What People Don’t Get About Pisceans


Considering a relationship with a Pisces? Here are a few need-to-knows. Life at the end of the Zodiac is strange, like living in a frontier galaxy or something.

There are so many things that people don’t get about Pisces. These are just a few of them.

  • Pisces genuinely dislikes formal occasions or having to go to your ‘thing.’Β  Being bizarrely actually quite brilliant in a crisis, they are more like to turn up as emergency room support than to come to your cocktail party and behave normally.


  • Conventional relationships give Pisces an existential crisis and their “feeling crowded” threshold is set extremely low. This applies just as much to a relationship with a Pisces Rising or Moon. Their mind is so wired and lucid-dreamy, they like tranquil surroundings and solitude.


They are genuinely amazing at living-in-the-moment and their ability to let things fall away from their psyche is remarkable.Β It’s like a form of Dark Matter manipulation.


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Greta Gerdie

Having recently recognized a piscean twin flame, who’s apparently terrified of admitting this to himself, I’m worried that I/our intense connection might be one of those things that falls away from his psyche. And I’m afraid that I may not be as successful in removing him from mine. (This coming from a Gem sun, Aqua Moon, Scorp Rising whose history of deleting peeps from her reality is epicly vast) How do you entice a Pisces to take a chance on the love affair of the ages vs. their safe fantasy landscape?


suss out his placements of venus, moon, psyche, descendant, and drip-feed them, without draining your own emo resources?


Yep hate work do’s.. the lunches are worst as you can’t escape where as if it’s at a bar then you can chat up a hot waiter or find some random who is good company for the night, except you get all these weird looks from them, like “Wtf she broke ranks!” Pfft who cares, they were boring anyhow. It’s the mind numbing talk that goes “My husband does this or that” or “We just bought a new x y or z” Pisceans are op-shoppers by nature with too much respect for the planet to engage in trite materialistic topics… Read more »


Sun-Saturn, Merc, Psyche and Chiron in Pisces here and yes this describes me. What some friends call ‘can’t keep a commitment’ I call ‘recalibrating to micro-movements in the zeitgeist’. What felt right a day ago or even an hour ago doesn’t necessarily feel right just now. I get so much incoming (including a goodly amount of killjoy lecturing from my boring old Cap moon) that I find it hard to discern the signal that’s meant for me. I need a lot of alone time in the natural environment to help me with this. The beach is like a psychic refuelling… Read more »


ah, this.

cosmic fleece

Back in around 2000 it was a fabulous Piscean who first introduced me to the amazing Mystic. I had been crashing through first saturn return, came back to Oz after living in London for a few years, picked up some temporary screenprinting work with a tremendous Gemini the day after i flew back in, when temp job nearly completetion, PIscean artist who shared space was after a screen printer, so came up asked me what i was doing next, asked my date of birth, and if i knew what time…i said i thought i was triple aries (these convos dont… Read more »


Love this. Thank you. X


Ahhhh! Finally a clear articulation of my dislike of event fakery and why relationships kinda cramp my style.
I love to love you, but give me space and let me off the leash.

Eyes Me Like A Pisces

This I should very accurate, sometimes I do want to go to something fancy but that’s once in a blue moon and when my Libra rising and my sun in fifth house is activated. I feel most calm and peaceful with my daily life when I’m able to bounce from person to person, assisting them spiritually and helping them suss out their personal life. With breaks in between to restore my well of wisdom. Always been told by my older relatives ever since I was little that I had an inherent maturity and sense of knowing. I’ve grown into it… Read more »


I’ve got a Pisces Moon, Midheaven – yes, I have been to several ER trips with friends + need what most people would call an insane amount of space to maintain equilibrium.

Pisces people IMO are gentle, kind and genuinely compassionate beings – the world is better with them around :).


So what about Saturn and Chiron in Pisces?


I have both πŸ™‚ The myth of Chiron and Cronus might inspire some insight?


Ooo, twinnies πŸ˜€ Do you have a Piscean sun, too, Jacqui?


No taurus sun, merc,mars waldemath and moon, venus in aries. All clumped together. And pluto uranus in 8th house virgo


Wow that could get heavy. How does the saturn/chiron combo play out for you?

Aishah Macgill

Once I had a serious car accident, not my fault, of course. My left leg had been crushed by the dashboard. Lo and behold, the first 3 people to pull over and help me were all nurses from Emergency Dept at the local hospital, there had just been a shift change. Blessed be the Piscean in crisis. Very grateful.


11th house Pisces does not like doing the formal thing and yep, most likely you’ll see me when you ‘need’ me rather than when you invite me… less so if you’re asking me to frock up. Ugh. Well that’s a Saggi Sun for you as well πŸ™‚


Totally relate!

That first one really puts me at odds with being a multiple conjunct Gemini. Typically I love occasions but when Pisces Rises and I don’t like them as much.

Pisces Rising


Please explain the don’t like formal social occasions to my dad. The number of times I have heard… YOURE SO ANTI SOCIAL I hate it


Anti Sophia was the nickname given to me growing up. My sister would come back from those events and tell me how boring they were. I knew I wouldn’t miss anything. Home along (thank goodness) I was either reading or staring out of the window. Pisces Sun.


Haha that reminds me.
Family does at home I used to sneak off from the table n go read.y brother always said you just disappear and you get away with it! Well yea


My 2 closest friends growing up were Pisces. Thing was they didn’t like each other very much ! Much of our time was spent sneaking out of our parents houses at night. Wandering the streets of our neighborhood till all hours and discussing the meaning of life. We would always end up near the ocean and find some sandstone cave where we could watch the ocean heave and hopefully the moon light on the water. Another thing was visiting cemeteries at night and reading the headstones. Where we lived there are many close to the ocean. I loved them both… Read more »


Pisces is my 9th house.


Ha this is classic! Well the bit about visiting cemeteries at night. We used to do that, whilst smoking weed and “spinning out” at the … energies or whatever.


Gemini with Virgo rising and Moon in Taurus. I have never had a significant piscean person (man or woman) in my life, regardless of my Kataka Venus and Mars.
I am very curious but I feel like we belong to different worlds.


:deep breath: Yes, yes and yes. Just married a quadruple Pisces. (Cap with lots of Libra, Virgo and Aquarius). He hates formal occasions like I hate injustice and he is NOT concerned about behaving or showing it. It wasn’t enough that I actually wanted a totally fun and us wedding and I turfed or changed every bit I could (short, red wedding gown! Woodfired pizza and cheesecake reception! Jazz band! No formal speeches!), he couldn’t see it until the day (when we both had an amazing time). He panics over being trapped, particularly in a conventional relationship, it’s his perennial… Read more »

Wish Upon a Star

Pisces Rising here. Now I get the idea of not liking to be trapped. It’s like putting a fish in a bucket. They need to swim in the ocean.

Diane M

Spoken like a true Pisces – who really understands the fish world. I’m so tired of all the misconceptions – my mother started when i was a child about my ‘traits’ most of them just being my escape from a world that was too harsh. I love how you lay it out so well Mystic – thanks


please also add, they don’t like to reply to your texts (non-romance context) but insert-deity-of-choice help you if you don’t respond to theirs right away. My sister does this and pisses me off immensely. I have had emergencies where i needed her and she was nowhere and had to rely on someone else. My Cap mom had that happen with her and she just about blew a gasket. Pisces always blames phone technology as an out. Amazingly enough, her co-workers say they never have a hard time reaching her. so once when i was genuinely busy at work, i couldn’t… Read more »


Would all this apply to Pisces moon and rising as well? My guy is a Virgo with both of those….good luck trying to get information out of him unless he’s drunk. Luckily he drinks like fish!


I dated for two years a beautiful Piscean guy who I adored but who also drove me crazy. He had Sun conj Jupiter in late Pisces, plus Mercury in early Pisces conjunct my NN. Lovely connection, but in the end, it was like playing charades with him trying to figure him out and the indirectness drove me nuts (I’m Merc/Mars in Virgo). He could not get past his hangups, though he wanted to, and those included escaping into a bong and a nicotine addiction, as well as anger over his own perceived inadequacy no matter how much I tried to… Read more »


You can thank my mum for vague. She invented the concept.


Hmmm. Not sure about the being in the moment part. I have a very hard time being present with anyone unless they are more interesting than my internal landscape, which no one is for long. I’ll say this as to why people love us but then get frustrated by us. Pisces oscillate between moments of showing you that you are seen, understood and appreciated warts and all and then just as quickly we are mentally and emotionally gone, obeying the overwhelming urge to swim back to our own depths. I honestly think that’s my purpose, to swim in however briefly… Read more »


Yeahhhh……..the fish swims upstream. The fish swims downstream….which way will it swim? Only the fish seems to know?!

I guess that being in the moment / playing be own mysterious and changing ‘rules’ can be interpreted in lots of ways because those underpinning reasons are rarely explained….what would be the point of dragging everyone into every existential thought?

It would be exhausting!

Wish Upon a Star

Cute poem and great thoughts.


I can’r get by without my Pisceans.




mystery (or, not a comment that belongs, in which case, forgive me): this describes my brother precisely. he is the BEST at supporting his closest people (mostly fam) in the darkest, can’t-scrape-self-off-floor moments, physical or emotional. grief, trauma, pain, surgery, abortion, he’s there and understands innately how to do that and wants to. and yet.. he is nearly impossible to drag out to a social event. the RARE times he does come, he is either barely engaged, or the nucleus of the outrageous dancing, joking, fun. can’t do conventional relationships-check. oscillates between stifled and existentially-lonely. his in-the-moment-ness shows up in… Read more »


Electric Uranus on deepwatery asc and moon sharing a sign with Pluto and cant-not-care cancerian Sun might all be involved there!


aha. when you put it that way (out there + water = piscean-like), it seems so clear! thank you. also, however umysterious, i am still impressed that you generated that his pluto is in libra.


I figured his extra-strength capacity to Be There might have a signifier like Pluto..

Uranus in scorp is framed by Pluto thru Libra era I think.

He sounds like a unique and valuable human. I can see how with water Sun and asc he’d have to really be feeling it to want to come out and play. Mars in Gemini would struggle to keep mouth shut at comedic moments-of-opportunity?


i am at oh-yes-makes-perfect-sense-but-wouldn’t-have-thought-of-it-myself level of astro understanding (re: pluto): thank you for explaining.

ya, special person. re: mars in gemini, when we were kids, he let himself say ANYTHING –comedic, insulting, the unsaid– to ANYONE. (i remember so many moments of thinking “i can’t believe he just…. what’s gonna.. oh boy…”). he pulled it off, but as he grew up, he stopped, except, yes, in the name of the funny (and also slightly mood-dependent).


I share a lot of your bros traits. Esp the not going to stuff. If l do I’ll be in the corner looking at the CDs or ‘on stage’.

Uran cj Asc a definite in him as is his Neptune in 1st is, l suspect, the Pisces connection. (My Neptune has 6 major angles and is the Stationary focal planet, in a TSq, on the IC.)


and it took me years to accept that any pleading makes desired outcome (attendance + full fun mode at party) less likely..

when you type neptune in 1st, it feels more clear! thank you! is your neptune your main fish source?


1st House is the self. Any planets there will be ‘him’.

My Pisces 9th is empty. But my Neptune is turbo-charged to the max. It actually has 7 major angles + the IC conjunct. It makes for major Piscean influence on my chart.


aha..right.. i haven’t looked at charts in this way, but of course, yes.. i just opened up my own, and i also have 7 major aspects (are aspects and angles synonymous?) to my (sagittarian) neptune! including conjunct to my MC. also including square to my moon in pisces (yikes?!).


l count / tally aspects separately to angles.

Welcome to the club. And you must be quite Mutable as well.


could you tell me the difference between aspects and angles? (i know that aspects are the relationships based on the angles, ie degrees, between the planets/ac/mc/etc, but what do you mean by counting/tallying angles?

and, thank you!: i guess neptunian makes sense. if the shoe orbits…(and ya, i’m about half mutable!)


The Asc, / Dsc opposition and the IC / MC opposition are commonly referred to as the Angles. More specifically the Cardinal Angles.

When you tally up aspects l think its best to count planet to planet (or asteroid) & the say that planet is on the IC, for example, which automatically says it is opposite the IC.


I meant it is opposite the MC. Duh


Also thinking about his ‘entertainment’ persona; is there a major angle between Mercury and Uranus?

It seems to flip me out of my largely Yin make-up and l become the Mick Jagger of jokes.


yes! he has mercury (in leo) square uranus! (and sextile mars in gem, and conjunct jupiter)

mick jagger of jokes is extra special when coming out of a yinny person!


My Uran Merc conjunct in Leo.
I should’ve been an actor. My Moon in Aqua is simpatico.

Like I’ll sit blended in the furniture and then spring to life quoting Eric Idle or Christopher Walken


β€œI’m better off not socializing. I make a better impression if I’m not around” – CW !


Ha ha.


Also that energy with Mars n Jupiter would give that large active energy to Uran.


What people don’t get about Pisces:
1. They’re really quite selfish
2. Therapy doesn’t work
3. They can play rough on the weekend and still work hard (annoying!)
4. They pretty much get that the world is full of dickheads
5. Vagueness is a form of self care
6. Face time is not required


Correct on all points


I concur.


wowza! this is so on point …..


I’m not sure I agree with all that but for absolute sure vagueness is a necessity for my survival as a Pisces. See? I can be direct at times, as long as you don’t know just what I’m referring to by “vagueness”.

Also, therapy doesn’t work. First of all, they should just get me wordlessly, otherwise why am I bothering to talk to them?


The only therapist I really connected with was a Cancer woman and we did some cool emdr/subconscious work. I feel like she spoke the same language as me, or at least similar. The others, though? Totally meh.


hahaha .. well I’m a Cancer and have had many close Piscean encounters. Family, husbands, friends … πŸ˜‰


I have not met a Pisces who has not mastered the art of vague. You can see them drifting off mid conversation … this irks my Sagg moon and Leo merc which demands your Full Attention at times.

But in every other way I find Pisces soothing.


Vagueness and not being capable of being punctual (time? what’s time?) would most certainly irritate ma Earth-y elements, but peeps with Piscean vibe or just some planets in Pisces (not necessarily Sun) are always accepting and capable of understanding things about without words.


Omg Yaas #6!

Not sure about #3 though. I can work hard but will I? Only if it suits me. And it rarely suits me to work hard when I’m feeling rough.


Many of the Pisceans I know have some strong earth elements, either on the moon or mars. Moon Taurus and Mars Capricorn to be specific.

The one’s with little Earth … not so hot on the “work hard” bit. lol


I have Pisces Moon, Mars, MC, Chiron. ….but also have Venus in Cap and Jup/Uranus/Pluto in Virgo so the bottom of my chart is more grounded. Otherwise, I’d be a complete space cadet, I think!

I do spend my days going between spacing out, or just floating in my mind, and being really efficient and getting things done, but it’s never consistently one or the other modes.

Also, Aqua Sun, Crab rising. I’m really just quite sensitive.


“never argue with an idiot, they’ll only take you down to their level and then beat you with experience”

It is an energy conservation principle.


and, god, so boring to do so

pisces not about winning an argument; we’ll let you forge your own battles, and hew your own path

and when we truly believe we won’t have our faith hung out to dry

Wish Upon a Star

So well said Pi.


7. For a water sign they can have extraordinarily bad taste
8. They can out babble a Gemini and not care or even know if you’re not listening
9. Can be utter snobs
10. They disappear at parties
11. They tell the best stories as they observe the magic in the mundane

The Fish woman has often mesmerised me over the years.


And they wiggle their bum the best.


So feminine it hurts…


But…how else can you move with a swim-tail? Even a shark has one


“Not care” means realising we’re babbling and making a mighty effort not to show embarrassment, while still reading how much you’ve kept up with the thought flow. We’re verbally trying to adjust to what we’ve sensed you didn’t get, with terrible results cos we keep flowing when we should pause. And not everyone’s Mutable.

And OH YEAH, sentiment can often lead to bad bad taste πŸ™‚ I feel that when it’s there but i guess the Mars Cap 2nd house and Leo MC prevent me from being too ridiculous…Unless the Sag Rising augments it????? Dear me.


Yeah, all generalisations of course. Plenty of fishes with good taste and half decent internal editors. The talky one’s do need to STFU sometimes though.


Conventionality, normality, meh who needs them. Give me mutability or give me death i say. Rapid psyhce cleansing ability and dark matter manipulation is a must have iutility when your in a frontier galaxy navigating crisis no.7 for the season when you find your manifestation just wasnt what you hoped it might be. Silly me.


Absolutely true, though as a Pisces I always crave a normal relationship (my cancer moon and rising must be partly to blame for it) but do find them frustrating haha! Definitely enjoy my freedom and a touch of emotional tension which later always creates a wonderful art-house cinema backdrop storyline. We Pisces are complex creatures, always living on the edges of two cliffs that face one another.


I loved what you wrote in one of the horoscopes lately re Pisces- the desire to fit in and be kind of insidery vs the strong urge to be on the fringes. (Paraphrasing, apologies if i butchered the sentiment). I’ve been feeling this quite a bit lately (stronger than usual) so it was cool to see it’s not just me and in fact a Pisces Thing.


Yes me too


Me too!!! I had a mini existential crisis forcing myself to fit in and make an effort to “seize the moment” (a series of networking events) but at the same time was feeling like: ugh… who cares?!?! Then I read that horoscope and literally laughed out loud! πŸ˜€


Thanks mystic. I was going to say it’s weird being a fish but then I realised I am pretty over calling myself wierd, which only ever seems to be to make other people feel better at my expense. Punctuality will never happen. Sorry, earth signs and Myers Briggs J types. Life and death situations tho, existential crises, experimental performance art noise gig across town taking place in a skip bin? just call lol


my man is Pisces and he’s the most beautiful human being ever πŸ™‚


I am a pisces addict and hate it as much as I love it
I want to quit but nothing has come close to the fish


I have never vibed with piscean sun in lovers, but am only just now working out charts of my close fam and friends to see all the strong piscean energies tucked away but influential. (There are issues with getting accurate times and reliability of what their forebears have told/do tell them. Sometimes it’s taken years to provide the ancestor a storytelling place in an atmosphere where they don’t lie/keep telling the same story they have told for decades. Also i like to intuit my way through family astro, so i can be really open to nuance, rather than clicking patterns… Read more »


My natal Neptune is 12th house Libra conjunct my Scorpio ascendant, Taurus sun, so I might go to your cocktail event but have been told I snooze on the furniture then say something profound and then I’m off again. Yes I loathe formal engagements and am incapable of pretending to be anything I am not unless I want to then quickly shape shift into the energy of someone else and they tell me everything- “I’ve never told anyone this before!” etc but lucky for them as a Scorpio I love having those secrets tucked away. So am a weird Neptunian… Read more »


Yep. We hang out at The Restaurant at the End of the Universe


I thought of you as I read this!


I was married to a pisces man who connected on my venus in pisces and he loved going to all my doo’s as long as there was plenty of liquor at hand. Yes to excellent emergency room / bedside support system. When I was labouring away with our son, he was just great, pity about the rest of our domesticisty….


love those photos of the alien guy and…helena cristiansen?


ER- roadside support- check. Feeling disturbance in The Force – maybe we just show up. No Pisces but major 12th H-Neptune Moon crowd.

Hate meetings cuz I feel all the unsaid micro aggressions behind the masks- 12th Moon-Neptune across Libra Scorp. Libra Moon keeps me from pulling the masks off- But I see you. LOL!


I so relate to this, it can be awkward to vibe on the unspoken feelz… I have Libra rising so I generally don’t say anything either, but it can get weird! Lol

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