Pisces Vibe


You know you’re dealing with Pisces Vibe when the normal is abnormalized and the unusual taken totally in stride. A trip to the mall can be cause for an existential crisis.

Ghosts, giant birds and general what-the-fuqery greeted with equanimity.

While another sign of the zodiac might be preoccupied with politics, Pisces is keen to acknowledge the legitimacy of all alternative dimensions.

Pisces rarely look weird but they can and will out-weird anyone (even Aquarius) should they choose to engage. Thoughts?

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I have just let a second Pisces out of my life go due to being a carbon copy of the prior one. I’m not sure if it is part of the Pisces nature or just unlock to have come up against. Both were and are extremely selfish without a regard for anyone but themselves. It’s good to prioritise yourself and needs sometimes, healthy in fact. Pisces goes overboard and disrespects anyone who interrupts that even if not intentionally. Woe is me, the world revolves around me and who cares about others. How dare they deflect any attention off me. I… Read more »


Ahhh it is true…2 of my 3 greatest loves so far have been Pisces because they can definitely keep up with The Weirdness. I remember there was a post talking about how the Uranus in Pisces phase had made Pisces more like Aquas and Aquas more like Pisces. I think there is something to that.

They have a respect for science but they do not believe in scientism… free and nuanced thought.


Ah! I had an important Pisces love, too. He was 9 degrees Pisces Sun, conjunct my 7 degrees Pisces Moon. We’re still friends 25 years later. He’s the only ex I’m still friends with.

Forgot to say above, I’m Aqua Sun with Pisces Moon, so I guess I can out-weird myself?


How can a trip to the mall NOT cause an existential crisis?!? The MALL is weird. Random emus are sanity.

Looking to escape to an alternate dimension, any alternate dimension. Cannot deal with this one.






Yes. Yes, yes.


Am a Tri-Pi … Best Pisces talent: Invisibility ……………


Yes! Possibly my favorite superpower. Multi-Pi.


Husband is 12th H Pisces Moon and Mars- not conjunct. Remembers all wines, food, movies- Akashic recorder of all consumption. Can’t remember names! LOL! Very disorganized except in the kitchen and wine cellar. Odd sense of humor- super compassionate- spends hours hibernating with TV after amazing cooking events. Pluto-Sun Leo. He’s been conned by clients but is now wiser. Daughter is Pisces- conjunct late Aqua Moon. She has impeccable taste in music.Venus Aries driven- but has to have music always. We have cats and a bunny and they talk to us. I’m chock full 12th H- hate malls. 12th H… Read more »


Really? My 12th house says that pretty much all of the world’s problems can be reduced to people championing themselves first.

I mean obviously this is the way the world works. We reward those who best sell themselves… but that doesn’t make it right.


You know, I was thinking about the guy with the emu and the smoothie up there. Ostrich, whatever. It’s like, he says ‘smoothie’ because obviously the bird is an emu/ostrich and it would be patronising to say ‘an emu’ because, like, wtf else is it. But in the paper cup might be a frappe, bourbon caramel milkshake, orange whip, you know, anything. So yeah. A smoothie.


I love this so much


Ok don’t take this the wrong way, but what’s with all these dedicated post to Pisces? 😀
Not that I mind: I don’t have that many Pisces in my life so I cannot relate to this post, but it’s very interesting.


I’ve noticed this during other prominent astro, with different signs.

But i have just reasoned that there are astro factors underlying (here, Neptune Direct) or Mystic’s experiences with people coming in to play. Which, being Mystic, are bound to have resonance even in an unplanned way.


Why is it interesting to you? Does it resonate?


No. It’s interesting because i new to me. As I said I don’t have many Pisces in my life and I know very little about them.


Neptune direct was just the start. Sun square Neptune right now, still uber close to South Node. Chiron in Pisces going direct. Trust me – it’s a “thing” , particularly for us Sagg’s, and for those of us born in 60s with Chiron in Pisces opp Uranus/Pluto…


Can l ask how does that Chiron opp Uran cj Pluto play out in your experience?


I don’t know that Pisces can out weird Aquarius. Those guys are so cut it dead assassin cool where as Pisces has at least got a grip (quantumly speaking) of the forces throughout and throughin. Maybe being a quad cancer sun with Pisces rising I may get the fish a touch better than I get the robots. Saying that I am engaged to a robot. I’m talking from experience. My last paddle in the pool of Pisces was just so beyond reality, as in he had no grip upon it, and I was clinging on for dear life. We still… Read more »


You reminded me of a Piscean guy I once knew.
And by knew I don’t mean dating, just meeting among other friends. I remember looking at him all smoking joints and being incapable of keeping a job (or simply being remotely on time) and it was driving me insane just looking at his life.
I know for sure I cannot bring myself to date someone like that 😀


Tell me about it. Drugs weren’t this guy’s thing but sex was ! A sex addicted Pisces with Leo rising
Fun whilst it lasted


Aqua is quite sensitive. Maybe it doesn’t seem like compassion, but it IS humanitarian, tho abstract. I know I have called out an Aqua on that difference a few times recently. Not enough though. Will keep on doing it, tho i wouldn’t with anyone else cos they’d stop expressing themselves, but with this one, for the moment, they can’t help themselves. In mid-life, bit of the early adult politics showing through are at odds with the realtime learned stuff, and god help me if i don’t call it out as at least a question. Like, hey FixyFix, did you even… Read more »


You are right about a huge sensitivity. I really have to tread carefully with my aqua, where as the Pisces it just never needed said as it was already out there and verbal expression was almost superfluous. And nothing was ever too deep, too dirty, too unwelcome, too real. With the aqua everything is just that. Too much. I’m getting there but it’s a crash course for me.

dark star

Yup i intend to embrace the weird as I go on a new moon adventure walk today. Hopefully something weird and awesome will occur like ostrich/ smoothies
Pisc sun moon venus north node

Kataka on Fire

I cannot tell you how FREAKY this is!!! I was having a rant to myself about a Pisces and talking aloud to myself saying “That IS NOT NORMAL, THAT IS NOT NORMAL”

Seconds before I opened this page

I am officially weirded out now!!!!!!

Dark side

I don’t think Pisces is necessarily weird although that’s fine too. We’re juggling dimensions while trapped in human form. We’re blessed/cursed with x-ray vision which can get blurred or boomeranged by the shocking banality of everyday life. Cue moodiness. I love chatting politics (although recently not so much thanks to Cheetolini), especially the satirical side of it, but that can be Virgo Rising talking. Question to other Pisces peeps: how do you keep the non-denomenational faith on a planet seemingly eager to self-destruct? I have escaped into books art nature music comedy twitter. The more I avoid people, the happier… Read more »

Dark side

Ps: Pisces hates ROUTINE!
…Mystic, your daily emails and horoscopes are like life rafts to this Pisces (Sun+Mercury). Thank you!! xx


“Question to other Pisces peeps: how do you keep the non-denomenational faith on a planet seemingly eager to self-destruct?”

Did you mean “keep”???

Otherwise (blame Jupiter in Sag, Sab on the Rise) i would answer. Or try.


In the darkest times I turn to comedy. Those people save lives.


Me too. And Dark Side – yes yes yes to all you say. Dreams are where the truth lies (ha!)

Watercooler chitchat and shopping malls make me feel like I’m being strangled, and yet i can’t show I’m being strangled…

We live in such a weird world right now.


“how do you keep the non-denomenational faith on a planet seemingly eager to self-destruct? I have escaped into books art nature music comedy twitter.” Yes to books, art, films, dreams, weird existential spiritual practices, avoiding folks. Any and all manner of escape and pursuit of tangents that fill you up with wonder. These are all legitimate and every bit as real and important as any other ‘practical’ and ‘real world’ activity, hobby or coping mechanism. Pisces are literally here to revel in, explore, remind and explain the mysteries of the universe to the rest of the world. Nothing is too… Read more »


Come to think of it

Mall-type spaces
Every single shop in there and its contents is destined for landfill, eventually. Cheap chrome racks, promo setups, bad lights, acrylic blend jersey fashions, vinyl footwear, some kind of takeaway food.
Not saying I don’t go. But they’re hideous. probably could backwards-correlate most “pls kill me” type social media updates to excessive dwelling time in one of those shining, dusty monuments to the banal. A gift from mid 20th century American marketing honchos to the rest of the capitalist world, the shopping “experience”


“Acrylic blend jersey fashions, vinyl footwear”

That has so freaked my Yin make up l have to have another shower.


as a pisces i probably embrace the trash aesthetic fairly thoroughly and tbh i did have a mega favourite pair of megachainstore boots that were (sadly) made from vinyl, or some kind of coated synthetic textile, so they peeled and fell apart after ~2 years of wearing, couldn’t repair or salvage in any way. made my shoe-repairing cap moon unhappy and my cool boots-wearing pisces sun also unhappy lol . the only pair of shoes in my life that men – random passers by – noticed and commented on. THAT was wierd.


oh dear goddess i have to psychically armour up to enter a mall…not to mention how Merc in Aries opposed Uranus in Libra deals with PARKING/TRAFFIC there avoid and if forced, take a psychic sick bag in the past, have let my glittering Piscean /12th house thing let my imagination run riot about how i can utilise these cheap cheap gewgaws to assist in a home illusion…only to find i have come home with crap which is often admired, but not by me 🙁 NOW i know such a trip has to be strategised like the military, IF i have… Read more »


yes! strategy. otherwise it’s like going to a casino. expect to walk out $$$$$$ lighter


Malls are a Malady!! The reason i love the Salvos is that a car space is always available right outside the door if i need 1 or 2 wine glasses, a tray, glass saucepan,wicker basket for pot plant, an extra blender and they have the best worn- in jeans this side of designer’s 180 plus dollar ones, no stairs or elevators and suburban masses of something akin to humanity bumping by. No fuqing landfill or chain store items that break or go kaput after 2 uses because of some disgruntled low paid factory worker decides to sabotage just to mess… Read more »


Charity and second hand stores are the BEST .


Pisces Moon + MC

Saw two hawks today and an eagle, my guides have wings

And am randomly looking into falconry as something I’d like to train in

Yes I’m weird but I love it!!



Basically…..San Francisco. ’49 square miles surrounded by reality.’ Anything goes.. and everyone is ok with it, no one bats an eye.

I have Pisces Moon, Mars, MC, Chiron. I can get with the vibe.


So that’s why I love that city so much. Pisces Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, couple of asteroids and a fixed star.


Unreal timing, Mystic.

Every single word of this post, yes. Right down to the Christmas shopping existential crisis today, which I am shaking off with my crystals, sage and sacred symbols. Give me a smoothie with an ostrich, a conversation with a barista about spiritual eroticism and the ancient Egyptian mystery schools, or a journey into the 5th dimension any day. (Pisces sun & mars.)

You’d never know it to look at me though! I camouflage well. (Leo rising loves a costume…)


I love it!!! Are we related? ??
Pisces Moon/Asc
Leo Sun/Mars


My Multi Pisces is a paragon of normality, but that might be her culture too.

I’m the bat guano crazy gonzorelli. Courtesy of my Uranity, Neptosity & PlutzonK.

Unicorn Sparkles

My admiration for the weird and condolences for the resulting stares.
I do think Pisces have a much better recovery from the weird impression tho. Aquas generally progress to awkward whereas Pisces make it endearing.


Love this.

Lux Interior Is My Co-Pilot

Hee hee hee. As a Pisces rising, i thoroughly agree.


Me too!

I’ve out-weirded a few Aquas 😀


Aqua Sun, Venus, SN + Pisces Moon, Mars, and Mercury. When I engage my weirdness, it’s on!

Kataka on Fire

I’ll bet 😉


HAhah, so true, from being a hot mess who manages to come out smelling like a rose, to being macho man who would rather sweep the ants off your kitchen counter rather than kill them,I love my crazy pisces friends, even if this triple virgo has to always clean up after them


Christ! This Pluto in Virgo 10th/11th opposed Sun, and Mars in Cap 2nd squared Piscean Sun, with mention of Saturn in Taurus 6th house squaring the Venus IC NN Aqua trining the Uranus in Libra 11th will leave your house cleaner and tidier ( in the part i was in, and the other parts i would not quite walk into get the cleanse too). Ghostbusters/Dustbusters. Ghosts show as dust after all. I never understand New Age types who speak of cleansing spirit but have a shitty dust ball ridden home. Though quietly, quietly. I would never ever say a word… Read more »


Wow. I just re-read this.. i have not done that in YEARS. Seems i slipped into my old shoes and lived there when i posted??? The only homes i visit now are true friends’ and i only ever give a quick quiet swish in the bathroom if there’s a bunch of us there to make sure everyone has an ok time using it, and my hosts don’t have to keep running in to deal. I’ve noticed myself noticing stuff but not touching anyone’s home vibe. Weirded out by a time-slip back to an old dimension of myself!!! Glad i’m no… Read more »


François Fillon is Pisces Sun and Moon- Saggo Mars- the man behind the masque?

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