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Confused? Disassociating? Scattered?  There are multiple astral influences operating at the moment and well, you would have quadruple clone yourself to do/channel all of them at once.  I think it’s best to choose one primary vibe to align with – this is when even a basic knowledge of your birth chart or astrology is helpful and then a secondary one for backup.

Also –  read both your Sun and Rising Signs in the Horoscopes, where i have tried to parse this all for you and yours.



  • Jupiter-Pluto – for when  you’re feeling like everything is under-scored with Sex/Power or Primordial, Freud-on-a-bender type emotions. Your blood stream is 70% high altitude espresso, you don’t just have boundaries now – you have borders bristling with heavily armed drone bots that automatically fuq anyone off not willing to meet/match you in your strength. You are compulsively obsessed with next-leveling and ruthlessly erasing or rebooting every aspect of your brain not aligned with the Zeitgeist now coming in.


  • Neptune Direct – you are emerging from the mists that you can now see concealed a psychic swampland you have been meandering through for years, maybe even decades. You are exquisitely aware of every single psychic nuance and the substances or quasi-religious beliefs that you have reached for or amplified to get away from existential pain. Consciousness Elevation IS your priority. Your sensitivity to energy and environment is like that of a medium. You see more or less everything in mytho-poetic terms and it works.


  • Uranus on Ceres on Eris in Aries in strange aspect to Lilith-Chiron – you are going to hack/innovate/create your way out of conventional norms and into a fresh style of looking/being/feeling. You are Future. Time is a tyranny that can go fuq itself. You are actively involved in a radical dimension of extreme self-care and this will allow you to live in but also outside of the system, in stealth mode and while becoming super Anti-Fragile.


Philippe Druillet

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128 thoughts on “Astral Power Surge

  1. Neptune Direct is in play for me

    Five thirty this morning I had just finished writing out this intense dream I had last night, standing close to a big wave. Checked my emails and then lifted my Japanese half moon minimalist coffee table back to the centre of the room when my lower back seized up. I haven’t been able to move properly since and I can’t help but feel my dream was in play somehow. Needs more thought…

  2. Despite having lots of water in my chart, my Scorp moon and Aries Venus are over it. I’m going with the first option, I want to karate chop every situation I know right now and start over fresh. Like metaphorically breaking glass. Perhaps I should actually break something and imagine them as situations I’m sick of… hmmm.

    • lots of grammatical errors and jumping thoughts… my apologies. Just a testament to the feeling scattered at the mo. My normally carefulness with words & phrasing is first to go out the window!

      • it’s such an Aries sentiment. just to go in guns blazing and to hell with all diplomacy, set the match and walk away from the fire while everyone else is confused and wondering wtf happened

  3. Uranus is one degree away from my natal moon and my rejection of time/system/norms is a fairly accurate description of what’s going on in my life. Have quit my time intensive/low paid feminized work for a better paid casual role where I have time and energy to focus on my health and a better career. Pretty much on the back of barbell career recommendations by Taleb. So spot on Mystic.

  4. I have to go the 3rd one cause my sun is conjunct that pile up. Though Neptune direct is always a good thing in my books.

  5. I love these alignment tips. The ones in the Daily Mail around election time helped immensely. I aligned myself to the Neptune vibe and voila! Survival and thriving. Going neptune again, it’s au natural for me when swimming rather than drowning. Seaweed can be an anchor blanket and not an entanglement if you work with it.

    • Whoah! That’s a very nice metaphor to work with seaweed. Gracias, Senorina xx

      I need both the string-buzz of Jupiter/Pluto and the Neptune Direct vibe to work well together, so i don’t drown myself, nor fizzle out the water with my fire. Being 5th house (native Leo house, right?) Piscean, with my Neptune and Jupiter in Sag, with tide-pulling Moon there, in the 12th, my Pisces/Sagittaria, Neptune/Jupiter is incredibly mixed in together. Then, i am Jupiter Rising out of 12th House, both Sagittarius.

      I want to be the third option Mystic presents, but it takes incredible constant work to balance the fire-water. At my best i’m a Steam Engine. I do share a birthday with the inventor of the Diesel Engine, so i try to keep that power in mind.

      Thank you for reinforcing that comfort is okay when the power of fire sparks and flames xxx

        • Oh fuuuuq let me tell you i’m far more self aware and even in my lower moments hope that i would never hurt another creature, especially a young one. That is, when i’m at my most confident, i either doubt myself to the ground and down below to explore the miasma, or somehow life delivers me a whopper to the face and bottom.

          This is precisely why i have resisted fertility with all witching powers i have or don’t even (the Gambler/Fool), i’ll call on anything not to cause harm.

          And believe me, i can trick myself so i don’t even trust…okay…i know well how guardians trick their progeny, so am always and ever alert. It’s a thing i need to drop to be full and free, but a thing i can never drop to ensure i’m clean of footsteps on anyone’s earth. Without that, i’m never free.

          I’m taking your comment as surprise, not appreciation, your Katakan self notwithstanding.

          • No disrespect to your mama but i have read you here before, even when i was silent and too busy/fqd with exhaustion to respond. I was thinking hard about it anyway, so wouldn’t have replied.

            • It’s cool. Reading all the Pisceans on here helps. It helps two ways.

              1. Ive learnt there are higher expressions than my mum’s version.
              2.I’m getting info on how to handle the ebb n flow of my slow percolating distant Piscean.

              A study in the cutest form of Mutability.

    • Jupiter transiting my 12th and Pluto is my chart ruler. Killin’ it there too.

      I can’t claim to have tamed the ‘tune but after almost a year of Saturn on my moon Neptune conjunction, I can say the psychic sponge now has a guard dog.


  6. Ohhhhh yeah this explains it. I am ready to break free of everything that has been holding me back. After all, you can’t start life fresh and new if you’re still clinging onto the old junk for dear life. I am SO done with it. It really is time for a new and better phase. This is about the billionth sign I’ve had this week that it’s the right time to move on. Thanks Mystic <3

  7. I think Neptune D is the bomb.
    I’ve been in a funk ever since it went Pisces (0* Mars 2* Pluto 5* Vesta 9* Venus – Virgo). I’ve struggled on so many fronts; esp tandemised with Pluto opp Asc past and applying Sun soonish.

    Esp living under such a powerful natal Neptune. Plus it will lift the fog off her who is wonderful and her Pisces stellium.

    • Yeah hey… I never pay much attention to Neptune as it never seemed relevant (not sure why…), but I literally felt the mist and fog I have been bumbling around in for years (decades!) just evaporate as it went direct. It was amazing! Previously I’d felt like an early onset dementia candidate. I’d really like to magic up the 3rd Uranian option though…

      Speaking of Uranus, does anyone know what size orb to use with outer planet aspects? It feels like I’ve had Uranus opposing my moon/uranus for evaaaaaaaa…(i swear it’s been exact op my moon for months)
      also pluto meandering back and forth over my Venus by a couple of degrees – for evaaaaaaaa…
      Now Saturn is 2 deg off my sagg stellium (7th house – no romance for you missy!) – should I count this as “on”?….

  8. I’m doing Jupiter-Pluto already. Money sex power & boundaries underscore everything, I just want to know how to get out of this rut & be queen of my empire (again)!! What an accompaniment to the peak of my Saturn return… Flashy wand is my aim!

  9. Last night I dreamt I was on the first passenger rocket flight to the moon. I was early and then running late but they were holding the flight for me apparently the first flight leaves from Melbourne haha. Neptune is approaching natal Venus in pisces tenth. Sun in pisces opposite my moon in Virgo.

    • How could you be late for a rocket to the Moon? You’d be camped there for a week.
      They landed on the Moon for my 10th birthday. (Australian time)

      • That is awesome!!!!! Was it awesome??? Please tell about the real thing.

        So ridic to be running late for my rocket. I was super early and then I got distracted and oops! Is that the time? They were holding it for me and I was desperately trying to call my friend telling him to get a shuffle on but I couldn’t get my phone to work…. OMG PF, thank you, I know what this dream means. Don’t get distracted by crap, the coolest thing ever is about to happen so I should go and do that. YES!

      • My primary school didn’t have enough TVs so us older kids had to go to someone’s place to watch it.

        I was already bouncing of the wall about the Moon landing. Did l know intuitively it being my chart ruler an all?

        The house we had to go to was owned by the parent’s of this girl l had a crush on. I was besotted by her, hard to believe, l know. I was watching the tv but l sat next to her. I was so excited l kept looking at her as well.

        I spilt my coke.

  10. Oh lol.
    Jupiter Pluto is not quite like that for me, being exact on my IC and triggering the still-unravelling matters of the IC. I have to go gently, but the fuel is there for exit velocity.
    Neptune direct, yes.
    Uranus whatever, yes so much. Sextiling all the 6th house things. Even the basics are revolutionary at this point . The dreamlands, you see

  11. Libra- probably Jupiter Pluto pinging midpoint of Sun-Venus. Whee! Skipped the 11th H stuff to focus on Home Sweet Home. Can’t have the revolution with dirty floors and leaves blowing about!

    Curious about 1968 I peeked back- Uranus newly in Libra. Pluto, Jupiter, Mars in late Virgo- Saturn retro in Aries.

    N Node in Aries on Eris, Neptune in late Scorpio- Venus in Saggi.

    Someone on FB said this election is like 1968 all over. We just had a huge peace walk in a local progressive community- looks like it’s lots of 1st and 2nd Saturn Returners walking. Lovely upbeat energy.

    • And you believed him 😉
      I’ve seen a few of those explosions but they were all ‘organic’ in nature.
      In fact one of my first parties as a teen a lovely young lass introduced me to Blackberry Nip.
      She had consumed most of the bottle and then kindly brought it up and all over my nice shirt and bell bottom slacks.

      • lol … you said “slacks” … and “bell bottoms” in the same sentence.

        Sorry I’m feeling dizzy. Must be that horrid flashing gif.

        • it was before he discovered acid and ashrams (or equivalent). it was the explosive beginning of a life of eclectic experimentalism. happens to the best of us.

        • Ha ! You’ve uncovered my complete ignorance to attire. I was sure all pants were slacks ? Chiron must be at play here. I blame my mother, imagine sending a boy to his first party in slacks with bell bottoms. Omg. The shame oh the shame. Here I was this whole time thinking I was Lord of the Pants and now… a total loser. That girl did me a favor, it all makes sense now.

          • lol … your children must roll their eyes in horror. “Daaddd!! Don’t say that word!!!”

            But yes I’m sure I wore some lovely slacks accompanied by very stylish pumps in my day. hehehe

    • The Jupiter Pluto vibe is like the base undercurrent kind of throbbing pulse like–Neptune vibe is like a mist all around and in me osmosis style–so I guess it’s the uranus/Lilith/etc vibe I am really WORKING. I have had the “anti fragile” audiobook on in the background all day…

      (Is on YouTube!)

  12. Giddy up, hit me& YES. Red hot chilli peppers in car waiting for yoga. Better find ” other side” XxXx blessings to all “

  13. Pluto is opposite my natal Jupiter at the moment so as you can imagine it’s my priority. This weekend without any intention to Damage, I’ve literally broken my silence on many issues that bug the hell out of me and normally I’ve let go. So my Aqua chap has found out about a number of personality traits of his that I can no longer handle. Is the writing on the wall one wonders. I’m also involved in two legal cases, chasing what I consider is just. I’m normally so mild mannered ?!?!?

  14. I am trying to survive insomnia. One proper night’s sleep in 10 weeks. I’m not entirely sure where I am. Or how I am. Or how I could or should be.

    All I know is that epic sleep dep strips away the cope to zero. Have had 2 fights with my long term partner about his gf stuff vs my stuff and home responsibilities because of breaks in routine (Lilith-Ceres?), had a massive discussion with my high school crush saying I wasn’t prepared to continue being part of his fantasy (and he can’t be part of my reality – that felt very neptunian!!) and I’m still scuttling through the fall out from the blow up with my two best friends (is that Pluto-Jupiter – it felt like burnt ground on speed).

    Being authentic is harrowing. I wish I was able to focus and work out what/how to vibe. All I’d really like is some sleep. Lots of sleep. (Yes, you name it I’ve experimented with it to try and stay asleep!!) so I can finish off all the projects I scheduled at the start of the month.

    • When I’m hanging for a good nights sleep after a few restless nights I take a dose of an over the counter sleepy anti hystamine, like Phenergan. If I really need knocking out 2 x 25 mg, depends on your weight etc.
      No sleep can be a serious danger to your health.

    • good luck sleepless in brisvegas. no sleep strips our ability to cope with stuff like nothing else. well, mine at least. ouch.
      hope soon to be reading comments from “well-rested in brisvegas”

    • I empathise… sleep has been my biggest challenge since forever but specifically the last three years. Hope your radical drive to be authentic will pay off with proper sleep soon xxx

    • My son had chronic insomnia, and it turned out to be a food intolerance. In his case, it was amines. Sorry to offer unsolicited non-astrology advice, but you could check out Sue Dengate’s website.

  15. The first two are very strong at the moment. The 3rd not really feeling it.

    On the Monday Daily Mystic you wrote “If you had any strange insights into old patterns that drive you at the subconscious level or the root cause of anything compulsive, congratulations – you are doing Haute Neptune” and when I read it I honestly thought you were spying on me Mystic :D, ’cause that bolt-lightning wowza revelation had just happened to me on the train toward a kundalini yoga seminar a few minutes before reading your newsletter. Talk about synchronicity.

    I have Pluto in my first house and Nept conjunct my IC so I feel these 2 planets way more than others.

  16. This is over the top.

    I’m all grand crosses and grand trines

    Circle gets the square

    Don’t cross the streams

    Form is emptiness,emptiness is also Form

    Harm none

    Check check check

  17. i am so confused and scattered i can barely discern any of this as intelligible english. i gotta choose door #3 “Uranus on Ceres on Eris in Aries in strange aspect to Lilith-Chiron” , radical self-care. drawing boundaries, taking naps, saying phuq off to commitments and looking forward to exiting this place of dissociated fragility.

  18. deffo one and two….jupiter is squaring my mc and pluto…theres a guy at work i find a bit over friendly…think im in the minority tho…hello boundaries even if i look like a stuck up bitch…
    couldnt touch alcohol this weekend…i tried…not like me lol…
    what is going ON??
    would LOVE to b able to ‘do’ number three….

  19. My Jupiter opposition is exact today, so have the Jupiter-Pluto square both natally and by transit. Chiron is trining my North Node. Fortunately my Neptune sq Neptune transit has separated off, although last week was awash with Neptune engergy. Uranus is conjunct my Chiron.

    It’s all a bit intense to say the least.

  20. An allergic reaction combined with or made worse by exposure to social media meant going to bed listening to 432 mhz dna healing/chakra clearing music along with detailed imagining of living on an entirely different planet (very similar to this one–just not entirely fucked with weapons, fracking and fuqwits). I think I got the Neptune on speed dial while also trying to work with all that Aries energy in a determined and brazen way.

  21. It’s a photo finish here between Neptune direct and Jupiter-Pluto. Neptune will finally move off my sun stellium and I am so glad. So much Saturn in the mix has been hard, but ultimately rewarding. Only now do I feel like I can fully inhabit my Piscean-ness. But I also have a grand earth trine, Pluto’s now on my moon-Lilith and my Pluto/Mars/Uranus in Virgo and Jupe in Taurus are all getting blasted and bigged up. So I’m super-sensitive, can’t be around difficult people or any kind of cruel or shallow vibe, yet at the same time I am glowering with a kind of ruthless, smelter-heat, ‘Seriously, world, do not fuq with me.’

  22. Lol, all of this is hitting my chart. Pluto on IC, Jupiter on ascendant, Neptune squaring natal Saturn, Uranus et al trining my natal Mars/Uranus. I think I relate to the bottom one most, overall, but they are all relevant.

  23. Holy mothership. Please make that awful gif go away. I’m pretty sure I’m the Jupiter-Pluto .. but that horrible flashing thing is making it hard to concentrate.

        • Cannot at all cope with flashing gifs. If i can’t scroll down enough i just have to miss the first part of the post or email. I’ve had a neurological issue, which rears up like a panicked nostril-flaring horse when i’m tired/stressed/unwell.

          Do you have Uranian/Aquarian sensitivities on top of Water ones? Sorry, Prowlers, you’ve been part of here so long, but i forget.

          • Yeah I have quite a bit of Aquarian/Uranian action.

            Mars, NN & MC Aqua. Sun square Uranus. Basically I’m just this chaotic homebody that can cook and rant. lol

  24. Jupiter is on my natal sun so guess I’ll have to go with that one.
    But Uranus, Ceres, Eris in my wreaking havoc in my 7th with Chiron approaching my DC.

  25. Good to know! Thanks mystic! Was the wondering why everything is so churny. I suspect I am mostly #1 and some #2. Not really feeling 3 at all.

    Had a huge fight with my mother today. My life is so stressful with this bitch in my tired of being belittled for following my true path and helping her. My sister who does not give a shit about her and helps her very little (only because my mother rewards he with cash) gets all the accolades because she makes all the big $$. I told her you better hope I don’t kill myself because my sis will never take care of you. In fact my sis would blame her for me taking my own life. Unluckily for both of them I am currently planning on sticking around. Suicide feels too complicated rn.

  26. Since our first warm day and another summery day yesterday I’m official OVER IT.
    Work politics, annoying muggles, and one of my close friends has decided to cut me off, sending a text message exactly like a gerbera press release, about how she’s loving life and doesn’t have time to see me any more, WTF?? Angry about T***p, racism, misogynism, patriarchy (Hello, Lilith in Scorp) and just the general fukedness of the world.
    Add to that the frantic energy of — christmas in 4 weeks, so much stuff to do, and the silly season of overindulging in alcohol and socialising with peeps I don’t really want to see (hello annoying workmates) and I’m ready to explode.

    Still keeping up meditation and yoga practice because without, I’m going to bitchslap someone!!! Just want f’ing 2016 to END and have a summer holiday O_O

  27. Neptune direct has me re-visiting all sorts of esoteric/herbal research.

    Jupiter Pluto is resonating like a timpani drum right now. BOUNDARIES. STRENGTH. POWER. SEX. YASSSSSSSSSSSSSS.

  28. I think 1 & 2 for me.

    I’m vacillating between feeling powerful, vulnerable, and very irritable.

    The last 3-4 years, my dreams have become richly symbolic, shamanic experiences. Took a couple of years for me to adjust, because I was doing so much work in my sleep that I’d wake up exhausted, but these days it’s just normal.

    Anyway, Thursday night I dreamed I was begging them (guides/angels/higher aspects of self…?) to take me out of this incarnation. I wasn’t suicidal, I’d just had enough of this earth crap.

    Then Friday night I dreamed my beautiful little boy went sailing off a precipice in a playful stunt gone wrong, while I helplessly watched his body’s graceful fall. That was the only true nightmare I’ve ever had.

    Then Saturday night I dreamed of a white dove, surrounded by iridescent light, poised in mid-air directly in front of me. As I watched, breathless, the dove began flying around in a dance with two angels, while this celestial music chimed gently in my mind.

    Neptune, much?

    Creating sacred space, upping vibe, daily yoga, meditation and exercise practice, excellent nutrition, yes.

    Enhanced psychic abilities, yes.

    Wine, yes.

    And what is with all these arseholes striding about the place, sucking energy dry, trampling over healthy boundaries, guilt-tripping and control-tripping? It’s so rude! Trying to manipulate other people into managing their lives for them so they don’t have to be responsible for anything?!

    So…”borders bristling with heavily armed drone bots that automatically fuq anyone off not willing to meet/match you in your strength”, yes.

    I’ve sequestered myself safely at home, where my mood will not upset the people, and where the people cannot get to me. I don’t know if that qualifies as strength, but for now that’s the safest option for everyone, I think!

    • Just realised that what I described probably encompasses 3 as well.

      Confused? Disassociating? Scattered?

      Yes! Haha…

      Too, too much.

    • What amazing dreams.. Both are so immediately in terror and awe. And I so get your mood!
      Ali you remind me of a story they tell at Vipassana courses. They ask, if you are growing a little garden of tender green shoots, do you leave it vulnerable? Do you allow the great cows to trample on it and pull the young plants out of the ground? So you are sequester them safely behind a fence if you want them to grow.
      I have been reading about fences lately, the word hedge comes from the word haw, as in hawthorn bush. To hedge your bets is to mitigate your risks. There are so many ways we can be cautious in a lovely and nurturing way.
      Hawthorn hedges can be most beautiful, I am psychically growing one myself. 🙂

      • So many of your posts strike a deep resonance in me, dear sphinx. I love the hawthorn hedge.

        The dreams; the first was about me traversing the toughest part of a spiritual growth leap and wanting to give up. The second was about me accepting the much higher perspective I had gained, and confronting my fears about loss of control. The third was a gift from spirit; an affirmation and celebration of elevated consciousness.

        And then…thud. Back to earth! Chop wood, fetch water. Grumpy, grumpy me. xxx

        • Wow, Ali. Dreams. If there’s one thing I don’t do it’s big fat dreams. Possibly because I think I anaesthetize myself with fatigue. (Long story.) Maybe 2017 can be the start of a new sleep life. I’m not sure how you will feel if it say you’ve inspired me.. but, you know. You have.

      • I’ve been meaning to say to you, sphinx, that I saw your response to the tough Aussie nut query I made some time ago, but didn’t respond because I didn’t think you’d see it.

        Congratulations on the house! It sounds lovely. A healing sanctuary for you and your loved ones. The demands of your family sound very high. I can relate, in my own same-but-very-different way.

        You have a wise and gracious voice here. It seems you are strong enough and magical enough to bear the load with an ease most will envy.

        • Thank you Ali, that’s sweet.
          I feel like that once I have a serious home base sorted, I can handle the demands placed on me. I have to think about my kids and doing a three gen arrangement means they will have a certain home in times of strife.

          This year I have felt a lot of stress and separation from Spirit. It’s taken some energetic surgery to get me back on track! I particularly felt helped by reading Yogananda’s autobiography and seeing a healer. I hope next year I can get back to channelling spirit properly and humbly like one ought.
          I hope the house is going to be a good place to work from on a spiritual level also.

          Chop wood, carry water is light work when in the ‘zone’ spiritually, but when not, my goodness it is ‘sisyphysian’ (is that a word? it should be). Thank you for the kind words Ali every little bit of support helps!!

  29. I’m doing Jupiter x Pluto by way of Neptune Direct (when my bf read that he said is sounded like a shitty discount carpet store…) – someone I thought was a dear friend – who shunned me when I asked for help – has taken this behaviour further, burning bridges that were supposed to be inflammable, so as to stay within his realm of comfort and control. It appears all he wants are disciples, not equals.

    This clearing of the swamp gasses has left me looking back with clarity at the last four years and marvelling at where I thought I was and what I thought I was doing – because it seems the reality was very, very different.

    Am committing to staying out of other people’s business, the blue devil hoochie juice and re-evaluating nutrition – so far the feedback has been positive.

    • bahahahaha a shitty discount carpet store 😀 made my morning that did!

      i resonate with your sharing here -very similar scenes happening for me. And with neptune going direct i feel like I’m constantly lifting my head off the pillow to see yet another level of reality where the swamp gasses are clearing.

      Yes, some of them are my own farts but much of it isn’t too. Opening the windows, moving on…

  30. Definitely Neptune here. Conjunct natal Saturn, trine natal Neptune and square Sun/SN. Sleep continues to take on other-worldy vistas and information keeps pouring in. I thought I’d be more banged up with some of it but you’re right Mystic, it’s mytho-poetic and also amusing. Loving non attachment whilst feeling connected anyways. Deeply appreciating the freedom, wisdom and magic in this!

    Out and about on the weekend was bizarro to say the least, the amount of people in vehicles, on bikes or just on foot that walked out, pulled out or rode blind in front of me or others was just like sleeper central as if they were enchanted zombies, like zero awareness of how close! One after the other all sleep walking/driving/riding. I couldn’t even be annoyed or shocked. Of course my instincts and brakes worked just fine and even the biggest idiot (and there was one..) didn’t even elicit a frown…just a chuckle and a conscious ‘shield up’ to becoming too mesmerised with this phenomena irrespective of how much I enjoy witnessing the bigger play of transits in motion.

  31. The news seems very Neptunian. Tsunami warnings, Kanye being sectioned in a psychiatric ward, kids breaking out of school for schoolies week and drugs, drugs, drugs.

    I am always mainlining Neptune, even my 10th House is ruled by Pisces (by a degree) but I do relate to Uranus on my Chiron in my 10th House.

    Heck Jupiter-Pluto figures in there too, I am talking about hawthorn hedges for Pluto’s sake! Mutable axis, I feel ALL.

  32. Hmmm….the whole neptune scene sounds like background piscean life (oscillating between diving deeper into that swamp and draining it). So I think the Uranian path is the most appealing right now. Total reinvention of my holographic universe. And self care as an art. Maybe a touch of the fuck off boundaries too.

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