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WOW so this Full Moon is extremely Uranian.  Why? For a proper explanation, see your Horoscopes, the Daily Mystic and all. Short Version: The Sun is opposite Uranus – the Full Moon in approx 20 hours time from now is just the exquisite climax (so to speak) of this astral episode.

So are you experiencing any of the following Full Uranian manifestations?

  • Radically bats ideas to drastically dissipate stagnant circumstances at Warp Speed?
  • Urges toward radical candor even if it means certain people will probably cease contact with you.
  • Rugged individualism/D.I.Y. power surges at the deepest level of your being.
  • Disdain with conventional society and expectations there-of.
  • Restlessness + Insomnia.
  • Irritability that nonetheless brings with it some genius insights.
  • Heightened awareness of the potential for change that YOU hold within you.
  • Awareness of the compromises necessary to stay in/score a relationship and actual existential crisis level of doubt re whether or not you can hack this.
  • Realizing that this is THE perfect astro to silver bullet Qi Vampires – within or without.

Sadie Frost

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143 thoughts on “The Full Uranian

  1. Holy shit
    Yes to all of the above
    Only reason I didn’t see this is I’m limiting my time online to my one hour per day, ending long term relationships and activities that do not sustain me at the deepest and most fundamental level and nipping in the bud any potential new relationships that signal disrespect or dis -ease.

    I’ve been doing some charity / volunteer work through meetup dot com and just with people I’ve met randomly who tell me they think they are ADHD but undiagnosed. All the men I’ve given my number to and offered to personally sponsor like people do in AA have given me a manipulative and or sleazy vibe displaying an opportunistic lower male disrespectful cloaked in charm by the essenctial energy is one of insulting my intelligence, intuition and ability to defend and even attack on my own behalf. My instant response has been to roar with the power of SEKHMET Herself or yes, my natal and now totally aligned with my highest good rather than how I’d allowed her to be enslaved by the patriarchy because of my history and family of origin.
    Ive also been crying today since I woke up because I am honestly grieving losses and self destructive denial in my past and what it cost me emotionally. I’m feeling and facing that pain and honouring it, not wimping around feeling sorry for myself but having the courage to admit mistakes and owning the responsibility and thus acknowledgeing the woman I am and power I have to chose and to fight and to do the harder and braver thing if that is what I must do for me. My heart.

  2. I’ve been thinking about this since yesterday, and I think I finally understand. I’ve been waiting for these genius flashes of insight to come bursting through. But in true Uranian fashion it didn’t happen like I thought it would. This full on Uranian full moon is on my south node at 24 Aries just inside the 22° 2nd house cusp. I’ve been feeling sloggy- more Neptunian than anything. Run down, foggy brained, super low energy, only good for zoning out or staring unthinkingly into space. Not exactly sick, but not feeling well. I think what’s rebelling is me. I’m the do it/get it done/make it work/reliable type who has a hard time giving up control, and I relate my worth to my working (not success, just working). With the placement of this moon I think the chaos is me trying to handle my body & mind basically checking out. And it’s freaking me out. Let go? I can’t get a grip!

  3. Yes to most all of those, plus a few others. Like biting my nails: been catching myself doing that lately.

    Keeping busy with the upcoming election (#OpDeny270), crushing neighborhood bullies & enacting parenting reforms. Mama don’t take no mess: this astro is ace! Much has come to light over this last week… We advancing.

  4. I had a one-day head cold that had me laid up in bed, all defences down and had to sit with all the emotional crap I’ve been doing my best to keep busy and out of, hoping it would take care of itself. Alas. No.

    Nothing worse than being unable to cry because you’re so congested that you can’t breathe and cry.

    Resolved today, that it’s done with the Libran. Properly this time. I refuse to be an old love outfit that hangs in his wardrobe just in case. Email from almost two weeks ago, unanswered so I guess that’s an answer in and of itself. He doesn’t want to make the effort to have me in his life.

    This works out brilliantly for me. All that energy, effort, focus, magic and what not that I’ve been pouring in to try and shore it up – well it will all now go into my writing, my books design and tarot businesses and in creating the store front for my poetry. I don’t need him. I wanted to be with him but not like this.

    So yeah. Putting myself first. And all the wonderful will follow.

    • And yes for the insomnia and restlessness. It felt like energetic ants crawling through my system. My acupuncturist picked it up also. More settled today.

  5. 12 hours now of strong desire to act on a persistent idea that seems to be THE missing link for making a business idea work, that has been languishing for 12 months and taunting me for being unable to see what is right in front of me. I can barely sit still. I feel like I can see the matrix… definite power surges and clarity of my own genius. (er, hopefully not just a grandiose little streak of mania, got a lot of hard work to do tomorrow to back all this up)

    • I find in biz that I’m my toughest judge. Until I can see the beginning the middle and an acceptable end I have no chance of sell it to anyone else. When I say to myself , shit I would buy that ! Then I’m like on a mission to spread the good news 😉

  6. Yes to everything, I cancelled some things last night and did a Bette Davis Mae West marathon that felt like meditation for the 5th house . FM – 4th and 10th house Uranius illumination. Urge to re house and core build the HQ nest at the foundation, detached targaryen set it on fire and see if it lives urges in the 10th.

    Mystic your didnt want to say anything but polite conversation text came at exactly an hour after the full moon exact from the daily mystic, was spot on

  7. Just realised the Full Moon is ON my Ascendant! 23 deg Aries!


    Does this mean I will turn unto a Uranus fuelled, radical, super powerful version of myself? Bring it on!

  8. Yes to all of the above with knobs on. It’s my solar return today waaah. What mad transits, natal Sun/Uranus at 23 degrees opposing transiting Full Moon/Uranus. Yes to that list and then some.

    I guess you know when people have ceased contact with you when they do not send you a birthday card. Of course without waiting to hear your side of the story. But of course! 2.5 years of being bullied by my inlaws only to end in being ostracised by the entire family because I finally called a halt to it. Oh but it is only what I am used to, after 40 years of same with my family.

    Half of me wants to go running down the street tearing my hair and weeping at this turn of events (which I predicted) and for half an hour stretches I feel real grief. The other, better half of me is shrugging my shoulders and thinking oh well what did you expect from a bunch of bread heads that vote UKIP and are into sending their son off to war. And why the fuck should you want a Hallmark card from these assholes anyway? And you are mourning the future of a lack of dinners around the table with these people? Discussing what? The Immigrant Problem? Ooh. Fun.

    Yeah there is a steely core to all of it. I haven’t been through all of this to go down at the last fence for these self-serving apaths. Most of my ire is for the apaths these days. Those people who will keep their traps shut when other people are being bullied and who know exactly what is going on but who are in it for the inheritance. I find I despise quite a lot of people these days but I’m sure I will get over it when I build my empire and show them we don’t need their dirty cash and all the strings that go with it.

    Thanks to David and Powderfinger for their replies on vasectomy lately, I haven’t been around here as I’ve had a cornea infection (no screen time) and also people’s replies to my mega insomnia rant/screaming at students, I very much appreciate it. Better sleep this week.

    • I was just about to ask ? Where is Ampersand ? And there you are x Time to buy those Samsung cornea protectors with attached noise cancelling earplugs. I saw a fascinating infomercial on them on the ShoppOmg Channel. Get in quick and you receive a full set of vasectomy knives. I know right ! Hard to believe, but I read the blog and there are plenty of happy customers. Dead Set 🙂

    • Hey! Happy solar return, Ampersand! Today’s astro is quite the ringing in of your special day, eh? Glad you’re getting better sleep!

      • You guys! Yeah man, sleep improves everything, have been having enforced rest with eyes closed and getting quite into it. I have been looking at these bonkers balaclava contraptions with Velcro that have padding on ears and eyes, sensory deprivation. I will either freak out or enjoy it, we’ll see! I use earplugs all the time but I need to go large. love to all x

    • happy solar return &,
      sorry to hear about family crapness, sending peaceful restorative zzzzzzzzz’s your way x

    • Happy Solar Return Ampersand! I hear you loud & clear re birth parents & in-laws. I ditched all of them around my Chiron Return & wish i had done it way earlier. It seemed ridiculous, at the age of 51, to still be putting up with constant put downs and open abuse from people – who, if they were not your family, you would never in a million years give the time of day to. Consider yourself lucky – it gets easier, hon. X

      • Thanks mate sincerely, I read this yesterday and didn’t have time to reply but your words were like a beacon in the dark yesterday, pre-dawn.

        Thanks to all for your greetings! xx

  9. Yep, a few of these, definitely the relationship existential crisis. Uranus in Aries is opposing my empty third house. Just lately the all-round restlessness has been up to eleven. Not sure what to do with it. Mostly I’m enjoying the buzz and the ideas/perspectives that are bubbling up, collecting them all and will sift through them later.
    I’ve resumed my journal practice. I’d forgotten how much I need it.

    • I find the journaling just essential – and yes, when I lapse I forget how much I need it. But do you find that when you take it up again, it works really quickly? xx

    • My journal keeps me grounded. It’s been a year of also writing three good things a day to keep my brain tuned in to the good that there is. Even on the worst days. Noticed when the crisis stuff happened earlier this year I was focusing on the small good things rather than the large awful things and that’s what got me through.

  10. QI Vamps are everywhere…I am lurking so low and have absolved to just watch before I make any sudden moves.

    But YES to the whole list above + the insomnia this week is making so much sense. 2:30 am and I have been jolted wide awake but something, but I don’t know what.

    • me too GG. been attacked from 3 murky or lo haute types of late. BIG reminder to cut get thee a strong psychic ties mantra. just got my fav up and running.I used it for while years ago and it did work. Just takes diligence, Now I have 2000 km space away from 2 qi vamps I am safe and will practice.

  11. MM I need to wait 12 hours before I comment on posts like this! Must take a while for the vibe to sink in : )
    Suddenly it feels a bit more like that lush gorgeous Sadge moon from a few months ago. Realising that I am letting depressive, limiting assholes hold WAY too much sway in my life, and recognising how my own decisions contribute to this.

    • Omg your last sentence Pi! Love love love it.

      From one Pisces sun to another, hang in there. This is a very rough time, but Water and Light will get us through.

      Also, f… the depressive limiting assholes in all their murky shapes and forms. xx

      • yeah it is a bit wierd isn’t it. i keep raising an eyebrow at neptune when i start doing hyperdimensional daydreams and slippery urges to drink all the whisky lol

    • Yeah that works for assholes but how about the lovely people that come and sometimes have to go.
      And weren’t the assholes in your life for some reason at some time ? Not sure there is any real deliverance until those feelings are gone. You’ll know when, it’s when you just let them go without judgement.

      • this is v much not about the lovely people who come and go: pluto transiting my (our) 7th house since 2005 has been a long time teaching me how to let go but also how to welcome transformative connections that contact and transform us however momentarily that person is present, it’s incremental (as is any capricorn process!).

        also i don’t mean assholes as in “men” , i am way past the men are assholes stage. It’s a safe way for me to describe the impact that debbie downers have in my life – being a sensitive and absorbent little pisces, the vibe seeps in and i reflect it. for better or worse. for my own emotional and psycholgcal wellbeing, it is important to me to generally seek the company of people who deeply understand themselves and what they are putting out into the world. i know you’re into deliverance right now, i get it and i feel it but this is not about that. well in some ways. delivering myself from the thought processes that apply a sense of obligation where there is none; and beliefs that i have unconsciously taken on that have absolutley SFA to what i am doing with my life.

        • i get that saying debbie downers is an unkind label that ropes in all kinds of emo condtions many of which i own myself but it’s a thing and this is a blog so whatever you get it yes ok sweet

          • I know it’s just a blog but I do care about you x
            I promise no more hexagram 40 🙂
            I think I’ll reference Dylan tracks instead to celebrate his nobelness.
            Infidels track 2.

            • “Brownsville Girl” is a more wonderful song; imnsho.

              Still can’t believe he gets dissed for his voice. The best voice of the past 60 years.

            • hey man if instagram 40 sorry hexagram 40 works for you then play that mother until it’s in your dna.
              was just reading about a convo between Dylan and leonard cohen, nice
              the new yorker online article – long , about cohen , always so good to read, also Attn: Powderfinger

              what else,oh yes colbert interviewing springsteen. colbert openly admitted he was fascinated by musicians,

  12. Radically bats ideas to drastically dissipate stagnant circumstances at Warp Speed?
    Urges toward radical candor even if it means certain people will probably cease contact with you.
    Rugged individualism/D.I.Y. power surges at the deepest level of your being.
    Disdain with conventional society and expectations there-of.

    Heightened awareness of the potential for change that YOU hold within you.
    These are my top 4 Thanks MM
    My new mantra “I control my destiny” which means candour, digging deep within to find positive change. All very in tune with the full moon.

  13. This full moon Uranus opposition Sun is EXACT conjunct my NN in Aries in the 10th/SN in Libra in the 4th, at 22 degrees.

    I’m hurting today, emotionally, sadness and anger and anxiety…..but this past week was a productive week for career, beginnings of new things, feels hopeful, but still no money or actual offer of job, nothing materialised yet…
    I’m making some improvements around my home, too, and that feels grounding and good. I made an immune-boosting chicken soup last night that has lots of garlic and ginger in it. We had our first rain of the season yesterday so I was inspired to cook something warm. I’ve been practicing radical self-care and it’s been getting me through…

    But anyway, yeah, feeling the full moon, really feeling on edge and some anger is coming up from old stuff that keeps cycling around.
    Regarding that radical candor thing: There is someone who I’d really like to tell off, but I’ll never have the chance to, and it wouldn’t be a good idea to anyway……I’m trying to figure out how to channel and process that energy in a different way so I can be done with it…..any suggestions?

    • Ok, synchronicity……just listened to Seane Corn on HOME podcast and she talked about a method to process anger and other emotions…. She says you can’t skip steps, you have to move through the ‘fuck you!’ to get to the ‘forgive you’.
      So true!

      Also, I haven’t been sober this week, though I drank moderately when I did and did not black out. I’m not saying that’s good, I’m just saying that’s the truth of what I’ve been doing.. I find it helpful to be mindful in this way instead of ‘hiding’ which leads to denial.. I’ve got support, so I’m ok.

      • There has been a reduction in consumption and that is great. I think you a really brave for disclosing your struggles with alcohol. At one time I was drinking so much I had to go to different off-licences in order to disguise the fact (from myself as much as anyone). So I think you are very strong and you must continue to believe that alcohol can be left behind and it is losing its influence on you. The declaration and the honesty from you that you are struggling, it is ok to struggle and great to share it safely. I believe you got this. I drink occasionally, real ale, one bottle, socially not alone, and I enjoy it. I never liked alcohol, it was my life I didn’t like, but once I started reducing intake I liked my life better.

        Seane Corn is very similar to Sion Corn which in Welsh means Santa Clause. I like this 🙂

        • Thanks, Ampersand!

          Maybe the ‘radical candor’ with myself about the drinking is a healing aspect on this full moon. Good point about not liking one’s life and how that can improve greatly once drinking is not a part of it. Can be a vicious cycle, though, but I’ve got support so I won’t let it go there.

          I wonder if Seane Corn, herself, knows that her name is almost Santa Claus in Welsh! That is awesome!

    • Write it out physically with pen on paper, with swear words and all.
      Then DO NOT SEND IT.

      Do that freezer-bag thing (saw it discussed on here a few times) where you write the person’s name on paper, put in jar/container of water in freezer. Idea is to ‘freeze’ them out of your mind/life.

      This whole thing is on my nodes too, sun on NN Libra 1st house and full moon on Aries South Node (conjunct Venus and Chiron) 7th house. Every other single planet is squaring or ‘connecting’ with my natal planets.

      Ready to join circus now. Very emotional.

      Thank God I have the luxury of avoiding people this whole weekend. Reading and eating M&Ms in bed, beach walks, pilates, lots of tea, Mexican and making garlic chicken. Naps.

      Wishing you so much progress with work and feeling better. Massive big hug!! That soup with ginger and garlic sounds absolutely fantastic. Radical self-care is way to keep going. xx.

    • I always find journalling helps. At some point you write all the anger out. It will take the time it takes, unfortunately there is no forcing it, but it will work. x

      • definitely write it out by hand and thanks for being honest re sobriety – I was really off the wagon this last week, anything I could get my hands on! sometimes when work does go well, one still only has old channels into which to direct the energy.

        • Thanks, everyone!

          Tonight’s moon has been weird with this issue, I’ve gone between feeling rageful and then not caring at all, feeling indifferent, and those feelings alternating like every 10 minutes! Hopefully that means this issue is in some sort of death throe….

          I have journaled and written so much on this, it feels never ending…. Thanks, Chrysalis, for reminding me it takes as long as it takes, we never know how long….because I put pressure on myself that I should have gotten past this by now.
          Thanks, Dark Side, for the ‘freezing out’ idea. That’s one I haven’t done yet, but I’m gonna try it! Anything to move this energy along… I have written several letters that I didn’t send and when I journal, sometimes I’m speaking directly to him there, but apparently I’m not yet done with this process, my anger continues…. I’ll keep journaling….
          Thanks for acknowledging my honesty, quintile, I can relate to what you’ve said too. This past week had a lot of energy in general and yeah, all that energy needs channeling, sometimes just want to take the edge off. I hope for all of us a more mellow week after this full moon!

  14. I am not experiencing the above currently. I feel like I did all of that from June-September. (Sag in second house, maybe?) Existential crisis personally and major career-wise crisis all summer. Cap Moon devised plans B, C and D for worst case scenarios. (Down to bottom line monlty needs worksheet and where even part time retail could supplement.) Situation did work out with different assignment in current office but not without living uncomfortably and learning how to back me and my talents. Assessed who is in and who is out of my life trust-wise. Dreams of undermining-type people. I don’t want to go back there! Moving forward and planning next year’s morph, though. Woo, I can even sleep now! Strength, power and compassion to those feeling the above Uranian manifesto.

  15. Uranus opposite Natal Mars at 22’47 Libra…. the energy this week has been so manic and so out of control at work, all I want to do is quit. Feeling energetically so burned out, so alone.

  16. Uranus and moon on my natal Chiron in 7th in Aries (yep, usually no fun), Sun tickling my natal Uranus and Merc, while Jupiter biggisizes my Pluto. One would think I am affected by this Uranian vibe (but I have been doing my Pluto lessons recently, that was liberating beyond anything), but no.
    Only so much as flashes of past (!) anger or irritations, but they subside immediately. I only noticed them because everything else is happy-clappy, tranquil and well calibrated (and I sleep like a log for 10 hrs recently), and those flashes seem to come out of nowhere.
    i think this list is very accurate, it is just because I have done Uranus (as I said conj. merc in 1st) with a vengeance for all my life. Do I let people know directly and clearly when I think something is wrong or f* up? – hell yeah. Do I despise conventions and get upset with people shrugging shoulders and saying, it’s always been or done like that? – big rebel rant on my part for sure. Do I worship the UNconventional? AbsolutelyBut one thing is funny, the DIY rings true, just decided to build a bed from scratch, that is kind of new. Needless to say I don’t even own a saw yet…so tell me, is this vibe why I’m feeling so crazy happy and at home recently?

  17. A long ago, not properly resolved ex friended me this morning on fb…mundo bizzaro. I accepted but I’m wondering wtf prompted him, it’s been 10+ yrs and not a word. I’m blaming Uranus.

      • I also had 2 out of the blue contacts from the past – one a woman I haven’t seen in ages, with whom I was once close but no longer. she left a nice phone message but no return number (she was always pass-agg) and I can’t help wondering what she wants? then out of the blue a male-crush from a year or 2 ago asked me to his gig. I would have jumped not so long ago but am actually seeing someone else…but yes, neither of these approaches remotely clear in intent…

  18. This Full Moon feels like a cleanup akin to the Cardinal Square, except I feel it like it’s building to a blast instead of a steadily gradual one.

    This Moon is in my 11h, so I’ve been reassigning friends with promotions, demotions, and an ejection. Since this Moon is also opposing my strongly aspected Uranus in 5h, I’ve been feeling very antsy about my creative work and ideas because they’ve been stifled by my supervisors and some of my peers. A job opening appeared (Uranus rules my 10h with Aquarius on my midheaven, and also trines it), I applied for it, and quickly got an interview. But, with Uranus working this, I now understand the interview outcome is one big wild card and may not come out the way I’d expect.

    One more funny thing about this aspect… I drive a hybrid (a very Uranian thing, and it was practical because I do a lot of city driving). I needed to get one of its batteries replaced! The mechanic knew exactly what was happening, pretty much did fixed it with his eyes closed, and had everything finished in an hour. I looked to the sky and laughed. Uranus and I have been steadfast mates (or at least at steadfast as it can be)!

  19. well, i ran into a person i definitely was not expecting to run into (with the lovely fiance no less), that was the outdoorsy pisces for whom i had feelings for a very long unrequited time. eventually worked these out / time got to a point where they were at least archaeologically identified, tagged and placed in a display cabinet for future research. no hard feelings, whatever. Today was a total surprise but it was like running a hand over scar tissue – the nerve endings are dead on the outside although some slightly numb sensation of pressure near the muscles… a song you used to play all the time but now cant quite remember the words
    All of that happened like an avalanche of feelings and wtf when jupiter transited over my venus SN chiron stellium – where this current uranian moon stuff is going on. so, fuq knows what other shit the world is going to rub in my face as a way to punish me for being crap at men generally. did i mention this is squaring my moon? anyway, i’m busy so yeah

    • i was thinking about this more. i only seem to have coups-de-foudre when i am out of town. considering also the Otherworldly Capricorn and that freakin LZ business.. Does pluto on a libra IC (i.e home = shite) and a chart with 9th-10th house emphasis basically mean that all the action / developments will always be when i Get Away?

    • this sounds really negative but it wasn’t quite like that. it was nice to meet under these circumstances and gave my day a lift. but it was odd.

      • sounds nice but odd – I reckon those encounters are a little sign of growth along the way to better things, a little sign you have moved on and that you are learning how NOT to chose crap men…

        • Oh yeah definitely. It sounds like it was a positive encounter, mostly for the realisation that it didn’t hurt as much as it used to. I had a chuckle yesterday Pi, when a Taurus I LZ’d over for years came to mind. I could not remember his surname. It took me a full minute to remember. May you be blessed with forgetting his surname in time *touches my elephant trunk to your forehead*

        • haha thank guys
          he was (is) actually very Not crap, hence much of the reason why difficult to work out/thru. But yes, kind of an “end of project review” thing..? what did i learn etc maybe. (answer, nothing lol, but as the other book-end from era when neptune went unto pisces until now, then THAT… yes indeed. book-ends. introduction and conclusion

          • yeah – sometimes we just learn that a really nice person makes a choice to not be with us, and that is fine too because maybe they knew more than us at the time, or maybe we could have taken them somewhere they didn’t want to go…

  20. All’s happening conjunct my AC/DC axis
    Jupiter’s ON my NN, Hendrix trining too
    I’m on my Uranus/Neptune line
    So there’ll be mushroom tea for two.

      • (yes-reishi dream tripping)

        All i will say is that more & more i see a life as a recluse becoming more of a reality & less an occasional whimsy.

    • Haha I thought you meant the pscilocybin variety….they have been calling me for a few months now. I keep asking my brother how the cow patties are coming on…

      • Patience my pretty. You will know when the time is ripe. Look for the signs.
        Confucius says .. When steam from the patty rises to the heavens at sunrise..
        Don’t want the mushroom, just be ready when the mushroom comes.

          • It’s the strychnine in them. It’s harder with the blue to separate the 2 active ingredients I think. In some ways I feel blue is more male gold more female.

        • I had an extended journey with the shrooms that began with a youthful misadventure in Bali late dad began his successful quest to death via alcohol mum went to India & sent me and siblings to Bali w dad. We aged 12- 16. Dad locked himself in his hotel room & drank. Bro & I ran amok searching Marley Morrison & enlightenment.. first mushy voyage. Some enlightenment found & much Marley.
          I’m ready for the circle to close.. but yes patience! Also a sense of trepidation…

          • I feel them calling me. I only took them once but it was a bloody great handful, “a heroic dose” (Bill Hicks via Terence McKenna). I took them because I was in a sulk with someone who didn’t want to go out that night. I’ll Show You, and I went out into the night, stumbled across a party. I realised mid-trip that I had dreamt the situation I was in before (I was at a party in a round house with a fire in the middle, next to a guy from Guatemala): I had dreamt this months earlier and in the dream I was speaking fluent Spanish and I was getting married in a roundhouse to Guatemala man. Never met him before. Never saw him since. Ended up sobbing in his arms about how wonderful everything really is, and he calmed me down and told of things from his perspective, shamanic realisations he’d had. Realised mid-trip that certain things were real, time travel, prophetic dreams etc etc. That was 10 years ago. I much respect the shrooms and don’t abuse.

            It is October. The dewy fields are calling me. I know just the spot, near the white church on the headland.

      • Hah, no – not last night Universali – I’m in a foreign land & there seemed to be packs of neo-fascist skin heads roaming the country side looking for trouble, which put me right off the idea. Psychedelic demons are one thing but flesh & blood ones are another. But strangely this year they too have been calling me (magic mushies that is) & i did have a mean brew on the Harvest Moon for the first time in years. I came across a beautiful cluster on a hillock while hiking & nowhere else that i could see…a gift, i thought. Even worth the gut rut afterwards. It’s interesting how this year there’s been a particularly strong pull to do trips after what seems decades of not even thinking about it.

        • I have teens and early twenties kids around and there has definitely been an upsurge in interest in psychedelics. More published medical research seems to be appearing too.
          The latest thing in Sydney are acacia trips led by indigenous guides. Trying to book one in actually. 🙂

          • Yes, it’s certainly back in the air isn’t it. I occasionally feel like i could just devote the last quarter of my life on this planet delving into the psychedelic realms. I feel like i’ved done my straight duty & it has turned too surreal. I like how traditionally in India – usually around the 2nd Saturn return, people left the family home & went roaming, living on alms & exploring higher sensory states.

            Acacia – interesting – then i’m sure you’ve heard about Moses?


            • I’ve been trying to tell people about this ! It was DMT for sure. There is an old meditation hidden in the texts that definitely expands production of DMT.
              It did for me 🙂
              A fellow called Israel Regardie wrote about it. The rabbis have banned it , they say it drives you crazy. It does !

    • It’s possibly been having an affair with the wifi and now needs to talk about it with someone .. anyone. Better check in with your router also. Get both sides of the story.

    • I honestly thought my microwave WAS trying to tell me something Friday night. Some strange buzzing noise erupted from my kitchen. Sounded like the micro, though I couldn’t find the source and was going to unplug the thing. Turns out it was the analog timer on the backsplash of the stove–I’d set it to count down while uncharacteristically wiping all the grease off of it.

      Time’s up. Whatever time that was.

      • Usually, it shows those messages like “clean the filters”, “add more minutes”, etc… But on Friday it was “hope”!

        I have natal Uranus in my 4H, it shouldn’t surprise me with all the Mercury/Jupiter activity currently in this house. I did cast an event chart.

  21. Yup.
    Awake until 2am.
    Holding back the verbal barrage I want to unleash that starts with , “You’re full of shit.”
    Aqua scopes been warning me to keep my mouth shut. But that’s a red rag to aquas bullish argumentative tendencies.
    So I’m walking around telling myself to shut up.
    At 2am.

    • Totally a red rag to the aqua bullishness!! I’m trying to keep my mouth shut too…so instead having a mental maelstrom
      I’m all about complete transparency but am realising that it is often not the most strategic thing to do. Actually it’s not a strategy at all.
      Was discussing my situ with my mum today and questioning if I could really be so calculating (in regards to my newly thought out approach to my future). ‘Of course you can be. You have to be’ …Libran mum…
      Arrrggghhh. I’m really over all the seriousness and the heaviness and the general boring grown-upness that has descended upon me over the last 2 years.
      I’m ready for a radical shift…I’m eyeing off all the lovely people I see living in their vans with their radiant carefree skin glowing about all over the place and thinking yes, yes, yes!

      • I’m eyeing them them off too, and wondering wtf happened because I used to be them.
        All this seriousness has just made me feel aged… and not in a good cheese or whiskey kind of way.

  22. Yes to the list. I’m voluntarily awake at 6 am on a Saturday morning. Drinking coffee and visioning while watching planes take off and the early morning world go by. The personal existential crisis/Uranian relationship stuff is loud, but background. I have a status quo to disrupt and a non-profit to found, and that’s all I will say for now. Full moon is bang on my nodes.

    • Oh wow
      I slept a total of 20 minutes this weekend, no exaggeration.
      They were involuntary and unplanned and spent face down in a pile of laundry I’d taken out of the tumble dryer.
      I woke up feeling something was not quite right and then realised it was because I’d fallen asleep on my face with the legs kind of wrapped around the laundry basket.
      I think I did some of the best writing of my life but I’m so messed up and overwrought from the ridiculous, over caffeinated writing marathon that I feel all shingl-y and have bumps coming up that itch and hurt and all I can do is sobb like a cartoon Silhillian

      • Sorry not sure what happened that was meant to be sicilian grandmother at the funeral of all her sons and my thought are like “why did I spend my life thinking I didn’t want kids and suddenly at 44 all I want is a simple life and a nice husband somewhere quiet and not trendy at all where I can raise them?”
        I’m exactly what I never wanted to be.
        I’ve wasted, screwed up my life.
        I’m such an idiot.
        Everything I do turns out to be a mistake.
        I wish I was dead.
        I hate myself
        Everything about London and the way I’ve lived my life is wrong
        Maybe I should just kill myself?
        I wish I was kidding.
        I hope this passes soon because it’s pretty scary.
        Is this the feelings being activated from therapy?
        Or am I going mad?
        Is this what all this Saturn on my moon square Chiron Square Venus, Square Pluto crap which apparently is going to be happening for the next 5 years is going to feel like (obviously not Saturn on my moon transit- that’s over end of next year ) but the swamp/ swarm/ storm of transits with titles like – actually I don’t feel like repeating them I’m too emotional right now- is going to feel like?
        Because I don’t feel like I can handle it.
        The crying constantly is not fun and believe me I’ve tried listening to Tina Fey’s audiobook,Amy Polier or whatever and even What would Beyonce do? (for the third time) by the genius Luisa Omelian and redecorating my flat, writing feelings on paper. calling my female therapist someone for a chat because I needed human contact and nothing is stopping the feeling that everything ISN’T going to be okay. That I will never be in love again, that my life is ruined because I never had kids, that I actually am a failure and the only man I ever really loved and still do rejected me despite claiming to be in love with me too but being too scared that I’d get sick of him and leave him etc etc ad nauseum.
        I just cry and can’t sleep, cry and can’t sleep and so it goes on and on and on.
        Please make it stop?

          • Thank you Powderfinger
            snotty tears are a new look on me
            maybe I’ll get used to them
            I’m just finding it all a bit overwhelming right now

        • JUst checked my transits on astrodient
          Uranus is ON my bloody chiron in the 5ht
          Uncoincidentally the exact degree of aforementioned man who’s venus is on the same degree as my chiron as well as well as other hideously painful and difficult connections which repeat cyclically like an outbreak of herpes and just take over and nothing to be done except learn to manage the symptoms I guess

          • Dear Invicta
            The power of the Uranus on Chiron is a thing not to be underestimated and if you feel like you’ve been turned inside out I can assure you that I get it, I really do, I has this 18 months ago and it hurts like fuck. The fact that you are writing and calling your therapist and that you have organised yourself a therapist at all is excellent and you are on the right path. I am 43 and so I think I get it and I had those same feelings and I wished I was dead. But you are what you are and it has shaped you, all of it, good and bad, and you are writing it out. Please just keep on writing. The image of you asleep in a pile of laundry just brings out every tender feeling in me, please please hold on. There will be better times, and when you experience them again (which you will), you will think I am glad I held on. Please believe it will get better. Uranus on Chiron was a never to be repeated in awfulness transit, a mind blower. You are not mad. X

  23. The drawbridge is raised. Moat monitored. Waiting for the crap fest but havent seen it yet… Strange restless sleep past few nights…sleeping intermittently but not really getting rest. I have an idea of what direction crapfest may come from and deftly avoided social opp for crap fest to occur. But we all know this is Uranian so it will probably come as a surprise no one expects.

  24. spoke to my biological father for the first time ever this week.
    i wrote to him, he rang me. farrrr out.
    he sounds pretty…..lame. v abstract. he’s a stranger. but sooo glad i got in touch. feel like ive closed a circle.
    uranian enough? or maybe its chiron trining my sun.
    have had insomnia the past three nights.
    gonna change my hairdresser aswell…scared tho, feel disloyal, but theres a salon i wanna check out.
    yeah, its been a mad week….

    • aha! closing circles, maybe that is the connection with Chiron – healing age-old traumata…yes, now it makes sense to me, thank you for your comment!

    • gee that is huge re your biological father. good luck as things unfold – there may be some great genetic legacies to discover!

      • thankyou but somehow i dont think so…he sounds like a loner…bit sad really. still v glad i did it.
        amd i found out hes scorp-30 oct- so he has a new moon on his b day this yr!

  25. The last three points more so than anything else…oh and that image of Sadie as Lucy is everything! One of my fave films ever!!

  26. Just about all of em. In fact all of em.

    Shifting home base BV. Work opportunities have just become manifest. Same area (first time in a Capital City for 33 years)

    I gave her ample time but she had trust issues. But l said that’s it!!! (hard for a LunarNep / 2xCrab). And l did it when Mars exact on my Dsc last Mundy. So patience is sometimes……… a virtue.

    Plus ein grosse scheissenfest at my current employment (central command – Sydney politburo). l am trying to minimise damage but l have served one (only one) ear blister. But Mystic warned against it. But my Mars Pluto dog jumped the fence.

    l am like at an outer planet rodeo
    …bucking hell breaking loose everywhere.

  27. Have certainly been struggling with sleep! LOL

    It is 3am and I have a wedding to go to in under 12 hours!

    Also–Mad synchronicity? Is that just me?

    • No not mad synchronicity at all…………..I’ve just had some eerie answers come out of the blue from the person I least expected to hear them from. Propelled me further into spiritual orbit (I hope that’s a good thing).

      Insomnia for someone who is already an insomniac is just plain tough. I do hope the New Moon in Scorpio is at least easier on the sleep!

      Hope we all navigate this tough Aries full moon like a boss.

  28. Lucy!!!

    All I know is I feel…different. Shifted from a plateau to a new terrain and yeah, something is going ON under the nebulous. I’m mega chill and dettached this past week but oh so present and in sync.

    • Not so present and yet somehow in sync, but all the other things you mention “something is goin ON under” are right on point for me.

      Not detached though. More like totally restless and with plans always changing.

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