Ask Mystic: Should I Feng Shui My Letterbox?


Hi Mystic

Hope you are well – just wanted to share my little inspirational moment today when I realised I needed to feng my letterbox. Been noticing a thing layer of dirt and two rocks in the letter box when I get mail of late – when it suddenly dawned on me despite living in a complex that was my little space just as much as my pad. I lovingly cleaned it with warm water and basil oil for money – now I feel I want to put a quartz crystal, rosemary and salt for protection and a three feng coins in. Have you heard of people fenging their letterbox? Should i Feng Shui my letterbox? It just felt great to do it and I am surprised I never did it before.

Hope things are magic for you xxxx Red Lipstick Virgo

Hi Red Lipstick Virgo,

If you have a letterbox, than by all means totally feng it up to the max. Even if most of your mail is digital, this is still a fantastic symbolic move. It’s the ritual intent of anticipating welcome communications.  I would go with a eucalyptus or lemon cleanse and then a line of salt across the “threshold.”  Someone should also invent an artificial intelligence that scans incoming mail for one’s actual name and then shreds or burns everything that is not personally addressed, with an auto hex being returned to the sender. I feel as if the integration of magic with science and robotics is not being sufficiently explored. What does everyone else think?


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I may be a bit late on this thread but have a feng shui question about warding off or even better reflecting shitty energy from a neighbour.
Oddly I have had issues with the two tenants who have lived there since we moved here. Their house kind of opposite us (we’re at the bottom of a culdesac) and I would love any tips on how to re-direct the toxic vibes right back to them.


Really basic as this is not my area of expertise but a bagua mirror might be one option?


Thanks that’s what I was thinking too 😉


Mystic, I have the genius lady for you!!

A dear friend of mine from grad school, who has always been obsessed with robots and is a delightful mischievous Saggo like me….


What would a version of this for emails and electronic communications of all kinds (phone/computer) be?


I tend to do this kind of things toward the year end (or the Solstice, which is the real end/beginning) but of all things I had never thought of the mail box.
I might add it to house witch cleaning list. 🙂


My passwords are all sigils/talismans. I choose them with extreme care and intent in cycles. I use them so heavily so lord knows what the repetition does to the subconscious.


Me too, little intentions or spells that I am happy to repeat many times each day.

Buckle (Aries Sun; Pisces Asc; Gem Moon.)

I like my letterbox, though it is quite modest. I used to be worried that spiders were in it (Australia) but lately I have seen geckos living in there. So, in Harry Potter terms, these are my devoted little mail officers 😀


Biological pest control, nice work geckos! Everyone wins, they get dinner of baby spiders, you get spider-free letters.


I feel like the dishwasher is magic. But I really, really hate washing dishes, so.


Yes! My current apartment doesn’t have one so that would totally count as a magic robot for me right now.


In the uk our letter boxes are mostly slots in the front door and seeing as I’ve just painted my front door “cherry chocolate” I could possible do a quick oil of the hinges/springs on the brass flap. Basil oil sounds good to me !!!

Nike Vk

Lol! It’s a federal offense to tamper with mail (first class–junk is fine). In the U.S. at least. I LOVE this idea–

When I first scanned this I thought it DID say “inbox” which would be tricky for me as mine is a big mess. I suppose it probably could use some “unsubscribing” de-clutter work too though.


Hmm I see a business opportunity for a magical carpenter here…


Someone said magic is just the things we don’t understand yet.
When (if ever) i have a place of my own, I’d actually like to make my own letter box.


My letter box door is hard to open I think I might invest in a cute ceramic knob to help let things open/flow. My foyer may also may “fenged” up this weekend…let the divine abundance flow, blessings to all.


I never look in it


We recently painted ours red to match our front door. That’s got to be good feng shui right?!

Buckle (Aries Sun; Pisces Asc; Gem Moon.)

Sounds wonderful! I can really visualise that!


I will put that on my to-do list. Along with researching magical robots. I NEED a magical robot in my life.


I feel like this is something Tesla would have got sorted had he not been robbed of his career.


my letterbox is covered in spiderwebs, dormant snails and crumbs of past ages. MY GOODNESS! I’m running out there right now with crystals, lemon oil and himalayan salt to rectify this pronto. The snails can live in the garden instead. And I think the spiders moved on years ago…

I love this. I never even thought about the letterbox until now! Pfffft I’ve been so deep in swamp territory that hazy things just seem like the norm!


” I’ve been so deep in swamp territory that hazy things just seem like the norm!” DITTO!

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