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Hi Mystic,

Obviously need to be very careful about that heading but I thought I’d just write to you about a little trend I’m seeing, which could be completely coincidence but I’m pretty sure something is up.

I seem to attract sea men (men who work on boats) in strange proportions. Now, you could argue that it is in fact my geographical location which is a completely plausible theory since I live in north Queensland on the coast. HOWEVER even when I was travelling abroad in Japan earlier in the year, in winter, I met a man, transferring to a resort on an empty 28 seater bus, just the two of us, in the middle of farking nowhere. We had an incredibly romantic 3 days together before we parted ways….and….yeah works on a Yacht.

I was married to a fisherman 10 years. Have had a huge amounts of dates with men whom I really enjoy and BOOM they’re the boating variety. Sea men.

I often dream about boats and water. Sometimes missing the boat, waiting for the boat, being stuck on them, falling off them etc. Once I got flung up into the mast of a boat, was near naked and was just hanging there and everyone was pointing and laughing at me. Was terrifying and humiliating. And the thing is I don’t particularly enjoy boating in the Sea in real life. It’s all hot and dehydrating to the max. Sand completely screws with my sensory issues. As does sunscreen and hair on my face.

I don’t know a huge amount about my chart other than I’m Leo, Virgo ascend, Aries moon. My bday is 16/8/84

What do you think? My best friend always seems to attract men who are recovering from drug addiction. Randomly. Is it a population and probability situation based on my geographical location and odds or could there actually be some shizz going on?

Forever your fan….

Not a seamaiden

Dear Not A Seamaiden,

Yes we will navigate right around that innuendo I think. Okay i GET this. And it is really interesting.   Also, hilarious. Do you even eat fish? Or do your men bring home the mackerel or whatever and you knock it back for some kale fritters?  SO i have the solution for this – if you are Virgo Rising, you have Pisces on the cusp of your 7th House.

This means your partners (the serious ones) tend toward a Piscean, oceanic type…(if you are interested in more on this sort of thing check out Astro-Hacks, it is open to everyone for a few hours at the moment)…but rarely does it manifest THIS overtly.  As an Aquarius Rising with thus Leo in the 7th House, i attract people with, well, massive egos and a sort of theatrical qi. But if i were to be more like you, i would be mating with Lion Tamers or – fuq it – just Aslan.

But there is more – you have LILITH in Pisces and trined by Mars. So I have been nursing a theory for a while that men who somehow hook into your Lilith Vibe find you compelling, highly sexual but also electric and scary.  But Lilith in Pisces oomphed by Mars in Scorpio to me puts you in the narrative as drawing oceanic characters. I could see you with a Sea Shepherd! Also, your SUN is in the 12th House, which is like Pisces.

These are just random thoughts – what does everyone else think?


Image: Jillian Nickell

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44 thoughts on “Ask Mystic: Seaman Magnet

  1. So Saggo / Cancer is a Quincunx? I’m not an expert on Quincunxes. Squares, conjunctions, trines and sextiles is all i know. I’m not good at maths.

    All I know is that he was damn irritating and had way too many habits I just couldn’t tolerate. Cap ascendent wasn’t happy with certain things and neither was Mars in Virgo.

    Even if the astro was good – if someone’s bathroom is dirty and dusty and the toothbrush is worn down and looks like it’s barely been used I’m not hanging around!!! It’s just GROSS and disgusting. So is drinking milky tea that has gone cold from a bowl and not a cup. So uncivilised.

    There’s more but I’ve over shared. Thank you Saggo moon 🙂

  2. I’m a Cap rising which means I have Cancer descending in my empty 7th house.

    Can’t say I’m a fan of Cancer men nor do I attract them.
    Maybe it would be different if I didn’t have Saggo moon. I get twitchy at the mere hint of clinginess and have zero tolerance for pass-aggressive behaviour.
    I did have a fling with a Crab man when Jupiter was transiting my 7th three years ago but it didn’t last. He drove me insane!!!

    So, I can’t say I attract any particular type. Except…. with a Neptune conj Sun I do tend to get put in the “fantasy girl” basket and always from the unavailables. Pretty much all of them have their Neptune conjunction my moon.

    • The Moon placement is generally underestimated. It determines more than it is given credit for. And wouldn’t their Neptune cj your Moon more likely be a generational thing. As in the age range you prefer.

      • Agree about the moon. I also have moon square Uranus.

        The Crab guy I mentioned had moon and Venus in Leo which squares my sun and his Sun squares my moon. Very rarely get on with Leos. My younger sister is Leo and we fight all the time. My Venus in Libra tries to keep the peace but she’s more interested in holding a grudge. For what I’ll never know.
        Nooo!! That’s the strange thing. Not a generational thing. Well, technically yes but these guys have been various ages – much younger, older and my age… oops. I take that back. Had to double check. My age one is Nept in Scorp but his Venus is smack bang on my Sun like one of the younger ones.

        • I love the complexity of da astro. It’s broad fit and it’s fine calibrations; both.

          I used to think signs are the biggest determinants in synastry but l now think in terms of the 3/4 strongest planets.

          Wouldn’t his Sun Quincunx ya Moon?Maybe ya meant ya Venus. (I never make mistakes in my posts….not much)

  3. I too am a virgo ascend, mars in scorpio type and find that over the years the piscean /ocean type are attracted to me and me to them. Rather than boaters more the surfer type that need the seclusion but can return to land quickly. My moon. mars and neptune conj in scorpio. I think your Saturn in Scorpio plus a neptune in capricorn (4th house) may also add to this male water theme particular their need to be out on the water for longer time. The idea of them being more at home on the water and just returning to the land for “mating” is probably part of your attraction to them

  4. Great quandary.. perhaps is location/demographic specific or perhaps past life/Astro biz…perhaps both 😉
    But lol Mystic… yes! You should so be mating Aslan.. ahem.. you know metaphorically speaking …

  5. Ha – virgosun wih sag rising, moon and asc. Mars and Diana in Scorpio. I seem to attract men with very strong mother figures, most of them with some tragic shizz in their past. Thought I had managed to bust free of this but no….

  6. Oh this is interesting… I would probably seek out the opposite type to at least get some perspective.

    I have Lilith conjunct Mars Gemini in the 8th and Chiron in Taurus descendant. I’ve never dated anyone straightlaced, that’s for sure.

  7. I don’t know what her rising is but we Virgo risings have been under hella Chiron transits in our 7th house of late. I’m 12th house Virgo Sun, so I am waiting for Chiron to cross my DC and back off me. It opposed my Venus and brought up all kinds of wound patterns. Been doing it to my ego now. Not sure what Venus and Chiron are doing in Not a Seamadien’s chart. But when you spot a pattern like that its usually, in my experience, because you’re ready to change it.

  8. Thank you Mystic and gang. I don’t mind eating fish, but not a fan of really fishy fish or handling it AND it’s worth mentioning I have an allergic reaction to crustaceans which I guess is also screaming with alarm bells right? I will look into the astro hacks 🙂

  9. Funny. I woke myself from a dream when the shirt of a man was slightly open at an angle where I could see his shoulder was tattooed.

    I thought, “Uh-oh! A sailor!” and got right out of the dream.

    Girls, NEVER EVER love a sailor.

    My Neptunianness is already astro-documented here.

  10. I’m a virgo sun with mars conjunct neptune and every relathionship or even crush has been with musicians who are also into boats/the sea and usually they have worked professionally as musos and fishermen at different times.

  11. I thought [double entendre] and followed by another. Then l thought [double entendre]. But finally resisted [double entendre].

    I’d go 7th Pisces as tye connection.

  12. I love the sea shepherd thought! This is an amazing letter and response, so intriguing to my watery spirit. Also, totally true about Lilith! I dated someone with Moon conjunct my Lilith and she reacted to me exactly as described above. She was also a Pisces rising which was very alluring for me but none of it really meant to last… I wish I could say that I’ve lived my 7th house as fully as Not a Seamaiden. I say yes to the sea shepherd! And I’ll have to brainstorm the taurean equivalent for myself. 🙂

  13. Past life you were a prate, a sailor? or lost your man to the sea? Fascinating.
    I attract angry musicians…I’m over the angry musicians.

      • lol
        When SR said ‘angry musicians’ I immediately pictured a muso who is pissed he’s not more famous than he is (coz he’s so damn talented don’t you know!) or maybe just pissed because he’s not getting laid as much as he was lead to believe he would
        (guitarists, mainly IMHO) 🙂

  14. Don’t know your TOB/location of birth (I picked Brisbane as a hypothetical and looked at a range of somewhere around 7:00-8:00am to give you that Virgo ASC), but it’s also possible you have Venus in the 12th house, either in your natal chart or by secondary progression. That plus Pisces on the DSC would certainly do it, as this energetically reinforces a Venus/Neptune vibe.

  15. maybe the aries moon is drawn to the action-vibe of the boating sorts. Despite the virgo rising, you might lose patience with tea-drinking writers, for example, maybe. All the virgo risings I know well (ok I only know of three, two male and one female) tend to have a Massive Achilles Weakness for disheveled, doe-eyed musician/poetic types who have an air of dreamy vagueness. you know, piscean types.

    • omg and all of those 3 virgo risings have an utterly unignorable scorpio or 8th house presence. could contribute to their thing.

      Are you drawn to coleridge’s Mariner’s Tale…? find yourself inexplicably humming along with the tune of old sea-shanties..? Maybe,,,, as an 8th house moon and 12th house sun, you have some really strong past life (whatever) vibe happening? What’s in your 4th house? south node? hey this is fun. you don’t have to answer this here , of course. I wonder if you found other ways to bring the depths and close-faraway realms of neptune into your life, the seafarers might change a little..

  16. This is really interesting! I’d love to learn more about this (I’ve only just started the astro hack on houses).
    I’m honoured to share an Aquarius rising with you Mystic. I’m also wondering whether Leo in the 7th house explains why I often attract the ‘alpha’ types, often with egos to the max …and now that I think about it I totally see that theatrical qi you’re talking about. I wonder what was happening when I met my husband. It’s a totally different dynamic to the rest. Curiouser and curiouser…

  17. 12th house sun for sure. I also agree with the Lilith and Mars action and, hello, is that Aries moon in the 8th house? If Pisces is on the cusp of the 8th, perhaps that has a clue as well as it can be magnetizing. I have Cancer moon in the 8th and I can’t keep Cancer men away from me, though I usually wish they would just stay away. Also I have found that anything in the 12th gets kind of subliminally broadcast and can draw things to you that you hadn’t realized you were dog whistling (higher pitch than human ears can hear) in. I have Neptune in the 12th and it is parallel Venus (both in Scorp) and married, or just plain unavailable, men are drawn to me like white on rice. If you don’t fancy sea men, try intentionally vibing what you ARE looking for and using the magic of the 12th to your advantage.

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