Why Do I Keep Attracting The Same Zodiac Sign?

Leonor Fini The Man With Masks

Why Do I Keep Attracting The Same Zodiac Sign? You could have Astral Repetition Mating Syndrome. It only subsides when the lesson is learned.

Mystic, I have been searching the site trying to find a resource to help me understand this wicked weird phenomenon. 

I’m a Libra who is only attracting Aquarians. I’m dating and out there on the scene, meeting a lot of people but only ever hook up with Aquarius. It’s been three relationships with them in a row and they make me crazy. They remind me of the Rob Zombie song that starts off with a repeated phrase: “so revolting and yet so interesting.”

Is it karma? 

Genuine Libra

Attracting The Same Zodiac Sign? Look Within

Dear Genuine Libra,

Astral Repetition Mating Syndrome is real. It’s when you attract a whole string of people who are the same zodiac sign. Or, in some cases, the same signature aspect. I have had runs of Aquarius and of Venus square Saturn people. Once I met a woman in her late 50s who said she had literally only ever had significant relationships with Pisces.

If you’re always attracting the same Zodiac sign or people with a certain aspect, look within. You could be subliminally drawing in the very energy you’re are deficient in. You’re sleeping with the unexpressed dimensions of yourself. An example. You have an under-utilized Uranus vibe so your Astral Repetition Mating Syndrome involves Uranus-ruled Aquarius. Or, in the case of ending up with Venus square Saturn people; you’re either super Venus-Neptune and need their Saturn to antidote or you’re healing their saturnine love wounds.

Is anyone else out there forever attracting the same Zodiac sign?


Image: Leonor Fini – The Man With Masks

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Melanie Peyton

I’m a Taurus female and I always attract other Taurus males. It drives me nuts because I really don’t like Taurus men traits. But obviously I do because I married to one and I’m tired of his ways. But I meet another Taurus man that likes me and he is different from my husband but still has Taurus traits. He is a more evolved Taurus. I have been with many other Taurus men too!! But just don’t understand why I attract the same sign as I am majority of the time!


Major high school crush 3/3, Ex husband 3/12, ex-fiance 3/12, current BF 3/13

Omg , this just freaks me out! I’m a 5/1 Taurus….what is going on here? Can anyone help me!!!! Why is my heart falling for these guys and staying in love almost a decade with them?


I am a Sagittarius and four 20 years now I’ve been attracting Pisces and Gemini but it’s been mostly Geminis ! have attracted five Geminis and 20 years and I can’t shake this zodiac sign for the life of me


I’m a Virgo. Almost every single one of my serious relationships were with 4 different Leos. Only one Gemini in the mix and I was addicted to him like crack. Also, every single female friend I’ve ever had was a Capricorn and 3 of them shared the same birthday! Wonder what this means.


I am an Aries & I keep attracting Geminis with the same birthday may 27 someone please tell me I’m not crazy or something I just feel like it isn’t a coincidence. This is my third girlfriend with the same birthday. Any thoughts?


Dude…My girl bestfriend she is a cancer and we met around this time last year and a few days back I met a young man he is also a cancer its not just the zodiac that is freaking me out, it is the period of time I met each of them at.

Shyla Hankerson

I’m a Virgo sun, Virgo Venus, with Cancer rising and cancer moon (sorry for all the unnecessary info lol)
Scorpio men do something to me. They are so unbelievably sexy and it drives me crazy as to why I find them so attractive. Can someone please give me some type of explanation as to why I’m so drawn to scorpio men? I haven’t found anything in my chart suggesting that I would be attracted to scorpio men so I am very confused. Please help, 😘


Im a scopio and i keep attracting Cancer Men all born within 1 or 2 days of each other. I have no idea why this is and would also love some more info. Is it a Scorpio/Cancer thing?


I am a scorpio and all I ever seem to attract are Capricorns. I mean I love that most of them are hard working guys, but omg so stubborn.

Chanel Andrea

I’m having the same issue, it feels like a curse at this point

Karina Lee-Waye

I feel the exact same🤷🏾‍♀️ good or bad

Valeria N

It’s crazy really 😅😅 I’m a leo sun (aries rising taurus moon) and I keep attracting only taurus guys 3years now…


I attract Aquarius too! All the time. My best friend is Aquarius and she was born on a leap year. The man I was last with was Aquarius. I just recently connected the dots that Aquarius people are just always around me. I ask people what they are and they say Aquarius and I freak out. They always end up near me somehow. Not necessarily a bad thing… I just can’t figure out why. Reading this gives me much more insight. I would like to read even more about it now. Thank you!


I have long had a crazy attraction to both Scorpios and Aquarians. I swear I can spot them a mile away. My last 2 major relationships: 1 was a Scorpio w/Aqua moon and the 2nd was a Scorpio with an Aqua decendant. Oddly enough they were born on the same day, 1 year apart. Both broke my heart in the worst way. I also have an Aqua ex that I work with (not closely) and he still drunk texts me. I have Aqua on my DC. After this last heartbreak I swore off Scorpios. Decided to work on me. I… Read more »


i wish i had birth data on some of the major players in my past. i’d love to back track and check moons and ascendants, etc, bet there are similarities with them all. kudos for you for working on you! i am in that phase now. i just got a cat heaven help me to help me swear off dating for a bit to do so. but i’m feeling a mutual crush developing that feels potentially (gasp) healthy. but i am at the point now where if someone were to even ask me for coffee i’d want to do their… Read more »


It happened to me with Leos (I’m a pisces). 4 Leos in a row… some even shared birthday. I knew somethings was up that needed to be addressed and when I finally got around to it, it stopped 🙂


Guilty as charged. Virgo, Virgo, Virgo…and then more Virgo. A handful of them even had the very same birthday. So, that’s some obvious karma playing itself out in my life…


Oh itd be nice to have some light shed! I’m a Capricorn rising/sun aquariaus and my aries Venus squares my Capricorn Saturn Uranus and Neptune (cap moon too which squares my aries Jupiter) All a sudden this summer people (guys n gals) seem to see me in a whole new way and it made this summer terrifying as I am working through past trauma as well as a grief stricken, transitional year. I’ve never been in a significant relationship or even a casual one so navigating and discerning has been..I dunno even k ow what the word would be!!!..I want… Read more »


This is so interesting to me… When I first started dating, I kept attracting Aries men…there were like 5 in a row and they never really lasted/worked out. Mostly based on illusion…but, I think it helped me learn to be more bold as I was just coming out of crippling shyness. Since then, 3 of my major long-term relationships were with Librans…including my current soulmate and babydaddy. Who happens to have Moon in Aries – hmmmmm, maybe he’s the perfect combo of what I need/lack? I’m a highly Plutonion Gemini, Aqua rising. So attracting/being attracted to other air signs isn’s… Read more »


It’s the Aries men. Went back once more this summer after swearing & living by the code of ‘never again’. They teach me to be selfish, self-obsessed, & put my self first. Especially to follow my creative dreams. This last one was NASTY, karmic & cruel. Have never experienced a relationship like it & sincerely hope I never do again. It has made me renew my vow of ‘Aries men, never again’. But the point is never to need to do it again! & to never settle for less love than you deserve, no matter how beautiful they are, or… Read more »


Yes yes yes on this and the Jungian stuff. I attracted and was wildly attracted to March 16th dreamboys who helped me to escape from a really bad situation and then poofed- then recently acquired a male cat who happens to have the same birthday. Angels helping? Perhaps. Or my higher self guiding me to where I need to be. Currently entangled with a Scorpio with a strong Neptune signature so there’s still more of that Pisces energy wafting about. I’m chalking it up to my NN in Pisces needed to be expressed in a healthy, haute, and liberating way.… Read more »


well PHUQ ME! i have Saturn in my 5th, in Aquarius NO WONDER i attract the Aquas, i ache to be them and can’t quite get that mojo workin with saturn blocking it. add the virgo ascendant?! ffs!

my aquas are all born in the 60s so i can’t connect with the 80s babies posts. 🙁


I spent decades looking for a Taurus like my father to marry me and restrict any/all independent movement for the rest of my life. And yes, I have done a lot of work to combat my intense self-loathing.

Thank God I couldn’t get one to stick around long enough. I don’t really want that. Now I don’t find them attractive anymore because they all look like they’re going to brick me into a wall.


Caps. Let’s see: ex-hub and marriage-busting lover were born a day apart although ten years difference between them. Two other v serious lovers plus high school bestie and college bestie, all within a week of my ex-hub.
I have 5th house Cap moon-Lilith-Eros-Juno, plus Sun-Saturn conj in Pisces. I think I just pull them in, like a weird force field.


Oh I just remembered, I guessed the lover’s sign long before he told me his birthdate. He banged on constantly about time. Hilarious.


Gosh, yes. Pisces, Cancer, Pisces, Pisces, Cancer….. Goddamn. Guess I should expect a couple more Pisces, hahaha.

It’s the Cancers that get me most hooked – some sort of weird sick narcissistic house of mirrors. Can’t keep looking at imperfect versions of “myself” that need to be fixed. (I’m a Cancer)


The unexpressed side of me is obviously Aquarius- which makes sense, as that’s my DC. The three men I’ve loved have all had their Suns hovering close to that point, in the 7th house. Outside of lovers, I do seem to have astro patterns with friends. A startlingly large percentage of my inner circle have Pluto in the first house. That makes sense to me, as with a Scorpio moon in a water house sextile Pluto, I’m pretty Plutonian. Plutonians need each other. The other strange pattern is Mars conjunct Saturn. My reading of that is, with their Mars stifled… Read more »


What I meant to say is, very *strongly* Martian. Whole different meaning.


Hahaha – are we secretly long-lost twins?! 😛 🙂 I don’t have any kind of discernible “type” in guys, but astrologically speaking the majority of my SO’s have been either Aquarius or Leo and I seem to have a penchant in particular for those born in early Feb/Aug. The only Fixed placement I have that pings this degree range is my Ceres – I would start by looking at what placements you might have circa 12 degrees of any of the Fixed signs to see if there’s a synastric hit, because obviously if this is the common denominator it means… Read more »

Catfish moon

Yes! I love Aquas and have NEVER dated one. My sister and mega Aqua son are awesome. My other two kids had Aquarius planets. Many of my dearest friends have been Aquarius Suns, but romance, no.
I have no planets in Aquarius and it is in my 6th house.


oh yes, as BFFs they are the bomb but that aloofness, soooooooooo not mating material … but i love their free spirited fight to the death for righteous causes vibe … as a Libra Sun / Virgo rising (with heavy scorp), i want fire, need earth, hmmm earth sign with fire rising?! heh i have a weird Pisces male thing with significant men in my life like sibs, uncles, etc. that’s a weirdness there, bc it’s not a (at least in this life) choice. and as to the pink shirt convo, is it just my Pisces dudes that all have… Read more »


Yes, I went through a Taurus phas a while ago… didn’t realize until wayy after that they also had Venus on Aries like I do, near my degree, which, wait for it… squared my Neptune. Any “what if” feelings I had clung on to evaporated after I figured that out.


Ugh, typos, have the worst “autocorrect” on this phone


early Jan capricorns. Can’t explain it. It’s not the knee melting attraction but something about the energy of that middle decan.


Damn, YES to that decan. Soul-mates. It’s my Neptune in Cap. Three intense attractions/ affiliations – oneis a dead poet on whom I wrote my dissertation, & literally writes the poetry of my soul.


yeah! omg. it is a husband-y vibe to me (hence freaks me tf out lol.). only one has vibed True Romance (sigh) , the others a bit off kilter, but yes the thing generally…
love the dead poet crush ; )

Mid may Toros are the other ones. hedonistic motherfuqers with that sexy, um, work ethic.


This month has been a raging river of synchronicities. As fuck. Feb 1, aqua moon, and cap stellium baby here, with a Libra Sun (+ stellium) love of my life. My pattern seems to be fixed on Virgo rising men (which he also is), but throughout my adult life the pull towards him has gone consistently beyond unmatched. What gives? Quien sabe.
Sidenote: can confirm: my father was an Aqua, and I’ve inherited a fair amount of pink shirts and a pair of salmon pink 501s ?


Yes! This resonates strongly. Working in blokesworld for over a decade now, there’s been attractions but I’ve NEVER, EVER given in, oh, you know never get your meat where you get your bread thing. Always dated men out of my circle to keep safe hard as it is in a relatively small town. Well, along comes a new man we lock eyes I’m thinking fuck they are so blue but the little woman in my head is screamintg don’t think about it buddy to him and me. So, I’ve taken myself in check not just laying in the grass watching… Read more »


oh dear you poor thing, good luck… hehe

Feathered Fish

Yes this resonates! Growing up there were at least 4 Librans in my group of friends, all born within a week of each other. I guess I didn’t learn whatever lesson it was as hubby is a Libran born in the same week…and the Librans keep popping up. As a Pisces Sun I seem to attract the Air people…maybe there is something in attracting what you are lacking???


Before my Saturn return all the guys I was into were older than me and Caps. After the return they’re younger and Leo. I can only blame/thank my Venus in Cap for this bounty.


snazzy <3 😉


I got bullied out of a job by a misandristic supa low Cap bitch. My crime? I was born the same date as her X. I met him a few years ago. He has owned the same 3 brands of car (VW, Renault & Peugeot), the same brands of moto cycle (Yamaha & BMW) & name the same 3 musicians as our faves; Bob Dylan, Neil Young & Kate Bush. Her daughter was the first to illuminate me to this fuqn weird phenomena. She told me she felt sorry for me as she saw her dad in me……and so did… Read more »


OK – sorry for the digression – but Ffs Pf, stop being such a fuqn wind-up merchant. I have never seen so many idiot males doing the idiot male thing in my life as these past few days – from Trump to street urchins. WTF? Mars?Pluto?
Last night no one could get any sleep until i literally put the hose on a pack of out-of-control youths who were playing craps outside the front steps and ended up in a bloody knife wielding cocky dog fight after snarling, strutting & whelping all fuqing night long. Sick of it.



The Venus Fly


The Venus Fly

Lilith in female is TIRED of pass agg “swinging on my tits” neediness via snark, faux swag or BS.

I’m looking around these past few days bemused by the testerone bitcheral amped up way past. But the women are cold chillin’, seeing through it and NOT THERE HERE or BEHIND it.

Though I wouldn’t mind a game of non-knifey bones right about now. I just told my snarky Kataka son to pull his head out – he laughed and apologised, lol


I think the article is “Same Birthday Synergy Attraction” it popped up in my random posts recently. I have had friends with the same birthday (male friends) but I am more attracted to my ascendant birthdays, Scorpio, and where my Uranus is in Cancer. All my long term relationships including my marriage were Scorpio or Cancer. I like Aries for flings as that’s where my moon and venus are

Unicorn Sparkles

Aqua. Dated two Librans with same birthday at around the same time. (Many many years ago) both were a lesson in disaster. One more than the other.
Now have found that brother in law has the same birthday. And due to past experience with the two birthday sharers am prone to judging him harshly.
It’s like the first two were the lesson I had to learn and this one has been sent to see if I actually learnt what I was supposed to.

juno jones

Every long timer (4 different relationships of 2 years or longer) has had scorpio moon or rising. The latest of nearly twenty years has both.

Did I mention he drives me nuts?


When I lived in Paterson Nsw there were 5, yes five people in my neighbourhood born on the 17th May. Moved to Walcha two very significant people also 17th of May. Birthday twinnies everywhere…..


And most of my friends or work mates have the same birthday as my family members…


My A.R.M.S. are Gemini man. I am Gemini myself so what does that say about me? I am under using my Gemini planets?
I does feel like I am allowed to be 100% my self when I am around them.
The last one was Gemini + Leo moon like my the guy who broke my heart.
And when I realized he was G + L like that one, I was actually happy (yes, crazy I know), like I had a second chance. Which I obviously hadn’t.


Yes, why do we do that? “This is my opportunity to get it right!” NO!!! It’s a warning to GET AWAY!!!

Lux Interior Is My Co-Pilot

There was that post about Tom Cruise? Some celeb…the ANGLE…like he only married people born around a particular birth date?

Remember that one?

Anyway, I know this phenomenon WELL.

Unicorn Sparkles

I remember something to do with all his relationships ending when his wives hit 33…


My sort of A.R.M.S.-in-Perpetuity seems to be men with Mercury in a Water sign and/or some signature placement in Cancer. I have Mercury in Gemini and it is easily my strongest planet (final dispositor of the chart, etc.), and I guess these very non-breezy types are supposed to slow me down or something? Or perhaps ‘remind’ me (via an appeal to the complementary element) that, despite all the Air in my chart, I’m an Earth sun sign so that’s my core? My more recent A.R.M.S. is men who have Venus in Gemini almost exactly conjunct mine OR men who have… Read more »


Omg, I totally have had Astral Repetition Mating Syndrome.
Three Leo’s almost in a row, as am I. One involved when things started going wrong with the SaggEx. Perhaps a reminder to get my Sun/Ego/Destiny in gear?

Two were born within a few days of myself, in fact one was born in the same hospital 12 hours apart from me, lolol! That’s pretty extreme A.R.M.S., Jung would have some serious words for me.
My Sun is my only Leo placement, perhaps I wasn’t embracing it fully?


Oh hell yes! I have a lifetime of me attracting water signs (sun sign) Pisceans in particular and yes this would absolutely have everything to do with my Venus in Piscean in the 8th and wondered why???? Especially as I am Aries/Leo Rising.


Shit this post is on point! I hear you! The last three guys I’ve had clandestine crushes on all had mars at in early Pisces, at 9 degrees Pisces!!! I have a mars, moon and saturn between 0-8 degrees Sag so there’s that square……hmmm. I’m a Feb 4 1986 birthday so I really resonate with the above post by @Feb 1 Aquarius. Lots of aqua, sagg and that scorp pluto square if the Feb 1 aqua that you are attracted to are born in the 1980’s. What are their moon signs and the rest of their inner planets? Might be… Read more »

Catfish moon

My Torro has early Mars in Pisces. It falls in my 7th house and conjunction my descendants. I love it! Even if he drinks too much.
We are over a decade older than you, so our neptunes are early Sagg.


Ah so does that mean he has the infamous mars-neptune square that Mystic talks about? 🙂

catfish moon

Ha! Yes, yes he does.

Feb 1 Aquarius

I’m curious what years the original poster was referring to. One thing you will notice about Aquarians born in the 80’s is that there is a pretty good chance they have Pluto square Sun (or other inner planets, or both). Check out Lauren Conrad’s birth chart for an example. Born Feb 1, ’86 and she has moon in Scorpio conjunct Pluto, square Sun/Mercury & maybe Venus. This is a good bit of fixed energy, as well as a good helping of the Pluto/Uranus outer planet vibes. It might not be just the Aqua that you are drawing in. If you… Read more »


Good point!


For me and I’ve stated this many times, it’s the rising sign EVERY time. If he ain’t Leo rising I don’t seem interested. Not that I ask as most folk don’t know but if I ‘see’ a guy he’s going to be Leo rising. And most of my girl friends are Leo sun sign or have big Leo in their chart. I’m cancer with late Pisces rising and this has gone on for the past thirty years ! I’m now using design to further my knowledge and we mate/date those who link us and make us whole,function well. So I… Read more »

Catfish moon

My Scorpio north node conjunct my IC…

1st boyfriend who was first make out sessions, 2nd boyfriend who was first to exchange I love you with. Other flings.
My ex husband was multi Scorpio..sun, mercury, Venus, Mars
2nd man I lived with was Scorpio sun.

After him I was over it, wanted a Taurus sun for my Taurus Mars. Universe provided, we fell in love and still are together…..he has a Scorpio moon!

No escape!

Other teenage flings and loves were cancers like me or capicorns(my sun and Saturn are conjunct).


Oh yeah I agree about Virgos. They don’t quite fit the mould. The most mystical of the Earth signs, going about like sparrows in their Earth coloured garb, trying to be The Grey Man, but not quite succeeding. I am puzzled and intrigued by Virgos. I haven’t experience same dates of birthdays with men. Had a run of Low Pisceans for a bit (Pisces rules all of seventh and some of eighth). I have tended to give Pisceans a lot of rope in the past, but since I realised that Low Pisceans are my Achilles Heel I don’t because I… Read more »


I love when men wear pink! Haven’t had a lot to do with Libran men, but the only one I have met recently, has worn pink!

The Venus Fly

Any man who has the audacity to really do it his way – truly – I give some form of propers to. I don’t have to like someone to respect their talent or audacity.

The Venus Fly

Interestingly enough the man who “set off” the pink trend – the rapper Cam’ron – is a friggin’ Aquarius. He went through both a pink and purple phase. Kanye got hot off the pink for a minute but his ass is a Gemini.

Airy airy airy air air 😛


i don’t know about pink but i instantly fall in love with men who have the guts to wear dresses. for real. I think it’s my mars in aqua. anything that gives the finger to middle society and its bizarro (read: norm-bore) dress codes, and means it, because the social consequences for dress-wearing men is sadly massive, makes my heart sing.


The one guy that has pulled it off is Eddie Izzard (one of my fave comedians)….& Oh my lordy, i just checked – he’s AQUA EVERYTHING: sun, venus, mars, mercury, saturn & jupiter … wouldn’t you know it , LOL?


I love him. That skit he does about cats digging to China. Hhehehehe

The Venus Fly

Ditto. Frank N Furter coming into my life at age 8 was everything.

But I saw my old crush wear a dress for a scene – I thought it was hot while he probably wortied it emasculated him. The Footy dudes who do that I can’t get into because of the whole ‘homoerotic but wholly homophobic’ BS. But Kelso on That 70’s Show in a dress vibe? FUGG yes.

He was a pretty thang in his youth, lol…


Brian Molko from Placebo. Just looked him up and quotes of his, awwwww lovely: “The more you’ll dress up the more fun you’ll have”. “Imitation is the highest form of flattery, but clones kind of get it wrong because we are promoting individuality and being proud of being yourself.” “I love being a freak. It’s great” Says the Sagg. <3 My fave Sag boyfriend before I met husband (parted because he wanted kids and I didn't, way back when) used to dress up in a wig and tailored suit to go to the video shop, and put on a voice.… Read more »


Haha yep me too! When i met my sag hubby he was wearing a sulu (one of those Fijian man-skjrts) loved it! And pink yes! I dress quite plainly but have a lot of dreams that indulge my leo moon where i have these absolutely gorgeous outfits and live a totally different new york style life. I often wake a bit melancholy like there is this whole other life i could be living, but then i walk to the beach or ride to our little cafe across from the creek we take a glass of wine to in the arvo… Read more »


Yep – my partner (multi-lib). He’s not by any means a trend follower nor a preener – but he did have a hot pink shirt which faded into a lovely mellow pink over the years (it had tiny fruity looking motifs) which he wore with aplomb for many years.


Lib men can pull off (or put on) pink.
Pink clashes with my beautiful blue eyes.


Pink would augment your beautiful blue eyes, don’t you know? Like an early Autumn sunset over the ocean… or an early spring sunrise over the sea – depends on the hues of course.


Orange or Blue / Orange is da go. Pink is too pallid.


Maybe should try fuchsia.


Is it the bright/er pink?

My Mars cj Venus likes workable colours. That colour would show up marks to easy.


I LOVE Virgos – I’m nearly all fire and air and need earthing – so I find myself totally intrigued by/obsessed with them – although it usually ends up with a niggling sense of inferiority haha….never stopped me from going there tho. Weirdly, before I knew knew my asc was Toro it was almost guaranteed any guy who showed interest would be Taurus… that stopped once I found out and started integrating T vibes into my life consciously. The last long term love interest was sun Virgo but quadruple Sagg (like me), ex-husband also quadruple Sagg, the two other significant… Read more »


lol, just checked out someone else who has been looking pretty interested. They’re Cap sun with -you guessed it -quadruple Sagg!! WTF??


Ah Virgos. My favourite Virgo story is a friend of mine, a man married to a close friend of mine. Known him for years, or at least I thought I did. He is a psychology teacher and thinks astrology is bullshit, but whatever, since he is so Virgo he proves the theory. I was over their house and I pick up this exquisite little hand thrown pot on a shelf and I say to him “What is this, where did you get this?” and his wife (also a Virgo) says “Oh, Terry was a potter once and we lived in… Read more »


Lol :-D. That’s such a classically Virgo story! – and one of the reasons I love them so…


Oh I have a great Virgo story. The Weatherbeaten Virgo had at least a dozen ’emergency’ supplies of dental floss placed at strategic positions about his house/car/person. In the glove box, his briefcase, in a little pocoket thingy in his couch. So funny. So Virgo. As soon as I found out about his dental floss fetish I knew he was a Virgo.


*pocket. Ironic, typo in Virgo comment lol


ooh, I could nick that idea!


Ha! Yeah the Libran guy I know wears pink .. Funny


I have a Cancer ex who looooved wearing pink. He was scrapping his way into an old money scene he didn’t belong to and I think he decided pink was the ticket.

I think my current Libran partner would wear pink if it were not worn by so many people exactly like my Cancer ex. He has a Virgo rising/moon and owns multiple colors of the exact same shirt that he spreadsheets out with his various colors of pants so that everything wears evenly and he doesn’t repeat outfits at work.


My Libran man has never worn pink. He did, however, recently pick out a lavender shirt that looks fantastic on him. I was doubtful about the choice until I saw it on him. 🙂


Oh, and I immed. knew he was a Libra because of his facial features – straight-across eyebrows on the bushy side, random dimple, brilliant smile, sweet eyes. Definitely has the lollipop face..meaning sweet as candy, not big and round. 🙂


Oh yeah lavender counts for sure. So does mint green. 🙂


Yeah I have the same thing. Got rid of that intensely karmic / grand trine relationship after a year or so of nagging posts from Mystic lol… Only to date four more guys in the last two years with his first name, second name, second middle name, and now his exact birthday from the year down to the minute. WTF do I do here. I’m not in touch with that ex any more but obviously he is still lingering within me somehow


Ha. This is funny. My fiancée I met on the same day/date as my first husband and his birthday is the date of my second wedding!! He’s a double whammy


Yep for me it is/was Gemini’s. Birthday’s 4th, 6th and 7th. I do have a lot of Gemini in my chart even though I am a Taurus sun. Repeating the pattern. Hm need to work out what the lesson is/was.


“You get what you run from.”

Until you ‘get’ whatever you’re supposed to learn here, you’ll keep repeating it.

If you focus also on the coincidence about the Birthdays, you’ll also attract that via Law of Attraction.

If you need more info, reply to this message.


Hello – I am replying to this message… would you kindly continue with your train of thought/information. I am interested in your thoughts on the matter. Merci!

Nicole BreakofDay

Completely agree! Please keep goin’ 😉


This is sort of true for me. I met someone, intense, strict, older, and wise – very astute while partnered – I was ill and deluded and I was told – some hard blunt truths…to stop my escapism, however I would not take it from anyone… Yet I felt like I’d known this person before. When I felt myself falling for him, that was it. My felt senses knew it was mutual. What did I do? I ran…for my life…then he severed me, out of his life, very coolly with a smile, all the emotion in his hands shaking. I… Read more »

The Venus Fly

Gemini energy dominated my dating life. If they weren’t Gemini, they would usually be a Cap or Taurus with a Gemini Rising and/or Gemini relationship placements (venus/mars/eros/psyche). Socially I am still a magnet for Gem energy but I keep it “light & Bright”. Deep friendships are just not possible for me with peeps who are uber Gem. But that’s just me, millions on the planet I’m sure are more than happy to love a twin (though I do have a thing for REAL Twins – Rami Malek YUM). I REALLY connect with Saggs, March born Aries (April born peeps can… Read more »


Well your beloved Robert Downey Jr. is April 3rd, two days before my birthday, so I suppose you’d be willing to do all the pandering he’d theoretically require?


Yes! Gemini were the bane of my existence for a long time. As an Aquarian, they seem to think I’m this intellectual and creative constant court jester. *sigh* It’s very difficult to build deep relationships emotionally. People would think the twins would be my bread and butter as there is a meeting of the minds, but if they don’t have some water or earth in there to balance that air out, it’s a head against the wall situation. Lol

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