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So it is now the Dark Moon in Scorpio for hours and hours. Days even. See the Daily Horoscopes for the times in various zones.  I have a theory about dreaming on the Dark Moon. Or maybe i actually did dream this?

So say that the waking life is like the land with cities and jungles, our everyday consciousness, that there is a shore and then this vast inland sea that is our psyche. We mostly only travel that at night, when we dream. Although, of course, sometimes emissaries from this ocean show up in the cities and the jungles of our waking world.

Anyway, there is usually lunar light to guide us and we tend not to venture to far from the shore when we dream. Or even in trance, savasana, intuitive flow etc. But with the Dark Moon, it’s just inky indigo and without realizing it, we go way further out into this sea or pool of our psyche, thus encountering the most amazing terrain out there.

And without the lunar light, usual navigation settings are null and so broader influences, deeper instincts than our habitual groove, can come into play.

It’s one of the reasons why drugs are not a good idea on the Dark Moon and how it is such a good time to sanctify your space, heal and release.



Image: Jeff Soto

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54 thoughts on “Dark Moon Scorpio Dreaming

  1. I don’t know how you do it, Mystic. I had the most powerful dream of my life. I actually texted a friend saying I don’t know who the hell I am anymore.

  2. Wow, I’m glad I read the DM in time today. Emergency override comms shutdown as I am hitting Peak Psycho every hour on the hour?!

  3. Made myself go to yin yoga this eve. The teacher is so lovely. My left leg has been a bit ligament-y/tight since a thing last year. Imagining my lungs were in the leg and breathing from there. Deep drifting in some places. The lovely crush appeared in my thoughts. Won’t cross paths until after new moon. Who knows? I recognised on Sat how much fear and anxiety I was carrying around with me about how I could ‘make’ this go the way I would like it to, or how I didn’t want to cave/crumble and screw things up in some awkward way. I made peace with myself by realising and feeling a lot of gratitude that this year has brought some of the most divine souls into my life. Gorgeous, humane, intelligent, creative, aware, sensitive, 21st century people. I was so amazed just thinking about them all. Not necessarily firm friendships but just getting to know these guys and girls in the smallest way is a kind of humbling revelation. So I guess this (ok) crush is an unknown quantity too, but simply knowing these lovely humans exist, maybe that’s enough too. Open mind open heart. Good night y’all. X

    • And also as someone mentioned here recently and a Virgo friend of mine suggested once. Feeling drawn to someone doesn’t mean that that connection has to be romantic. There is an enormous spectrum of ways to have someone in our circle, and take some time to be conscious of what shape the connection could take, before trying to label it with the romance-only tag. Breathe…in… Oouutttt

  4. Had a deep multilayered dream which disappeared with the thought “must write this all down before…”
    They come back though.

  5. I don’t know what’s going on with me, but I’m sure this isn’t helping. I feel lost at sea, so your theory makes complete sense to me. I must have wandered too far from the shore in the dark. *sigh*

    • Maybe it’s because this dark moon is in my 12th house, so it must be dredging all sorts of shizz that I’m not seeing.

  6. Dark moon in my 5th house….feeling inward like I always do a month before Winter Solstice. Working in a very public, extroverted environment, though, which is actually going ok, so far.

    Venus/Pluto conjunction is going through my 7th, and square Jupiter going through my 4th. I told my housemate off today to the point where he was crying. He really crossed me. I got lividly angry. I have a bad temper, but it hasn’t come out like that in a LONG time.

    SN still on my Pisces moon…..go away already!

    I hardly ever remember my dreams but I think I ‘travel’ a lot, astral travel, because I wake up disoriented on a regular basis. I can sleep very deeply. When I do remember my dreams, it’s very vivid and seems real. I’ll see what happens during this period of time… I haven’t been drinking, and have had no desire to, so I think I’ll be ‘awake’ in that way during this moon..

    • Transiting my 12th and I found a petrified snake on my walk today. Trance dancing in the Pacific Northwest sounds preferable to the mumbo jumbo in my head, haha.

  7. Well i had to wake up on this one.

    2hrs ago, as the Moon neared my SuperCharged Neptune 4*, l had a fuqn freaky dream; actually opposite that. My stepfather came back. Bro #3 & me were in a strange place, our age adult, nevertheless all unfamiliar. I physically wrestled him and we both were glad he was gone.

    Later l got up, the reason I’m unaware of, but he was back. My former wife came in and saw this and said we had to get out (no kidding; lol). For he was naked and masturbating. He tried cover us but l belted him with pool cue.

    Fuq, I’m never gonna do Mugwort and Reishi in same brew again.
    WTF does that one mean?

    • that you should like NEVER EVER do reishi and mugwort again?
      Just my take dude
      and FYI
      you were dead right about the Swedish version of the millennium trilogy.
      No content, none

      • Yep, never. Like l should’ve looked it up….but then again l had a Lower -Neptunian momentary lapse of reason.

        I could only sit through the first story of US version. The two leads were perfect in the Swedish one. I fell in love with Noomi Rapace because of her zero -eyed intensity. And Michael Nyqvist played the flawed man whose only choice was to do the right thing…doggedly.

          • I don’t think they bothered making a second or third one. Fincher also tweaked the story melding Harriet and the cousin in London into one person and although Joely Richardson was amazing in the role, Harriet is not in London so that was sloppy. I agree 100% about Michael Niquest’s character being just not even remotely represented by Craig. Total money cast. Purely cash inspired decisions all over that version. The best thing about Fincher’s version was how much fun they had creating Lisbeth Salander because she is in large part the reason the trilogy is so compelling but I couldn’t sit through Fincher’s version again if my life depended on it. It feels so hollow and overblown with all the interesting details neatly airbrushed out and no emotional impact left. I’m reading Erving Goffman (not sure if I spelt that right) but his work on stigma and spoilt identity as well as his studies on how identities of people institutionalized either in asylums or the penal system become defined by the very fact of having been there in the first place. Scarily how the stigmatized individual is often singled out as an “at risk child” so early that they begin to see themselves as “at risk” and the panopticon (I THINK) that’s the right word effect is creepily similar and the sense of being other and at risk has exactly the opposite effect in most cases. Often the way marginalized or stigmatized individuals react to the abasements and humiliations they’re subjected to is an incredibly sane and totally rational response- certainly a human and healthy one to the stripping away of self and ability to decide how that self is presented to others is eroded. It does make me wonder…
            A Cyborg Manefesto is also on my list now as I’m realizing more of why I’m so drawn to her as a character is that she seems to exist beyond the realm of gender labels or political movements like feminism or even social groups. She’s a true cyborg almost seeming to become human throughout the trilogy in her own way. Or not. She’s a puzzle. I do love how this character breaks so many stereotypes and asks more questions than she answers.

            • I have not read the book but the film had a huge impact on me rather like “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest” did 40 yrs ago. (I am Neptunian as well as Plutonian and a Uraniac).

              “I fell in love with the actress, she was playing a part I could understand”. (Neil Young).

              I so felt, after seeing the film, that every bastard who has ever abused someone should suffer the same fate as her tormentors. Not that l didn’t feel that way beforehand but it regalvanised my thoughts on the matter. It made me think l should’ve become an investigator for abuse victims.

              I haven’t seen it for a few years; must see it again.

            • Loving this invicta. What you said about the ‘problematic’ persons response being in fact a rational response to the behaviours of others. I was having a conversation about something v similar with a psychologist acquaintance a while ago. She deals with bullying and its impacts on the victims, especially teenagers. And the way we pathologise the victim’s reaction (sometimes very profound as we’d all know i guess) rather than the aggressor, the agent. So we turn the person on the receiving end into a problem to be solved. When all that’s actually happening is that they are responding – as you mentioned – in a way that is actually very reasonable and understandable in the face of the onslaught.

              • exactly
                my insane over identification with the character of Lisbeth Salander seemed at first to be superficial. After PowderFinger’s insistence that “the real version” was the original Swedish Millennium trilogy I binge watched them and realised why he was so right about that. I’ve tried reading the actual books themselves and failed, it’s tough to read fiction but the series on film and the google searches which followed lead to my audiobooks and academic tomes sadly not available in audible format but super interesting classics really, like Stigma and Cyber Manifesto and just so many I’m kind of reading simultaneously and finding joy in the analysis of aspects of story and characters by various psychologists, scholars and anthropologists. Fascinating stuff, really, I’ve ingested so many books as a result of titles and people mentioned in books about the books. The series was originally called Men Who Hate Women and I think in Sweden that may still be the title of the trilogy. He, Larson was a feminist and also extremely political. Not just as a writer but as an activist, he lived very modestly and used the story and the characters as a narrative device to expose the pro nazi, anti semitic and misogyny that goes unnoticed in most first world government, civil type institutions. Seriously, the dude was amazing and as I said, lead me to people writing in the 30’s and 40’s whose work is as, if not more relevant today than ever. This idea of nationalism being a thing that is okay is often used to hide so much hate for the marginalized, the stigmatised and the already oppressed. It does leave you reeling and thinking wtf is with this human race of ours? are we just bullies and bigots?
                Lisbeth and Mikael seem to represent the pinnacle of courage and integrity in terms of a woman who has been so badly abused by the system she has her own sense of justice and is kind of a hypocrite in many ways that simply don’t concern her. She’s very much out for herself, although there is a deep theme in her character of needing to avenge and defend abused women, it’s not nearly as conservative and complex as the journo dude who keeps getting arrested for trying to tell the truth. It’s certainly not something we can afford to ignore, this system of the system protecting itself and perpetuating abuse, hiding bullies, bigots and misogynists and the shit they do. There is so much to read about and so so much to do…

              • Pi, you will love Goffman’s work Stigma and the management of Spoilt Identity. it’s just EPIC. It’s an incredibly compelling topic and a complex thread to start unravelling.

  8. This explains the epic bizarre dream I just had! (just woke up and journalled about it) Scorpio rules my 12th house so this now all makes sense to me! Wowza

  9. I’ve been obsessing over my 8th house, I think there’s something within I need to integrate. Something I’ve overlooked.

    We are experiencing a bit of a time warp in my house – my aunt gave my kids a huge box of toys that were my cousin’s, and he is 10 years older than me. Planet of the Apes, GI Joe, westerns, etc. I hope it’s not an omen of the next administration taking us backwards 40 years.

  10. A friend of mine has been using marijuana while going into deep meditation. Should I warn him not to, for the next couple of days? Thanks x

    • Im no expert on this but think maybe meditation is best done straight. The idea is to tap into your limitless consciousness. I know you can trance out with pot but maybe better to do that whilst painting/playing music/stream of consciousness writing etc

  11. This is a very… interesting time for me. Transiting Neptune tsquaring exactly my natal Saturn and Chiron. Pluto ic. I started feeling the most intense urge to surrender to a higher power. Not in a fanatical culty way, just like on my own personal level. So I’m trying to navigate this while in this “waking life.” Where the awake mind that is prone to anxiety lives, where the busyness of everyday life lives, and the ego. Strange times….ohhhhh Neptune, and this is only “part 2” of Neptune in Pisces for me… such a trip. Combined w chiron and Saturn it feels like every issue I’ve had from my past has bobbed up in my face and I must deal with it, but my old ways can’t fix them.

    • This! Totally relate seawitchmermaid… surrender, anxiety and the every day, and new ways to fix the issues! It’s… strangely exciting.

      • Oh that’s cool cappa gem! Surrender is a bit of a struggle for me but I’m trying!

        Also funny how literal the dreams are, been dreaming of water and sea creatures almost every night. The night after I read tarot at a small event all these fish came back to life when the tide came in, and last night I dreamt I was walking along a shore and could see each little area of water that went off to the side had a street sign labeling it! Ended up wading through it. But yes water in my dreams every night. Soo much happening sub and unconsciously.

  12. well last might i dreamt i was holding my baby…i nearly dropped it and felt a bit embarassed…then i did actually drop it and it fell through a cattle grid into a river…..thoughts ANYONE lol!

    • Oh maaan, I don’t have physical children, but part of dream last night was sitting in a parked car and hearing baby cries, only to go and find a baby who’d been put into an empty peanut butter container and left directly in the sun. (Baby was totally proportionate to container and so peanutty cute!)

    • anything important in your life that you feel you might have “dropped the ball” on lately? Or something that has slipped through the cracks? or a combo of the two?

    • Baby gets through earthly defences (literally: cows, road travels, fence-aligned passive blockade) to go straight thru to emotions? “Dont drop the baby” that’s a weighty phrase irl too…

    • That’s a shocker of a dream! I have no children, but I also had vivid, crazy dreams last night! I dreamt Obama had a subtle knife that could cut through dimensions, he was leading a group to safety from roaring tsunami’s but he kept dropping the knife cause his hand were all bloody:p I then tried and repeatedly failed. Too much cheese on a dark Scorpio moon! I just think fears of failure are strong atm….

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