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Prescient. The Dark Knight Rises was so totally a Pluto in Capricorn movie.


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scorpiodawnMM Member

heh heh michael caine!

MethinkyMM Member

‘You and your friends better batten down the hatches because when it hits you are gonna wonder how you ever thought you could live so large and leave so little for the rest of us…..’


AlouettaMM Member

Such a good line!

HermeswitchMM Member

This is definitely worth listening to and considering what strikes a cord and why. It is so spot on Mystic – its predicted this moment in time where people have a focus on certain stuff and their beliefs and the melting pot is about to really bubble thanks to a new political fire underneath it. Plenty of food for thought here peeps, regardless of your alliances.

davidlMM Member

Brilliant Myst ! This chapter of Batman was definitely one of the best and yes it’s got Pluto in Cap written all over it. Billionaire Bruce has always had issues with being rich. He risks his life every night to prove to himself that he has a purpose other than the cash cow. Cat woman just encapsulates all his problems in a few lines. Basically you’re too rich so fuq you I can steal whatever I want from you and I won’t feel bad about it for one second. Of course Bruce knows she is right. Christian Bale is the… Read more »


I’m waiting for Anonymous to hack the global banking system. Or maybe I’ve been watching a bit too much Mr Robot.

davidlMM Member

They probably already are, or should I say if I was them I would be, and never mention a word. Wouldn’t be too hard 😉

Saoirse KirkeMM Member
Saoirse Kirke

The other day my vast disability check was hacked from my bank account. Whoever hacking is punching down.