People With Mars Pluto Aspects Are Brave

War Hero Nancy Wake, illustrating Mars Pluto courage and anti-fragility

People with Mars Pluto aspects are brave. Here are some stellar examples from WW2: Nancy Wake, Oskar Schindler (as in Schindler’s List) and more.


Nancy Wake was a New Zealander brought up in Australia. She became a nurse, a journalist who interviewed Adolf Hitler, a wealthy French socialite, a British agent and a French resistance leader. She led 7,000 guerrilla fighters in battles against the Nazis in the northern Auvergne, just before the D-Day landings in 1944. On one occasion, she strangled an SS sentry with her bare hands. On another, she cycled 500 miles to replace lost codes. In June 1944, she led her fighters in an attack on the Gestapo headquarters at Montlucon in central France…

She Led 7000 Guerrilla Fighters In Battles Against The Nazis


“It was well-acted but in parts it was extremely stupid,” she said. “At one stage they had me cooking eggs and bacon to feed the men. For goodness’ sake, did the Allies parachute me into France to fry eggs and bacon for the men? There wasn’t an egg to be had for love nor money. Even if there had been why would I be frying it? I had men to do that sort of thing.”…


Nancy recalled later in life that her parachute had snagged in a tree. The French resistance fighter who freed her said he wished all trees bore “such beautiful fruit”. Nancy retorted: “Don’t give me that French shit.”


From The Independent’s obituary in August 2011.

Mars-Pluto Aspects Add Anti-Fragility And Fierce Phoenix Instincts

Nancy Wake was a Triple Virgo – Sun-Mars-Venus – with the Mars square Pluto in Gemini. She had Aries Moon and North Node. Every synapse in her psyche urged her to create a unique path for herself.

Claus Von Stauffenberg was another Mars-Pluto type from the same era. He was executed for his attempt to take out Hitler. Oskar Schindler – as in Schindler’s List – had Mars-Venus-Pluto in Gemini. Violette Szabo, a British spy operating in France who was captured and executed at Ravensbruck, was Mars-Pluto-Sun in Cancer

Back to Nancy; she also had Mercury Retro in Leo – “don’t give me that French shit.” Lol.

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I knew Nancy Wake. She and her gentle husband John were best friends with my mum and dad. She seemed to find normal life after war hard to adjust to. She was powerful , magnificent, and found us normal humans frustrating a lot of the time. She mourned her first love who died under torture protecting her all of her life. John , her second man , quietly gently loved and adored her. They were both fabulous cooks and gave fantastic parties. The air around her crackled with electricity. But yes she was an adamant liberal. No energy or time… Read more »


beautiful story

Lux Interior is My Co-Pilot

Posts like this are one of the reasons I adore this site


“I had men do that sort of thing” re the frying of eggs & bacon…says it all really.

mercury goddess

luv her story!


Feeling drained. fell off the health wagon but picking myself up again…its those odd biscuits and slices of cake through the day which are stilling bringing in the gluten/dairy in my body. Really must stop. The pain of not changing has far outweighed being negligent about my health. Discovered organic japenese green tea. In love. Being sent as a British delegate for a week to the hot country to where i travelled to last year as part of my scholarship. Tickets being paid for currently. The night i travel is the night my interview goes live on air for the… Read more »

If You Could Read my Mind

Interviewers have their agenda as well. They have ‘their’ story to tell.

Journalists live by the adage “never let the truth get in the way of a good story”. Similar to politicians and organisations who, when they hold an ‘inquiry’, it is only to confirm their opinion on the matter.

Look what happend at the (corrupt) Soccer WC ‘inquiry’ into the bidding processess. The investigator, who prob was a Virgo, got shafted!

I hope your interview turns out good…..


Def start skipping the cakey snacks and biscuits. Its poor-quality fat mixed with refined everything and the only thing it is good for is the manufacturer’s wallets!! Substitute with home made or other pick-me-ups that do more for you, nutritionally speaking. Do you get enough protein, fibre, good fats in your actual meals? This improves satiety and sustains blood sugar, and means we are less likely to snack out later. Green tea is fantastic for diminishing sugar cravings.

Austin Inanna

Mystic, I thought triple whatever meant Sun, Moon, and Ascendant are all in the same sign. What Nancy Wake had was a stellium in Virgo.
Not that she wasn’t awesome, though.

Virgoan of More Virgo

What an inspiring trailblazer! The witty Virgo sass-mouth is just icing!


Nancy Wake I read so young I thought that she must have been a regular example of a woman. Now I know better! She is a champion a million times over. Triple Virgo – she makes me feel a teensy proud of my lone little Mars in Virgo! I love her expression in this photo! Just bullish, no time for idiots and self-contained to the max. I can’t imagine wanting someone with this expression to do my dishes under duress. (Yeah, I’ll do your dishes, then I’ll mop the floors with your hair off your head etc.). Apparently she stood… Read more »

If You Could Read my Mind

He was just going out on a limb.
I’d give him marks for his (trunk) call


Said Kenneth Connor in Carry on England. Or was it Bob Hope to Bing Crosby in one of his USO shows ? 😉

If You Could Read my Mind

Dang! I thought l was being original -TIC (firmly)

If You Could Read my Mind

And looking at my first post, it truly is Ironic

Year of the Phoenix

Thanks MM we need a cool spunky fem spy with true grit regularly!

“Don’t give me that French shit”

Merde NO!

If You Could Read my Mind

I love French shit, esp Peugeots

Year of the Phoenix

Yeah and the Brie… that shit


“Don’t give me that French shit.” Merde. LOL.

If You Could Read my Mind

As Alannis would say,
“Isn’t that Ironic”


“…why would I be frying it? I had men for that sort of thing”. Love it. A brilliant role model for women and men. Some of us need some inspiration like Nancy Wake right now. Great and timely post Mystic. Thanks.



So inspiring! Dang!

I’ll have to look at my grandparents’ astro, a doctor and a nurse, they served in MASH units during WWII….

If You Could Read my Mind

I didn’t see your Dang till now!


Just LOOK at those perfect eyebrows!!!!

If You Could Read my Mind

Now for the ‘Kiwi Inquisition”

Virgo kathleen

Oh my god, what a badass. I have a new role model now, ha. I have sun, mars, Venus (and mercury) in virgo and Aries north node too. I need to read her bio because she sounds like an excellent example of how to serve others (virgo planets) by taking the lead (Aries).


Yes, that is right. I am a bit intrigued by her Lilith in Aquarius too.
I find it a funny placement for Lilith.
Nancy really is the ultimate rebel in service to the common good.


Interested in your thoughts on Lilith in Aquarius, Sphinx. I have her there, 12th house. I think a lot of us here have Lilith in Aqua? But, if you would…


I like this astro take 🙂


I LOVE Nancy wake! God I wish I was 10% of the woman she was. That epic bicycle ride, it was the only way she could get where she needed to go, I read her recounting that her legs (thighs) were raw and bleeding from the vast distance and effort she had to put in on the bike to make the delivery in time. Make it at any cost.


“Don’t give me that French shit.” Just made my day!


best line ever! this woman is awsomeness defined!


best line ever, yes



This is such a fantastic post! I’m a huge fan of Nancy Wake & have read her bio by Peter Fitzsimons, highly recommend. So much to admire her for but I loved the fact she grew up in a street near where I spent a lot of my childhood. I was so inspired reading about her life & she was/is truly a hero!

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