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Regardless of your Sun Sign or personal transits, there is a total higher level of lucid, objective Chill Power that you can access with Mars in Aquarius. Mars is where/how/why you’re an operator. It’s ambition, lust and strategy. It is – ideally – outrage or temper – transmuted into tactical action to solve whatever is triggering the former. It’s self-awareness fromΒ  a position of strength, regardless of the environment in which you are having to operate.

With Mars in Aquarius, there is the potential to speedily up your tech acumen or streamline your systems and regime via neat little upgrades & switching from analogue to digital thinking. And the detachment from the usual narrative (aka excuses) that you tell yourself is unbelievable. You can contemplate issues (especially sex/love/money/body image) that would usually trigger a cascade of unhelpful quirks and mini-angst-outbursts with zero neurosis and a higher consciousness.

You can logically make micro-decisions (what to have for breakfast, whether to deal with a certain person or evade, to auto schedule bills) that are not so huge in themselves but over-all add up to a more modern and optimally functioning you. And more quickly than you might think. You can achieve Mars in Aquarius Chill Power if you begin now.


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99 thoughts on “Mars In Aquarius Chill Power

    • A lot of people who are usually chill have been losing it lately, over seemingly nothing too. I’m the opposite though: Completely at ease and waiting for Mars to hit my N Node for guidance or direction. I can feel it coming.

    • i think you objectively assess it. Personally, and i DO have Aqua Rising, i am experiencing a heightened awareness of how what i eat affects my mood. I mean like crazy intense. I ate a bowl of sunflower sprouts with something weird, niche and bitter – half an hour later i was elated and had this off burst of late night energy.

      But that last full moon when i ate (pmt) red frog lollies it was like electric shocks, itching and anxiety instant onset. I don’t know if that helps and i don’t want to simplify your anxiety BUT making your next meal an awesome blast of nutrition can be a surprisingly fast-basic way to alter mood.

      • I’ve been experimenting with the GAPS diet and have found how strongly what I eat and drink affects me. Making sauerkraut was total gamechanger. It took a while o get it right but there is something in those microbes my system really needs. I’ve had to go easy on it because it’s potent stuff and cakes the digestive enzymes I’ve lacked my whole life act like they’re on roids. I mean the link between ADHD, autism and gut health is well documented but there’s something so powerful- a gut feeling- that is restored by regularly adding a few spoonfuls of that stuff into whatever I’m eating. Also, economically, the bang for your buck is HUGE. It’s tricky to get right as someone who’s never been much for home ec (or home anything – empty 4th?). But this is more like being in a science lab than a bakery. V vitamin deficiency? What B vitamin deficiency?
        My Saturn in the 6th is over the moon about it. Fermented food is definitely NOT something you want to be flip about though. But yeah the gut is the new brain – or something-

    • Hi Kat, music is always an instant mood changer. Perhaps list out what you find comfort in and surround yourself with it. I find immersing myself in water helps instantly. Swimming can be very calming for some. I used to get really bad anxiety and then started up hiking and now running and its helped a lot. Just seems to clear the mind even when you don’t know what is worrying you at the time. I ‘d ramp up the self care and ditch caffeine and sugar it really aggravates the anxiousness. Hope this helps.

      • I vote music too. Or a walk. Ultimately: walk with music. Even just around the block.. it’s the little things that add up & create the anxiety and the little things that un-does it.

    • School reports! What could be a joy, as a teacher, has been turned into a turgid exercise of vanilla-speak. Where everykid is a winner. It is coporatised socialism. Kids who do well feel unappreciated; and that is wrong.

      • Vanilla is what the parents can understand when the system has reshaped so much since their school days. So if there are any shades of nuance within the vanilla that the parents wouldn’t otherwise get, you would have been in touch via at least email to let them know in advance that there were concerns/queries/issues? The formal reporting system does not override (esp at this time of year) more personal forms of communication that take place across time. Yes, it takes work and yes, it takes a lot of time, but it SHOULD DEFINITELY BE DONE before the reports, even if those parents don’t respond until then.

        You’ve got your email trail, your evidence of care, evidence of attention to class detail…and not just what might seem like a subjective FEELING come parent interview or otherwise crunch time.

        What kind of School Report has ever been so individually tailored that it precludes attempts to communicate personally with a child’s parents plus a school authority higher than you in the hierarchy?

        Your clients are not just the student, because a pupil does not have legal recognition/responsibility for themselves. That is up to the teacher, the parent and any other authority at school that may be deemed responsible for looking after them. So you have either had corporate responsibility that you have accessed for previously identified problems, or you have not ( because it does not exist, though you have tried, with a paper trail; or because you have not accessed it, due to lack of faith or whatever, but you have not even tried, on paper, let’s say.)

        The options may seem limited, but this is true in so many fields. Effective service providers within a shit system must absolutely work around and also WITHIN the system ‘s limitations to provide the best service.

        • If you want to go fully Uranian and see the child as your ultimate client then you will have personally communicated with the client, just as in any other business, and laid out their progress on the line, while offering steps that are achievable for improvement. Have you documented this? Did you inform parents and any other higher authority of this? Did you have support? And if not, why not?

          Approach the whole thing as a business, and see if you have fulfilled the protocols before bitching, and if you have, then you will have a team onside, or it is time to find a less fuqed workplace. If it’s THAT fuqd for the client, you will have evidence of this that can benefit the client.

          As a Uranian, did you let the child as your ultimate client know what the report would look like? Did you counsel that child? Did you offer any opportunity to achieve any sub-par standards? Could you? If not, why not?

          You are already kicking from within a system PF, from some legal thing by a greater authority. But it’s higher Uranian to see just how you can use this to fertilise a better outcome for clients, rather than getting stuck in the blame game, when it comes to them.

      • Ta MN. I do what l can. I speak to kid’s parents through phone calls. I head-off issues as they happen. What l was thinking of is that we are not allowed to say if a kid performing in a “cooperative manner” or “displays a disciplined manner”. Our report writing is so vanilla we can’t even put vanilla in to the mix. Teachers, in Oz, “step on egg shells’ & ‘jump at shadows’.

        The other day l was talking to some kids, mostly Koori, and they said they like me because l was honest with them. Now l know this honesty gets me into trouble with hierarchy. The kids claim some teachers ‘fudge’ the truth. I always seem to get on better with kids than l do head teachers and principals. Being a crazy nutcase helps & hinders. I use my Merc Uran (1H) cj to good effect. Backed up by my Mars Pluto (2H) cj for iron-fisted control (14/16 yr old boys in a metal-work room can get boisterous).

        Are you a teacher too? I was expelled from school and never completed the last 12 months. I empathise well with my kids sep if they have shit home life.

        • My legal issue has nothing to do with my performance. It was an accounting mistake, on their behalf, that we both weren’t aware of.

        • The basic fact is that there is care and good rapport, which is undocumentable, and there are numbers/grades, which are.

          There are different systems, within one country, and layered systems (if you know how they all tie in with state and council, and we are not privy to that generally) within one state. It’s too complex, embedded, and dare i say corruptly em-BED-ded, to rely on a system, as you clearly well know. What i’m asking you to think about is how can you know the accountability of the SYSTEM, where you fit into it, where your clients fit into it as first receivers (students), and as indirect clients of yours (parents). You are answerable as a kind of contraxtor (school, state system).

          Sounds like you have exceptional interface with one group, which must mean that despite the limitations there are also supportive contexts within the others, So, despite any neg crap from the big system (accounting crap), KEEP YOUR EYES ON THE PRIZE, PF. You don’t have to be insincere, but you do need to know the whole game before you can quietly and winningly play that game.

          I don’t say what I do here or anywhere public, sorry, because i am a witch in sheep’s clothing. I have recently ensured my clients are as fully armed as possible against physical and nasty threat in the hood, plus was pleased to see my previous work had armed some against ethical …oh can i just say ridiculous undermining bullshit. Just by giving them knowledge the year before, so they could pick it themselves, and showed me stuff i didn’t know had been sent to them. I didn’t need to say a word against it; they had already worked it out; i just led them to a space where they felt sorry for the other side, and then let it go. That was great!

          Mars Uranus Merc/Chiron t-square
          Mars Sun Pluto t-square
          Mars Saturn trine
          My greatest effort with my clients is probably smiling, to show what i really feel for them, when i know they’re easily duped by “good face” and do not want to associate with that. Even though we laugh easily together.

          I’m pretty sure “kids” are no different from people. If they tell you some colleagues are insincere, i’ll bet they mean it, and you can take it to the bank. So to speak, cos there IS no bank for that. If you’re honest with them, with positive results, and also with a hierarchy, with negative results…well guess which bit you need to learn to better handle? And for whose sake, PF?

          • I don’t possess that ability to pander to the powers. I got Sun and Uran in the first. I don’t give a shit about rules esp when they get in the way ofcommon sense. In my school, atm, l actually get on quite well with my head teacher and the deputy principal; the principal is a bit remote. Mainly because l told don’t talk ‘educationese’, l just get on with kids. Many of my colleagues, over the years, have said we are not sure what you but it seems to work. Thats my aim in teaching. I think being an ‘Outre Planetoid’ helps a lot.

            • I’m late for bed. The next day has started before the last one has finished.

              I love your devil’s avocado roll!

            • Aw, such a rant from me! I have NO CHILL πŸ™‚

              But you answered some things i have wanted to know for a while.

              You do well at school, I’m sure. While i cannot avocado for any system that frustrates, there is only so much complaining about systems that is of any use. Good people can be stultified if they are numb with negativity. But if you get on well with kids, head teacher and principal, that counts for a lot of good work going on under the umbrella of inadequate bureaucracy.

  1. i’ve got mars in aqua natally and everything always has to be chill. If it can’t be chill then I won’t be a part of it. everything must be streamlined so i have more time to blast off into hyperspace consciousness and not be bogged down with anything that smells like the daily grind.

    currently energising my room with scents of cedarwood and black pepper to finish off the spring clean. Next step…donate all the clothes/crockery/stuff I don’t use. And then pimping out my yoga room with a crystal grid while listening to gangster rap because I gotta drop dat bass (chakra) πŸ™‚

    • oh hey!! I love those two oils. I haz em! That would be a really invigorating but chill mix. mmmm.
      for me I’d add a tiny single drop of petitgrain or clary sage to round it out. something also resiny but just a tad more soft/lifted/leafy.

      feeling the rest of what you said.

      • Oh yes to petitgrain or clary sage!! Mmm patchouli even although I already throw that on everything within a fifty metre radius haha πŸ™‚

  2. I have this list of stuff that has remained undone for like forever, it lingers and nags me daily –

    Since Mars in Aqua, I’m seeing how I make excuses, waste time etc (sabotage!) – but IDGAF about why, I’m just now tackling it one thing at a time, makes so much mores space in my brain.

  3. Thank you Mystic for posting this. I was actually wondering the opposite. Is there anything causing crazy rage right now? I didn’t see anything in the scopes to indicate fits of anger. I had a massive fit of anger yesterday and punched a wall because my biz partner tried to blame me for having a negotiation go sideways because she claimed I was 5 min late. Um no. The negotiation was flawed from the start with people not worth negotiating with from the start. Tbh it felt good. I haven’t been that angry since 2013 before the illness that almost took my is funny because that fit of anger was like a big fuq u to the Aries I was all goo-goo over in 2014 because I thought he cured me with his yoga crap. But no, you can’t cure me as this is my natural setting with Mars conj -pluto. It was like snatching my mojo back from his slimy gerbera self. Long live the monster that is marsbar!

    • Haha! That must have felt so good!

      Obedience school for Mars Pluto puppies lmfao hahahahaha this probably applies for everyone with a plethora of cardinal planets/aspects too!! We gotta jump the fence every now and then…

      • Great suggestion david! The only problem is I already have 2 black belts, one in jiujitsu and the other in another style. My town is just rife with “fake” or “drama-llama” senseis. πŸ™ The one I wanted to go back to was in another town about 90 mi away back in 2014. I found out he passed away 2012 and left his legacy to no one. πŸ™ I can only move fwd it seems.

  4. Mars in quincunxing my Venus and the Moon semi-sextiling my Mars / Pluto.

    So? Well l asked oracle a relship question (me?…nah..not me) and it said see what is semi-sextiling / quincunxing inner planets. And that is exactly how l feel about what’s going on with her. That and Neptune turning D over her 4 planet Pisces and opp my Venus.

    I’m floored by the Oracle most times!

  5. Aqua Sun-Venus-Mercury and Gemini Rising, with my Scorpio Jupiter squaring my Sun. I just got off a heated debate with my cab driver about the political situation in my home country. Long story short, he asked my thoughts about our new fascist misogynist president whom he *loves* for supposedly restoring law & order through an all-out war on drugs. I spent the whole ride ranting about how pessimistic I was about the future while he shook his head in disapproval, trying to rebut with “good” news of improvements c/o said President. I usually detach from heated arguments but this time I jumped right in there and voiced my frustration and disagreement – aware of the strange power dynamics between my older male foreign cab driver looking to correct me on MY domestic political situation. Paid him the exact fare, thanked him courteously, then promptly smudged myself and my space with sage as soon as I got home. HELLO MARS IN AQUARIUS.

    There’s an especially Aquarian rigidity and vehemence of view that I’ve been warned about in the past, and I’ve avoided debate because of this fearful constriction I feel when I do go over the deep end in defending my view. Detached warriordom sounds like a far healthier expression of this energy – fighting for what’s right without being obsessively fixated on the outcome, and with acceptance that other people will always see things differently…

    • Yes to aqua rigidity. My aqua father has maintained his political and societal views all his and my life and I’m old ! There I would be as a young man ranting about change etc and he would basically sit there with that look, like a smiling stone. I have much respect for my father and it took me a long time to fully understand his ways. Although there was the smiling stone he never sought to change my view or convince me of his. He always listened till I was finished and never criticized me in any way. In fact my father is to this day the only human I know that I have never heard to say a bad word about anyone. He is totally inscrutable in that way and totally frustrating in that way πŸ™‚

      • Geez, what does it mean if an Aqua chooses you to vent those critiques of people including yourself, while maintaining poise and friendly grace with all and sundry except let’s say one’s good self?? Nevermind, we all need a repository for our bad bad thoughts, even if that repository is going to think carefully then come back and slice out your psych bs with a few swords…

        Inscrutable? Yes, even i wonder if i’m ONLY imagining half the dialogue/interaction. FRUSTRATING? Oh like holy mfq

  6. It’s true!

    At least for me. Aquarius sun here. The triggers are there, prodding my temper and testing my resolve for general chill. But my energy leans not towards reacting in these flare up- but in dissipating the tension. Even if I just let myself step aside briefly, I can come back with mustered up coolness.

  7. Mars in Aquarius 1st house here, I certainly look chilled and can maintain composure when everything else around me is falling apart. Mars in Aquarius can be an accident/injury pro e aspect if you have Mars in hard aspect to Uranus. I have Mars in 1st house Aqua squaring Uranus in Scorpio 10th house, have definitely had some bizarre accidents involving sharp instruments – a simple root canal turned into a nightmare. If you have Mars stressing Uranus, stay away from angry people, don’t push their buttons, no road rage, definitely don’t get into an arguement when driving and be careful of sharp instruments. Mars in Aquarius is pretty detached and appears unemotional, does not cry easily unless you have other planets in water signs. They’re definitely not as interested in sex as other people are, it’s not a need and their lives don’t revolve around it. I have Mars trine Pluto in Libra too, don’t know how that plays out. Women with Mars in Aquarius have a masculine energy and can be very dominating, can out run or even beat a guy up… Now that Mars is back in Aquarius, I have insomnia and find it difficult to rest.

    • I feel ya! day after Mars crossed over i launched myself face first after hitting my foot on a rock running in the forest. I haven’t fallen down in years thanks to balance practice trying to anchor aqua mars

  8. yeah I am down with this. Mars in aqua is one of the ways that I can do clarity. Dry things up to access more clear decisions and evaluations. It’s conjunct my sibling’s Aqua sun too, so sometimes she comes out with shining direct statements that cut through all my “oh but this” and “grizzle that” and it is Blissful Relief: just do the thing, or stop giving a shit about the pointless thing, stop angsting about what the person thinks, it doesn’t fuqing matter, just do the thing.

    • i know I grizzle about aquarians a LOT on this site but with a grand air trine and that natal mars then yeah it’s the other side of the pisces coin i guess. I go to aquarians when I need a genuine Second Opinion free of my internal messaging system and when the radar is clouded over.

    • Pi yes I am getting the clarity too, my Pisces moon can get so f-ing sentimental about things + people that I can’t see clearly. Releasing the angst and just DOING the thing feels fantastic. xx

  9. Quite excited about this. This is where my mars is in my chart. It always makes me feel like I should be working in social justice campaigning or go back to school and become a lawyer for those who need defending. Makes me wish mars transits lasted longer, to enjoy them and also to have long enough to sit with the results of whatever scheme it stirs up.

  10. Geez I have Mars Aqua and don’t feel remotely chilled. In fact I feel quite militant. I’m so angry about so many things … so many injustices, so many privileged people getting away with their public and private rorts.

    I really wish we had Star Trek holosuites because right now I’d be booking in for some real head kicking with a Klingon.

  11. This Mars in Aqua is triggering my Scorpio bits being in my 8th House.
    Like my Pluto moon.

    Went to a kids party today and a dad of my kid’s fave friend started talking election results. Heigh Hoe I thought, do I be politic or go with the flow? Flow it is, thinks I and proceed to back my unpopular point with a cascade of factoids. Eventually the popping and fluffing dad ended up asking rudely, “And so are you one of those people who believes in reptilians?! ARE you?” Thinking better of my flow going at this point, I looked vague and said, “Well I was brought up Catholic and so, you know, nothing really surprised me any more”.

    Cannot. Bring. Myself. Anywhere.
    My poor kids. When I told my Gem what happened he said, oh well, I think you’re perfect. πŸ˜€

    • I love your Gem and you.
      You guys give me hope
      Know what you mean
      I can’t take me anywhere lately
      Not without expressing rage about the patriarchy and misogyny and basically being me but the latest edition, which is anything but bland.
      I’ve just been so emotional and relentlessly authentic it’s uncomfortable, even for me. But there are perks, unexpected ones to this inability or refusal to dumb down and play nice
      I want to say more but I can’t as being cyberstalkied by particularly annoying person who I used to spend time with years ago when I first found this site. I have healthier boundaries now than I did back then so am more guarded in terms of what I reveal and to whom. This guy hasn’t even had my phone number for years and regularly tries to “press the reset button “. Or let bygones be bygones
      By.e, gone. Haha
      But yeah the weird thing about having no contact with some who is obsessive about wanting to know everything you say and do, a fan basically (bless) who thinks the world of me but is just not able to treat people with care, respect and integrity is that i could honestly say I’d just built a spaceship and been to Pluto for the weekend in a comment and it would noted as gospel. So I can’t get into the upsides of authenticity or much else in the comments here anymore without consequences- i.e. The sheer pathos of having to endure someone creating yet another cyber ID with which to get through gmail’s spam filters or into one of my various social media feeds and start the pattern of fawning, the compliments and heartfelt sounding identification with whatever I’m saying and the The toe curling embarrassment as he bellyflops back into my cyberspace trying to manipulate, wheedle, induce pity and try to bribe me to see him – just to talk- honestly? Who pays anyone but a therapist just you to have a conversation with them?
      Since I am no therapist but rather a person IN THERAPY myself, I can only refuse the bribes and except the apologises and steel myself for the torrent of rejection triggered cyber abuse – up security settings and move on. But. How dull.
      Oh and I just inherited twenty trillion pounds, gave birth to triplets and am having a sex change operationn and facial reconstruction before changing my name and moving to Alaska So um. Keep in touch and, my name is Frank now.

    • Yeah, that “parents of kids friends” paradigm is so tricky. Having a spread of ages in the kids meant we were at one public school for 14 years ! And at preschool for 8 ! We have 5 years of high school left after being there for 8 years or so. It’s a socio political minefield.
      The UN couldnt devise a charter that would work. The level of diplomacy required to survive it unscathed is way beyond the middle eastern peace process.
      The multi cultural cross socio economic experiences I’ve collected over these years stand out as some of the most demanding, horrifying, amusing I’ve had in my life.

      • this is interesting. It’s like a not for profit corporate enterprise that no one is really managing and everyone’s involved for their own motives and reasons but there is no charter so no one really gets what is the best way to roll to meet higher needs (i.e. peace and goodwill to all personkind and also, hopefully, literate and numerate children).
        *rubs chin* faaaaaasscinating! hmm
        not being sarcastic. I never think about the decades of school environments that parents of multi-kids have to negotiate. It’s like a third or fourth job.

        • (with moon in capricorn I once described kids as “becoming CEO of a company you have only read about in the paper”) so yes lol.

        • Well yes, some parents see it as their own social opportunity and end up forming cliques that sort of enforce the kids to do the same. We have taken a different approach, basically that our kids choose their friends and we are of course friendly and inviting to their respective families but rarely familiar as such. So for example the cliques invite only each other to parties and get togethers we invite the whole class or form no exceptions. We just had my youngests barmitzvah and invited his whole form, around 80 teens to our place.
          They love it and no one gets left out.

      • Before l became a teacher (l was in automotive trade) l coached kids for sport (soccer, afl, cricket) and it became a very easy way to make connections. It was in local sports associations/leagues. It was here that many asked if l was a teacher. Most were surprised when I told em I was in cars. I found it broke the ice both my kids have friends from high school still despite them leaving there 14 yrs ago. My Uranity stops me from being entirely Yin.

      • Hah! I think you have the right idea here. All or nothing. All AND nothing.
        I think that I need to devise a protocol that does not involve Pluto or my Scorpio Moon and stick to that. My 11 House is ruled by Aries, so I reckon you know how that vibes.. independent (despite being water logged).
        That is A LOT of pre school. Reading this I am thinking not having a 3rd was wise given, not the kids, but the external demands was the right way for me.

    • Funny! That popping and fluffing dad sounds like a wanker, Sphinx.

      Thank goodness for people who believe in reptilians, I say! I’ve seen a couple of them shapeshift and they’re yucky.

      My strategy, when it comes to politics, is to snap on Piscean vague, quietly know what I know, and let others have their voice. If their opinions are ignorant or narrow-minded my energy is better spent than in a futile effort to break down their rigid belief systems. Unless they are truly stupid or dangerous. Then I give them a quick smack and move on.

      School is a political arena. Smile, nod, swim away…

      • You are super right Ali. I just got excited! I have to learn not to go about being a multicoloured jellyfish and acquire a nice beige crab shell. No one wants to know!!
        I am taking notes from 13 year old niece on this topic. She is hopelessly sophisticated and of course Piscean. With Sun in the 8th, Moon conjunct Neptune in the 7th in Aquarius and a bazillion friends on snapchat I could have a worse mentor. πŸ™‚ (Nod, smile, swim; nod-smile-swim; nodsmileswim…)

  12. My ascendant is in late aqua, so mars is still in my 12th stirring up some anxiety and difficulty falling asleep. On the other hand, when I do manage to sleep I have the clearest, most refreshing dreams. Lots of psychological closure but without the usual angst. And the realization I don’t have the smallest clue when it comes to anger, just can’t deal with it. I keep a straight face and seethe in private when I’m angry while judging people who manifest this feeling outwardly.

  13. I got all this cleaning done! All these things that have been bugging me for ages, I just dealt with. And it was easy. Nay, enjoyable! And I even had time to do things I love doing, like shopping and making stuff and watching sci-fi. I’m still mildly gobsmacked.
    Also someone close to me tried to control-freak me, and then after a discussion, backed down, apologised and has been lovely af since. If this is Mars, I want it to stay exactly where it is.

  14. I have a gigantic to do list but my chill is coming from the fact that I will not be hosting Thanksgiving OR Christmas this year. Ripping out the existing kitchen is a reason that cannot be overruled, even if my father in law were to guilt trip my husband till he caved. The stress of being without a kitchen is nothing compared to dealing with people with boundary issues and cleaning up after them.

        • We are always ‘away’ between the 24th dec and the 15th Jan and have been for the last 20 years. It’s one of the best decisions we have made in our lives. Family and friends don’t even ask us any more they just know we are ‘away’.

          • We may try it one of these days but for now it is nice to finally be saying “no”. It must be worth it for you & your family if you’ve kept it up for that long.

    • Good for you Electro, seriously having construction done in your house is so stressful, last thing you need is a bunch of people walking around in it too!! So chill to let someone else do the work for a change :).

  15. I was just about to reveal my xmas plans but realised I can’t.
    But the split or dichotomy between the deliberately evolving and conscious cool keepers and the manipulative muggles keen to vamp, stalk, blame, shame, guilt trip or whatever projection device is their weapon and vice of choice is certainly becoming rather clear isn’t it?
    Maintaining one’s equilibrium no matter what and being vigilant about our direction, space and autonomy may be tough in such turbulent times but it’s proven more than worth the effort to score a quiet couch in the corner here he in the psychic VIP section than the option of being out there on the sticky dance floor having beer spilled on you and booming bass blaring your brains out in messy muggleville right now.

    • YES!! Muggles are really outing themselves in full force these days aren’t they? So messy!!

      Instead of allowing them to bait me into a speedy, sloppy response, I’m steady + focused. xx

  16. Esoterically (Alice Bailey) Neptune is ruled by Pluto.
    This November Moon set its tone upon a trine to Neptune at about 9 degrees Scorpio/Pisces
    Neptune stationing direct in this month
    I am Sun/Merc/Juno/Venus Scorpio – Juno on 9 degrees Scorpio also trine to Uranus in Cancer in 5th house. My childhood issues worked out through love affairs,(5th house) always stemming from parental axis (cancer/capricorn) and delving towards new paradigm of family life.
    I guess deep-seated, instinctual rage.
    I have been re-hashing father issues. My father had Jupiter conjunct Neptune in Leo – so can guess at over-inflation on the glamour side of things, starting with a haze of cigarette smoke, behind which a swamp of well-hidden alcoholism, then deeper layers of sexual rage as in masc sexual wounding a la Parsival plus just pure rage at the very foundational magma core. Being an unavailable non-relational dad in a visible sense I became ocd to crack this in a very concrete do-or-die fashion. Ie find me a man upon whom I can work out my projections. This has been one hell of a journey (3 years) – working out the smoking, alcohol was a cinch compared to the sexual rage and pure volcanic rage and the potent silence and the hidden invisibility (because Pluto is silent and potent) but at last I see my own stuff (I guess some of it!) and begin to withdraw the projection from the unsuspecting, yet not so innocent guy, because really he has all that stuff too. It wasn’t a misdirected projection. Laser accurate intuition brought the “right” person for the alchemical retort. Now I think we quite like each other. Well isn’t that the other side of the relationship – the one that was always there in seed form – doesn’t every father and daughter have a strong primary bond attachment which can be positive and evolutionary. PS I spent a good decade or more doing a similar thing with the mother template and reached resolution. I like this word “resolution” – coming to a solution again, having brought into incarnation a mystery to solve. I may have known that before incarnation but the curtains of unconsciousness closed quickly upon that knowledge leaving me (Scorpio sleuth) a life time to solve and close the case.

  17. Natal Mars in Aquarius 12th house square Sun Trine Venus. As soon as Mars crossed over it’s been a bit of a roller coaster. Distant from the crowd yet feeling pulled by its affect. Definitely a sense of being turned on and ready to experiment. I like it but it is exhausting.

  18. This exactly the vibe that I’ve been tapping into lately. I was telling my friends that I can feel there is a level of neurotic behaviour for the collective feel, tapping in underneath that there is total stillness, peace and serenity. Loving the vibe, and noticing the ease in resilience if I do slip into the old junk.

  19. Instead of peace walk – finished raking/ bagging leaves, sowhen the revolution comes, I can host awesome gatherings.

    Hopped off the media crazy train to attend to house home food, laundry. Gotta have clean clothes for the planning meetings!

    Seriously, very heartened by tsunami of never before active women- verging on Saturn squares and Chiron Returns- and Uranus opps- they are blowing up phone lines and giving federal and state reps etc and their admin assts carpel tunnel- protesting!!! LOL!!


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