How To Approach Uranus Return

Attractive much older male model on the catwalk

Uranus Return occurs at about the age of 84 years and Chinese actor-model-DJ-artist-athlete (he is an official five hyphen personage) Deshun Wang is nearly there, having turned 80 “in September.”   He’s fierce, obviously.

From the New York Times:

Before cranking up the techno music at his 80th birthday party, the man known as “China’s hottest grandpa” paused from his D.J. duties to poke fun at the country’s staid traditional celebrations for the elderly.


“I should wear a long robe, with the word ‘longevity’ embroidered on the front,” the birthday boy, Wang Deshun, said at his party in September.


Far from looking frail, the silver-haired actor, model and artist wore a crisp white shirt and black jeans, his back straight and his eyes glittering with humor.


“Two young maidens should help me into an old-style wooden chair,” he added, pretending to hobble.


Determined to avoid mental and physical stagnation, Mr. Wang has explored new skills and ideas while devoting ample time to daily exercise. Last year, he walked the runway for the first time, his physique causing a national sensation. He takes obvious joy in subverting China’s image of what it means to be old.

SO, infuriatingly i can’t find any more of an exact birth date than September 1936 but this does throw a few interesting astrological morsels to chew over.  He is either Virgo or Libra.  He is definitely Mercury in Libra as it was there all month, longer than usual because of a Retrograde.  He’s got Lilith and Venus in Libra.  MARS could be in Leo or Virgo but i am totally picking Mars in LEO here.  

Jupiter in Sagittarius squares Saturn in Pisces – who says mutable squares can’t be amazing?  And this advice from him reflects that: “Don’t be afraid to start over if you’re stuck in a routine that’s no longer appealing or authentic to you. People can change their life as many times as they wish.”  


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wonder if he takes reishi? 😂

Unicorn Sparkles

love ??

Unicorn Sparkles

?? Was <3


Read about him recently , he is one of my guiding stars!

Lux Interior Is My Co-Pilot

I like the reinvention quote…


In noticed him when he was featured in the news and thought ‘at last a hot older man’ as so few about, so many lose their spunk after 50 years so a man who doesn’t is super attractive. THIS is my sorta man and Japanese to boot.
I would be the ‘younger woman’ to HIM….lol.


I still gotta Deshun Wang


I saw a 1930s play by Antonin Artaud a few years ago, choreographed / directed by an older woman who was present at that performance, and spoke. All the actors were men, different “races”, and dancers. Artaud was apparently insane. The play was properly surreal / dadaist, in my view (my soul-preferred art genre). All i could think was, if i’m going to grow old with a man, let him be a dancer. The oldest one, and the most beautiful energetically and in quiet confidence, winked and smiled at me after in a non-sleazy way. He caught my appreciation, and… Read more »


So so great!


LOVE this! I saw a video interview with this guy awhile back on Facebook, and found him very inspiring! I’m having a mid-life crisis (nearing 50) and I’ve been looking to people like him to see how you can absolutely ROCK the second half of your life — just keep moving! Move your body! Reminds me, my grandmother started doing yoga in her 70’s, and lived to be 95, and in great shape, mind and body. She was a Scorpio Sun — the rejuvenation factor, there? “Don’t be afraid to start over if you’re stuck in a routine that’s no… Read more »


Yes, reinvent yourself! Soixante neuf is December for me and after 25 years of bodywork it’s either stop altogether or create a new way of being if the old way let’s me go that is.
I get more looks now from the opposite sex than ever before probably due to deportment and figure rather than face else coz i sure ain’t free of..umm..character lines.
What i love about my advanced age is that i answer to no-one but myself.


Ah! This is all AWESOME, Pegasus!

I’m just starting to receive that gift in life, too, of answering to no one, it’s so freeing and peaceful!

Here’s to keeping going! : )


Soixante-neuf, you Dirty Girl! Brilliant, Lady Pegasus!

Deportment does very much rock, as does answering to your wicked self. You’re always an inspirational voice, Pegasus xx


Very cool!!

I just read a similarly inspiring article about the 80 year old Taurus Glenda Jackson, an infamous brilliant actress when she was young who then had an 20+ year career in Parliament and who has now, at 80, returned to the stage to take on the maybe the most daunting (and traditionally male) role in Shakespeare — and is killing it:

Her Astro is here:


Whoah now THAT’S exactly the power of live theatre. A visceral challenge to ideas that only goes so far in film (and that’s from a 12th house stell-rise, and Piscean Sun in the 5th house).

Thank you for sharing it!


Are the ppl behind wearing Air Bag Suits so they don’t injure themselves when they twist an ankle?


inspiring. like the thought of starting again


But you are only halfway there


Powderfinger, you are teasing a Scorpio!!!


It’s my early bday present for her.


only jus seen this!
thanks for the ‘pressie’ pf x




Wow. I had to dig further (my Scorp stellium is aroused). Not sure how reliable this is, but i found his birthdate on this site: It’s given for 30th Nov 1935. Obviously, Jupiter & Saturn would still form a mutable square. His Sun-Jupiter-Mercury are in Sagg all conjunct his MC. Defo “out there” & in public eye. Venus in Libra ( yup – he’s gorgeous) as are Ceres & Athena Moon-Mars conjunct in Capricorn – instinctive with an ability to act decisively by applying a consistent will directed toward achieving aims – for sure: “Many people started noticing me… Read more »


Oops – since there’s no birth time (i did it for midday) there’s no way of knowing the House placements – so his Sun/Jupe/Merc are prob not conjunct MC – but it looks good…sorry about that – got carried away.


Sagg StrutMan (c)2016TM.


Yes i know weird. The date for his party was given at 20th September – go figure.

What’s also confusing is that in China, when you are born, you are not 0 yrs old – you are 1. Plus they used the Lunar calendar. So age can be confusing when translated to Gregorian calendar?


LOVE! I hope I am this badass when I am 80. So far 46 is trying to kick my ass though, lol. Maybe I need a reboot like this guy suggests.


55% of the way. So far so good.


New #MostInterestingManInTheWorld??

Side note: Not a fan of the ageist BS Dos Equis beer pulled with their OG Brand Ambassador during the Saturn/Neptune Square! Don’t care how old the actor was; he had swag!


Wow he is so boss! I’m a believer: mutable squares *are* amazing 😉


Pluto conjunct midheaven, grand cross with many mutable squares Jupiter conjunct Uranus opposition my ascendant , Saturn opposing Sun, Pluto opposing Chiron..shapeshifting regularly..currently have my Uranus opposition Uranus at 61. Much more subtle than my first Uranus return where to all intents and purposes I went more than a bit mad, moved to the other end of country, had more dreadful boyfriends than I care to remember, stopped working. Tut tut wasn’t in it…doing this one much more internally and making subtle changes…love the guy good for him. Yes if its not making you feel passionate about your life ,… Read more »


His advice just hit me in the gut

Triple Air Gem

He’s my new totem / spirit animal


Ugh represent. 11 September over here. Heheh love this. Totally relating right now too. I’ve been finally given some recognition at work and supported whole heartedly by a big gigantic sage in my chosen career. My Saturn Return is starting to pay off…whooohooo! Damn did I work my a** off. Reinvention is death but then you become a Phoenix so its all good. Over and over and over….


My spirit guide ?



Uranus return my MIL lost her much older husband, qi vamps, old clothes. He sucked her dry as he was ill and demanding. Super dutiful wife. She’s 88 now -maintains her pristine, elegant home, (Virgo/Leo) gardens, plays cards and at least once a week has a long day of lunch,concert and dinner. Eats super clean. Takes her grand kids on dates. Looks way younger than pre-Uranus return.


As the kids say these days, “goals af”




Thanks for this Mystic. As someone with multiple mutable squares it gives me hope 🙂


Me too. I’m a exact Mutable Grand Cross with my natal Mars,Venus and SN in Sag Squaring my Saturn in Pisces. Uranus and Pluto conjunct together in Virgo opposing Chiron in Pisces18 degrees. Movement and growth/constant changing and variety of intellectual stimulus feeds my soul.

Being Fierce keeps me going.

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