will LOVE Venus in Aquarius until early January.  This is always a splendid cosmic stimulant for independence and reinvention. It’s when you are all of a sudden violently allergic to being manipulated, very easily bored by convention and not playing hard to get because you ARE super hard to “get.”

It is also zooming toward the most stunning alignment over late December – more on that in the Daily Mystic email going out in a few hours.


Image; Marlene Dietrich – Dishonored.

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88 thoughts on “Venus In Aqua Is The Antidote

  1. When I was playing the song, I actually thought “PF would appreciate this”. 🙂

    I think the reason for their “languiduity” is that they are all low ego musicians despite their worldly success, who respect each other and enjoyed each other’s work. It must have been a joy for them to come together and just hang out, jamming. Musos love that stuff.

    In terms of the war. I don’t think it was difference that was entirely behind the revolting anti-semitism. I think it was cultural jealousy. The Jewish people are pronounced in terms of talent whether it be in the arts and music, literature and philosophy or straight out business, an area in which they also excel.

    They are also close knit with strong family ties and a deep sense of spirituality – the oldest religion in fact. It has nothing to do with conversion and I respect that.

    I believe these factors have given Jewish people the resilience to withstand all the dogmatic Christian bullshit that has been used as an excuse to perpetrate discrimination against them.

    One of my favourite scenes in the movie was when Schindler, pointed out to one of his workers (who was actually a Rabbi), that it was Friday and the sun was going down. To see these guys coming together despite all the degradation warmed my heart. Plus I quite like the sing-song style of reading from the Talmud.

    • I did very much, you made me realuse l lost that CD somewhere. 2 are gone in untimely manner.

      War. I understand defending yourself (Cancer; hey). But invading others? That is crap. Let borders be.

      Meglomania is a sickness of the mind

      • The triple goddess Morrigu is one of War but also Motherhood.. That is War in defence of the home. Not war as a strategy to take the lands and resources, which is associated with Rome etc.

        So Kali also is Eater of Men but also Mother Goddess of Protective Seether of War.

  2. I just re watched Schindler’s List last night. Grueling reminder of how complacency, fear and the willingness to obey pack mentality robs humanity of its spirit. And how ONE person … just one, can make a difference.

    I was extremely disturbed by the casual brutality in that movie, which from all evidence portrays a realistic, historical account of what happened to the Jewish people of Krakow, Poland.

    So that’s my Venus in Aqua moment … coming from a native Venus in Cancer. Utter sorrow for the wrongs people have perpetuated on other people – for nothing! Stupid grabs for power and money and pomp and crap. It upsets me. It upsets my heart that this continues.

    I’ve found it so painful that I had to turn to The Traveling Wilburys for solace. Over to you … Tom Petty, George Harrison, Bob Dylan, Jeff Lynne and Roy Orbison.

    • What a moment in music!!! What was happening on those guy’s charts for them to collude with such languiduity of effort.

      That war comes under, “they think different, they dress different, they eat different; let’s kill ’em”.

    • Again, very much feel like a witch in sheep’s clothing in my industry, but a full staff meeting today strongly suggested how ONE person who goes to the RIGHT PERSON can make a change. My area is extremely traditional in its ultimate authority, It’s global. I could be completely fqd if i was found out here.

      But i gathered there are REAL changes afoot.

      And certainly should there be nuances to point out, i know that i have had my place forged enough, or am forging it enough that i can,

      You asked recently what’s in it for me.

      This. The place where my word is trusted, and not automatically discounted. I’m in an appearance bind: what i seem to be is not and also exactly (if you know how to unsee and really observe) what i am But i have so far (what? just 45 years?) refused and allowed myself to be pigeonholed, If i keep denying truth, not MY truth but just truth of many with my background, we’re going to end up where we were before. And i’m not having that.

      Because if i do, we’re all missing a chance for our personal distinction.

  3. Wow… I have Venus in my 4th house. If Venus in Aqua helps with relationships, bring it. I had a major breakdown and stepped away from social media because of the poor communication it can create.

    Now, I was reading that the 4th house hits real estate. I am bringing this out because I am living away from home for work, have been eagerly planning to find a new home (back home) and possibly buying something “ever” for the first time. I want solid ground for me. I have found my home location and I don’t want to leave.

    Going back to relationships, I will say that removing myself from social media you honestly get to know who is really on your side. Not many! Oh well… Job is going well, I am more focused with what I need to do and I am making so much money. I think that is what I need to focus on. And yes the Oracle has repeatedly told me to focus on $$$, not love.

    Time will tell. Bring it 2017.

  4. This is all heading through my 12th ready to go retro over my asc. So January to April is massive back and forth over my asc conj my natal Saturn Chiron. I’m really looking forward to this. I have a feeling it’ll get stuff done however what it gets done I’ve no idea yet.

  5. Venus is opposite my Saturn right now.

    It’s making me a bit antsy. “Lex malla, lex nulla. A bad law is no law.”
    ? Cassandra Clare, Lady Midnight
    or “To hell with your rue-els!!!”

    Oh, and I have Saturn exact my natal NN.

    It’s like ping ball machine – dinga ding!
    Venus places value, Saturn just makes laws. Venus for the WIN!

  6. This is a bit unrelated to the post, but that picture of the black cat with those eyes…. Anyway, just a little while ago, I found a black cat underneath the spot where a car recently was parked in front of my house. It was badly hurt and I immediately took it to the pet clinic nearby. I dont think it was hurt by the car, but Im having a hard time figuring how it got there if it was in such bad condition already. My neighborhood is really safe also, Ive never come across this kind of scene here.

    Im trying to figure out the spiritual meaning of why this happened. Black cats are magical, but if it shows up in such bad condition, would it make it a bad sign? Cant stop thinking about the little guy, I said a prayer for him/her and I hope s/he returns to health and love… if anyone can afford to send some love light and healing thoughts to the kitty, would really be thankful… Ty xx

    • I take it as you being given the chance of nurturing the true light, the light hidden beneath fear & superstition. The Oracle says: “The love you have bestowed will return nine-fold for all his nine lives, and you will now be allowed past the animal gate where the cat will preside, ushering you to heavenly fields of joy when you transcend this material reality”.

      • Thank you so much for your response. Ive been emotional since I saw the cat, and reading your reply brought tears to my eyes. I just called the clinic to check in on him and they said they had to euthanize him because he was already dying from a severe respiratory infection. My heart broke tonight. But thank you for such a lovely message… hot tears, and hot knot in chest for me tonight. Not even my cat, but my heart goes to him for some reason. xx

        • He didn’t die alone under a car, he felt kindness from you and the vet before he left. That is a gift. Gentle hug to you.

        • Aww, I know I said it in a joking way but I do really mean it. Wishing you so much luck and light from your kitty friend forever and always.

        • Ah starbaies, you are so kind and compassionate for our furry friends. This cat ended his/her life in kind and gentle hands, peacefully, and not alone. You were there to gently help our little friend on his way. Why? Maybe you will not know. He was already unwell long before you were involved. But your sharp eye noticed and helped.
          I wonder if you were/are having a Chiron or Virgo or mercury or 6th house situation. Small animals, limits, nursing, health. XXxX bless

        • Thank you all. No Chiron/6th house stuff going on as far as I know. I think what made me emotional was the helplessness I feel though I was able to spot her and get her to the vet. This feeling of not being/doing enough, no matter my effort.
          I know better than that, but the feeling is revisited.

    • Like, psychopathic mother-hate stuff. Fuqing hell. What is wrong with me? All the therapy and astrology in the world won’t fix this. I think I need to get on a plane.

      • Ahh, this is not just mother stuff. Strange tangles. I’m wondering if the 2 hours I spent with a highly embittered Scorpio work colleague yesterday has sent me into a sticky energetic web. Maybe this is also a call to remediate my personal space, strengthen and protect. Hmmmm.

        • Yes, do it! I am also in toxic piscean situation – with matriarch – must go cleanse lol. *cracks out the eucalyptus leaves to burn*

          • Good luck. If she’s anything like me at the moment, her existence will feel about as joyful as wearing cheesegraters for socks. Lol. I’m re-reading mystics texts to get to the leapfrog (over the abyss) point..

            • It happens, Pi and Sphinx. It does happen. They;re feelings, so important to acknowledge, not dismiss.

              But the word “acknowledging” sounds like a moment to me, and the reality for me is more like a few scenes in an act of psychodrama. Which makes me feel unreal and weird when it happens. But ithappens because of synchronicity/sernedipity. Never ignore the signs.

              Take your space. If you find there’s contact within that time, try saying in a lovely way you may not feel, that you are having your space. Not that you need it. Not that you want it. You’re just taking it or experiencing it.

              She might be experiencing something parallel. If so, she’ll be relieved somehow. If not, she’ll be fqd off and you’ll be at a distance, anyway.

              Just be kind and make sure she doesn’t fq with your boundaries IRL. She’s already there in psychodrama, so get your comfort and crap-busting vision on. This stuff takes time and hurt. Sorry xxxxx.

              And best of the best with it.

      • i don’t think astro really helps to “fix” things. Transits can be disappointing.

        Yesterday Venus transited my Point of Fortune in first house. Nothing happened. LOL

        Currently panicking with Mars transiting 2nd house where natal Saturn lives.

        WTF am i going to do about $$$$ now that study is over.

        And xmas is coming. Fuqing hate xmas!!


        • Oh yeah I never expect a fix. Insight is the go however. Just sitting around waiting for something is a good way to make nothing happen. Says pi lol.

          The big ole job hunt, oh yeah!

          • Yeah your heart and emo can wait and wait, but unfortunately YOU never can. Get out there with the applications etc, stifle a yawn or a scream, and expect fqn nothin to really occur. When it does you can scramble, fuss and fight but you’ll be there to take it and maybe make it. The stars have got nothing to do with your fortune, darling, only you and your efforts do, be they towards your peace and health, or your go-getting know-not-what that will bring. The stars just make a window.

      • Punching bag and a run. Seriously. Over thinking will just fuck your head, I have this in waves due to scorpio mother being very difficult character but nothing clears me like exercise to shift that feeling. I find that shifting that energy myself through something physical and a solid shift of state is more useful for processing unless its actual grief etc. Christmas is a difficult time of year for all this but I find the best way to remedy personal space is by actually standing in it.

        • Totally Ms!

          Tai Chi helped me through grief.

          I have to keep moving; run, yoga, pilates etc but in the midst of grief, it’s Tai Chi

        • One of the reasons I love Taoism is the constant search for the centre. The middle path. They have an identifier for every sense to find it. It’s basically the answer to every problem. Don’t fight it, don’t run from it, don’t hide from it. Don’t seek an outcome. In every moment just move to the centre.
          You know when you are there. It’s a stillness in your being that can sit and watch everything spinning around you while you remain untouched.
          Desire is the fuel that drives us from passion to despair and if only people understood that it is only when we remove ourselves from it that we can fully enjoy the bounty of the universe.

          • I´ve always understood the intellectual concept of this but I am really starting to live more and more of this kind of ethos where the centre is the place to stand as we walk the middle path, I have always been quite extreme, so the voice was very quiet compared to the roar of my emotions.

            My chart is moving into a spiritual actualisation of sorts but lots of saturn to give it structure and a practical base in reality. It´s a really good thing you have been on this for some time, I am only just learning as I grow more and more out of a fierce rebellion that kept me solid for so long, As a woman, its a good stance now. De amouring has taken time and my centre is quite strong now.

            Beautifully put David 🙂 and good advice

            • Can only second this response to davidl. Thank you Ms.

              Thank you dl. I always thought moving to centre meant fighting the extremes. And i rejected the balanced view because i do fight (Antares Rising, Merc-Chiron Aries opposed Uranus Libra square Mars Capricorn)

              Aries and Libra natally intercepted.

        • Its the saggi way, and I am completely up for that. Movement fixes a lot of things… Not sure why I freeze myself with so much fire in my chart. Thanks for the reminder.

          For actual grief, Fwiw I guess, gentle is the way to go yes… Be in no hurry. It’s alchemical. Slooow. Slower than you think.

          • Astro aside (though yes my sag appreciates this deeply, infact I think my scorpio appreciates the transformative qualities almost as much) shifting your state so you do not end up stuck in the mind is super important. It won´t solve problems but it gives a fresh energy which can be very helpful and, more often the actual problem- grounding. As a heavy mercury dominated chart getting out of my head is kind of a life lesson and daily effort that requires a real routine outside of reacting to moments.

            Freezing is fear based and thought based, it´s why I like to create movement, to remind me that it is in my head and I am free, and a good structure to fall on when I am weaker and forget x

        • Your mother is a Scorpio. What a trip, Ms. Except that you know it, all the way to seep seep down.

          Funny but my AquaMa is represented in my NN IC Venus and witchy asteroids of Egypt, Rome and Greece.

          What is reaped may be sown by the Daughters And Grand- GreatGrand Daughters.. So they will.

  7. Venus in aqua cool aloofness ? My natal Venus in Taurus just wants to grab its butt cheeks and drag it on to the couch.

    • My Venus in Scorp wants to tell it that I see right through its cool aloofness – which is, after all, just a power-posture borne of insecurity – and that I can’t be bothered grabbing its butt cheeks cos I know from experience that Venus in Aqua likes talking and thinking about sex more than it likes actually DOING intimacy.

  8. Hooray! It’s almost Venus Return time (and Solar Return for that matter) and I have a a very fuq off love affair a’brewin’. How perfect! Hoping it makes up for my terrible experience last year….hey, they say the mistake of your life happens before the love of your life right?

    Fingers crossed. <3

  9. As someone with venus in Kataka this scares me a little….

    But I have Jupiter in Aqua, so should be good,r ight?

  10. It’s gonna have to be a super-strength Venus in Aqua to affect me.
    I can fall for someone in 0.267 of a second. (I’ve a super aspected Moon Venus Neptune)

  11. Sounds great! I’m Aqua Sun and Merc, so looking forward to getting loved up by Venus!

    ……hoping that increased charm will help me get a new job in my field. There are three jobs floating around that I’m interested in and really hoping to get one of them! …or to be able to choose between many offers!

    I just quit my temporary retail job early because I found it so physically tiring that it was difficult to even walk to the train home after my work shifts. I talked with them about it and asked for a reduced schedule, but they were not very accommodating and I realized I don’t need to break my body just to make $10 an hour and be treated like crap. No. Just no.
    In, I suppose, Aquarian-contrarian? fashion, I sent a rather insubordinate resignation email to the manager that was a real dressing-down, actually. I don’t care, I don’t work in that field normally, so it won’t have any bearing on any other work I’m doing. I don’t care who someone is, sometimes they need to hear that they are being an asshole!

    • …and no matter what the consequence, sometimes you need to express how you really feel when someone has treated you badly. Get it out, express it, then let it go! Good work Flower

    • Interesting because now my computer has died right when I need to send these job applications, so maybe the universe wants me to take a break? …..and also take pause from crappy email interchange with now former workplace…..

      This time of year is so stressful when it should be the opposite. It’s winter solstice for gods sake!

  12. I am loving the way I am feeling lately but I could do with a few less negative (I.e. costly) surprises. My phone fell onto wet grass on a rainy day and caught on fire. I managed to rescue the sim card inside but geez, this is an awful way to get a phone upgrade. 🙁

  13. End of December Venus will be at the end of Acqua, meaning in my 6th house.
    I guess I’ll have to watch – and this is no surprise, under Xmas – my tendency to indulge in food.

      • Well this year I am not particularly happy that is XMas time again. So let’s say I hope I’ll get well soon. I have being on and off from colds and sore throats. It’s been a month and a half. I’m kinda hoping Venus in 6th in Acqua will boost my immune system via alternative nutrition and life styles.

  14. Natal Venus (Rx!) at 0 Aquarius conjunct my Sun at 1 Aquarius. Those .gifs are me!!

    Does this mean everyone will now get why I feel-think the way I think-feel?…

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