Qi Vampire Psychics


There are Bad Gurus, and then there are Qi Vampire Psychics.  Qi Vampire Psychics at least don’t try to have sex with you. They have other ways of scrambling your vibe, leaving little cloying energy clamps all over your aura via their naff crap.

Some of them don’t even know what they are doing – they’re often drawn to that line of work because they’re energized by what they see as “helping” others.  Others are well aware – it’s a power trip for them to be tut-tutting or making lofty pronouncements to someone in a vulnerable position.

Genuine psychic insights are easy to come by and can be cultivated. It’s interpreting them that is the hard part. There is a lot of noise and minimal signal. It’s particularly hard to do it for someone else, and often there is information floating around, but it’s not necessarily what that person is paying to talk about.

Qi Vampire Psychics Tell You That A Stress Event Is Your Fault

If you’ve been here for a while, you know that my theory is that ANYONE can activate and work off their sixth sense – by merely monitoring dreams, getting into meditative states, keeping a journal of hunches – noting how they correlate with Tarot/Astrology, etc. You know yourself better than anybody else.

You know you’re dealing with a Qi Vampire not just when you feel drained or scattered by them but when they make way over the top announcements about such lofty themes as karma or you being actually from another planet.  Or something definitive, like that you will never find love or that you are meant to be poor in this lifetime. Absolute unadulterated bullshit like that.

In astrology, there are times that are more challenging, and when it does need to be all hands to the deck to keep the ship afloat and times when romance is way easier to come by.   You are mapping and trying to understand or collaborate with unseen energies. What the Chinese call Qi, the Ancient Greeks called Quintessence and scientists call Dark Matter is the energy that moves us, our psyches, the collective consciousness, the planets, the Everything.

Some Mean Well But Feed Off Your Neediness – It Powers Them Up

The best psychics or occult help try to read that in their style and offer their interpretation, always keeping in mind that this is not a power trip. Or an easy chance to smear your grimy world view all over another person. But not a single week goes by where some person does not email me in a bewildered state to “check” something awful they were told. An example; a psychic said to someone that her partner being gravely ill was “karmic punishment” for a termination.  Another; that she had “offended” some Archangel by not living with pure intent.

The now-fading Saturn-Neptune square has done a lot to expose such characters. Just as i don’t think the cosmos is a bunch of entities or a source energy sitting around waiting to take our “orders” – it’s also most likely not that a bunch of archangels so unstable that they fly into a snit at the slightest provocation.  Or that they’re like an audit firm that keeps score of your moral infringements.



Image: H Armstrong Roberts

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I have been almost completely devoured by these sorts. The ‘mean well but incompetents got a hold of me at a young age, and also the very starved of light). I somehow now am on my feet, moving on. My life resembles a post zombie apocalypse. Must not let them finish me off. I was protected by deep denial that is now gone (hopefully – one never knows with denial). It’s quite a gruesome and sad scene that meets my eyes now, but at least I have perspective. It’s affirming to read about this captured so well.


Love your last paragraph. Professional manifesting and abundance coaches often get under my skin with their sweeping edicts. As well as judgemental psychics who can only do readings via their own moral compass and past conditionings. I’m a self proclaimed tea leaf reader and it takes a lot of practice to block out the noise when interpreting the images before me.


I have been working in the natural therapies industry for nearly 30 years and the above post could well have been talking about many in my industry. And many who run very successful businesses. But who lie their way through consultation after consultation. Up sell every poor bastard who comes within their grasp (or rather under their spell), multiple supplements that make the drug companies look like petite loving grannies. They won’t let a second go by without mentioning how fucking great they are and how they fix everything from herpes to brain tumours. That will be $400 please and… Read more »


I am still reeling from a ferrety male tarot reader who giggled through my reading and said the most awful things.

For some reason, his words stuck and they make me feel bad to this day.

Thanks for writing this mystic, I would like to discard his meaness.

12th House Virgo

A lady I worked with at a bath shop as a teenager said her family read palms going back generations. So I asked her to read mine (of course) and she said she wasn’t very good at it but gave it a quick look. I was heartbroken at the time and she said sorry – I’d love deeply but each one wouldn’t last and I’d live alone. She said I would have one dependent – child or adopted – just one. And I would do OK with money and live long. In the decades since then, I have paid for… Read more »


its interesting. I had helpful (and consistent) answers from three different people when I said i was seeking insight or understanding about a particular friendship I was struggling with at the time. All I gave was a name if that, and said i wanted to understand the dynamics better. I guess since that was about the general shape of things rather than specifics, it would have been easier to ‘describe’ energetically.


Hahah! “No one wants to hear the truth – there’s no money in that business!” So true. The psychic I went to only told people the good stuff, she was very popular, so I guess there is money in that. 🙂


In the natural therapies “business” the money is made by telling people the bad stuff.

“Whoa, your yin is way deficient. This is going to take quite a bit of my amazing skills and *cough* your money, to pull you through this.”


Not to mention the candida, your liver and your nervous system……and the best of all – this will help to boost your immune system…..farck…


Hm there are lots of ways of being a vampire I guess. Some are directly negative as you describe, but some are bad juju in other ways I suppose. How you get your correct info can be an issue too. Crossroads at midnight stuff. Some questions aren’t good to ask.

12th House Virgo

I took a course with a psychic once and he taught the difference between a metaphysical – what he called objective – reading and spiritualism. It put me off both practices, honestly. The “objective” reading is so faint. Its a quiet whisper. Always there but you have to be very still and very quiet to hear it. The spiritualist – well, it was plain as day when working with a “guide.” But what/who are they and why are they invested in these outcomes? “Spiritual” doesn’t mean holy. And my spirit/mind is not quiet. Even now, with no meditation, I can… Read more »


I still hear the echoes of a psychic who gave me a free reading (she was my best friends aunt) almost twenty years ago at a festival. My partner then who I loved very much and engaged to – was “not the one” apparently and yes then he left me six months later for someone else. Then she said I would never know my father which made me start crying as he was very sick, lived in another state and later passed away, and then she said I would not find a partner until much later in life. Well starting… Read more »


Words in this context should be healing, they carry great power. How sad that someone so dull should carry such a sharp blade. I am sorry for your loss re your dad. I hope you can find some hope that in the right hands this information can point towards help and not just hurt.


Been to amazing psychics/tarot readers who detailed with exactness conversations between guests at a party, how many kids I would have and what I would do and when etc. Also regularly visit healers who don’t go there, but whom effortlessly lift the blanket of fug you’ve been carrying about like a hobo in the etheric. To my mind it is healthful and good practice to be exchanging with a friend or keeping your energy field in harmony by seeing a reputable person. It is very easy to have the wool pulled over your eyes, be decieved and lose connection in… Read more »


Ugh a few of these types have been driving me batty this year…one old friend who without any training and scarcely a skim of research is proclaiming herself an astrologer and tarot reader. She is sort of this little girl lost character searching for something to feel good about…I really worry about what she is telling people! She read my cards once a couple years ago and basically told me everything I wanted to hear and all of it turned out BS (he loves you, he’s your soulmate,etc., when he was just a fuqboi). Very dangerous to mess with vulnerable… Read more »


So true. But honestly I am my worst Qi vampire psychic. I end up believing the worst from my own readings. Then none of it comes true or some worse unforeseen variant happens. Sometimes we are just not meant to know. Times like these I just unplug from everything and everyone.


Sometimes you astound me Mystic. I was just exchanging messages with a coach that helped my with a “laughter yoga class” last summer. Actually that coaching probably saved me from one of the loneliest summer ever but from the beginning there was something wrong with this woman. I believe that no degree saves you from being a QI Vamp, but at least therapist have to go through a long training and go under therapy themselves, before the can do their job. Anyway this woman since the beginning was confusing friendship with coaching and I have to thank my years in… Read more »


I’ve seen TWO in my time. Hilariously different styles but so on point for the circumstances. In fact, words of the last one, eleven years ago, are unfolding TOO FQN TRUE today in a way even a neptunian thinks is bold source material that i have over those years bowed down to respect, and for whom I’ve consistently sent my kiss-gratitude to the powers that be. I love her xxxxxxx You get that sort of gift, and if you’re Taurus Saturn in everyday alchemy 6th, plus Mars in real-time 2nd house Capricorn, no matter the Piscean pining or 12thy twiddle,… Read more »

Feathered Fish

Oh yeah! Combined with the fact that we often seek some solace about the future in difficult times these people are so toxic.


Shit emogis cant
Suck the juice
But bad jujus do

Lux Interior Is My Co-Pilot

i went to a tarot reader who was spot on.

But that’s different. Tarot is tarot and you don’t have to be psychic to read it.

Lux Interior Is My Co-Pilot

Oh so true. I had one and well, she worked as a psychic, but was far from it. She was just pure qi vamp. lol.


Where is my crescent
Moon when summers on
Song and offing qi


I once stopped in at a shopping centre psychic on a whim, she was down the back of one of those Gerbera Inc kind of ‘spiritual’ shops. After one minute looking at my birthdate she told me I had karma to work off because I had killed people in a previous life. I’ve seen a few over the years. There are a couple who I thought were the real deal, but nobody has ever told me anything that actually happened. I’ve had a lot of people exploit the pain I was clearly in when I sought their ‘counsel’. Nowadays I… Read more »


Yeh so wut? Im sure many of us have killed and been killed, if past lives are not just a metaphor, and especially if they are. A good reader could feel the energies of the victims/perps connected and get u right off the blame game and into some good good here and now stuff. Like Mystic does. Focus of Mystic is always on how the crap is used to fertilise the roses ( a slight, but only slight, misquote). A Healer/Priestess empowers u whether u like or not. No getting comfortable or proud with a good healer, more like fascinated,… Read more »


Oh re-reading i see the so wut lookslike it in direct response to darling you xx

Not so, was my immediate reaction to horrifying pronouncement of psycho reader


Oh it’s ok I knew what you meant, Mille, all good 🙂 xx I discounted what that reader said outright. I mean, who knows? I don’t do past lives, I’m cool with people who do, just that it’s never resonated with me, and I have hard enough time dealing with the current one. And I am quite cynical in that if Mme Karma was any good she’d be on Oprah or something, or at least have a waiting list, and not accepting walk-ins down the back of a cheap trinket franchise in Nowhereville. Perhaps that says more about me than… Read more »


What you have given and what life has then given you space to provide for yourself has no price. You boldly went forward to an imperfect person with all your imperfections. A gambler can always lose. But i think the universe does respect the wholehearted truth of a soul gambler. What you now know, what you lost and the wise ground you gain has no monetary value equivalent. I too lost buckets of money on irrational relationship behaviour choices. But i think, if i had that money, i would not be in the soul space i’m in now. Would i… Read more »


Absolutely, I spent a lot of my earlier years around people of mystical persuasions (believing this was my path at once stage) and was genuinely appalled at the level of this behaviour, general manipulation + very non accountability statements (involving various universal forces they were apparently channelling) which would often extend to readings and low casual topping statements Thankfully a deep love of common sense has kept me grounded in even my young and most vulnerable times as to not spend any great length of time getting brainwashed. I have a particular dislike of people who waffle on about past… Read more »


Oh yeah… Ditto commentary above. I want to add something a spiritual healer and few more ‘light language’ peeps told me this year as I grappled with authenticity versus sanity (lost trust in my vision & struggled beginning this year…and yes I am a healer which is happening simply because it is). One told me I’ve experienced love – it was karma because I killed him in a past life and that’s it for me now. I have to move through it and serve humanity on my own….no partner for me! Think she was a bit judgemental given my ‘sex… Read more »


Avoid avoid avoid, tho I’m curious, get a quick feel of who/what they really offer. One tried to earnestly catch my eye when i strode through a market one day.

He got a bit of a shock when my 12th house Neptune Moon Jupiter , Piscean vague avoidant gaze ZEROED IN TO LOCK on his. I raised my eyebrow and smiled, thinking “Would YOU like a reading?” as he suddenly looked away.


Gosh this resonates with me. I briefly ‘belonged’ to a closed (and paid for) group that exhibited vampiric behaviour from the hosts, who used their platform to prop up their piety, build their fame and promote their works. The evolved online community was outdoing itself by displaying deeply personal wounds for all to pick over, whilst others were getting off on dishing out their superior wisdom and spiritual prowess.
I’d hoped that being around like-minded souls would help but there was something decidedly off around the group energy that drained and bordered on ecclesiastical fervour.


Ah…The desire to be around like minded souls o’s the one that has pulled me in in the past!


Yes, as a young ‘un I got kicked out of a psychic circle for being too spiritual – of all things. The leader told me they were just here to have fun.

Stephanie Mueller

to me the absolute beauty of understanding healing is to know your modality or your realm, and know when you are in the presence of someone with a clear connection, when receiving it. if it feels authentically expansive or resonant in a grounded way I trust it. when I am speaking to clients (I practice classical homoeopathy) or friends and the topic goes to astrology and someone asks me to talk more about their chart I very often say, please go see someone that has studied this for a lifetime. because, I have been transformed by one sentence from an… Read more »


THIS ^^^^

My students will often ask me why a certain body part hurts or how to treat certain ailments with yoga, I don’t offer advice – rather, I suggest that they go see a physical therapist or a good psychologist.



Well said Mystic.

a couple of female psychics I have been to over the years looked like Nick Nolte’s mugshot. They knew better than to try one on 😉


Nick Nolte´s mugshot. Classic


Love it to bits! Especially when u have flash of it in psyxhic form as u see the ordinary face 🙂

Complete with police notice board they’re holding


I was nodding my head furiously reading this – In my line of work (teaching yoga) I see the dynamic of “healer” or “guru” playing out all around me, teachers fresh out of training spouting “love and light” as a modality for treating mental illness or as a way to address societal imbalances – and vulnerable people fall prey to it. It is a huge problem and is just now starting to be addressed – although there have been a few scandals where “guru” type figures have fallen (John Friend, Bikram), I can only hope more of these people will… Read more »


Oh tick to this, yes absolutely, new wave “yoga” can totally go here as well.


LOL completely – so many fads with this practice that it can be difficult to distinguish what is real – but those students who are serious about it will see through the fads + false gurus.



Got it One mystic. With the advancement of technology coupled with instant psychic hot lines and websites charging ridiculous amounts per minute these psychic vampires have created an extremely lucrative business /industry. Many of which have no ethical background and these sites are not regulated making it all too easy for the vulnerable or naive to fall prey into this world which can be quite dangerous from an addiction point of view.


Oh yeah i agree too. Giving readings is very draining and people livecto constantly hit you up for a freebie whilst professing friendship. I’ve stopped doing them as i want to do something more earthed. I had my final reading a few months ago by this bitch in hervey bay her facebook recommendations sucked me in but I went to her against my better instincts. She basically had some powers but couldnt be fucked using them. Preferring to rattle of her misguided opinions and giving me nothing. I was left fuming as ijust dont have miney to waste. Im now… Read more »


Definitely agree with these so called healers taking advantage of vulnerable people. I made the mistake of going to see a reader a couple of weeks ago as a bit of escapism, hoping the ‘fantasy’ would lift my spirits. The so called Spiritual Healer I saw fidgeted with the air conditioning switch in the room for literally half the consultation before proceeding to tell me that I was incapable of functioning and I needed to make an appointment for her to heal me. (For more money). I made a resolve to get a massage next time.


I enrolled in a psychic development course and was given the booklet that was for the course. The fellow said he was dyslexic and the writing was very different to how he spoke. So, I did a search and yes a copy and paste job with no acknowledgement of where or who he got it from. I did mention this to him and he just laughed. I said it’s plagiarism and there is such a thing as copyright ? I paid for this course, expecting that he was teaching us what he knew from his own words.


Oh man that is the absolute worst!! Did you get to learn anything from the course at all?




Yes. Agree. I went to see one lady for a ‘healing’ thing or something once and she seemed to think it was ok to blah on to me about her friend and her ex husband. Ok firstly I’m not paying you to tell me about your shit, and secondly, I have a Capricorn moon and am a tad horrified that you are spilling your guts to a complete stranger and paying customer?! Especially when it’s really sour-vibing personal info. Why?! Lastly, “healing” assumes you’re “broken”. Needing “fixing”. More and more I put this into the basket of modern-era capitalist beauty… Read more »


True Cappy Moon- hand over solar plexus and pocket book! Brava!


I do appreciate ppl who are real / honest about what they can offer though. I simply want to know what I am likely to get, and can make a decision from there.

Interesting way to describe cap moon : )


Should probably clarify that I am down with various notions and ways of improving our relationships with self and others. Made my fair share of $ contributions to the industry lol. Also positive experiences.


Yeah exactly. If anyone doesn´t fully understand what a chakra is and how it operates you should not go near them. Things that pass for healing these days (knowledge even?) is laughable.

You are better of with a gym membership and a trainer, a day pass to a sauna? and sweat that shit out or a massage and a facial. Invest in real meditation.

Actual results. Can be less expensive.


I totally agree. My personal trainer is my healing guru. Through lifting heavy weights and eating properly I have achieved real transformation


Cap moon here so it makes sense really


yeah man I have never felt better, kudos to you for the hard work and results xx


Yes, exactly Mystic. I think it’s all in the power we give away to some external authority and I always find it interesting to note this within myself when I hear echos of moments when I believed someone more than I believed myself. In retrospect thinking back on the handful of moments where I’ve actually paid for this kind of service I’m happy to say those with lack of integrity aren’t strong in my mind and I didn’t care to keep the info current. We do have to watch our subconscious and unconscious creation with that I think so a… Read more »

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