How To Recognize Your Destiny Muses


Moon’s Node Destiny Muses appear at any time an Outer Planet transit activates the North or the South Node of the Moon. You could also be a Destiny Muse to other people, mainly if you are an Outer Planet Person.

Destiny Muses inspire your future. No matter how long they are in your life for, they light your way and remind you of who you are. Or, in the case of a negative Destiny Muse, of who you are not.

They could be from your Soul Pod and thus be so energetically similar, that they zap up your vibe without anyone even trying. That’s mutual. Or they’re a person with whom you spent time another life; you were always meant to meet and reconnect. People mostly focus on the “soulmate” end of this spectrum. But you can have a definitive past-life connection with your accountant, longest-standing friend, relatives, and creative collaborators. Don’t narrow your awareness by thinking vital links are always ultra-romantic.

If you were to run first-meeting charts for every significant person in your life, especially those who changed the course of it, you’d find Moon’s Node Destiny Muse aspects all over it. There would be strong synastry between your Nodes and at the time of the initial encounter. And, there would be an element of synchronicity to that meeting. You followed a hunch. They missed a plane. If it were ten minutes later, they would not have been there.

Another exciting technique if you’re unsure of your path in life or a particular direction: Find your Soul Pod and look to their words or artwork for inspiration. They’re automatically Destiny Muses.


Image: Alberto Del Pozo – Osain, the Wizard God

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I”m so intrigued by this — looked up a synastry chart with myself and dear soul friend — my NN is in her 8th house, which is where my SN resides. Pondering what this may mean… that she is part of my past, helping me to move forward? (She’s always been incredibly supportive and “gets” me like no one else.)


I love this!
My friend Ara has her north node conjunct my south and so naturally vice versa. We discovered this yesterday and were thrilled by the notion that what comes all too easily to me but I no longer have use for is important for her and again, vice versa. We were learning as much but without knowing why really and now that we know it’s way more fun!


Both my Aquarius father and Aquarius ex-husband had their north node as my south node, and vice versa. So yes, sought that lesson twice but perhaps it’s helped me more clearly see my destiny


What if your NN lines up with their SN and vice versa


I looked at chart from approx mtg with husband (it was 1977, jesus) and transit Pholus was conjunct my 8th south node! (it was also square transit merc/nept in 5th) My natal Pholus is exact on my DC. we’ve been together since 1977 (married almost 35yrs)


Yes had this today..NN in Virgo on my son’s natal Moon and my part of inheritance.I was on a bus when driving passed the bank when I saw my ex..he was paying out my child support at the bank due to me on the 20th of every month.He has recently received inheritance from his millionaire parents and owes me.I have never pursued him for the full amount..Im allowing destiny to do it for me.


There was much tie-up with my erstwhile Piscean. Her NN was Xact my Asc (1/4 of a deg). And 10 planets, in a grand water trine, kited by 5 Virgo planets.

Unfortunately her culture/ethnicity was strong and unyielding despite my attempts at accommodation.

So other things can work against you despite good synastry.


Just saw that Mercury is conjunct my South node today……was at this epic biz networking meeting tonight, all women, at the sea, at the beach, in SF…..lots of talk…..lots of thoughts in my mind of my former life in beach town south of here……some past connections for sure…. That Mars/Pluto conjunct is trine my Lilith at 14 Taurus right now, thinking on that, too, though that’s for the Lilith blog thread, I guess…. Not too many takers in my life for my North node at 22 Aries… best friend of 20+ years, who has now dropped off the map, is… Read more »


no transits to my NN upon meeting the otherworldly cap but that doesn’t mean that knowing him has not changed me or the fact that i was rapidly slipsliding into falling in love with the fuqer


Oh, there are so many possibilities with this one! Too bad I don’t have a comprehensive storage of birth charts and first meeting times. So excited the hack comments will be available for viewing because I remember this one quite well. I have a perma transit coworker friend and the energy mutates and morphs and pushes and pulls and all kinds of stuff. Along with the planetary action, my moon Neptune is conjunct his Mars NN and his SN is on my Venus Jupiter. His MC is sextile my NN. One thing I wish I had discovered sooner than later… Read more »


One more, my SN is on his Chiron. Always one more thing.


Thanks for the info, Electro! Those sound useful.


You’re welcome dizzarina 🙂 I love me some plant medicine.


SN currently exact on natal Venus in Pisces 10th, Jupiter on NN in libra 5th. It’s early and who knows what the day might bring?! I’ve had one lovely message from a very dear old friend sending love plus a heap of tedious emails with the dreaded NBN Co (oz thing) – moon in Gemini on natal Jupiter in 2nd right now, I have played the calm and cap in hand game rather than go heavy soo let’s see if that gets the outcome I want (or think I do). I knew that the installation in Merc retro had potential… Read more »

Lux Interior Is My Co-Pilot

ooooh I love this.

I KNOW I have some definite Destiny Muses in my life and I am SO greatful for having met them!

curiouser and curiouser crab

I LOVE this picture. And this post. I am just blown out by Node astrology. When I look back at pivotal events with someone who was so right but so wrong – there it is, something aspecting my NN. and Saturn too – rearing his head somewhere through all the hard lessons. And then this, yes, yes, met this person when transiting NN was on my SN. I love, love astrology and I love, love Mystic for bringing it all together.


The week before I met my guy Venus was on my NN and a little later conjunct the NN. But the day I met him, out of the blue, Venus was conjunct Pluto. No NN indicators in his chart.


Yes, how do we even look up nodes? only shows “true mode” – is this the same as North Node? Or do they have a special chart for this? Would love to know more!


Also i would love to know what kind of orbs to use? Many peeps say 2 degrees or less?

Have been on site for around 11 years and still can’t get nodes, mainly because the south node is north of my chart and south one north of course and so upsets my visual inner eye.
A good grasp of geometry would help 🙂


A bit like how ppl think “Why does the sun set over the sea, in Adelaide, when the state is called ‘South’ Australia?”.


Maybe think of your NN as your ‘relative true north’. My NN is at the bottom of my chart in Libra.


I like the idea of considering the NN as “true north”, I’ve always had a bit of a problem differentiating between what the NN and MC stand for tho, isn’t it more or less the same thing?


MC is public image . how you are seen . your brand. you might fall into a hedge drunk with your underpants showing and end up on the front page of the local tabloid. or you might receive an award for some work you do. or people know you as a fuqing champion cupcake maker who loves to wear shades of aqua. not sre about that last one. but yeah. PR. i think.


aha! so aquarian MC = people thinking you’re out there when really you’re very mundane 🙂


I’m going to look the MC up on a number of people I know who could qualify as cupcake makers 😀


I’m not, but i’ll take a look, thx!

Did find out that my soulmate and I both have NN in Capricorn, mine in 12th house, his in 6th house. Also, his Jupiter was on my NN the week we met, if. Drew the chart correctly….


Hello, lovelies!

I am SO not knowledgeable about aspects (?)! Could anyone please explain to me (in lay person speak) what the above means? I’ve read and read and just can’t get the hang of it.

Thank you for your time!
Rose xo


which bit exactly lol? The way I read it, if there are South Node aspects between you and someone, or the south node has any action going on at the time of meeting, then it’s past life/karmic stuff. If however it is the North Node being affected, then it’s connected to your future or “destiny”…is that right?


Cool: just looked up when I met my husband. Sun, moon, mercury, and venus all on my NN!


that sounds auspicious!


Rad. Chiron was smack on my partners NN when we met – which also happens to be on my natal Lilith-Hendrix degree…. Man!




Sextile are where it’s AT


I’m so embarrassed this took so long.

“The protestant work ethic was strong in this one” could go on my egos grave marker.


Oh sheesh. I once looked at the chart for the time I met the marriage-buster lover. I didn’t know much about astro back then but the chart tells it all. NN conj Pluto on his sun/Venus conj. Chiron-Neptune on my Venus. His Mars-NN on my sun. Saturn was on his moon and squaring mine. You get the picture. I chronicled my love for him and its decimation of me on this blog. Today I am totes in the present… I think about him sometimes. I loved him so much. Posts like this remind me of how important he was to… Read more »


my recent libra ex had his jupiter virgo on my NN exact and my jupiter is 4 degrees conjunct my NN anyway but nothing really came of it. Never seen anything come of a NN connection here.

My NN is 2nd house (justtttttt) in virgo between Mars and Jupiter equal 4 degrees respectfully, I am still waiting for my own NN activation lol.


Does thingie mean personal planet or just anything?


“But a conjunction (exact alignment) to the North Node the day/week you meet someone is SUPER significant.” Is it also the other way around? I mean there’ll be Neptune conjunct the South Node in my 7th and aligned with the NN in my first during the second half of November. And in the October ‘scopes say I don’t have to be lazy or scared and make room for True Romance. The Nov 2016 scopes talk about fated romance too. This NN/SN alignment is a sign that will cause fate? Or if you happen to meet someone it’ll make it fated?… Read more »


They are not My NN and SN. I mean the astral/moving NN and SN. Not the birthchart ones.


Transit Venus was conjunct natal NN the day I met the woman who would go onto being my wife of over 17 years. Transit NN was conjunct her ascendant exactly.


So Saturn was on his South Node the day we met and my Saturn is exactly conj his North node…. Then we have our (also exact) Pluto/Venus conj trining the Saturn/NN combo (to the degree)….kinda feels like it should have been something big but all the excess Saturn/Pluto action shut it down..


and my NN trines his NN – does that count?


AND our Draconic NNs are both at 0.00 Aries! Whaddaya mean I’m taking this too far?? hahaha


Step awaaaaaay from the chart, ma’am! 😛


Did I mention my Sun/Jupiter/Mercury conj his Moon/Mars/Uranus?? hahahahahahaha

Seriously tho, I have always considered astrology to be my version of reading trashy magazines (light, addictive entertainment) but the more examples I dig up in my own life the more I question that opinion. Plus I find it easier to remember correspondences if I relate them to my own experience..not that I’m planning on becoming an astrologer anytime soon 😀



curiouser and curiouser crab

saturnplutoflux I read somewhere that one person’s Saturn conj another’s NN often indicates an intense relationship but one that doesn’t work out for the long term. this was certainly true for me in my most intense relationship – his Saturn exactly conj my NN. And it all blew apart when Pluto lined up with them in the same degree. i didn’t know about all this til long after the event.


that interpretation certainly fits the picture…:-)


Love this – and so timely, too, w/ my Pr. Sun over my NN! Traditionally this is said to be a marker of a time when an important man is set to appear in your life….I’ve had the King of Wands persistently following me, but no actual sightings so if he’s around it’s at the extreme peripheral of my field of vision. Would not mind a date with destiny at all – we’ll have to see what happens as the conjunction perfects. I’ve not had any relationships with NN (or SN, for that matter) synastry, but definitely had plenty of… Read more »


wow that’s interesting about the progressed sun and NN – the day of meeting (below) my prog. sun was one degree off my NN (and conj my MC)…
…..*cue Twilight Zone theme music*…


I’m not encouraging any LZ stuff in saying this, mind you, but Saturn contacts in synastry can often signify a delay…perhaps the timing was simply off. Maybe you’ll reconnect later down the line when you guys are older, wiser, or when whatever “hardship” that may have held things up has passed. You also have to bear in mind that when you’re dealing with social (Jupiter or Saturn) or transpersonal planets (U,N,P) that everyone in a given age range will hit your placements – generally when you’re looking at synastry the first thing you want to look at are the luminaries/personal… Read more »


I should also mention w/ Saturn/NN/MC you should be looking more at this within the context of career advancement than romance…


No LZ action here 🙂 (despite all evidence to the contrary lol ) just a bit puzzled about a super potent connection that technically never had a chance… (shakes fist at the heavens). I’d been separated and celibate 6 yrs when a significantly younger guy basically pestered me into giving him a chance, despite my reservations we really hit it off. Before I knew it we were several months in and he was spinning future plans (and I was letting myself go with it) – and then his family found out… Not only am I older and previously married, but… Read more »


Well, you have Saturn/Node action and you say both age and parental approval were an issue? No kidding; no wonder these issues presented a significant impediment…! And as the career advancement angle, it sure did push you to focus on this, didn’t it? Would you have taken the job otherwise? Perhaps not. Saturn/Nodes in synastry can sometimes make us feel as if there is a fated “no” about the union; like you describe, something about it felt “wrong” from the beginning. It may be something you can push through, but the pressure (again, Saturn) is great and it would take… Read more »


This just came to me out of the blue, but Saturn/Nodes reminds me a bit of of “Patience” by Guns n Roses – read the lyrics:


I love that song – I’d forgotten about it, going to findit on youtube now 🙂


Thanks for engaging in the conversation LV :-). You are right about the career aspect, I probably wouldn’t have moved for work if not for this situation and it definitely has forced me to concentrate on career. I would have thought that I would also be a “move heaven and earth” for a love type person…but obviously not. I grew up in a super male-dominated family/culture where my dad still rules as an (occasionally) benevolent despot despite being in his 80s. I have clashed will him endlessly over the years, starting with being kicked out at 15 for talking back,… Read more »

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