The Triple Aries Pirate

Birgitta Jonsdottir

Triple Aries Birgitta Jonsdottir is the head of the Icelandic Pirates party, currently creating the most sensational disrupt in the elections of that country.  A hacktivist and poet turned politician (she calls it “poetician”) she believes in direct democracy and absolute government transparency.

From the New York Times

“We want to see trickle-down ethics rather than make-believe trickle-down economics,” Ms. Jonsdottir, 49, who is also a former WikiLeaks activist, said in an interview on the eve of the election….


“We are a platform for young people, for progressive people who shape and reshape our society,” Ms. Jonsdottir told Agence France-Presse. “Like Robin Hood, because Robin Hood was a pirate, we want to take the power from the powerful to give it to the people.”


SO, she is a Triple Aries – Sun, Mercury, and Saturn.  That’s dynamic. She has the signature Gen X astrology of Uranus & Pluto conjunct in Virgo.  Her Renegade Lilith is conjunct the North Node in early Taurus, totally in line to be revved by Uranus in Taurus. This reeks of a “tech-driven grassroots revolutionary rebirth of business, commerce, and ecological structures” does it not?


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She sounds amazing & “poetician”? Love that! Yes, Uranus into Taurus should prove electrifying for her & the movement. Looking forward to bearing witness 😉


We so need a movement like this in America.


Yes. But I’m afraid there is too much cynicism here to get one off the ground– Dios mio: even I’ve become a cynic. *sadness*


What a great lady!


She is awesome. I love everything about her stance. Never has it been more apparent to me how unworthy those who wield power are of that power.

Uranus in Taurus will begin trining some of the Pluto/Uranus in Virgo peep’s planets I imagine soon. I do hope they are supported by the Astro to hold fast and move into gear the changes that need to be made for a respectful revolution to occur.

Unicorn Sparkles

you lost me at wiki leaks


Ha. I used to be a fan of Assange & Wikileaks, felt like they were doing a greater good… until late into this past primary season/shortly post-primaries… when I realized that they weren’t dishing any dirt on Republicans, only serving us the low down on Dems/Hillary. And maybe it was coincidence, but the most damaging info on Hillary didn’t start coming out until she’d already secured the nomination & it was too late. When our alternative is Trump, how is running Hillary into the ground while ignoring the corruption in the GOP helping America & everybody else on the planet??… Read more »


— it’s like WikiLeaks has become an arm of the Republican party! smh


I read recently that women in Iceland protested the 14% gender gap in wages by leaving work 14% early. Fierce.

Unicorn Sparkles

Now this, this I like


VERY inspiring! Pirates, renegades, but who care and are humanitarians! My Aqua Sun in the 8th house loves this! What if we could organize like this in the U.S.! We definitely need to take back our democracy here, but it’s such a mess and with SO many people to try to bring together, the population too large, it’s mostly an irreparable three-ring-shit-show.. I was definitely for Bernie in the primary, but that’s not gonna happen now, even though he is a valid write-in candidate on the California ballot….could still vote for him symbolically and safely, because the electoral college here… Read more »

ram-madam ding dong

I’ve got 5 planets in Aries (including my sun! Just like your mate!) .. plus, my north node is in Aries conjunct my mercury and Saturn. No surprise that I burnt out my adrenals in 2008! It’s taken me this long to finally feel that I’m back to what I feel is normal. I have three older brothers & I strongly believe that if I had this same birth signature, but was born male, I would not of had to fight so hard to achieve my goals. It’s a boss vibe .. & it’s taken me this long to fully… Read more »


I have Saturn and NN in Aries, too, in the 10th. It’s taken a long time to try to grow into that level of independence and embracing leadership qualities, because the rest of my chart doesn’t really support it.

Anyway, Birgitta is an inspiration in that regard….someone who has the guts to actually speak out and take action and take on the powers that be!


I watched a tv thing on how undemocratic the ‘a merry can’ voting system. It is so unrepresentative- it is unpresentative.


Yes, the U.S. is no longer considered a democracy, overall, it is considered a republic or an oligarchy, and that’s no secret, there are essays and books on this. Still, there are tons of deluded, ‘patriotic’, citizens who still believe it is a democracy, but they are wrong. I mean, we have the freedom to use the democratic process, but at the end of the day, that’s not how things are decided. On the local level, city elections, etc., and to some extent, the state level, there is still (some level of) democracy, where a citizen’s vote actually counts, but… Read more »

Unicorn Sparkles

The lobbyists with the most $$ rule it all

Lux Interior Is My Co-Pilot

She’s doing the/her astro so well. 🙂


The transparency thing sounds aqua uranian to me. Treat The People with respect, and honour the privilege of your role in governance by disclosing all information. Maybe some Pluto or 8th house there? But the Aries planets would be leading the charge.


Yet one more reason to want to live in Iceland.


Lol unless you are “brown”. Neat place with a lot of positives like geothermal power but like everywhere else has some of the same issues.


She’s soooo right! Interesting though, my brother who is Aries always looks good and is very successful always seems so superficial- guess a triple Aries is something different?


I love

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