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Las Brujas

The New Moon in Scorpio on October 30/31 (depending where on Gaia you are) is AMAZING. It’s the full Witch, not only in Scorpio at the magical 8 degrees point but conjunct Messenger God Mercury (think Thoth, Coyote, Trickster, Hermes) AND in sync to Shamanic Neptune.

And yes, it is also Halloween or Beltane (“Beautiful Fire”) in the Southern Hemisphere, if you want to be seasonally correct about your Pagan festivals. So obviously EPIC for a super-powered regenerative fresh Phoenix moment, the ferocious casting off of old guises and attachments, spells, rituals and magic.

Stock up on some sage, clear and then magic up the Power Lair, set your intent and plan a little something for this most potent of New Moons. I will be making some more specific suggestions in the Horoscopes and Daily Mystic email closer to the date.

Tim Walker


Leonora Carrington – Les Brujas/The Witches
Tim Walker


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ChrysalisMM Member

I just realised this new moon will be trine my Pisces sun/Saturn/Merc. Definitely time for a ritual.

ChrysalisMM Member

Holy fuq.
In the space of a week, people took their own lives in my former home AND in the place I used to meet my lover from that time. If that isn’t Plutonic heaviness, I don’t know what is. (Scorpio 4th house here)

quintileMM Member

that sounds v nice for the new moon but oh shivers re the past places – defo a ritual to protect, cleanse, etc.

socialgraffitiMM Member

On my Lilith/Chiron conjunction nearby my Sun. Past year has been me mostly detaching from everything. Ended a lot of bad relationships. New moon will be in my 5th house, and I lowkey feel like I am in love. Lol, hope this doesn’t end awfully.


Sounds good! That new moon will be completing a grand trine, by degree, between my Pisces moon and Kataka ascendant. The new moon will happen in my 5th house. I sage myself and my apartment a lot already because there’s so much dodgy, janky energy around here — in my apartment building, in my neighborhood, on public transit, in this ridiculous city in general…..it’s a very low-vibe-Neptunian place…. Anyway…..that new moon will be something to look forward to because this current full moon energy has me very agitated! I’m always agitated when moon is in Aries, but when it’s full… Read more »

Melissa MelitaMM Member
Melissa Melita

Why is the 8th degree of Scorpio magical? My ascendant is exactly there, so this really interests me! Any insights?

GemricornMM Member

Unhex yourself…. sung to Madonna’s “Express yourself” ..

so if you want it right now, let me show you how, unhex what you got, baby ready or not…

PiMM Member

omg <3

FireTryin'MM Member

This should be interesting on many levels, asteroids in the 11th and planets in 8th aspected and direct on a past partners 12th house Mars/almost rising. This year, geez.

Catfish moon
Catfish moon

My moon cycle, First Lady blood flow’s 30th anniversary is Halloween! It was 1986 and I was dressed as a baby for Halloween trick or treating. Ironic and memorable, only for the costume and date. Thirty years!!!

The Venus FlyMM Member
The Venus Fly

Bring on Scorpio season. And the Black Moon for Down Under based folks 🙂


My birthday….and my sun mars and neptune are all in the 8th house.


My birthday, too! LEGEND! 😉

davidlMM Member

The new moon will conjunct my natal Neptune in Scorpio , 5th house.
Sounds like my kind of fun 🙂

Suzi EMM Member
Suzi E

Hey David… It will be conjunct my Neptune in Scorpio too… 8 degrees… 11th House… Hmmm. ?

davidlMM Member

That’s party material ! I’m there !

leolizaMM Member

Natal 4th house 6Nept/conj 7scorpio moon ..im thinking very psychic-y dreamlike dance party. J/K but Its a new moon and its my moon!!

MissDeeMM Member

Close to my birth chart Lilith (14 Scorpio) in my 3rd house and sextile my Ascendant in Virgo (at 8 Virgo).
New peeps on their way? Phone calls or email that are super relevant?Super brilliant ideas or knowledge that comes handy?

gogengoMM Member

Yesssss I have been refining my magic per my Pisces moon.

My plan is to trick or treat with my niece and nephew. I’ll be dressed as guess what – a witch 🙂

Need some good fun and a bit of light this Neptune/South Node is hitting me where it really hurts + things are intense.

seawitchmermaidMM Member

Conjunct my Pluto by 1 degree.

Would love some suggestions… normally I love sage, mugwort, etc, but currently preggers and avoiding that stuff. I do energetic shielding and clearing work, and have crystals and stuff, but I’m a lunar Taureanand 6th h sun and I just like the feeling of physically clearing a space. I just moved house and am itching to do some sort of ritual. Thanks in advance!

femme303MM Member

Conjunct my natal moon & Uranus at 9 Scorp & directly opposite natal Merc. Bring on the season of the witch!


This will be right on my vertex and Lilith which is in Scorpio in the 6th house. Any thoughts?

OneirixMM Member

Whoohoo!! The Moon will be conjunct my Pluto. I’ve got some ex juju I’m ready to shed and a new, upgraded life to step into. Looking forward to some ideas; I don’t do ritual often but I think for this one I’m willing to make it a special occasion.

scorpiodawnMM Member

hmmm gd time to join a writing course that begins on halloween and lasts for a lunar cycle then?
esp with it being on mercury?
merc will be on my sun too

PiMM Member

that aries full moon will be square my natal moon in cap and this thing will be more or less square my natal saturn. i’m just going to hide from the world and do four things until December 1: work and university. eat and sleep. no room for interpersonal intimacy overtures undertones occult notcult nope.

ElectroMM Member

Conjunct my Uranus rising & it will activate my t-square. This should be interesting. Bonfire planned for that weekend.

AnkhRising8.0MM Member

Oh Blessed Spirits of Light & Shadow, this will be the witchiest Samhain of all time. New Moon et al. will bedazzle my Scorp Mars (8th) trine Kataka Saturn (5th) & Pisces AC-Jupiter (1st): a Santaria start to what will surely be a new chapter in my epic! Should I plan something solitary to mark the evening, or invite living people along? Hmm

LiberatingVenusMM Member

It is conjunct Fixed Star Khambalia in the foot of Virgo, which has an association with the mystical swastika. Morse said this is “a star of the penetration of secrets” and associated it with any kind of intensive research. This energy can be used for anything from spying, to detective work, to (my personal favorite) gaining occult knowledge. Robson was not favorable toward this star, giving it a Mars/Mercury nature (sharp mind but sharp mouth as well) and saying it causes “swift violence, unreliability, and changeability” – I think that’s a pretty fair trade-off, though, if learning the secrets of… Read more »

AnkhRising8.0MM Member


Triple Air GemMM Member
Triple Air Gem

conj natal lilith lol

MissDeeMM Member

For me as well. Well almost: my lilith is at 14th degrees scorpio but that means NM will hit it within few hours.

PandoraMM Member

Me too (well, one of them, anyway. The three of them seem to function quite differently in my chart).

Hey Mystic, why is 8 degs magical btw? Would love to know!!

Triple Air GemMM Member
Triple Air Gem

bring it awwwnnnn!!

JanMM Member

This is ON my Pluto. Middle of an entire series of moons conjoining natal planets (incoming full moon conjoins natal Jupiter). I feel like a sprinter running a marathon.

There are two major challenges going on that culminate on this new moon and i’m nervous about the outcomes, but curious to see how this astro will play out around them. Especially one of them, which began during a particularly martial/plutonic moment recently.

Think i’ll be having a wee fire at my local secret beach that night.

helloiseMM Member

Right on my natal Jupiter at 8 Scorpio. Gah.

milleunanotteMM Member

Probably just make sure you don’t agree to random Halloween “par-tay” invitations, and either create an invitation to your best witches, or organise your own personal spell-celebration Eve.

Jupiter could blow out energies if you’re stuck in someone else’s less-knowing field. But there’s probably real potential if you create your own personal auric space to make full channel of You and your best magic. Good luck!

AnkhRising8.0MM Member

Yes: feeling this. For a good time, keep it super intimate. Tres Scorpio 😉

Lux Interior Is My Co-PilotMM Member
Lux Interior Is My Co-Pilot

woooo! can’t wait

batshleyMM Member

I will be in Mexico that Sunday and flying home Monday (30/31)… I am intent on trolling this experience for more travels that expand my mind

batshleyMM Member

My phone autocorrected grokking to trolling… hmm

ElectroMM Member

Total trickster!

JokermanMM Member

Keep on trokking
Even if it is a grolling experience.

PiMM Member

oh you should definitiely troll it : D